Tues, March 2, 2010, Duggars Underwater

The Duggars are under water taking a trip to see the USS Razorback submarine. Meanwhile back home, John David and Joseph are left to fix a major water leak at one of Jim Bob's rental properties and progress continues for the newest Duggar, Josie.

30 minutes

Free Discussion February 2010

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Tues, February 23, 2010, Duggars Dig In

The Duggars are getting back into their routine after their move but it isn't complete without a trip to the grocery store to buy for the family of 21. Watch Josie reach an important milestone in her growth and Jim Bob and the oldest girls give blood.

30 minutes

Tracking the Viewers

There has been interest in seeing the trend of number of viewers for the Duggars.  If I keep getting the numbers, I'll try to maintain the list.

February 14         1.028 million
January 31           1.708 million
January 24           1.616 million

November 30       1.520 million
November 23       0.902 million
November 21       no data
November 16       1.558 million
November 14       2.142 million
November 9         1.262 million
November 2         1.328 million
October 26           1.233 million
October 19           1.278 million
October 12           1.283 million
October 5             1.307 million
September 28       1.180 million
September 21       1.323 million
September 14       1.699 million
September 7         1.402 million
August 31              1.594 million

Tues, February 16, 2010, Duggars Movin' Out

The Duggar family is on the move to Little Rock, AR, to be closer to Josie, who remains in the neonatal intensive care unit. But with Jim Bob and Michelle busy with Josie, Grandma Duggar is left to set up the new home and watch over the little kids.

30 minutes

Tues, February 9, 2010, Duggars Fly South

It's time to check in with Josh, Anna, and the first GrandDuggar, Mackynzie. The couple packs up baby for her first trip to visit Anna's family in Florida. They also make a special stop to reminisce about how they started their family.

30 minutes

Different Approach

Since the arguments and rudeness to other posters continues, we'll be having a new approach for awhile. All parts of arguments that I see will be removed back to and including the comment that started it (the beginning of the argument). Unfair? Perhaps, but I've used this technique on other blogs and it has proven effective. Please remember you may may state your own opinion and state it as an opinion, but telling others that they are wrong, calling them out by name, rehashing and rehashing, are not progressing the discussion.

No more J'chelles and other nicknames, please. Their real names are just fine and are not derogatory.

People Week Two

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