Jordyn-Grace's birth new episode Dec 22

We're supposed to have the birth episode at 10 eastern and pacific on Monday, December 22.

Jordyn-Grace is here

There are several news stories about her birth. Here is one.

Once In A Blue Moon I Wish I Was a Duggar

The Duggar Family and I are polar opposites, and yet there are times I wish I was a Duggar. There are times I wish I didn't have to make the hard decisions, or any decisions at all. Choices, and so many choices as a modern person has in life can be a double edged-sword.

Of course it is wonderful to be offered the choices: go to college, trade school, travel the world, etc. Yet sometimes choices can be overwhelming for a young person who has no idea what they want to do. I am currently experiencing that with my youngest, a high school senior. She absolutely has no idea what she wants to do, except have fun in High School. At least she is achieving that goal!

I did grow up in the South and my family was religious, but as Episcopalians, about as different as you can get from the Duggars and still be Christians. Episcopalians have a lot of free passes, we can drink, dance and have fun!

Growing up in the late '70's brought into a teenager's life a new idea of sins. Sex was being sanctified by the media and the media became a huge part of our lives. Drugs were a part of the youth culture and the drinking age was 18.

After the cultural revolution of the '60's, and all the things that backfired on that decade, my strict parents seemed to accept that we went to disco's when we were 17, I guess it was better than hanging in a commune.

A generation later and it is time for me to raise my children and guide them in life. How dare they do anything that we did! It was different in the 70's, and in fact it was. The laws are so much stricter and that is a good thing. Guiding a teenager through life is very difficult. We didn't have cell-phones, Facebook, My-Space, the unknown dangers to my parents.

Sometimes I do think how nice it might be to grow up as a Duggar. If it is the happy family that it seems to be on television, could it be so awful to be blissfully unaware of sex, drugs, rock-n-roll? If they are on the Jesus high, can that be so bad?

I don't think that growing up to be a wife and mom is bad, because that is all I ever wanted, but I have also learned you need a huge BACK UP PLAN! I don't support the plan of this family because anything can happen in life, and the best hand-picked son-in-law may turn out to be gay, crazy, suicidal, crazy or just a tragic victim. Someone has to pick up the pieces and insurance doesn't cover everything.

Let the girls train as nurses, teachers, midwives or any career that is acceptable to their faith. Michelle had been lucky so far, she married in high school and Jim Bob has provided. But with 18 kids, I doubt they can take care of those 18 and/or the grandchildren.

Clearing dishwashers is not a great living.

Duggars Learn to Drive

"In this episode the sixth in line, Jinger, takes her first driving test. The Duggars also celebrate Michelle's birthday and answer some email questions from viewers."

Televising the Wedding

According to Josh and Anna's website:

A complete show on Josh & Anna’s Wedding will also air on TLC in January 2009!

Big Family Reunion Nov 3 30 minutes

The Duggars are taking a trip to Ohio for Michelle's family reunion. In addition to the several food and gas stops along the way, they visit a creationism museum where animatronic dinosaurs roam the earth with Adam and Eve.

Photos From the Second Reception

I know we have all been waiting for some wedding photos. This is the best I could do for the time being. These are photos taken by a blogger who attended the second wedding reception in Arkansas.

Also, if you read the blog, you will see how Jim Bob was the one who announced "You may kiss the bride" and the happy couple was told many times to be fruitful!!!

New Episode - "Cheaper By The Duggars" 10/20/08

Watch how the Duggars save money when buying clothing and food, heating their home and even growing their own vegetables. You'll have a new understanding of the word thrifty after watching this episode!

An Abundance of Grandchildren

It was interesting to hear Grandpa Duggar's comments on the last episode about how difficult it was for him to accept Jim Bob and Michelles' choice to have so many children. He also said that Michelle's father had a problem with it as well, but they accepted the decision, but thought they had enough. It made me think about if one of my two daughters decided to go that route (highely unlikely), but how would I deal with such a surfeit of grandchildren?

