Once In A Blue Moon I Wish I Was a Duggar

The Duggar Family and I are polar opposites, and yet there are times I wish I was a Duggar. There are times I wish I didn't have to make the hard decisions, or any decisions at all. Choices, and so many choices as a modern person has in life can be a double edged-sword.

Of course it is wonderful to be offered the choices: go to college, trade school, travel the world, etc. Yet sometimes choices can be overwhelming for a young person who has no idea what they want to do. I am currently experiencing that with my youngest, a high school senior. She absolutely has no idea what she wants to do, except have fun in High School. At least she is achieving that goal!

I did grow up in the South and my family was religious, but as Episcopalians, about as different as you can get from the Duggars and still be Christians. Episcopalians have a lot of free passes, we can drink, dance and have fun!

Growing up in the late '70's brought into a teenager's life a new idea of sins. Sex was being sanctified by the media and the media became a huge part of our lives. Drugs were a part of the youth culture and the drinking age was 18.

After the cultural revolution of the '60's, and all the things that backfired on that decade, my strict parents seemed to accept that we went to disco's when we were 17, I guess it was better than hanging in a commune.

A generation later and it is time for me to raise my children and guide them in life. How dare they do anything that we did! It was different in the 70's, and in fact it was. The laws are so much stricter and that is a good thing. Guiding a teenager through life is very difficult. We didn't have cell-phones, Facebook, My-Space, the unknown dangers to my parents.

Sometimes I do think how nice it might be to grow up as a Duggar. If it is the happy family that it seems to be on television, could it be so awful to be blissfully unaware of sex, drugs, rock-n-roll? If they are on the Jesus high, can that be so bad?

I don't think that growing up to be a wife and mom is bad, because that is all I ever wanted, but I have also learned you need a huge BACK UP PLAN! I don't support the plan of this family because anything can happen in life, and the best hand-picked son-in-law may turn out to be gay, crazy, suicidal, crazy or just a tragic victim. Someone has to pick up the pieces and insurance doesn't cover everything.

Let the girls train as nurses, teachers, midwives or any career that is acceptable to their faith. Michelle had been lucky so far, she married in high school and Jim Bob has provided. But with 18 kids, I doubt they can take care of those 18 and/or the grandchildren.

Clearing dishwashers is not a great living.

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