Please put a name with your post

Those who voted all said names on posts work better and no requested the anonymous option.  We'll have a week long transition period and after that posts marked anonymous will not be accepted.  Either sign in with a Google account, use openID, or use the name/URL option to put a name with your comment.

The problem continues of people hitting respond to comments rather than post a comment.  Please try not to do that.  Most of those are being rejected as they seem to be from the same one or two people who don't seem to understand that the replied to comment is not connected at all when it posts on the blog. Thus they don't make sense.  Please see the entire post about that if you have questions.   

Reminder, anonymous comments are no longer being accepted.  Further I don't read anonymous comments.  They go straight into the trash.

I need to explain something.

I'm making this a post so everyone will hopefully see it.  There has been a huge increase in people replying to comments with the expectation apparently that either the previous comment will be quoted or their comment will fall under the one to which they responded.  Neither one happens in the format we are using on many platforms.  So comments that don't contain any context like I agree make no sense.  You agree with what?  There are 200 comments above yours.  That is wrong?  Which one?  I think you get the idea.  So please remember if you pick an option such as reply to, you are not replying to that when it hits the blog for a large number of readers.

ETA:  Apparently I'm still not getting through to people.  Someone asked why I was selective with comments.  Oddly it was one of the people this post is aimed toward.   I'm selective first because rude, crude, and indelicate are not acceptable.  Other things like birthing wars have no place here.  But recently nonsensical comments because of the manner of posting are becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

Here is an example from someone who did not read this post and I also believe is the one who asked why posting was selective.

in response to I am going to try to say this as politely as possible, but Jessa really showed her true colors during this episode. I know its an ego trip to have a show wrapped around your wedding and the modeling of wedding dresses, but really? Her smugness and mean-ness was just over-the-top. I was shocked, even for Jessa, how arrogant her talking segments were. I shouldn't have been, however, as I well remember how hateful she was to Hannie about taking a nap once. Anyone could have a bad day, but this is, apparently, the real Jessa and it is not pretty at all.

As you can see, the commenter knows to which comment they are replying, but all that will post on the blog for many people is "I agree."  So then it becomes you agree with what?  It's meaningless and gets deleted.