I think the answer is not very well. I adore my children and want the very best for them. Unfortunately, I get caught in the trap of trying to keep up financial demands of one in high school and one in graduate school. The costs are different from when I was their age, cell phones, cars, the price of gasoline, car insurance and health insurance.

Then there is college. Tuition and housing costs are much more expensive than when I was a student. I didn't know anyone who went out of state, or even to a private college, but today it is very common and the pressure is on for parents. Obviously, I could say no to all these things.

So what do I want for my future grandchildren? I hope to get to know them very well. I hope to be able to spend as much time as possible with them, I hope that I can be a hands-on-grandma and be able to indulge them, not just financially, but in every aspect of their lives. I hope to be able to spend one-on-one time with them whenever feasible. If one of my girls had 10/15/18 children, I don't know how that would be possible.

They would never fit in my house for holiday dinners, and Christmas and birthday presents would be a nightmare. I could never really bond with them all and would probably have to pick a few favorites, which isn't much of a choice. I am sure I would learn to deal with it, but is it something that I would be happy with? Probably not.

New Episode - When Big Families Collide 10-13-08

What's crazier than a family with 17, soon to be 18 kids? How about a family with 16 -- soon to be 17 -- kids coming to visit! Meet the Bates family from Tennessee, who have decided to visit the Duggars in Arkansas. Hosting another mega-family proves to be a challenge for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, but as usual around the Duggar home, there's always a plan.

New Episode - Bates vs. Duggars Smackdown 10/13/08

Big families like competition; and by big families, we mean BIG families. The Bates family has 16 --soon to be 17 --children. They traveled all the way from Nashville to visit their friends the Duggars. What do you get when you combine two mega-families, each with a pregnant mom? A total of 33 children and a competitive spirit, not to mention chaos! Watch what happens as the Duggars compete with the Bates in paintball, and dare each other to jump out of an airplane.


The due date of the new Duggar baby girl is somewhere around New Year's Day. Any guesses as to what they will name her? What you would like to see them name her?

Religion Should Be Off-Limits

I was thinking about this as I was washing tonight's dishes (dishwasher broken, no money for a new one) and it occurs to me that some folks have an axe to grind with everything.... they bitch when the Gosselins don't act like Christians, then they bitch that the Duggars act too Christian. They whine about J&K's kids wearing the latest Gymboree, then groan because the Duggars wear second-hand clothes. Kate has a silly haircut; Michelle has no haircut at all and that bothers some folks. I could go on..... however, the religion thing bothers me because no matter what religion they choose, isn't it every American's right to believe the way they want? SO why do others feel they should criticize?? Pick on their clothes or their "courting" or their accents, but I think religion should be off-limits. As long as bashing of a religion is allowed, it leaves an opening for nasty arguments and a whole lotta hate on the blog.

This post was submitted by Dotsicle

What Will Become Of The Duggar Children?

The Duggars have always had the ability to stir up a lot of opinions and controversy amongst viewers of their show. On the one hand they seem a nice group of people, polite and cheerful. They obviously are extremely religious and many of their actions and attitudes are formed by their faith. They appear to be a loving family and very devoted to each other. They have put contraception into the hands of God and have 17 very attractive children.

Many viewers have expressed concern about what might be the "darker" side of the Duggars. Do they use physical punishment, and how far do they take it? Is their choice of homeschooling their children a way to separate the children from the outside world? Are they in fact getting a decent education, or any education at all? Are the girls being forced into domestic drudgery at their young ages? Will the children ever have a chance to break away from the "Duggar mold" and experience college, or a life outside the Duggar compound?

So far we are only seeing the eldest child, Josh leave the nest with his marriage to Anna. He isn't moving very far away and is involved in a family business. Seeing that he is only 20 years old, we really do not know if this will always be the case. It is possible that he and Anna may move on later. Or perhaps he will emulate his father and start his own dynasty of children and his own family compound. He seems to be quite an intelligent young man and he may be more ambitious than we suspect. If he starts his own family, he may want to achieve more for his family and that may require leaving the enviornment that he grew up in. Josh's situation was probably predictable to most of us, but there are at this time 16 1/2 children left at home, and their stories may not all be similar.

