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Fact or Fiction

I often get frustrated when I see misinformation quoted as fact in a discussion on the Duggar family. That misinformation is then passed on and in the minds of others, becomes “truth”. What misinformation has caught your attention in these forums and elsewhere? Even better, can you post a link to the correct information?

Thanks to Somebody's Nana.

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Duggar Recipes

How many have tried a Duggar recipe and what did you think? What did you change or would you change? I admit I made the Duggar rolls for Christmas this year. I didn't tell the family where the recipe came from until after dinner. Anyway, I seem to now be signed on for making them again next year. They were very good. One thing I changed was to use butter instead of "shortening." I can't bring myself to use solid Crisco. I made the rolls more rectangular than truly crescent also.

Tues, December 22, Duggars in the Sky

The Duggars are on ice and in the air! Watch as the hockey team-sized family meets a real hockey team by visiting the Nashville Predators. When the crew brings in a helicopter to film aerial shots, the kids get to see their house from a whole new height.

30 mintues

If You Have to Hash Out the Duggars VS the Mini-Mart Here's the Spot

Please let's keep the Josie thread for Josie items. Use this one, please, for the Duggars' opposition to approval of the alcohol license.

Tues, December 15, Designing Duggars

The Duggars are back with the Bates and Wilsons! Watch as the families put the finishing touches on the Bates' home renovation project. But with over 40 kids running around, will the families be able to get everything done in their one-week deadline?

30 minutes

Baby 19 has Arrived

Michelle gave birth to baby 19, Josie Brooklyn on December 10th. The baby is currently in the NICU, in stable condition, for what's expected to be an extended stay. Our thoughts are with Michelle, Josie, and the entire Duggar family.


Additional People article.

Update 12/16/09.

Update 12/18/09 provided by Cristina. People. Survival and disability rates.

Michelle Went to Hospital for Gallbladder Problems

According to People it was a gallbladder attack. She has my sympathy as that is very painful.

Tues, December 8, Duggar and Bates Reunion

The Duggars are in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to help ring in the Christmas season for the city. While they're in town, they can't pass up an opportunity to reunite with the Bates family, who just welcomed baby number 17!

30 minutes

Duggar Free Discussion November

Let's try a monthly thread for Duggar items that don't fit with the episodes or major new articles. Please use this for Duggar sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, or personal stories.

Tues, December 1, A Mountain of Duggars

The Duggars are getting into the fall festivities with a trip to Asheville, NC. Watch as the biggest family visits the biggest house in the U.S., the Biltmore Estate, where they check out the fall foliage and pick apples in a nearby orchard.

30 minutes

Tues, November 24, GrandDuggar - First Month

You saw the announcement. You saw the birth. Now check in with Josh, Anna, and the first GrandDuggar to see how the new family of three is doing just a month after Mackynzie was born.

30 minutes

Tues, November 17, Duggars Jump for Joy

The Duggars have a joy all their own: their 9th child, Joy Anna! And it's all about Joy as she turns 12 years old and celebrates with a rock climbing party, laser tag, and a special gift.

30 minutes

Quiverful vs Gothard

I'll set aside a thread if we can keep it civil.

Tues, November 10, Duggars Fly the Coop

When you have a big family, big things seem to be all around you. Watch as this very large family visits an ostrich farm and meets some very large birds. And then the family gets to take home a truly Duggar-sized treat as a special souvenir.

30 minutes

Tues, November 3, Duggars on Stage

One of the Duggars' favorite stories is Noah's Ark. Watch it come to life when the family gets to see the musical telling of Noah on stage. But when the family is asked to participate in the show, will there be more Duggars than animals on the Ark?

30 minutes

Let's Talk About It

As you can tell if you've been getting comments rejected or read my earlier post, moderating here as been getting more and more frustrating. I'm not sure why things are taking the turn that they are, but it makes it a less pleasant blog for all I believe.

