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Guess M3 Duggar's Birthday

Win bragging rights for a day.  The blog world is slow these days so let's try for a little fun.  Guess when Josh and Anna's baby boy will be born and then you can brag if you guess right.

Josh Takes Job with FRC Hate Group

What do you think of uneducated Josh getting offered the position over actually qualified candidates.  Will he lead any siblings out of the control of Jim Bob?  How long will he last in DC?  Will there be any outcry or impact on the Duggar brand?

Tuesday, May 21, 9:00 PM, Baby Gender Reveal & the Final Weigh In

Josh and Anna are caught off guard when the whole family visits Restoration Church where Pastor Howard reveals some baby secret news! Plus after 90-days of training, a Duggar weight loss champ is crowned. And Josh and Anna reveal a life changing decision.

60 minutes

Tuesday, May 14, Duggars Get Physical, Episode 12, 9:30 PM, Season 7

Josh and Anna head down to Florida to visit Anna's family and meet the latest family addition, her newborn nephew Paul. And after several weeks of training, trainer Steve pushes Jim Bob and Josh to their max, all leading up to the final weigh-in.

30 minutes

Tuesday, May 14, Decisions and Deliveries, Episode 11, 9:00 PM, Season 7

Josh is presented with a job opportunity 1,200 miles away and decide to seek guidance from Jim Bob and Michelle. Jana and Jill's client goes into labor and 9 weeks away from home, the family attends Joseph's boot camp graduation.

30 minutes

Tuesday, May 7, A Surgery & a Secret, 9:30 PM, (Season 7)

No summary on TLC, MSN, or my cable guide yet.

I believe Jordyn is getting her tonsils out.  My guess is that the "secret" is that Josh and Anna are expecting another boy.

TLC synopis update:

Jim Bob and Josh are hurting as trainer Steve puts them through their toughest workout yet. Meanwhile, Jordyn gets her tonsils removed, and Josh and Anna go in for an ultrasound that will reveal the baby gender, but only one person will know the results.

Tuesday, May 7, Dinner for Forty, 9:00 PM (Season 7)

The Duggar household fills up fast when trainer Steve's family, along with Pastor Howard and his family come by for a super-sized dinner. We check in with Joseph on his emergency rescue training boot camp. And, Michael finally moves into his own room.

(30 minutes)