Free Discussion March 2011

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Revised Chore Chart

New photos are up on the bottom of TLC's Duggar page including the supposedly latest chore chart.  Whether the revisions are what the Duggars normally do, reflect the time some of the older offspring are doing the College Plus thing, or was assisted by TLC in response to comments about the show, here it is.

Monday, March 28, Duggars & Bates: 37 & Counting

The Duggar home becomes even more crowded when family friends, the Bates, arrive for a visit, complete with a trip to the George Washington Carver Monument. But a severe cold spreads throughout the two large families, potentially ruining plans.

30 minutes

Monday, March 21, Duggars In the Zone

Afer finding out they are expecting their second child, Josh and Anna also discover they must relocate their second car lot by a looming deadline. But will zoning laws threaten and halt the move to a new property?

30 minutes

Monday, March 14, Duggars Deliver

Taking care of a family of 19 can be demanding! Michelle takes care of the younger children and tries to catch up on housework. Anna discovers raising a one-year-old while pregnant with your second child has its own set of demands!

30 minutes

Monday, March 7, Josie's First Birthday

Happy Birthday Josie! It's been a year of triumphs and tribulations for the 19th Duggar following her premature birth at only 25 weeks gestation. The Duggars return home from Central America to celebrate this happy milestone in Duggar fashion.

30 minutes