This came in as a comment. As a comment, it was rejected. It's boards on boards, off topic, and all that kind of thing. However, as a discussion topic so that maybe we can help each other find a way to communicate that we may dislike or disagree with something the Duggars do without being jumped on or lectured and conversely we might like or approve of something that they do without be jumped on or lectured, it might be a good idea. Here we go as a trial to discuss discussing the Duggars if you wish.

I hate that the blogging here has such blatant division. There are 3 or 4 bloggers that can't do anything but defend the Duggars. Obviously most posters here like, or are at least intrigued by, the Duggars, so I don't understand why people get so defensive. It has turned into some kind of weird pro-Duggar movement... it's not that we don't respect or like the family, but it is OKAY to question and try to learn. It is OKAY to say that maybe they don't have everything perfect. It's a discussion blog, and I often feel the responses are a bit lecture-y. I just think there are some who feel that they must defend the Duggars every move or statement... people make mistakes, Duggars included. It's such a turn-off to ask a question and get an answer that sounds like its encouraging us all to drink the Kool-aid.

Tues, October 27, Run Duggars, Run

The Duggars never turn down an opportunity to help others, especially when children are involved. Jim Bob and the kids participate in the Run for a Child race, but when Jim Bob decides to run in blue jeans, will he be able to cross the finish line?

30 minutes

Tues, October 27, You Ask, Duggars Answer

It's no question that the Duggars spark a lot of, well, questions. Jim Bob, Michelle, and the kids sit down and answer what viewers ask most. You watched, you asked, now the Duggars answer.

30 minutes

Tues, October 20, Old McDuggar Had a Farm

Oklahoma is the place to be -- at least for the Duggars! The family takes a trip to the state where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain to see what life is like on a working farm.

30 minutes

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Tues, October 13, First GrandDuggar

Josh and Anna have the baby.

60 minutes

Tues, October 13, Duggar at the Doctor

When your mother-in-law has 18 kids, you will learn from the best! Watch as Michelle helps Anna prepare for baby with a doctor's appointment and a trip to the consignment shop.

Is It Time for the Duggars to Get Away from TLC

Has the time arrived for the Duggars to run before they become "Gosselinized?" Is it already too late or do they yet retain themselves?

Things I've found worrisome:
Going to Kleinfeld to what appeared to me put on the country hayseed act for TLC.
More trips than usual.
Changes in clothing (maybe for the better though)
Michelle and the girls and the product placements (doing the required commercials)

Jon Gosselin said it was like living in a storybook for four years. Are the Duggars becoming or have they become a storybook?

Tues, October 6, 20 Years, 20 Duggars

The Duggars aren't the typical family, but with 20 family members and 20 years under their belts they've made it work. Watch as Jim Bob and Michelle take a look back at their beginnings as a family and strengthen their future by renewing their vows.

Tues, September 29, Duggars Say Yes to the Dress

There's another Duggar wedding in the works! Watch as Jim Bob and Michelle prepare to walk down the aisle again after 25 years of marriage; and, in honor of the milestone, the Duggars visit Kleinfeld's in New York to find Michelle's dream wedding dress.

30 minutes

May I add ugh, copying previous story lines from other shows is not a good idea, IMO.

Tues, September 22, Duggar on a Diet

For some time now, Jim Bob has been waging his own little Battle of the Bulge. Watch as the father of 18 decides to go on a diet just as the daughters of soundman Mr. Jim come to meet the Duggars.

30 minutes

Tues, September 15, Duggar's New Additions

The Duggars have an even fuller house when the Wilson family visits to help with some home renovations. But once things get moving, it's anyone's guess where the new additions will stop...

30 minutes

Tuesday, September 8, Duggars Bowled Over

With 18 kids it's always time for another birthday party in the Duggar house. This time it's James who is celebrating getting older with a bowling birthday bash.

30 minutes

And baby makes 19!

The Duggars are expecting their 19th child in the spring. Start thinking of J names, Jim Bob wants your help.

