New Episode - Bates vs. Duggars Smackdown 10/13/08

Big families like competition; and by big families, we mean BIG families. The Bates family has 16 --soon to be 17 --children. They traveled all the way from Nashville to visit their friends the Duggars. What do you get when you combine two mega-families, each with a pregnant mom? A total of 33 children and a competitive spirit, not to mention chaos! Watch what happens as the Duggars compete with the Bates in paintball, and dare each other to jump out of an airplane.


Kristen said...

I wasn't really paying attention, lol, but who is the girl on there who is dressed normally on the show who said she'd walk around with her hands over her ears and go crazy or something along those lines?

mammajamma said...

Does anyone else think the Duggars and their friends are a little hypocritical? They don't support TV really, yet, they're on it. Or is this another case of God's will for them? For me it is as bad as the Gosselin's ringing the cash bell.

And what computer did Michelle find that truly protects her family. It is ALL in security settings........

nomoredramabs said...

That's Cousin Amy, the heathen child. They're using her as an example of what not to do today-- especially with "rock and roll". We've been told by one of the kids that it is bad for you because you're moving all around--- and it just doesn't make sense.

Maggie said...

Kristen, that is Amy Duggar, a cousin. Is she just visiting or is she going to be the "alternative voice" of the series? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

does anyone else find it odd that they are playing paintball and JB even said they're going to go out and shoot one another? Just doesn't seem right...

ScarySkierNewJersey said...

I loved how they had the a ten year old from each family tell us that "the computer is bad" and "rock music isn't good for us." I thought I saw Amy Dugger clutching an IPOD getting into the van! Gotta love her.

I had my sister and her four sons for a week this summer and went crazy with extra people in the house. I can't imagine having an extra 18 people for two weeks. I would run down the street stark naked and head for the nearest bar!

Anonymous said...

She lives in the area. Amy is the funniest thing.

Anonymous said...

I think cousin Amy is great! she is giving those kids a glimpse of the real world and maybe even will help them to see that there is another way to live and it is not bad or evil.

Anonymous said...

My family was having a family portrait done and the Bates family was there. The father sat down and had a conversation with my daughter and us. He was so sweet to her and those kids were the best well behaved kids i have ever seen. Great family!!!!!

A Mom-ynous said...

Amy is great!

Today's youth is getting very technologically advanced and can crack even the most secure computer.

There are extreme tools out there that can help and they probably found something as such.

In today's world--even if you aren't conservative it is highly wise to protect your kids on the internet. They had a seminar at our homeschool convention this year that I couldn't attend but got the recording.

I learned things I hadn't even realized (and I don't wish to expose myself to things even on accident).

So I plan on implementing some of their suggestions.

But in a nutshell--it isn't about trusting your kids, it is about protecting your kids and even law enforcement any any child advocate will tell you it is highly important to protect your kids.

In this case I am a firm believer in sheltering as much as possible b/c of all the dangers until the child is equipped to avoid those dangers on their own.

I really love mom Bates' explanation of shelter when she gave the metaphor of a plant. LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!!

And I love Amy on this show--she is quite cute and the fact that she participates willingly and that the family accepts her even if how she lives doesn't coincide with how they chose to raise their family.

It goes to show that even within their own family, their own family disagrees with aspects of their lifestyle but accepts them for who they are.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone else's family could give them the same courtesy when it comes to your child rearing, family, and lifestyle decisions?

A Mom-ynous said...

"Does anyone else think the Duggars and their friends are a little hypocritical?"

Not at all.

Television is a wonderful tool to evangelize.

Television has its place.

These families have opted to not let it rule their lives.

Anonymous said...

mammajamma said...
Does anyone else think the Duggars and their friends are a little hypocritical? They don't support TV really, yet, they're on it. Or is this another case of God's will for them? For me it is as bad as the Gosselin's ringing the cash bell.

And what computer did Michelle find that truly protects her family. It is ALL in security settings

Excellent point. Yes, I do think that. In this area, they are not much different than the Gosselins. They'll compromise their principles for the money much like the Gosselins will compromise their kids' childhoods.

Anonymous said...

Amy is an aspiring country music star.

It looks like she may have other motives for being on the show other than to give the kids a glimpse of the real world. She may be on there for publicity. I guess will will have to wait and see if she pimps her album. LOL.

AmandaT said...

