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First Duggar "Special" - December 13, 2015

The allegedly three specials begin airing in December.  They've already dragged Anna into the first promo.

Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Episode 1, December 13, 2015, 8:00 PM, 90 minutes.

Ratings:  2.220 M viewers and a .77 rating.

From Discovery:

Jill and Jessa: Counting on Celebrates New Life and Adventure

The three-part special begins December 13th at 8/7c

TLC follows the next chapter of Jill (Duggar) Dillard and Jessa (Duggar) Seewald in a new three-part special JILL AND JESSA: COUNTING ON beginning Sunday, December 13th at 8/7c with a 90-minute premiere. The subsequent specials will air at 9/8c on December 20th and 27th. The specials center around the two young women and their ever-changing lives as Jill moves to Central America with her family and Jessa starts one of her own. In the three specials, viewers catch up with the family through the eyes of Jill and Jessa as they get prepared for the exciting milestones ahead. With moves and babies on the horizon, preparations are underway in Arkansas and abroad!
As Jill prepares to move her family to Central America for missionary work, she and Derick impart some parental advice to Jessa and Ben while they get ready to bring their first child into the world. Baby buzz is all around the Seewald household as the family plans a baby shower, decorates the nursery and gathers the last few essentials for Baby Seewald.  Viewers also get an inside look at Jessa’s dramatic labor and delivery and her first days at home with her newborn son. Jill and Derick celebrate with friends and family before heading to Central America, and viewers follow their journey south of the border to walk in their shoes as they get their life set up in their new home.
Also, for the first time, several family members including Anna Duggar speak out and address the difficult summer the family faced. The emotional and candid interviews highlight how the family continues to move forward from a time of turmoil to a time of celebration. After a life-changing few months, these specials give Jill and Jessa an opportunity to share their story and begin celebrating big moments in their lives.
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JILL AND JESSA: COUNTING ON is produced by Figure 8 Films for TLC.