People magazine

Tuesday,September 1, Star Spangled Duggars

The Duggars are in DC! Watch as they make their way around Washington, DC visiting landmarks, volunteering at Mariam's Kitchen, and even eating dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant.

30 minutes

Tuesday, August 25, Duggars in DC

The Duggars are on their way to Capitol Hill! Watch as the family begins their trip to Washington, DC, complete with a stop in Amish country.

(30 minutes)

Tuesday, August 18, Duggars and Dugouts

With a family the size of two baseball teams it's no wonder the Duggars love sports! Watch as the family enjoys some of their favorite pastimes including a heated broomball match.

30 minutes

Tuesday, August 11, Duggars on a Deadline

The Bates' home addition is still underway and the Duggars are there to see it through. But with the house still not complete how will the big families continue to share the small space

30 minutes

Tuesday, August 4, Do It Yourself Duggars

The Duggars have settled in for an extended stay with the Bates family. Watch as they begin construction to expand the Bates' house and big families collide again!

30 minutes

Tuesday, July 28 - Duggars and Bates Reloaded

The Duggars always enjoy a visit from the Bates family. But this time it's the Duggars who are on the road to visit the Bates. Watch as the Duggars arrive just in time to give the Bates a Duggar-sized gift!

Tuesday, July 21 - Duggars Meet Dolly

It's only fitting that a big family with a love of music meet a musician with a big voice. The Duggars are at Dollywood to meet Dolly Parton. And what will the Duggars and Dolly do when they meet? Sing, of course!

30 minutes

Tuesday, July 14 - Duggars in Dixie

The Duggars are packing and preparing for a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Watch as the Duggars take in the best of Dixie, including a trip to Dolly Parton?s famous Dixie Stampede.

30 minutes

July 7 Duggars and Daughters

It's time for Duggar father/daughter bonding! And what better way to do that than at a family wilderness retreat? Watch as Jim Bob takes his oldest daughters and some family friends camping at the Fort Rock Family Camp.

30 minutes

June 30 Oh Duggar Baby! It's a ....

Josh and Anna don't know if their first child will be a boy or girl --but the Today show does! Watch as Josh and Anna are kept in the dark until it's revealed live on national television, via a special cake from the Cake Boss.

30 minutes

June 23 Duggars On Wheels

You're invited to a birthday party! Watch as the family throws Jason a Duggar style birthday bash at a roller-skating rink. With 17 brothers and sisters, how many presents will he get?

30 minutes

June 16 Big Family in Big Sandy

It's a challenge for any family to take a road trip but what about when that family has 18 kids? Watch as the Duggars embark on a trip to the ATI Homeschool Conference in Big Sandy, Texas.

30 minutes

Josh and Anna Are Expecting a Girl

The Duggar grandchild- it's a girl! Exclusive Video here:Duggar grandchild-video

Thanks aser.


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Wisdom Teeth June 9

Sorry, no time to go hunt the episode description.

Duggar School Daze - Tuesday, June 2

Even though the Duggars are home schooled they know the importance of a good education, no matter what building it takes place in. Watch as Michelle and some of the kids visit a neighborhood public school and find out how they run their own school at home.

30 minutes

The Signs That It Is Time to Kick TLC Out of Your House?

What do you think are the red flags that the cameras should be sent packing? Personally I wouldn't allow them in the door, but do these reality families have any idea when the downhill turn starts?

My offering is redoing the house to make it more filming friendly - blinds, studio lights, etc.

Tuesday, May 26 - Duggars and Dentists

Even mundane things like decorating and visiting the dentist become adventures when 18 kids are involved. In this episode the Duggars install new blinds in their home and find out a few of the kids have cavities! But for the Duggars, how many is a few?

30 minutes

Duggars The Next Generation

Reported in a thread below, Josh and Anna may get their own show? I don't know but after this week's episode, I don't think I could stand it. That's just one person's opinion. Open for others to have their say.

