Let's Talk About It

As you can tell if you've been getting comments rejected or read my earlier post, moderating here as been getting more and more frustrating. I'm not sure why things are taking the turn that they are, but it makes it a less pleasant blog for all I believe.

This came in as a comment. As a comment, it was rejected. It's boards on boards, off topic, and all that kind of thing. However, as a discussion topic so that maybe we can help each other find a way to communicate that we may dislike or disagree with something the Duggars do without being jumped on or lectured and conversely we might like or approve of something that they do without be jumped on or lectured, it might be a good idea. Here we go as a trial to discuss discussing the Duggars if you wish.

I hate that the blogging here has such blatant division. There are 3 or 4 bloggers that can't do anything but defend the Duggars. Obviously most posters here like, or are at least intrigued by, the Duggars, so I don't understand why people get so defensive. It has turned into some kind of weird pro-Duggar movement... it's not that we don't respect or like the family, but it is OKAY to question and try to learn. It is OKAY to say that maybe they don't have everything perfect. It's a discussion blog, and I often feel the responses are a bit lecture-y. I just think there are some who feel that they must defend the Duggars every move or statement... people make mistakes, Duggars included. It's such a turn-off to ask a question and get an answer that sounds like its encouraging us all to drink the Kool-aid.

Tues, October 27, Run Duggars, Run

The Duggars never turn down an opportunity to help others, especially when children are involved. Jim Bob and the kids participate in the Run for a Child race, but when Jim Bob decides to run in blue jeans, will he be able to cross the finish line?

30 minutes

Tues, October 27, You Ask, Duggars Answer

It's no question that the Duggars spark a lot of, well, questions. Jim Bob, Michelle, and the kids sit down and answer what viewers ask most. You watched, you asked, now the Duggars answer.

30 minutes

Tues, October 20, Old McDuggar Had a Farm

Oklahoma is the place to be -- at least for the Duggars! The family takes a trip to the state where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain to see what life is like on a working farm.

30 minutes

Sorry to be the downer

I've noticed more friction between the posters recently and more rejected comments. If your comment doesn't go through, please consult our guidelines or see if you are being less than pleasant to others, lecturing, off topic, or discussing the blog or other commenters. Thank you!

Note: for those sending in the judgemental comments. Please be aware that in accusing someone else of being judgemental, you yourself are making a judgement against them. That qualifies as boards on boards also and is not allowed.

Tues, October 13, First GrandDuggar

Josh and Anna have the baby.

60 minutes

Tues, October 13, Duggar at the Doctor

When your mother-in-law has 18 kids, you will learn from the best! Watch as Michelle helps Anna prepare for baby with a doctor's appointment and a trip to the consignment shop.

Is It Time for the Duggars to Get Away from TLC

Has the time arrived for the Duggars to run before they become "Gosselinized?" Is it already too late or do they yet retain themselves?

Things I've found worrisome:
Going to Kleinfeld to what appeared to me put on the country hayseed act for TLC.
More trips than usual.
Changes in clothing (maybe for the better though)
Michelle and the girls and the product placements (doing the required commercials)

Jon Gosselin said it was like living in a storybook for four years. Are the Duggars becoming or have they become a storybook?

Tues, October 6, 20 Years, 20 Duggars

The Duggars aren't the typical family, but with 20 family members and 20 years under their belts they've made it work. Watch as Jim Bob and Michelle take a look back at their beginnings as a family and strengthen their future by renewing their vows.