Special, Sunday November 27, Duggar World Tour, Duggars Last Stop (3)

The Duggars are continuing their trip of a lifetime with their third and final stop abroad - Israel. While there, the family swims in the Dead Sea, visits a multi-religion outdoor marketplace, rides camels and experiences authentic, local cuisine.

(60 minutes)

Special, Sunday, November 20, Duggar World Tour (2)

The family continues their trip through the Europe by visiting the city of London. Watch Jim Bob learn to drive on the "wrong" side of the road and see the family enjoy high tea and sight-see on a double-decker bus. Later, the family visits Stonehenge.

(60 minutes)

Possibly Why the Duggar Girls Aren't Rushing into Engagements

The story is here.

Also one of the articles I read yesterday said only 1% of adults who were brought up with the ATI curriculum use it or plan to use it with their children.

Gothard's 49 Character Qualities

To quote Dr Phil should we grade the Duggars' paper?

Due to some reading I did this morning, I ran into the IBLP 49 character qualities again and couldn't help notice a few that Jim Bob especially seems to have forgotten.  Promptness so as not to waste others' time? 

The qualities are listed here.

Issue That Keeps Coming Up

People keep insisting upon asking in a comment why a previous comment was not approved.  One reader left over this issue even though I have repeatedly requested and stated that such questions should be addressed via email or at least by sending the mods an email address to respond.  The blog is not the place for that discussion.  So once again here is why your comment may have been rejected.  Using anonymous since we have asked you not to do so.  Using a blog or website as your signature trying to use us as free advertising.  Using one of the children's names or possibly a commentary on another blog as your screen name.  Off topic.  This blog is not about us, our families, our experiences except as they tightly relate to the Duggars.  Talking down to other commenters, calling them names, and being derogatory about other commenters.  In general, being rude. 

So, most recent questioner, I was still pondering your comment but your first choice of screen name was inappropriate especially here.  Secondly, there is no proof that your assumption is correct and I still had it on hold while pondering it.  Your second comment can not go through as written due to being very "boards on boards" or addressed to the mods and talking about the business of the blog.

We Have Reached the Point in the Life of the Show Where

we get some ridiculous comments and trolls show up just to try to tell us off.  With the Gosselins I would occasionally post one just so the readers could comment on it.  I'll be putting some of the comments here.  I really do not mind a balanced discussion but when people simply want to call names or be holier than thou, I cut them no slack.

So what if the Duggars want to have 20 children? What is all of that to any of you who act "disgusted"? Someone pointed out that there are 7 billion people on the earth today. One more Duggar will not make any more difference than any other family having another baby. If anything, I am disgusted at all of you who have nothing but ill to say about this family. Sounds like jealousy to me. I wonder if this post will make it into the comments?
By Anonymous on Duggars on Today Show November 8 at 4:25 PM

What I really don't understand is all the negative talk about a family that most likely does a lot more good than all the people that talk bad about them. Put together.
By ME!!! on Special, Sunday, November 13, Duggar World Tour, 8... at 3:21 PM

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with these people."Group think" at it's worst.I mean BESIDES their willingness to pop out an annual Baby For Bucks.So they want as many kids as they can have - why is that wrong?Not at ALL 'encouraging'. One more (model J20)undereducated person will be walking the planet, thanks to these two anything-for-a-buck-and-spotlight. You say the Duggar kids are "undereducated". Do you know them personally? Have you ever talked to any of them, asked them questions? Are you inferring that you are of superior intellect and moral fiber that you can pass judgement on them? The Duggar's are private citizens doing what they are allowed to do in a mostly free country. I don't see any armed guards keeping the older kids under lock and key, no reports of abuse, no reports of threats or mistreatment or anything else. Their cousin Amy is as wild as they come, and she still hangs out with them. Yet the concensus of all of the other posters is that their behavior and lifestyle is wrong. I think most of you are wrong for questioning the Duggar's like this. Thye are certainly not the Gosselin's.
By Anonymous on Duggars on Today Show November 8 at 4:37 PM

Duggars on Today Show November 8

The Duggars are scheduled to appear tomorrow morning for an announcement.  Speculate away.  BTW, please remember I am in Pacific time so your morning comments of the news will be waiting until I wake up and get some tea.  Thanks.

Tuesday, November 8, Duggars: All You Wanted to Know

The Duggars are used to answering questions and in this episode they are taking questions directly from you, the viewer! Watch as Jim Bob, Michelle and the kids answer everything you wanted to know about the family with 19 children.

60 minutes

Special, Sunday, November 13, Duggar World Tour, 8 pm (Episode 1)

19 Kids and Counting: World Tour (Episode One)
The Duggars are packing their bags and heading to Europe. First stop, Scottland! Watch as the Duggar clan walk the Royal Mile, visit Edinburgh Castle, and attend the Scottish Highland games. Then it's off to Ireland for more Irish fun like herding sheep.

60 minutes