Free Discussion July 2011

Please use this for Duggar sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, politics, or personal stories. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 5, Duggar Boys Day Out

Watch as the youngest Duggar boy gets to hang out with his older brothers as they demolish and renovate Josh's new car lot. But will Jackson's urge to play demolish his chances of hanging with the big boys again?

30 minutes

Tuesday, June 28, Duggars Snowed In

When the worst snowstorm in Arkansas history hits the Duggars' hometown, the family is engulfed in a real winter wonderland. Watch as they weather the winter weather with sledding, making snow cream, and lending a hand to their neighbors in need.

30 minutes

Josh & Anna Special "Michael James"

TLC seems to have finally settled on Sunday evening at 8.  Yes, I had to put the name in the thread title.  TLC will be wanting to disconnect every family member from the internet at this rate.  I think they've possibly alienated a few out don't give a fig about TLC's wishes at this point.

60 minutes 8 pm

Tuesday, June 21, Duggars Get Dirty

Watch as this family of 21 comes together to clean up some of Jim Bob's rental properties. But the Duggars are not all work and no play, as they show when the family celebrates Joseph's 16th birthday.
30 minutes

Tuesday, June 14, Duggars Focus on the Family

The Duggars share the secrets to running a large family; conquering the fear of heights.
From MSN.

The Duggars share their secrets on how to run a large family while at a conference in Colorado. Later the family sneaks in some sightseeing, including a visit to the famed Garden of the Gods. And watch as the Duggars conquer their fear of heights!
From TLC.
(30 minutes)