Tuesday,September 1, Star Spangled Duggars

The Duggars are in DC! Watch as they make their way around Washington, DC visiting landmarks, volunteering at Mariam's Kitchen, and even eating dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant.

30 minutes

Tuesday, August 25, Duggars in DC

The Duggars are on their way to Capitol Hill! Watch as the family begins their trip to Washington, DC, complete with a stop in Amish country.

(30 minutes)

Tuesday, August 18, Duggars and Dugouts

With a family the size of two baseball teams it's no wonder the Duggars love sports! Watch as the family enjoys some of their favorite pastimes including a heated broomball match.

30 minutes

Tuesday, August 11, Duggars on a Deadline

The Bates' home addition is still underway and the Duggars are there to see it through. But with the house still not complete how will the big families continue to share the small space

30 minutes