Tuesday, September 28, A Tale of Two Duggars

The family settles back into daily routine; Josh, Anna and Mackynzie show what their days are like.
30 minutes

Free Discussion September 2010

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Questions - There Are Questions

I'm genuinely curious. For a website titled, "Duggars without pity," why are there so many posters who seem determined to defend each and every move the Duggars make, and each and every single comment that is critical? I see comments where single sentences are quoted from another poster and the sole purpose is to "prove" that the original poster is wrong. It strikes me that the name of the blog is not "In relentless support of the Duggars." I read the posting guidelines and didn't see anything that addressed this issue.

By Anonymous (our dearly beloved friend)

Tuesday, September 21, Duggars Say Cheese

The Duggars know how to get the shot! And with Josie finally at home alongside her 18 siblings, it's time to take new family photos. But after Josie takes her shots with the family it's off for a check-up where she gets another type of shot.

30 minutes

Tuesday, September 14, Duggars Do Dinner

The Duggars are having a dinner party! Watch as the Duggars invite two other large families over for a fun, and crowded, evening. And get an update on the three youngest Duggars - Jordyn, Josie, and first GrandDuggar, Mackynzie.

30 minutes

Tuesday, September 7, Testy Duggars

The Duggars are one big, happy family now that Josie is home. Watch as the family gets used to life with a preemie, which includes meeting a new doctor who tests Josie's development and growth.

30 minutes

Dear Mat7 and any other nasty commenters

Dear Mat7,

Before you send this or any other blog a nasty comment, please look in the mirror and realize that you are being a hypocrite.  You don't wish to read anything negative about the Duggars, yet you feel free to be judgemental and hateful about anyone with whom you disagree.   People do have different opinions and as long as one is civil they are free to discuss them here.  No one here went out and attacked you.  You ventured here and lambasted the entire blog.  Your comment was not posted nor will any be posted that are without foundation, full of hatred and vitriole toward our readers, or are ad hominem attacks. 

Thank you,
"The Management"