For Christians who follow the bible closely, they often do not listen to mainstream music or watch tv that is not educational/religious. The reason being that the bible says to to fill your mind with Godly things, do not be distracted by worldly things. Also, even the more tame popular music and shows encourage things that conflict with the families' values.
I have an 18 month old, so I'm watching tv with a new set of eyes and ears. I can't believe the mature content re: sex, language, violence that is on in the middle of the day! It seriously makes me want to put the tv away until he is 18 *years* old.
I absolutely loved what the other mom said about sheltering the children. It is wonderful to see parents so involved in their children's lives, parents who offer counsel on the touchy subjects.

A Mom-ynous said...

They also limit the sources of what they read in their families as well, yet they still opted to publish a book.

It isn't a compromising of principles to get your message out.

The Duggars (and not even the Bates) ever said that ALL tv was bad.

They simply said that they very much filter what gets into their home and in many cases such as television and internet it is much easier to not have it at all due to the nature of what can come through that they simply don't want in their home.

While they may be on TLC, watching LA Ink or Miami Ink or the possibility of running by it when they are heading to the history channel is not something they wish or choose to have to do.

Does it mean that those or any other show or commercial is horrible? No--not as a whole, they just choose to filter it.

It isn't hyporcisy to avoid a medium but then use it to spread a message.

Hyprocrisy would be to condemn a medium but then engage in it anyway while still codemning it.

They have a website to share their message even though they greatly limit the access to the internet for their family.

1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

They do have these morals and due to these morals they opt to limit exposure to media that would challenge their morals.

It doesn't mean they cannot utilize said media to share their morals.

It is precisely in line with what they believe.

I am a firm believer that this H word is tossed around in such a cavelier manner that folks have forgotten what the actual meaning is or what constitutes a demonstration of the word.

Much like the song "Isn't it Ironic" which doesn't have a bit of irony in it. (Can't spell Morrissette's name--but that song!)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think the Duggars and their friends are a little hypocritical? They don't support TV really, yet, they're on it. Or is this another case of God's will for them?
This makes me think of real celebrities who don't let their kids watch tv when it is their livelihood. Like I hear Madonna doesn't let her kids watch tv. I think she should be shielding them from herself.

Rose said...

A mom-ynous, you've taken the words right out of my mouth - great observations!

No, they are not being hypocritical at all. From the moment we've heart their story, the Duggars have been gracious enough to allow us into their lives - first by interviews and then through more and more "specials" and now a series. We are asking for more and while they choose to filter their TV/Computer time at home (kudos!) they are using the show not only as an evangelism tool, but as a positive-parenting example.

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I found the entire paintball game episode a bit disturbing...for a family who always mentions Christian Family Values, one would think that they would not want to participate in paintball. Did anyone see the bruise on one of the younger Dugger daughters shoulder from a paintball? And one of the younger Dugger sons was hit in the knee and was crying...he couldn't have been any more than 5 or 6 years old.
The Dugger parents keep the rein on their children's internet usage, why on earth would they let them participate in using guns...even if they are paintball guns. Well, they got the new paintball guns for free, so I guess they are slowly going the path of J&K...remember the Duggers also went to a few places in Branson and the Western Show they attended had a sign in front of the building saying "Welcome Dugger Family" and they went skydiving also...can almost bet this was all compliments of the business owners!!

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:02am - I checked out the link for Amy and no where on the site does she mention the Duggar family, she doesn't have any pictures and in the four episodes I've seen she's never mentioned her music. She's absolutely adorable to watch and I really am enjoying this show. I don't think they're anything like the Gosselins and other then both sites being run by the same group of women see no similarities.


Anonymous said...

During the paintball battle, one of those little boys -- don't know whether it was a Duggar or a Bates -- said "Say hello to my little friend," which is a popular line from Scarface, one of the most violent movies ever made. Where the heck did the kid get that line if he's been so sheltered? I was quite taken aback by that. Maybe some little fella is sneaking out for a little "pop culture."

dotsicle said...

