The Signs That It Is Time to Kick TLC Out of Your House?

What do you think are the red flags that the cameras should be sent packing? Personally I wouldn't allow them in the door, but do these reality families have any idea when the downhill turn starts?

My offering is redoing the house to make it more filming friendly - blinds, studio lights, etc.

Tuesday, May 26 - Duggars and Dentists

Even mundane things like decorating and visiting the dentist become adventures when 18 kids are involved. In this episode the Duggars install new blinds in their home and find out a few of the kids have cavities! But for the Duggars, how many is a few?

30 minutes

Duggars The Next Generation

Reported in a thread below, Josh and Anna may get their own show? I don't know but after this week's episode, I don't think I could stand it. That's just one person's opinion. Open for others to have their say.

New Duggars on the Block - May 5

Josh and Anna are settling in as the new Duggars on the block. See the newlyweds set up house as Anna cooks dinner for the entire Duggar family. Are Josh and Anna preparing for a Duggar-sized family?

30 minutes