Free Discussion July 2010

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Josie Is Home - Again

People article.

People article June 28.

Just a note from me: we are not sending comments about milk allergy through as lactose intolerance is not the same thing as a milk allergy.

Episodes in the Next Season

During the show hiatus, things naturally get quieter yet TWoP Howard seems to have banned speculation about episodes in the new season on the TWoP thread. If you want to talk about where the Duggars have been seen that may appear in an episode, suggest a good episode, etc, this is the spot.

Compare Yourselves to The Duggars

How are you like the Duggars? How are you different from the Duggars? Suggested topics are clothes, food, religion, parenting choices, patriarchal/matriarchal roles and education. Or whatever relates or does not relate to you. Let's keep this a no-snark topic please.

Thanks to Celestie for her suggestion.

How We See Things Differently by Anonymous

Normally this kind of comment would not go through as it's a perfect example of "boards on boards." However, since the show is on hiatus, this may be a reasonable time to talk about why people see things differently. Please remember to be respectful of other commenters and their right to disagree or have different opinions.

I know some feel that various negative comments re the Duggars is "nit picking." I feel compelled to point out that if a person, or couple in this case, choose to hold themselves out as a very public example of how people should behave, then they must take the good with the bad.

The Duggars take money (quite a bit of money) for TLC to film their lives and present them to a television audience. They say they do this as part of their ministry. Some agree. Others, like myself, call it very convenient.

You never saw Mother Teresa on a reality tv show. She lived what she preached; i.e., in near poverty level, right down among those she was trying to help. I did not agree 100% with Mother Teresa's beliefs or philosophy, but I respected her deeply for truly living her convictions, without need for publicity or public affirmation. She truly exhibited modesty in all she did. (I also never heard of her once handing out pictures of herself to strangers, or signing a Bible. Maybe she did and I just missed hearing about it.)

By putting themselves into the public eye and accepting large monetary payments to do so, Mr. and Mrs. Duggar opened themselves up to all eyes, whether they be accepting and approving, critical and disapproving, or somewhere in between.

I fully support anyone's right to comment about how they perceive the Duggars. I would ask that others respect my right to post my own thoughts whether you find them nit-picky or not. Thank you :)


Questions for the Duggars

Do you or have you in the past spanked or used other corporal punishment on your children?

Do you vaccinate your children?

Do you give your children daily multi-vitamins?

When your children turn 18 do they then have non-restricted access to the internet?

When your children turn 18 are they then permitted to go anywhere alone, as opposed to always taking a sibling along for "accountability"?

For Josh.....does Anna have non-restricted access to the internet? (since, as per your wedding vows, when you got married "authority" over Anna passed from her Dad to you.)

Does TLC ay the Duggar family en masse?

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