Even Amy's photos are tasteful and relatively modest. Her career hasn't yet been mentioned on the show. I think she is great!
I don't see any "child exploitation" on this show and wish the subject would be dropped. It isn't happening. Some kids are shown more than others, a few speak, the rest are just there as part of the family. The Duggars don't have their hands out for more, nobody is asking for freebies, nobody is forcing a kid to perform on camera, let it go and enjoy the show! The family seems to be a genuinely modest Christian American family and I like them.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the skydiving---and even the paintball. Skydiving is very expensive, isn't it? And while paintball might not cost as much, I didn't think it was that cheap either. I know I've never had the money to do it. Are these things "freebies" given by TLC to make an episode? Smells like the Gosselins to me.

Anonymous said...

just a note on the scarface line... I've never seen the movie, but I know that line. Maybe from other movies, or tv shows and prehaps not Duggar approved media places, but it shows one can know lines from movies without having seen the particular movie.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. If you wear modest clothes, limit T.V and internet usage, save yourself for marriage then you are too Christian.
If you let your kids play paintball an skydive, your not Christian enough.

It looks like they had played paintball before, by the looks of the bruise on the shoulder they also know paintball can hurt! All the kids were excited while they getting all suited up (extra padding please!) The moms stayed behind so I would assume any of them could have opted out of this activity. Something else I would like to mention is that while some of the younger kids were playing, I doubt that any of the older kids or adults were trying to do any of the young ones in. In my family or circle of friends when all ages are playing, the younger ones only 'think' they are in on it. And the adults might play around and rough them up a bit, but no one is ever out to get the kids. When your playing football your not gonna tackle your six year old like you would a 12 year old.

As far as the Scar face reference, there are alot of quotes from movies that are popular. My kids have never seen Terminator yet they say " I'll be back!" Complete with the voice. So that did not mean a whole lot to me.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Josh and Anna went to North Carolina for their honeymoon and went sailing.

Anonymous said...

Well, you all beat me to the Scarface reference. I did find that very jolting. I don't think that line is nearly as well known as "I'll be back" and I was shocked that the kid knew it.

My biggest laugh was when the Duggar girls said that even that Amy has different beliefs, they still "accept" her. I think it's more the other way around.

And regarding "courting", even the Amish have rumspringa! They get to choose if they want to join the church after they see what else is out there. The Duggars cannot claim that their kids have a choice if they don't expose them to choices!

iluveeyore said...

The one who made the Scarface reference was Amy -- which explains why one of them would know it.

Amy's real last name is Jordyn, but she uses Duggar on her Facebook site -- and she mentions the Duggars and has pictures of them all over the place!

I, too, think that running around shooting each other is totally inhumane. Don't raise you hand in anger -- but it's fine to shoot each other.

Why didn't they mention the Bates' family's favorite son: NORMAN?

Cassandra said...

On Amy's Facebook page, she even has a photo of Josh and Anna -- looking quite happy.

That link above doesn't go anyway. That is a sailing SCHOOL. I don't understand why they would go sailing in the Carolinas in late September. That would be quite nippy.

Anonymous said...

Cassandra, the Carolina's are quite warm in Septemner. I live in NC and todays high is 87!

Anonymous said...

...and so it begins. I know for a fact that skydiving is not cheap, and they ha almost 40 people out there, going on airplanes rides, skydiving...thats a LOT of money. Also, I bet the dinner show that they went to wasnt out of their pocket. AND paintballing? wow, they must have lots of money to burn...unless...gasp! TLC is PAYING for these things for the TV SHOW!? wow, who woulda thunk it?
And on a side note, Im sure that it was Amy who had the Scarface line. I highly doubt that the Duggar kids would even KNOW about the movie or line. Let alone say it!

MomOfThree said...

First of all, it's a good thing that Amy is related to the Duggars and not the Gosselins, because with those very funny, one-liners she blurts out, upstaged Queen Kate would surely banish her with a curt "Off with her head" and she'd go the way of Aunt Jodi. That girl is seriously funny with her frank observations about her family. When she was talking about the family "making nails" at the amusement park, I burst out laughing! And when the skydiving instructor told her that when the shoot opened and she would see it's colors, she told him that he, too, might see some colors because she had just eaten pizza. (I keep thinking of Cousin Amy as "Cousin Marilyn" in "The Munsters". I mean that she is a normal girl who is a part of a very unusual family.) Seriously, though, what a wonderful lesson in accepting each other for who they are; we don't have to agree with or embrace each other's ways but what a better world if we all just accepted each other and got along. As far as who paid for the family's adventures, does it really matter? I think we all know that TLC is compensating the Duggars in some way, either by "paycheck" or by "freebies". These activities are probably done to show that the family isn't all about serious religion and that they do have fun, too. Who would want to watch the show if all they showed was them staying at home and doing their mundane daily routine?

dugga said...

