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Saving "Jim Phillips" Comment

The Duggar original house for 14+ was provided by the church next door for free. The church used it (for families in need) from their congregation. They let the Duggars live there FREE as a family in need.
Their vehicles were all donated to them through local area churches. All the Duggar clothing and a lot of their food were from assistance programs for the poor in the area; so the Duggars were POOR.
Don't buy into their TV lies. The Duggars and TLC produced a reality TV show of what people wanted to see that made things look different from what their lives were really all about. It is NOT even related to the realities of the Duggar family. TLC bought into the lie willingly. They knew it was bullshit, but it made for good TV.
Their big house was originally only a concrete slab, a badly constructed roof, and had badly-installed heating which made it necessary for it to be torn out and redone by TLC. There were no indoor walls, no electrical, no plumbing, no HVAC, no studs, no flooring, no stairs, no insulation, no fireproofing, no windows, no doors, no framing, no ceilings, etc. None of that was done by Jim Bob; TLC did it all. TLC wrote a check to Jim Bob for 200k for the house. TLC also ensured that the standard and legal building codes were up-to-date (through the use of licensed contractors) that Jim Bob neglected to ensure in his building practices.
Don't believe what Jim Bob says! He's a lying liar who lies. Now, Jim Bob would like to say, from his narcissistic perspective, that TLC demanded they build a bigger house for production. Not true. The family desperately needed a home and it was impossible for Jim Bob to finish it, or even get to the point of having walls and ceilings. He was in arrears (owing back money on a debt) to the people who poured the concrete (look up the public records of lawsuits and/or property liens against James Robert Duggar.) He didn't have the skills to do the project, nor the money to pay someone. TLC built the Duggar home, full stop; that house wouldn't have been livable for many years at the rate he was going. He owed money to everyone who helped him work on the house. He was sued for payment by the concrete company who poured his slab - that is DEBT. Advertisers were then contracted to provide all the appliances and furniture.
The fact that the Duggars lived on large amounts of charity, Pre-TLC, became known very early. They hinted at donations of furniture and clothing early on in their specials (which were televised before their reality TV show), but that was only a tiny portion of the truth. Church members have ratted out the Duggars all over different internet forums. You can check their city and/or county tax filings to see if they ever paid property taxes on a home. In later TV specials, Jim Bob had to admit the original broke-down family bus was donated to them. Rumor has it that the church wanted the Duggars OUT of the charity house. The property was broken-down and condemnable. The city was leaning on the church to make renovations on the house or to tear it down. After the Duggars left, the church tore it down for a parking lot.
Every time you would see a product placement on 19+, that was a freebie for the Duggars. Every time Michelle and Jim Bob mentioned a certain brand name of a product on their show, it resulted in more freebies for the Duggars. That's how reality TV works. So those sub-zero freezers? Freebies. Stoves? Free. Washers and Dryers? Free. Cleaning products in the pantry? Free.
Oh, let's not forget about the constant trips, weddings, funerals for fetuses, parties, and shopping trips were all paid for by TLC as part of production. TLC is not alone in this. It happens on all reality TV. Need a nice restaurant to meet friends? Need dinner paid for? Call TLC and put it on the show!
That's the world those kids grew up in. Praise Jesus, smile sweet for the cameras, hide your impure thoughts and resentments, and all your needs will be met by God!
Josie's medical bills would have been in excess of a million dollars. With what are probably the same practices as the hospital in which I work, Josie's hospital itself probably automatically applied for Medicaid for her, as could TLC have done if they were providing insurance for the Duggar tribe. Medicaid was involved. No hospital or insurance company wants to shoulder that financial burden alone. Jim Bob is anti-insurance, as stated early on in a TV special.
It doesn't take very much research to see all the cracks in the Duggars' story. Believing all the lies they spew on TV is simply dumb! Go take a crack at finding out for yourself what this family has been up to for 15 years.
The Duggar parents started twisting reality from their very first show. Did you not wonder how a family of 14 could live on Jim Bob's cheap real estate deals? Did it not seem ridiculous that Michelle could teach her children, all of them at once, anything at all? Didn't that church charity home of 3 bedrooms + 2 baths seem a little squalid, with no room to study, play, or eat in one whole setting? How much time was spent attending to the individual needs of all those kids? The older Duggar kids (and in the future, the M grandkids) will always suffer in "school" and on "educational" field trips because the lessons are skewing downward so the youngest students will understand. When the show started, those kids had big dreams; they wanted to be doctors, lawyers, vets, firemen, interior decorators, and such. Why did all of those dreams get smashed and now none of them are working at all? What ground those aspirations into dust?
