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Happy New Year to all.  May 2011 bring happiness and joy to all our lives.

Dead Horse Discussions

This is especially important to new readers. Some issues have been nitpicked, beaten, slain, buried, resurrected, reburied, etc, many times. These are called dead horses as in how long are you going to beat that dead horse? We tried letting the group decide what was a dead horse, but that didn't work very well. We have arrived now at the point where if I or another mod can't bear to read one more comment on a subject, it's officially a dead horse. As I phrase it, you are dancing on my last nerve. Please do not bring up these issues again. If you are a new reader and want to know what the previous discussion was, please search the blog or email another reader or a mod and ask.

Dead horse list:
The mini-mart liquor license (buried three or four times now).
Interpreting or not the house rules about emotion and behavior.
Home schooling unless it's something new seen on the show or in the news.
Whether the Duggars pay property tax (they do).
The state of Michelle's uterus. She's had 19 kids. That should say it all don't you think?
What other ATI/Quiverful/Vision Forum/whatever fundamentalists do. They are irrelevant. We're here to talk Duggars specifically.

Thanks and I'm sure additions will need to be made as we go along.

Seasons Greetings!

The Merry Mods at DWOP would like to wish all of our readers the very best for the holiday season. We hope that you stay warm and safe and get to spend time with the people you love. Thank you for visiting here and sharing your thoughts with us. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2011!

Josie Turns One Today

From Radaronline:

Little Josie Duggar -- the miracle baby and star of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting -- is celebrating her first birthday Friday and her mother Michelle tells all about the milestone!

"We are just so excited and we're so grateful to God to have her," the reality television mom said, in an exclusive interview.

"Reaching this landmark occasion her first birthday, I look back at the pictures and the video footage from the beginning to now and it an incredible journey."

Michelle, the mother to all 19 children, said Josie Brooklyn now weighs a healthy 15 pounds 12 ounces, and is wearing baby clothes for a six month old.

The "littlest little" as Josie is called on 19 Kids and Counting is like a "chunky little peanut," her mom said.

She said, "You know that song I'm a little teapot short and stout? Well that could be her little song! She is definitely short and plump now, she's got all these little rolls, it is so cute."

Dad Jim Bob and the older Duggar kids are on a mission in Hondorus and El Salvador, Guatemala; they won't return until December 15, which has delayed a big party for their much loved baby.

Said Michelle: "We'll have ice cream and Grandma and Amy and everyone else will come out to the house and celebrate. She has a little balloon that says 'Happy Birthday Josie'."

Josie is becoming quite the chatterbox, Michelle revealed.

"She can say 'Dada,' and she says 'Hi' and she waves hi when you say it to her now," she said.

"She's learning. We've heard her say 'Mama' three times and every time that she's done it I've run and I get my phone and I try to get her to say it again but she won't say it again.

"She claps her hands and she has her favorite book called the Ticklish book. That book will make her start jumping, squirming, kicking. She gets the biggest grin.

"She is rolling all over the place. She's not crawling yet. She spots something she wants and she just rolls over to it. It's so cute a cute little roll to get to it. She can sit up and we leave her up for a while. Then she plops over."

Michelle also reflected on the tough times the parents had when Josie was born, despite their previous experience.

"The touch-and-go of not knowing if she would live and the reality that when she had her bowel perforated on day eight the reality of the fact that she might not make it was so real that I think we took it one minute, one second, one day at a time," she said.
"We thanked God. It put it all in perspective. You can't determine the outcome in a situation like that. You just thank God for the moments you had with them. We took a lot of pictures and just tried to cherish every minute that we had her with us."

Both Michelle and Jim Bob have previously told they would welcome more children, but there isn't a little sibling on the way -- for now.

"We would just absolutely love that, but we're not right now," Michelle said.

"I don't ever feel bad when anybody asks me that question because our hearts are still the same in that regard as far as valuing life and cherishing life. We would be so grateful to God if he saw fit to bless us with another gift. At this time that hasn't happened.

"I am 44 going on 45 in September next year, and I'm thinking I'm not a spring chicken anymore and I know that could be a factor in all of that."

Free Discussion December 2010

Please use this for Duggar sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, or personal stories. Thank you! Sorry it is late!