Apparently, grammar is not a part of the Bates' homeschool curriculum.

Rose said...

Cassandra - if you follow the link and scroll down there is a photo. Below the photo is a caption referencing their honeymoon. Very cool!

I've got no problem with the freebies. Nor do I have a problem with paintball & I consider myself a conservative Christian. It's a game and that's it. If you play it as a game it is FUN.

Anonymous said...

I found the comment.

We just filmed Josh and Anna Duggar's honey moon from TLC 17 and counting!!! What a great sail! We wish them all the best.

That doesn't look like them in the picture though, does it?

Michelle said...

Now, I don't watch the shows because we don't have cable, but I've heard enough of this cousin Amy business to get the gist of what's going on...

So what if TLC pays for paintball and skydiving? What's wrong with that? The family lives debt free - that's something they should be rewarded for IMO...
And what's wrong with guns? I'm a very conservative Christian and I wouldn't mind if my kids played paintball - heck I might just join them : ) But, my kids will also know and be taught about real firearms, their dangers, their purposes, and how to respect them. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

None of us are perfect people. We all have little quirks that we could point out about each other...maybe wrong grammar, maybe differences of opinion on how much to shelter or whether to shelter at all, maybe on motives of why we do what we do...but we as parents, though we make different choices are striving to raise good kids, lets be willing to learn from each other, tossing what may not work for us...while NOT pointing fingers to condemn someone else who may be trying in just a little different approach.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the Duggar family from the very beginning and have had to fight the urge of covetting their lives. I love the fact that they gave their lives to the Lord early on and decided to wait on God's will for their lives and indeed it is perfect and full of blessings for them.

I am Michelle's age and although we have two teenagers we have tried for more kids for more than 7 painful years resulting in three miscarriages. I have wrestled with God about this subject every day for seven years. We've tried everything short of IVF. Although watching this show has been painful at times, it has ministered to my heart. The Lord chooses to give and to take away and we have to have faith and trust in Him. I praise God for the Duggar family and families like them. I truly wish that I could just sit down with Amy and talk to her as a sister in Christ. Maybe in heaven we will! God bless you all.

By the way...Josh and Anna got married in September. They have their own website: (Congratulations! May His blessings follow you all the days of your lives.)

Anonymous said...

Previous poster said, " I love the fact that they gave their lives to the Lord early on and decided to wait on God's will for their lives and indeed it is perfect and full of blessings for them. "

Yes, but not full of decent shoes for their childrens feet. They keep bringing more children into this world when they won't provide footwear for the children they already have !!! Good grief !

Jim S said...

This and the first Bates episodes are the first of the series I actually sat through and while my heathen agnostic eyes see both families as really dorky (and occasionally, dare I say it, adorkable), they do have the courage of their convictions, repressive though they may be, and are easier on the stomach than J & K (ok, mostly K) have become.

Amy, however, is a freaking riot. The family seems a little less tolerant of her than she of them, but it's good to see they all get along. Every family, no matter how tightly wound, has one loose cannon or rebel and in this environment, she's a welcome addition.

Of course, the 12-year-old in me wanted at least one of the Bates referred to as Master.

Anonymous said...

EEEWWWWW! They're all so...thoughtful. And Clean and Devoted and.....Committed.

Where is Madonna! Where is Brittney! Are there NO proper role models for these kids???

Anonymous said...

Jim S,
I think it is just the opposite. The family seems MORE tolerant of Amy than she does of them. They haven't said anything negative about her. She, OTOH, has said many negative things about them. Like "pray for me", holding her hands over ears, and how there is a competition to see who can have the most babies. IMO, the Duggars have been raised better. They know when to speak and they do not speak ugly things over other people. I think Amy could use some lessons. Even JB said "Amy is a sweetie", but drew the line at her being a chaperone. They need to get Amy off the show, she ruins the mood for me!

Anonymous said...

iluveeyore said...
The one who made the Scarface reference was Amy -- which explains why one of them would know it.
Amy's real last name is Jordyn, but she uses Duggar on her Facebook site -- and she mentions the Duggars and has pictures of them all over the place!
Amy Jordyn, the daughter of Jim-Bob's sister is a singer and has her own website:
She's a scream! She gives a good alternative perspective on the show to offset the Duggar's rather strange world view.