Only three adult children have a GED, which the Duggars claim is graduating from high school (see the blurring of the truth there?) Why don't any of their other kids have training or enough schooling for a GED diploma? This last April, a post on the Duggars' Tumbler stated that Jackson started 4th grade in April and he turns 11 in May. One of the older girls cannot do fractions, and 14-year-old James Duggar is only now learning his multiplication tables. The Duggar children are displaying the results of Michelle not properly taking on the necessary teaching and nurturing roles within her homeschooling. Michelle is staying true to form; she made it quite public by saying (on their show) that the kids do all of the homeschooling themselves (she stated that Jessa was the organizer and the teacher, and whoever takes her place has some mighty big shoes to fill AND I DON'T KNOW WHO WILL STEP IN). Seriously? It's not as if she didn't see this coming, and maybe it's a sign that she should be taking back this responsibility; but we all know that won't be happening. Homeschooling has afforded Michelle the least amount of involvement and responsibility. In a regular school, she'd have to ensure that the kids got to school on time (not gonna happen on Duggar time), she'd have to ensure their homework was done, she'd have to go to parent-teacher meetings (no one is gonna tell her about her kids... or anything), she'd have to volunteer in classrooms, she'd have to drive the kids to their school activities, etc. There would be actual responsibilities, and she wouldn't be calling the shots (such as teaching values and "facts" based on a biblical separatist mindset fueled by Gothard, Phillips, and the rest of the Duggar fundamentalist circles - like the country's entire population will fit in Jacksonville, FL).
All the more appalling is that neither Jim Bob nor Michelle work traditional jobs; they, AS PARENTS, could devote a lot of time and energy to educating their kids.
I actually believe the older kids may have had a better education, just because 1) there were less kids to manage and 2) Michelle was more on her mom game. However, the younger kids have been a part of tours, shows, specials, and the general public spectacle for all of their lives; all of that puts a serious wrench in the "plan." Michelle can delegate all she wants to the older girls, but there is a reason successful teachers need to be adults with proper training. Without consistent education and reinforcement, we see a seemingly with-it 13/14 year old learning times tables.
Now, can one NOT believe that the Duggar children (uneducated and unskilled) believe that the world owes them the good life? Instead of being taught the value of an education and the rewards of having a strong work ethic, this is how they were raised! Praise Jesus and the fans send gifts to your wedding registry! Exalt in God, forget the molestation (it's "no biggie" after all, according to Jill and Jessa), and all those bills will magically be paid!
Jill observed a few births under the wing of a woman who lost her license to practice midwifery due to her insufficient education and safety practices. Jill and Jana were NEVER midwives in-training, not even doulas in-training. Their rush to assist at live births was only for their TV show. It was a lie to imply that Jill or Jana were fully trained or qualified for the full responsibility of participating in live births on a full-time basis.
That is the Duggar template; don't learn anything on your own that is not pre-approved by Daddy Dearest Duggar, don't leave the Duggar household until you're married, and don't experiment with new ideas nor learn new skills that would require an education or further training outside of the Duggar bubble. Just stay under the Duggar umbrella and God will provide; females, stay under your male headship and obey his every word.
None of the adult kids has a job; thirteen adults are not working (at all), and are not producing any income nor gaining any skills that will help support the family. John David isn't even a licensed commercial pilot yet and won't be for years. Josh is currently unemployed; in his pre-DC working past, he spent most his time at the used car lot playing video games. He couldn't even manage the financial books for that place.

From Radaronline comments August 4, 2015

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Please use this for Duggar and Bates sightings, speculation, or general discussion. Note that this is Duggar discussion not other families, TV shows, politics, religion, or personal stories. If the comment is more about you or some other issue than the actual Duggars or Bateses or other families seen on the show, please rethink before sending. Thank you!