Free Discussion November 2010

Please use this for Duggar sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, or personal stories. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 30, Duggars Speak Out

Still in Kentucky, the Duggars have a speaking engagement in front of the largest audience they've ever had. Will they be a hit or will the kids get tongue tied?

30 minutes
(Season finale)

Tuesday, November 23, Duggars and Sluggers

Jim Bob and the kids take in the sights of Louisville, which includes a stop at the famous Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Back home, Michelle takes care of Josie and prepares to leave her with a babysitter so she can reunite with the family.

30 minutes

Sunday, November 21, Duggars Make a Movie 8 PM

After years of being the family in front of the cameras, it's the Duggars' turn to make their own episode. Watch as the crew hands over their equipment to the kids and they produce, film and star-in a truly Duggarized special!

60 minutes

Tuesday, November 16, Duggar Daddy on Duty

While Michelle and Josie pay a visit to the pediatrician, Jim Bob takes Josiah out on the open road to practice driving before his DMV test. Later, Jim Bob is on daddy-duty all by himself looking after both Jordyn and Josie.

Sunday, November 14, GrandDuggar First Birthday, 8 PM

The First GrandDuggar, Mackynzie is turning one! Watch as she celebrates with her parents, grandparents, and 18 aunts and uncles with a Duggar-sized party. And the family has another reason to celebrate when some surprising news is shared.

60 minutes

Today Show Announcement

Many people are showing this special airing on Discovery Health tonight at 9 and 11.  It's showing on my cable guide and I set it to record at 11.

Tuesday, November 9, Duggars Take a Dip

It's in the pool! Find out if the Duggar kids sink or swim when they take a swimming lesson and have some fun in the water. And watch as Michelle visits a Mother's Morning Out Program to share her child-raising tips!

30 minutes

I must comment that it should be rearing not raising.  The Duggar children are not vegetables.