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Please use this for Duggar sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, or personal stories. If you wish to discuss other TLC shows, please visit Thank you!

Free Discussion May 2010

Please use this for Duggar sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, or personal stories. If you wish to discuss other TLC shows, please visit Thank you!


As they say on TwoP, please take turns driving the ISB (Idle Speculation Bus).

Exactly what is your question? My family is close friends with the Duggar's and the Bate's(the Bates have 17 kids and are expecting number 18). Their children are very well behaved and do exactly as their told. They are not neglected, left out or abused. They very much no how to handle their kids, who are becoming very well contributing citizens of this country. I really respect them and if they can handle it, why not have that many kids?
Keep watching the show because they are about to drop a huge bombshell- they told us last Sunday. GOD bless.


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Question About Blogs

This question has been asked several times recently. I'm not sure if all the questions have been by the same person, but the question is why do GWoP and DWoP run differently if they are really under the same ownership? Yes, they are run by the mostly the same people. A couple of GWoP associated people do not choose to work on DWoP and that is fine.

The real difference is the attitude of the commenters and readers. So far the mods have not been treated to profanity and obscenity laced threats related to DWoP. Those started within the first few weeks on GWoP. The majority of commenters here comprehend that a positive comment about the Duggars does not involve an attack on the blog, the mods, or the other commenters. Of those who don't, all but a very few either leave or change their commenting style reasonably quickly.

Attacking someone or their comment isn't a positive comment. For example on GWoP, a "positive" comment is "You all are just jellus haters and need to get lifes. Leave Kate along." (Errors are theirs.) The Kate supporters can almost never muster a comment in support of her but normally only attacks against other people. Here most positive comments are along the lines of I admire the Duggars for how they manage their finances to remain debt free.

The amazingly few positive comments in support of Kate that are truly positive comments and not snide, sarcastic, or intended to start a flame war go through. I am very intolerant of flame wars so if there is even a hint that a comment will start one, out it goes. So the answer as to why the blogs are run differently is you, the dear readers and commenters here, who can usually disagree with grace, decorum, and dignity. Thank you!

Tues, May 25, Duggar Home Alone

It?s a rare opportunity to have any alone time when you have 19 kids! Michelle gets just that when Jim Bob takes the kids to the ATI Home School Conference in Big Sandy, Texas. Michelle stays behind to spend time with Josie, who is still at the hospital.

30 minutes

Today Show, Monday May 24 7 to 9 AM

Once again the Duggars are on the schedule for the Today Show. If they appear we'll leave this topic up. If they don't, we'll close it to comments or remove it. So far theories have ranged from "the big/bombshell" announcement to Josie has gone home again.

Tues, May 18, Duggars Go Wild

With a family as big as a pride of lions, it's no wonder the Duggars feel right at home in a zoo! Jim Bob and the kids monkey around when they visit the Little Rock Zoo. And on a visit to see Josie, Jim Bob and Michelle meet another preemie being treated.

30 minutes

Tues, May 11, Duggars at the Hospital

The Duggars clean up well! Jim Bob and a few of the Duggar kids head back to their home in Springdale, AR for some spring cleaning in preparation for Josie's homecoming. But when she has a setback, the family must reunite in Little Rock once again.

30 minutes

Superficial Appearance by Anonymous

Intriguing point raised in a recent offline discussion:Would the Duggar show, wondered a co-worker, be so popular, and would the mainstream population be so tolerant of their views, even given the recent very sobering Baby Josie "story arc," if the family members were less attractive? Michelle, he mused, is a very pretty lady, and her daughters are growing up to be very pretty girls, some of them absolutely stunning. The boys are at least on the reasonably handsome side of the fence, and the children are all cute enough to pack off to a modeling agency tomorrow. Even Paw Duggar, the venerable JimBob, while he makes what most would concede to be some deplorable hairstyle choices, would not win an Ugliest Man on TV prize. But what if they looked like just your average run-of-the-mill rural family who, even if only as a result of having virtually no skills in the cosmetic arts or their application, little or no knowledge in the grooming customs du jour, and limited access to all that creams and potions and salons and electric hair appliances that make it possible for so many run-of-the-mill families, rural and otherwise, to make themselves look attractive. What if, as a result of all that, they all looked like stereotypes of unsophisticated "fundamentalist," with lots of visible complexion blemishes, lank, flat, dirty-looking hair, with the occasional absent tooth here and there - and the present ones unlovely, bespeaking a lack of orthodontia and whitening products, if they had beady little eyes and ratlike Snopesian features, most of them significantly overweight, with a couple bordering on morbidly obese? What would we say about them then, about the whole story of Josie, and how Michelle and JimBob intended to continue right on ceaselessly reproducing? Would we enjoy watching them in large enough numbers that a network would be able to get and keep sponsors?

By anonymous

Sun, May 9, Josie Comes Home, 8 PM, Special

After four months of uncertainty and challenges, Josie Brooklyn is finally released from the hospital and reunited with the rest of the Duggar family. Watch as Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josie's 18 siblings prepare for this emotional homecoming.

60 minutes

What Do You Think The Future Holds?

Does anyone genuinely worry about these kids, especially the daughters, from a perspective of odds being against ALL 19 kids growing into adulthood in complete lockstep with their parents' ideology. I seriously wonder what others predict will happen if/when some of the Duggar kids go off on a completely different tangent, i.e., a less fundamentalist approach to life, one that may even include things JB&M consider on the fringes of 'sinful', like not wanting children of their own or at least being publically very pro-birth control. What if some of the kids end up facing divorce (it happens even to those of us with the highest and most committed intentions)or decide to live on their own before marriage and even (gasp!) wear normal clothing and have a diverse group of friends?

I know the rhetoric is that JB&M will accept and love their children even if they don't follow in a straight line, but, seriously, what do you think will REALLY transpire if/when some of the kids are not clones of their parents and their parental ideology?

From Anonymous

Tues, May 4, Duggar Heavy Metal

The Duggars love heavy, not the music! Watch as the family visits Stone County Ironworks to learn about the art of blacksmithing, listen to authentic bluegrass music, and make their own ironworking project.

30 minutes