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Tuesday, February 28, The Duggar Twist, 9:30 PM

The Duggars are back to doing what the Duggars do best, serving others! In this episode, the family visits a pretzel shop and helps raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization aimed at fighting childhood cancer.

30 minutes

Tuesday, February 28, Music with the Duggars, 9 PM

The Duggars are heading to Branson, MO for a speaking engagement and musical performance. We'll also catch up with Cousin Amy and learn more about her budding music career. And later, everyone is in the audience when Cousin Amy performs live onstage!
30 minutes

Anderson, Friday, February 24

Last week a promo on Anderson implied that the Duggars would be on this week.  Today they showed up on the guide for Friday's show.  In the promo, Anderson was asking about miscarriage.

(Not the 360 show, this is the afternoon talk show.)

Tuesday, February 21, 9:30 PM, 40 Kids, Oh My!

It's rare to find a family as big as the Duggars! Watch two big families collide when the Vanderhoffs visit the Duggars. And while Jim Bob is home playing host, Michelle hits the road to visit her best friend of 39 years and speaks at a Moms' Meeting.

(30 minutes)

Tuesday, February 21, 9:00 PM, Josh & Anna Check-In

It's a special milestone for Mackynzie as she gets her very first haircut! Will she be able to sit still or will it be a hair-raising experience for all? Meanwhile, Josh and Anna give us the latest updates on their car lot and baby Michael!

(30 minutes)

Today Show, February 14

Just checked my guide. You can pencil them in for Tuesday. Their usual spot is around 8:15 eastern.
Thanks to ennvee.

Bates Special March 27

Oh, please, only a special and not a regular show.


Kelly Bates is pregnant

Yes, she announced it on their blog even though they found the last pregnancy had ended at 10 weeks.  Both Kelly and Michelle will turn 45 in a few months if I calculated correctly.

Unconfirmed report that Kelly had the baby yesterday.

Tuesday, February 14, 9 PM, Season 6, Episode 1

The Duggars are back! Watch as the family adds new life, planting trees, visits a cornmaze, and hits the speaking circuit. Later, an emotional moment occurs when Michelle and Jim Bob go in for a routine pregnancy check-up.