New Duggars on the Block - May 5

Josh and Anna are settling in as the new Duggars on the block. See the newlyweds set up house as Anna cooks dinner for the entire Duggar family. Are Josh and Anna preparing for a Duggar-sized family?

30 minutes

4/28/09 Duggars Say Goodbye

For a family so close it makes saying goodbye even harder. Watch as Jim Bob, Michelle, and the kids say goodbye to their beloved Grandpa Duggar.

30 minutes

4/15/09 Duggars' Big Thaw

It's a big family cleanup when the Bates arrive after the ice storm to lend the Duggars a helping hand. It shouldn't take the two unusually large families long to get the Duggars back up and running.

30 minutes

Ice Storm 4/7/09

The Duggars lose power in one of the worst Arkansas ice storms.

Room With a View - New Episode

The Duggars continue to share their new bundle of joy, Jordyn-Grace. This time, Jim Bob, Michelle, Jessa, Jinger, and Jordyn head to New York City to be guests on The View.

Lights, Camera, Duggars

While they may not watch much television the Duggars are always up for a good movie. They travel to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival to take in the films and chat with their favorite movie star, Kirk Cameron.
30 minutes

Bringing Home Baby Duggar Feb 24, 2009

New baby Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar comes home to join her 17 brothers and sisters.

Duggars on a Mission - Feb 17, 2009

The Duggars are in El Salvador! In this continuation of their trip, the Duggars visit two orphanages to bring aid and presents. Watch as Jim Bob struggles with the Spanish language in an episode that make you laugh and cry.

30 minutes

Duggars in El Salvador - Feb 17, 2009

The Duggars are on the road again - or should we say in the air! This time the Duggars take a trip to El Salvador for sun, jungle, and service.

30 minutes

Overview of Duggarland

One of our friends put together some shots of the Duggar house and area here.

A Duggar in the Rough - New Episode 2/3/09

The Duggar family goes to the Crater of Diamonds State Park to dig for diamonds.

O Come All Ye Duggars - New Episode 2/3/09

The Duggar family celebrates Christmas by decorating and riding in a float for an annual Christmas parade.

Insights from an Insider

The following information was provided by a brother-in-law of Anna Duggar (nee Keller), regarding the recent episode A Very Duggar Wedding. If the Duggars permitted TLC to issue an ultimatum such as the one described, where a member of the wedding party had to sign a waiver or TLC would kick him out of the wedding party, then shame on the Duggars for selling out.


Where to start? This is a post I have waited to write for a long time and I can finally do so now that the wedding episode has aired. Before now, I was not permitted to speak of such things..

There have been many comments about the integrity of the Keller family and I would like to reveal some information that may set the record straight. You may ask how I can validate the information I will give: I am the guy that married the second Keller girl and was in the Duggar/Keller wedding as a groomsman. I have been following this thread since August of last year, and have enjoyed a lot of the snark. However, there are some items that were offensive, because even if I don't agree with my in-laws on a lot of (most) things, they are still my wife's family. That, and TLC did what media usually does: they twisted things to make them say what they wanted said. The supposed focus on sex (at least on the Kellers side) is NOTHING compared to what TLC has made it out to be. They want everyone to think this is what conservative fundies are focused on, but at least with the Keller family, this is the farthest thing from the truth. TLC has done a good job of using their show as a tool to change some things into UNreality.


Duggars Interviewed in New York

The Duggars were in New York recently and were interviewed for Timeout Magazine. It is an interesting interview and appears below.


Duggars on Safari

Jim Bob and the children make friends with animals while volunterring at the Wild Wilderness Safari. 1-27-09

I Left My Duggar in San Francisco

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar leave their 18 children at home to take a trip to San Francisco to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Tuesday 1/27/09

Duggar Wedding Album

Discovery Health's Duggar site has added a wedding album. There are also a couple of new webisodes related to the wedding.

Five Duggars on The View

Jim Bob, Michelle, Jinger, Jessa, and Jordyn were on The View this morning. Michelle looked very good to me and Jordyn seemed to sleep through the whole interview.