Jim S said...

Amy actually lightens the load for me. She has a self-deprecating sense of humor, however snarky (and it's pretty much G or mild PG-rated snarky), about herself and the family at large. The Duggars themselves come off as fairly humorless. By that, I don't mean they don't have fun...most of them just come off as a bit cold. Could be a result of their upbringing or moral code, but that's what I see.

Anonymous said...

So I watched the episode about Courtship and dating rules... which basically boils down to barely touch one another yet commit to one another ASAP and get married before "temptation" gets to you. ?!?!? Anyone else concerned about this line of thinking? No where in the Bible does it say kissing is a sin and I also wonder if Jim Bob and Michelle kissed before marriage? Something tells me yes. I for one CANNOT imagine not even kissing my fiancee until the wedding day. It's CRAZY that then w/in probably a span of 6 hours from saying "I DO" they're supposed to go from kissing for the first time to actually having sex!?! How in the world is that in a couples best interest? Are they even allowed to talk about S.E.X. before the wedding or is it just assumed that they'll figure it out and soon be on their way to having 18 kids of their own? I just don't understand it. I feel sorry for the Duggar girls especially.

MomOfThree said...

I have to agree with the anonymous poster above on the odd ideas the Duggar's have about courtship. This has bothered me since I first watched this episode. And I am not referring the "no kissing" part of it at this point. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think that Josh and Anna were in each other's company more than a few times and I'm pretty sure that they were never left alone then, either; in a previous show, Michelle said that "the children always socialize in groups, never alone", as "this is protection for their hearts". All things sexual aside, how can they be in love with someone they don't really know; how can they know each other's thoughts and feelings without ever having had an intimate conversation...and how intimate can a conversation get with a backseat full of siblings? I also don't believe the "no kissing" policy helps avoid further temptation. I think stealing a sweet kiss now and then helps to relive some bottled-up emotion. (Perhaps this was why Josh and Anna kept repeating "I love you" over and over, because it was the only acceptable means they had of letting their emotions out.) Hugging and kissing and having alone time with your fiancee does not necessarily have to lead to sex. In my grandparents' generation, this behavior was usual for young couples and the majority of them remained pure. Anyway, during the whole episode, I felt like they were "in love" with the idea of "being in love". Overall, it was an interesting episode and I applaud Josh for thinking toward the future with his preparing a house and establishing his car business. I really do wish them well.

Anonymous said...

As the 2 previous posters have mentioned, it does not appear that Josh and Anna were allowed to have private conversations, except, perhaps, via the phone. Considering they made a lifelong commitment, it is crucial that they have this time together to privately get to know each other's heart and mine. This aspect troubled me more than anything else. That, and the fact that when they did try to have conversations, they had to put up w/ "giggling siblings" in the back seat. No one over a certain age should have to put up w/ that invasion of privacy.

Jim Bob and Michelle have extreme reactions to their own experiences and the kids have to live with those extreme reactions. For example, Jim Bob and Michelle have stated that they used birth control, had a miscarriage, felt they had been selfish, and then decided to have as many kids as possible. The kids pay the price, in many ways, for this extreme reaction. As much as there are many positive aspects of growing up in a large family, there are also negative aspects.

Another example, Jim Bob and Michelle have stated that, while they didn't have sex before marriage, they did kiss and did more than they should have. In this week's episode (10/27/8), we saw past pictures of Michelle looking quite fashionable in pants, etc. Because Jim Bob and Michelle regretted doing whatever they did before they were married, they've imposed on their children these rules of 'courtship'. As much as the kids say it's their decision, it's not. During one interview, an off camera voice asked Ginger what would happen if one of the kids decided not to do a courtship. She defiantly and proudly said, "That would never happen". It's clear than the mantra in the family is "This is what we do. You can claim it's your own decision or not, but this is what we do".

I do wish all of them the best. I hope Josh and Anna will be truly happy.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that they got to know each other over the computer. I think that is common in our society today. You are more likely to get to know the real person because you aren't faced with sexual tension. So, they get to ask real and meaningful questions.

I think this trumps meeting someone in a bar where your brain is fogged by alcohol, and the only prerequisite is " Are they hot?" Many people focus on outward attraction only, but I think the Duggar way of dating allows the kids to get to know the real person.

