June 30 Oh Duggar Baby! It's a ....

Josh and Anna don't know if their first child will be a boy or girl --but the Today show does! Watch as Josh and Anna are kept in the dark until it's revealed live on national television, via a special cake from the Cake Boss.

30 minutes

June 23 Duggars On Wheels

You're invited to a birthday party! Watch as the family throws Jason a Duggar style birthday bash at a roller-skating rink. With 17 brothers and sisters, how many presents will he get?

30 minutes

June 16 Big Family in Big Sandy

It's a challenge for any family to take a road trip but what about when that family has 18 kids? Watch as the Duggars embark on a trip to the ATI Homeschool Conference in Big Sandy, Texas.

30 minutes

Josh and Anna Are Expecting a Girl

The Duggar grandchild- it's a girl! Exclusive Video here:Duggar grandchild-video

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Wisdom Teeth June 9

Sorry, no time to go hunt the episode description.

Duggar School Daze - Tuesday, June 2

Even though the Duggars are home schooled they know the importance of a good education, no matter what building it takes place in. Watch as Michelle and some of the kids visit a neighborhood public school and find out how they run their own school at home.

30 minutes