Monday, January 31, Donating Duggars (episode 3)

The Duggars help the community when they donate their time and a building to the volunteer fire department. Later, they are off to Oklahoma to make supply parachutes for persecuted Columbians.

Monday, January 31, Duggars Rock the Vote (episode 6)

John David decides to follow in his father's footsteps and run for political office with the support of the Duggar clan. Later, Joseph follows in his older siblings' footsteps getting braces. Finally, Josh and Anna give us an update on Anna's pregnancy.

30 minutes

Monday, January 24, First episode season five 10:30 PM Duggars Shoot for the Sky

Jesssa's turning 18 and her 18 brothers and sisters, along with Michelle and Jim Bob, have a very special celebration planned, complete with a shooting range and skydiving. But when Michelle takes a pregnancy test, will she be able to join in on the fun?

30 minutes

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