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Fact or Fiction

I often get frustrated when I see misinformation quoted as fact in a discussion on the Duggar family. That misinformation is then passed on and in the minds of others, becomes “truth”. What misinformation has caught your attention in these forums and elsewhere? Even better, can you post a link to the correct information?

Thanks to Somebody's Nana.

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Duggar Recipes

How many have tried a Duggar recipe and what did you think? What did you change or would you change? I admit I made the Duggar rolls for Christmas this year. I didn't tell the family where the recipe came from until after dinner. Anyway, I seem to now be signed on for making them again next year. They were very good. One thing I changed was to use butter instead of "shortening." I can't bring myself to use solid Crisco. I made the rolls more rectangular than truly crescent also.

Tues, December 22, Duggars in the Sky

The Duggars are on ice and in the air! Watch as the hockey team-sized family meets a real hockey team by visiting the Nashville Predators. When the crew brings in a helicopter to film aerial shots, the kids get to see their house from a whole new height.

30 mintues

If You Have to Hash Out the Duggars VS the Mini-Mart Here's the Spot

Please let's keep the Josie thread for Josie items. Use this one, please, for the Duggars' opposition to approval of the alcohol license.

Tues, December 15, Designing Duggars

The Duggars are back with the Bates and Wilsons! Watch as the families put the finishing touches on the Bates' home renovation project. But with over 40 kids running around, will the families be able to get everything done in their one-week deadline?

30 minutes

Baby 19 has Arrived

Michelle gave birth to baby 19, Josie Brooklyn on December 10th. The baby is currently in the NICU, in stable condition, for what's expected to be an extended stay. Our thoughts are with Michelle, Josie, and the entire Duggar family.


Additional People article.

Update 12/16/09.

Update 12/18/09 provided by Cristina. People. Survival and disability rates.

Michelle Went to Hospital for Gallbladder Problems

According to People it was a gallbladder attack. She has my sympathy as that is very painful.

Tues, December 8, Duggar and Bates Reunion

The Duggars are in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to help ring in the Christmas season for the city. While they're in town, they can't pass up an opportunity to reunite with the Bates family, who just welcomed baby number 17!

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