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Tuesday, August 2, Duggars, Dates, & Dan 9:30 PM

Good Morning America's Dan Harris visits the Duggars for a day and has the quintessential Duggar experience. And the day gets busier for the Duggars when the older girls host a dating seminar. Meanwhile, Michelle is concerned when Josie becomes sick.

Season finale
30 minutes

Tuesday, August 2, Duggars Take Manhattan

The big family heads to the Big Apple to kickoff their book tour. But when Jim Bob, Michelle and all 19 kids try to navigate the NYC subway system, will they all make it to their destination or will some be left behind at the station?

30 minutes

Tuesday, July 26, Duggars Respond & Rescue

The Duggar clan celebrate Grandma's 70th birthday. Meanwhile, when a tornado devastates Joplin, Missouri the Duggars rush to help with the search and rescue efforts.

30 minutes

Tuesday, July 19, Duggar Dental Drama

Jessa, Jinger, Joseph and Josh all go under the knife for wisdom teeth extractions -- on the same day. But when Josh and Joseph miss a crucial step in preparing for the surgery, they become the ones who need a little wisdom.

30 minutes

Rinse and repeat.  Change the children involved and voila a new episode.

Tuesday, July 12, Duggars, Doctors, and Discipline

Michelle takes Josie to Little Rock for a checkup, but with Josie's recent hospitalization will they get the clean bill of health they are hoping for? Meanwhile, Jessa demonstrates the discipline needed to get the younger Duggars down for a nap.

30 minutes