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The following information was provided by a brother-in-law of Anna Duggar (nee Keller), regarding the recent episode A Very Duggar Wedding. If the Duggars permitted TLC to issue an ultimatum such as the one described, where a member of the wedding party had to sign a waiver or TLC would kick him out of the wedding party, then shame on the Duggars for selling out.


Where to start? This is a post I have waited to write for a long time and I can finally do so now that the wedding episode has aired. Before now, I was not permitted to speak of such things..

There have been many comments about the integrity of the Keller family and I would like to reveal some information that may set the record straight. You may ask how I can validate the information I will give: I am the guy that married the second Keller girl and was in the Duggar/Keller wedding as a groomsman. I have been following this thread since August of last year, and have enjoyed a lot of the snark. However, there are some items that were offensive, because even if I don't agree with my in-laws on a lot of (most) things, they are still my wife's family. That, and TLC did what media usually does: they twisted things to make them say what they wanted said. The supposed focus on sex (at least on the Kellers side) is NOTHING compared to what TLC has made it out to be. They want everyone to think this is what conservative fundies are focused on, but at least with the Keller family, this is the farthest thing from the truth. TLC has done a good job of using their show as a tool to change some things into UNreality.


Duggars Interviewed in New York

The Duggars were in New York recently and were interviewed for Timeout Magazine. It is an interesting interview and appears below.

Duggars on Safari

Jim Bob and the children make friends with animals while volunterring at the Wild Wilderness Safari. 1-27-09

I Left My Duggar in San Francisco

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar leave their 18 children at home to take a trip to San Francisco to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Tuesday 1/27/09

Duggar Wedding Album

Discovery Health's Duggar site has added a wedding album. There are also a couple of new webisodes related to the wedding.

Five Duggars on The View

Jim Bob, Michelle, Jinger, Jessa, and Jordyn were on The View this morning. Michelle looked very good to me and Jordyn seemed to sleep through the whole interview.

Don't Forget the Duggar Wedding on Sunday

Set those recorders and check the Tivos and DVRs as they may not recognize the episodes.

Would the Duggar Parents Be Open to the Children Learning About Other Religions?

From the moment I was born to now I was raised Catholic. My father came from a family that could be considered very religious to some people. I was expected to attend church with them every Sunday, go to Sunday school, receive my first communion, and confirmation. Not unlike make Catholics today.

When I was sixteen and in highschool I became slightly rebellious and wanted to change my religion or at least see what was out there. My parents, although they weren't very happy, were supportive of my decision. My mother even went so far as to buy me literature and videos about Judaism and Buddhism. She even took me to a local synagogue. For nearly a year they allowed me to do my research and never once did they try to persuade me away from it.

Although I never changed religions I was still very happy that my parents gave me the opportunity to at least learn what was out there with the possibility that I might go against the path that they paved for me.

My question is: Do you think that the Duggar parents would be as supportive of their children's curiosity?I have a hard time believing that JimBob or Michelle would be okay with any of their children visiting a place or worship for another religious denomination without some kind of repurcussions or open dissapointment.

Thanks to Whitney.

A Book Review The Duggars: 20 and Counting

The Duggars: 20 and Counting by Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar.

I am a self professed reality TV junkie, the more reality based, the better. So when I read about the Duggar family on Television Without Pity a few years ago, I knew I had to see them for myself. Soon I had seen all of the one hour specials and was oddly fascinated and oddly appalled all at the same time. I didn’t see how any of the kids could ever grow up to have a “normal” life. I didn’t like how it seemed like the kids weren’t encouraged to be independent thinkers or allowed to make everyday decisions. I didn’t quite understand what exactly the parents were doing all day other than controlling their kids’ every thought and action. I didn’t like them.


New People article about Josh and Anna

They want a big family? Not exactly news is it. Go here.

Coming Soon... The Duggars: 20 and Counting!

Recently we here at Duggars Without Pity were contacted by a senior publicist at Howard Books, the division of Simon & Schuster that published the Duggar's book. They were kind enough to offer us a copy of the book. I'm just finishing the book up and will be writing my review this weekend. Check back Monday for my review!

The Duggar Book

Information gleaned from "The Duggars: 20 and Counting!"

Odd fact: The Duggars don't believe in "luck," but they seem to believe in the "supernatural." This comes directly from their book -- even the word. Everything they "need" seems to appear out of thin air.

I just finished reading their book (do not ask how I got it -- I certainly didn't pay for it). I never really disliked them before, but I do now. Actually, I'm pretty much disgusted. They talk down to the reader and display a totally holier-than-thou attitude.

The whole book is full of BS. They contradict themselves. For example, JB talks about his garage and where it is sited, but the diagrams of the house that the Duggars built show no garage.

They claim not to be superparents, but everything they "try" works beautifully. They deny it, but their marriage, children, and family dynamics are shown to be perfect. They even discuss the "imperfectness" of some things -- things that are absolutely minor and of little consequence... trying to prove how "normal" they are.

They continually buy stuff, use it (sometimes for years), and then sell it for twice as much as they paid. I don't know if that's smart business tactics or some sort of fraud. They had many, many people help with building the house. People are always "donating" to them -- both time and material things.

They also appear to RENT OUT THEIR HOUSE for various gatherings... such as a "Christian ministry gathering," "70 Romanian mayors," 50 people who show up for church services. I would bet dollars to donuts that they charge for these gatherings even though they don't mention it. I'm sure they pass the collection plate for church services. They also "cater" for these gatherings -- the older girls (NOT Michelle) doing the cooking. That pretty much explains the industrial kitchen.

And when they are not "entertaining," they use the "pretty" kitchen and PAPER PLATES... despite the industrial dishwasher.

They are truly an odd bunch. Odder than I thought before I read the book.