Two years of online and telephone communication probably gave them lots of time to discuss important matters like how money will be handled, how they would discipline children ( you know the things people get divorced over later, after they get over the initial lust phase).

And who knows if they had sex on their wedding night? Maybe they just made out? Maybe they found new things to do with their hands? How many people have met someone they never knew and later that night ended up having a one night stand? How can we criticize the Duggars when the "average" way of dating is so horrible for our youth? I think maybe Jbob and Michelle and have seen the statistics and decided that there had to be a better way.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this series, although some elements of it seem weird and unrealistic. Here are some examples:

1. After Josh proposes to Anna, he didn't even truly hug her. It was a one-armed hug, not even. Very awkward.

2. Believing that courtship is better than dating?? Well that is true in some cases, but it is very rare to see that in everyday life.

3. Josiah said (in the episode Bates vs. Duggars)that they don't listen to any other kind of music other than hymns or religious music. What's going to happen when one of them rebels from that when they get older.

4. Sheltering the children from undesirable behavior and bad influences? Sure that is true, but Jim Bob and Michelle can't protect them from that all their lives. Might as well not let them out of the house ever.

However, I do like the fact that the people who film this brought in Jim Bob's niece. She brings a whole new light into the public view on the family. I also like the fact that the family, especially the girls and Michelle are dressing nice and more modern, not that junk they were wearing 2-4 years ago.

I read on here that the niece Amy is a country singer and became famous before she was introduced on T.V. I'm surprised neither she nor the other family members mentioned that.

Anonymous said...

A full frontal hug would've meant squished boobies up against a man, that has to be a no-no.

After reading the statistics on teen pregnancy, std's, and the divorce rate, I'm thinking that more people should give the courtship thing a try. Maybe in 50 years it won't be such a rare thing.

So, parents should let their kids listen to and watch whatever they want so they won't rebel? I'm not following this line of thinking.

They seem to have done a pretty good job sheltering Josh right into adulthood. I think they are careful of the outside influences, and they are careful of the friends that influence them ( the friends seem to be just like them). They seem to dote on the kids which makes the kids want to please them and therefore follow the rules and not rebel.

Also, if you rebel against hymns, how far are you going to go? You might listen to some Christian radio? I don't think they would stray as far as into a Goth band concert.

Elle said...

Just watched the episode, 1st "17 Kids and Counting" episode I have ever watched. Three words sum up my thoughts, Oh. My. Gosh.

Poor Amy, if I were her I would run away to babysit the Gosslins. You can tell she is somewhat embarrassed/unsure of the family morals of both the Bates and Duggars. I thought she was hilarious, "You can buy nails at Lowes for 50 cents or watch them made here!"

The best line of the entire episode was (not a direct quote) "Everyone here is dressed like Christians from the old days, or...the Bates now."

These people make me appriciate Jon and Kate so much more, but I do love the show. It makes me thankful for the parents I have.

Hopewell said...

I liked Amy--she gives hope to the others. I wonder if she'll get her own show or a movie contract or something out of this!

Bill Gothard, leader of their "group" HATES rock and roll and casual dressing--hence the polo shirts always tucked in, etc. So of course it's bad!! They homeschool with the "Wisdom Booklets" --Gothard's view of the world! I notice, too, some really mean looks from some of the girls from time-to- time.

I hope they'll get away from constant "stunts" like the paintball and let us see a day of homeschool or something more of a normal day again.

Not that I want to give the girls more work, but wouldn't cloth diapers have made more sense with that many kids?

Anonymous said...

First of all I have to say that sheltering your kids is never a good idea, what happens when they end up in the real world. You should teach your kids the difference between right and wrong, so that when Mommy and Daddy aren't around they can make informed decisions. I believe that teaching your children that all rock music is bad is just plain close minded. Music is a form of art and you have to judge each piece of art for it's own value, you can just lump it all together as bad.

Another issue I have with the show is that while Daddy and Mommy Dugger seem to be multipling like rabbits, their older children seem to be raising the younger kids.

As for the courting issue, it seems like a very bad idea. What happens when these two finally realize that their parents are right-wing bible beaters. Maybe they will be smart enough to realize that Mommy and Daddy are not always right.

Personaly I think that Amy is just saying what so many of us are thinking and I find it refreshing.