Interesting Discussion Point

While looking for something else this morning, I found this gem.  It doesn't exactly match my belief system but I thought since it directly contradicts Gothard it would be interesting.  It's part of a headcovering discussion, so why if Gothard doesn't allow women to wear pants (Old Covenant) does he not require head coverings which are mentioned in the New Testament? 

We, as Christians, are no longer under the Old Covenant Law, the Law of Moses, but under the commands that Jesus gives us in the New Testament. However, this is one place where these denominational groups go back to the Old Covenant Law and require people to follow the Old Covenant Law.This myth is based on Deuteronomy 22:5 and an incorrect translation that women are not to wear men's clothing. The word "man" in that verse is the Hebrew word for warrior. The Hebrew word translated "pertaineth" actually means "apparatus, armor, artillery, etc". The verse is prohibiting women from being part of the army and prohibiting a warrior from disguising himself as a woman.
It is amazing that the myth that Christian men and women should wear distinctive clothing styles has persisted because in Bible times it was not practiced that way. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament times, the men and the women wore very similar clothing styles. Even if this command in the Old Testament was prohibiting women from wearing men's clothing, it would no longer apply to us as Christians because we are no longer under the Old Testament Law. That command in Deuteronomy 22:5 was not restated in the New Testament. In the New Testament, neither Christian men nor Christian women are to be part of the military.

New Visitors

We have some new readers!  Welcome.  We have some rules here.  What a shock, I know!

First, please select a screen name and try to use the same one consistently so people can get to know you.  Also we don't address individuals much less call someone out, try to engage in debate with a person, or incite a fight.  If there is a comment you specifically want to address, quote the comment not the person's name.  Finally, we use close to standard English.  I'll let a comment through that is missing one or two capitol letters or may correct them, but comments with multiple errors, shortened names for people (JB for Jim Bob), or especially deliberately written in all lower case will be destined for the trash bin. 

There is a reason for the no addressing individuals.  I've been on some boards and I visit one now, where this is allowed and it always ends in nastiness with some individuals and that makes my skin crawl.  I really don't like it when a reader or readers try to set people up to debate with them, are deliberately obtuse, or are crass just to rise out of people. 

Tuesday, March 27, A Duggar Loss

After announcing they're expecting baby number 20, Michelle and Jim Bob go to what should be an exciting ultrasound appointment to learn the baby's gender. But when a heartbeat can't be detected, how will the family deal with this devastating tragedy?

60 minutes

Tuesday, March 20, Boys Day Out

It's a fun day out for the Duggar boys! Watch as Jim Bob takes his sons to Fort Rock, AR for a father/son campout. But before they leave, Joy Anna has a special treat in store for the boys -- that is, if she doesn't burn them first.

30 minutes

Tuesday, March 13, Bates Family Special, 10:00 PM

The Bates Family (wt) introduces us to an amazing family of 21, living a simple, music-filled life in the picturesque hills of Tennessee. In this special, we meet the family, learn of their business, and witness the joy as they welcome their 19th child.
60 minutes

Bates family on Good Morning America

The Bates Family Series

Just announced this week.
Bates family statement on their blog.
Promo on ET website.
We'll put up posts for their episodes here as there are so many similarities that a new blog would be redundant.

Tuesday, March 13, Swerve & Serve

The Duggars are on the road again and in more ways than one! Watch as they head to Little Rock where they meet up with old friends and volunteer at a fish fry. And Michelle helps celebrate Joy Anna's 14th birthday with her first driving lesson.

30 minutes

Excellent example of "boards and boards" and why it isn't allowed.

Yes. And once my daughter said she wanted to drive a bulldozer for a living, but I haven't held her to that. How many kids say they want to be president, etc, and don't follow through with it?? Those poor Duggars. Apparently the audience must hang on to and remember every.single.word that they say and beat it into the ground years and years and years later. I bet John David wishes he'd never opened his mouth. I swear, if I hear "ONE time, John David said he wants to be a pilot," or "ONE time Josh said he wants to be a lawyer" one more time on this board I may blow a gasket! Because God knows, all of the posters have ALWAYS done every single thing they declared they wanted to do when they were 15 years old. GEEsh!
By Wash, rinse, and repeat, and repeat and repeat and repeat on Tuesday, March 6, Duggars in Space at 6:03 PM

Tuesday, March 6, Duggars in Space

The Duggars are out of this world! Jim Bob and the kids are going where no Duggars have gone before... Space Camp. The family tests their strength and skills in several astronaut training events, including a multi-axis trainer and flight simulator.

30 minutes