Tues, February 2, 2010, Josie Duggar's First Christmas

The Duggars have already received an early Christmas present - the nineteenth Duggar, Josie. We'll track her progress and watch as the Duggars recount Christmases past. See what it's like to celebrate with (and buy for) over 20 immediate family members!

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Motivation by Deanna

What I really do wonder, is whether Jim Bob knowingly signed on to be a reality TV star, and whether he realizes now how far they have strayed from their original intentions to "motivate" others? Can we really blame TLC completely for this family's complete betrayal of their supposedly original values? Even if they did sign an iron-clad contract, would they not have seen that filming births, premature infants, etc. would not be in line with the very message the family purports to want to send?

Or is Jim Bob just a very savvy business man who looked at his giant family as a personal cash cow, one that could make them very rich? In other words, when they staged all the scenes discussed above, did he do so willingly, because it was ALWAYS all about the money?
What do people think? Were they sellouts from the get-go, or did Jim Bob just get lured in by the money after awhile?

Thanks to Deanna

Josie Update In People Magazine

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Duggars Dance to the TLC Tune?

I know we are all fascinated, as a viewing public, by the events in these people's lives. We all love to see little people, giants, people born without faces, morbidly obese people, people with multiples face adversity and overcome obstacles. I think the original intention of these reality shows was to depict triumph of the human spirit. That was a good thing.

But these reality shows, with children in particular, have become like a circus. Their lives are being played out on national TV, with all the family drama (G family, little people). It just isn't right or healthy for children, including the Duggars, to grow up with TV cameras filming their daily lives. Being a reality TV star because your parents were so foolish as to sell off your childhood is really dangerous. In many ways it is far worse than other child stars (of movies, etc), because none of the little Duggars had a choice or even believe that they are "acting".

These reality shows have gone too far. They are exploiting families, and the families go along with it because they love the money. Jim Bob and Josh probably couldn't provide for their families, at this point, without TLC. They have gotten themselves into exactly the same position as the G family---greed has a way of doing that.We should boycott ALL reality TV shows with children. They're all exploitive!
(Thanks to Deanna)

Josie Report

Cousin Amy has reported that Josie is up to 2 lb 4 oz.

Sun, Jan 31 2010, Special Duggar Delivery

Complications arise when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19th child, Josie, arrives prematurely.

UPDATE: 19 Kids and Counting Premieres Jan 31.
Less than a year after welcoming Jordyn-Grace into the world, Michelle Duggar gave birth, months prematurely, to her and husband Jim Bob's 19th child and ninth daughter, Josie Brooklyn, in December 2009. And there's more room at the inn -- the Arkansas family's 7,000-square-foot home -- as the couple say they'll continue having children as long as Michelle is able. The Duggar brood also includes MacKynzie Renee, eldest son Josh's daughter, also born in 2009, with wife Anna. (From MSN)

The Duggar family is no stranger to welcoming a new baby to the family. But when complications arise, Jim Bob and Michelle meet baby nineteen, Josie, earlier than expected. Watch as the family welcomes Josie with a Duggar-sized amount of hope and love. (From TLC)

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