Tuesday, August 31, Josie Duggar Home at Last

After months of following her journey, watch as Josie finally reunites with her 18 siblings in Northwest Arkansas. But before she returns, Jim Bob, Michelle and the kids must pack up and say goodbye to their home away from home, Little Rock.

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Tuesday, August 24, Duggars Chicken Out

With Josie improving every day, Jim Bob and Michelle decide it's time to reunite her with the rest of the family in Northwest Arkansas. However, their plans are delayed when 12 of the kids come down with a serious case of the chicken pox.

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Duggar Religious View VS Amish Religious View

I think this could be an interesting discussion, but one I'm willing to moderate I decided.  I'm going to put this one up on the Free Discussion blog.  Enjoy.

Free Discussion August 2010

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Tuesday, August 17, Duggar Want a Cracker?

It's no secret that the Duggar and Bates families find sanctuary in each other's company! But they take it a step further when the two families visit a parrot sanctuary in Pigeon Forge.

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Duggars in People and Star August 23, 2010 Issues

Link to the People article: http://www.people.com... Link to the People article:

Online article here.

Link to Star.

I don't know about the Duggars, but if my wife and baby almost died, that would be a message from God for a vasectomy (since they obviously enjoy sex) or actually PRACTICE NBC; their rules actually BEG for a horny husband during the abstinence for 4 to 5 days each month of the cycle and 7 day cleansing. No wonder he's such a horndog and it's set up to be pretty much right at ovulation time.

It's no wonder they have so many kids.

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Tues, August 10, Duggars Go Hollywood

The Duggars visit the set of the new film, Courageous. Meanwhile, Michelle continues to learn how to take care of Josie on her own back in Little Rock.

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Why We Have to Have Rules

From our dear friend anonymous:

I don't understand why everyone is so rude to the Duggar family in this blog. They are good Christian people who had a tragic experience and chose to stop using birth control. They provide love, religion and all the necessities of life to all of their children. These people work hard to make sure their children have good character and love for Jesus. If any of you other bloggers can't say anything nice, just don't make a post. They are a wonderful family and our world should be more like the Duggars.

Tuesday, Aug 3, episodes

As listed on MSN:

Digesting Duggars (9:30 PM)Doctors discover what is wrong with Josie.

From TLC: Doctors make a breakthrough with Josie when they determine the cause of her digestive problems. With the discovery comes relief when Michelle is finally able to bring Josie back home. Meanwhile, Jana and John David take off on their trip to Asia.

Duggar Dilemmas (9 PM)
While doctors struggle to determine what's wrong with Jose's digestive system, Michelle and Jim Bob decide it's time for the other children to return home.

From TLC: While doctors struggle to determine what?s wrong with Josie's digestive system, Michelle and Jim Bob decide it's time for the other children to return to their home in Northwest Arkansas.

Dead Horse List

Shall we start a dead horse list and then we can link to where the discussion was covered?