Don't Forget the Duggar Wedding on Sunday

Set those recorders and check the Tivos and DVRs as they may not recognize the episodes.

Would the Duggar Parents Be Open to the Children Learning About Other Religions?

From the moment I was born to now I was raised Catholic. My father came from a family that could be considered very religious to some people. I was expected to attend church with them every Sunday, go to Sunday school, receive my first communion, and confirmation. Not unlike make Catholics today.

When I was sixteen and in highschool I became slightly rebellious and wanted to change my religion or at least see what was out there. My parents, although they weren't very happy, were supportive of my decision. My mother even went so far as to buy me literature and videos about Judaism and Buddhism. She even took me to a local synagogue. For nearly a year they allowed me to do my research and never once did they try to persuade me away from it.

Although I never changed religions I was still very happy that my parents gave me the opportunity to at least learn what was out there with the possibility that I might go against the path that they paved for me.

My question is: Do you think that the Duggar parents would be as supportive of their children's curiosity?I have a hard time believing that JimBob or Michelle would be okay with any of their children visiting a place or worship for another religious denomination without some kind of repurcussions or open dissapointment.

Thanks to Whitney.

A Book Review The Duggars: 20 and Counting

The Duggars: 20 and Counting by Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar.

I am a self professed reality TV junkie, the more reality based, the better. So when I read about the Duggar family on Television Without Pity a few years ago, I knew I had to see them for myself. Soon I had seen all of the one hour specials and was oddly fascinated and oddly appalled all at the same time. I didn’t see how any of the kids could ever grow up to have a “normal” life. I didn’t like how it seemed like the kids weren’t encouraged to be independent thinkers or allowed to make everyday decisions. I didn’t quite understand what exactly the parents were doing all day other than controlling their kids’ every thought and action. I didn’t like them.


New People article about Josh and Anna

They want a big family? Not exactly news is it. Go here.

Coming Soon... The Duggars: 20 and Counting!

Recently we here at Duggars Without Pity were contacted by a senior publicist at Howard Books, the division of Simon & Schuster that published the Duggar's book. They were kind enough to offer us a copy of the book. I'm just finishing the book up and will be writing my review this weekend. Check back Monday for my review!

The Duggar Book

Information gleaned from "The Duggars: 20 and Counting!"

Odd fact: The Duggars don't believe in "luck," but they seem to believe in the "supernatural." This comes directly from their book -- even the word. Everything they "need" seems to appear out of thin air.

I just finished reading their book (do not ask how I got it -- I certainly didn't pay for it). I never really disliked them before, but I do now. Actually, I'm pretty much disgusted. They talk down to the reader and display a totally holier-than-thou attitude.

The whole book is full of BS. They contradict themselves. For example, JB talks about his garage and where it is sited, but the diagrams of the house that the Duggars built show no garage.

They claim not to be superparents, but everything they "try" works beautifully. They deny it, but their marriage, children, and family dynamics are shown to be perfect. They even discuss the "imperfectness" of some things -- things that are absolutely minor and of little consequence... trying to prove how "normal" they are.

They continually buy stuff, use it (sometimes for years), and then sell it for twice as much as they paid. I don't know if that's smart business tactics or some sort of fraud. They had many, many people help with building the house. People are always "donating" to them -- both time and material things.

They also appear to RENT OUT THEIR HOUSE for various gatherings... such as a "Christian ministry gathering," "70 Romanian mayors," 50 people who show up for church services. I would bet dollars to donuts that they charge for these gatherings even though they don't mention it. I'm sure they pass the collection plate for church services. They also "cater" for these gatherings -- the older girls (NOT Michelle) doing the cooking. That pretty much explains the industrial kitchen.

And when they are not "entertaining," they use the "pretty" kitchen and PAPER PLATES... despite the industrial dishwasher.

They are truly an odd bunch. Odder than I thought before I read the book.