This is one of the more intriguing aspects of the Duggars, have they trained (or as some would say) punished their children into being brain-washed and having no opinion or options in life except the Duggar decree? Or are they really the loving, happy family that many viewers find them to be. Is it possible that the children will choose this life or to follow upon its principles because they found their childhoods to be so idyllic? If indeed the children are being indoctrinated into the dictates of their parents, there are bound to be a few rebels. You can't fool all of the people all of the time. Of course there can be rebels in any group, we certainly are not all wired the same. I will be interested to see how the story unfolds over the years, it is almost like watching a sociology experiment over time. I do wish them the very best.

Claim to Fame

Exactly what is this family's claim to fame? The parents keep having sex and popping out kids? Wow! Do people really find that to be impressive? I think it is the height of conceit to think that you have to replicate yourself 18 times. Someone please explain what is so wonderful about this situation.

I find it to be rather embarrassing. I think even the older kids are starting to be embarrassed by the whole situation. The little ones have no idea what is going on.

I don't understand why some people, such as Meredith Viera, think this is laudable. I got the impression, when I saw Matt Lauer pass them by, that Matt Lauer understands exactly what these people are doing. I think it's rather gross. It's bad enough they exist, now they have to make a tv series out of it.

Gee... look how we can herd everybody around. Look how we can prepare meals for an army. Look how we can run an industrial laundry. Look how we have a uni-sister and uni-brother clothes closet. They stand on a street in NYC and let everyone stare at them.

They sit there and grin and announce that they're gonna keep popping them out -- as long as they can. And Jim Bob always looks so damned proud of himself!

I really do feel sorry for those kids. Not only don't they have their own clothes -- they don't even have their own initials!

Big Family Meets Big Apple & Duggars Do New York (Sept. 30, 2008)

I think the first two episodes of the Duggar series were some of the most boring tv I have ever seen. We watched them walk, ride on a bus, ride on an airplane, wait for an airplane, eat, weigh luggage, drag luggage, remove and put on shoes, and SMILE. We watched Jim Bob try to hail a cab with a fistful of money -- that was truly embarrassing to watch. We also heard Jim Bob say that they weren't robbed or mugged because there were probably too many of them. What a doofus! How backward and simple can you be?

The New Yorkers weren't a lot brighter... especially the policewoman who jumped out of a police van and asked them if they were the "family from tv who had 20 kids or something."

Then the Duggars took a move from the Gosselins and gave out pictures! We can all be happy that they didn't ask for $20 for each picture.

Did anyone else notice that more "personal" pictures were taken with a "Duggar cam"? TV cameras were not allowed into their hotel rooms. This does not make a lot of sense, considering that tv cameras were present when Michelle had her 16th? 17th? babies.

QUESTION: Why didn't the Duggars do anything in New York besides seeing Central Park, the NBC studios, and Times Square? What about the Statue of Liberty? Ellis Island? The incredible FREE museums? I would guess that Bill Gothard doesn't think these places are important. "Can you say immigrants?" "Can you say Picasso?"

This series will not succeed or continue very long.

News Story on the Duggars and Some Others

Here is the link to an article on some TLC families.

Wedding Day

Josh and Anna are wed. Congratulations are in order (I guess). It probably depends on your view.

The first episode is scheduled next Monday on TLC according to my DVR guide.

Blooper Reel from Duggar Commercial

The Duggars ham it up while filming a commercial for their new series -- 17 Kids and Counting, coming October 1st on Discovery Health:

Click here to view the video if you are having trouble seeing it above.

17 Kids and Counting

[NOTE: The following article is a press release issued by Discovery. Any errors, typos, etc. are attributed to the original author. The release is reproduced solely for the dissemination of the enclosed information.]


17 Kids and Counting follows the Duggars - America's favorite large family - in their first-ever television series. Jim Bob, Michelle and all the children welcome viewers into their family with 17 Kids and Counting, premiering Wednesday, October 1, at 9 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Health. ...continued

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