Monday, February 28, Duggars Make a Difference

Jim Bob and the kids make the most of their trip when they spend time with locals, speak with Honduran diplomats, visit Mayan ruins and even make time to sample authentic Honduran cuisine.

30 minutes

What Has Gotten Comments Kicked Lately

A reader asked for what some one liners or things would get an otherwise good comment rejected.  Using JB or M or other abbreviations of names.  Using derogatory nicknames for the Duggars.  Calling their belief system a cult or other similar term.  The one this morning was ending an otherwise acceptable comment with stupid ultra conservative Christian men.  I will add to the list as we go along. 

I would say as a generality it's frequently being overly derogatory or inflammatory in a comment, going boards on boards, or saying something in a comment that the writer ties to the Duggars but from experience we know will lead the blog off topic in a heartbeat.

Monday, February 21, Duggars Explore South America

Jim Bob and 11 of the kids are headed to Central Americal to help serve those in need. But while the others are away, will Michelle be able to handle the seven youngest Duggars with limited help?

30 minutes

Monday, February 14, Duggars All Aboard

When Joy Anna turns 13 the family celebrates Duggar-style with a train ride adventure and an ice cream party. But when the train has some unexpected guests will her birthday celebration come to a sudden stop?

30 minutes

Monday, February 7, Duggars Act Out

The family takes a day trip to visit the set of a Passion Play, but when the Duggars become extras in the performance, will they steal the show. Back at home, Jill gives Josie her first piano lesson.

(30 minutes)

Monday, February 7, Duggars Rock & Record

The Duggars have a busy day when family friends visit for lunch, Michelle records an audio book and the family returns to Little Rock to help serve dinner at a fish fry.

(30 minutes)

Free Discussion February 2011

Please use this for Duggar sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, or personal stories. Thank you!