Free Discussion, May 2013

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Tuesday, April 30, Love & Marriage, 9:00 PM (Season 7)

For the first time, Jim Bob and Michelle talk candidly about marriage, babies and everything in between as they head off to a marriage retreat to build on their strong relationship. Meanwhile, can Gandma hold down the fort back home while they are away?

60 minutes

Tuesday, April 23, Duggars Take Flight, 9:00 PM (Season Seven)

For his 18th birthday, Joseph leaves home for the first time to train with an emergency rescue team. Meanwhile, John David is one step closer to his pilot license when he flies (sic) Joseph to his boot camp. And Steve checks in on Josh and Jim Bob's weightloss.

30 minutes

Tuesday, April 16, Coffee & Caricatures (Season 7) 9:30 PM

Jessa and Jinger volunteer at a local coffee shop and have no idea what's in store. With Jinger being a big coffee fan, will she drink more than she sells? And Jackson and Johannah are drawing caricatures to collect funds for Josh and Anna's baby gift.

30 minutes

Tuesday, April 16, Pushups & Planting (Season 7) 9:00 PM

Jim Bob and Josh are in for a rude awakening when they meet their new trainer, who gives them the toughest workout of their lives. Meanwhile, Jill and Jana's midwifery skills are put to the test when one of their clients goes into labor.

30 minutes

Tuesday, April 9, Things Are Changing (Season 7)

Jim Bob and Josh get the results from their physicals, and they're in for some shocking news! Can Michelle and Anna keep them motivated to improve their health? And a visit from Anna's sister Prescilla, spurs Josh and Anna to look for a roomier home.

30 minutes

Tuesday, April 9, Duggar Weightloss Challenge (Season 7)

Jim Bob and Josh decide to take their health more seriously and challenge each other to see who can lose the most weight in 90 days. Meanwhile, Jason and the boys construct a greenhouse in the backyard for some homegrown fun.

30 minutes