Dead Horse Discussions

This is especially important to new readers. Some issues have been nitpicked, beaten, slain, buried, resurrected, reburied, etc, many times. These are called dead horses as in how long are you going to beat that dead horse? We tried letting the group decide what was a dead horse, but that didn't work very well. We have arrived now at the point where if I or another mod can't bear to read one more comment on a subject, it's officially a dead horse. As I phrase it, you are dancing on my last nerve. Please do not bring up these issues again. If you are a new reader and want to know what the previous discussion was, please search the blog or email another reader or a mod and ask.

Dead horse list:
The mini-mart liquor license (buried three or four times now).
Interpreting or not the house rules about emotion and behavior.
Home schooling unless it's something new seen on the show or in the news.
Whether the Duggars pay property tax (they do).
The state of Michelle's uterus. She's had 19 kids. That should say it all don't you think?
What other ATI/Quiverful/Vision Forum/whatever fundamentalists do. They are irrelevant. We're here to talk Duggars specifically.

Thanks and I'm sure additions will need to be made as we go along.