Wisdom Teeth June 9

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Open Wide said...

Yawn. What a boring episode. I was very surprised that a 17-year old girl would carry on so much about having her wisdom teeth out. Yes, it's unpleasant and painful, but you deal with it. Too much drama!

Anonymous said...

It was okay. We all have real fears about needles, horrors about surgery, and the two Duggar girls seemed to have survived fairly well. Amazing the power of the mind over matter but they are just young girls after all. I prefer a normal Duggar episode to the Diva dramatics of the Kate Gosselin show @@ lol

April C said...

Really? I'm 44 years old and I'm a nervous wreck with dental procedures. It's easy to say 'deal with it' - but not that easy to do.

chocolatebee said...

I too had my wisdom teeth plus two additional teeth all removed at one time. My fears going in weren't that intense, not to say that Jill and Jana were overreacting,but I was more concerned about the aftercare pain,which by the way was horrendous.I have had children but having my teeth removed runs a close second in pain.But I'm wondering were the girls fears maybe intensified by their lack of real world knowledge.Because the Duggars are so sheltered, maybe the girls were kind of speculating on exactly what would happen.

Anonymous said...

Why would any parent want to put their children having their wisdom teeth out on tv? Apparently, the Duggars are starting to let filming shows override their childrens' needs for privacy. I know I was excited to see those bloody teeth displayed a couple of times. TLC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for episode topics these days!

I'm sure Jill will be embarrassed to see this show, assuming they even let them watch their shows.
She was upset and as a person with a fear of doctors and dentists and all things medical, I can understand. I do think her parents were so wrong to allow that to be filmed in the first place, let alone shown on TV. Some things are just private.

More reality tv exploitation in my opinion.

Emiku said...

I was really touched by how supportive and caring Jim Bob was towards Jill. I probably would have been acting the same way she was. lol

Joy Anna(?) helping the girls out while they were recovering was incredibly sweet and reminded me of how my younger sister was anytime I got sick.

O Latin said...

Didn't we just see the Duggars at the dentist a couple of weeks ago? There must be more interesting things to make an episode about.

I thought Jill and Jana did really well. I can hardly deal with having my teeth cleaned. And I don't understand all the comments about privacy. It's not like having your wisdom teeth out is all that private. I'm sure if Jill and Jana had been uncomfortable with it, they wouldn't have had the camera crew there. I did wonder why Jim Bob had to leave during Jill's procedure, but the camera crew got to stay.

NancyM said...

Total exploitation. Those young women should not have their private moments on TV. I felt really sorry for them and disgusted with the Duggars for selling their privacy in that way.

Joanna said...

I had my wisdom teeth out at 19 and I wasn't on bed rest. The day after was just a normal active day for me doing my regular exerises and everything. The most unpleasent for me was waking up and being coming unbalanced trying to up out of the dentist office with both of my parents having to holding both of my hands so I could balance. I didn't have much pain or swelling.

I remember being nervious because if was my first surgery, but I behavied pretty much like Jana. I'm not usually nervous about things until someone brings it up and carries on. I didn't see drama with Jill, I saw a teenager who was terrified of her first surgery, no matter how common or minor it might be. It's still a terrifing thing even for some adults (more then we might thing) But they both survived.

I loved how Jim Bob explained that the dentist said he had a really big mouth! I believe that!

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching as soon as I saw what the episode was about.

When will TLC and these families learn to keep private, personal stuff off the air?

What is wrong with these people?

Ugh, now the Duggars are going the way of the Gosselins.

Shawna said...

Ok, I'm sure the girls had a say in their surgery being filmed. They weren't being forced. They're 18! Not 8.

maria said...

I can understand why Jill reacted that way. My daughter is 15 and gets upset at needles, pain, or any thought that she MIGHT need a needle or that she MIGHT experience pain. She had to have palate surgery and was hysterical. I am her mother, and I am nothing at all like that. In fact, I'm pretty tough when it comes to any surgical procedure. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out and only got local sedation - no anesthesia. I thought it was very simple, but the doctor kept thanking me for being such a calm patient. My dentist did the same thing the last time I got a root canal. He thanked me for not freaking out, not cussing at him and not biting him! So apparently some people react VERY badly to dentists! I've even had emergency surgery on my wrist with no anesthesia at all! I had an implate removed that had suddenly shifted. It was not fun, but not worth getting worked up over. And yet my daughter is hysterical over and immunization. You just can't predict how people will act in those situations.

I thought it was very sweet that both the parents went with the girls and was touched to see Jim Bob comfort Jill. It is apparent that they really love those kids and they are there for them when they need them. The little sister taking care of them was so sweet, too. I don't always agree with the Duggars, BUT they certainly seem to have a happy, caring family.

Pam said...

I agree with a lot of the previous posts about JB being very attentive to Jill before the surgery. I have the same issues that she does, so it was nice to see him be there for her.

That being said, the rest of the episode was horrible. Why, oh why TLC, do we need to see 8 teeth being pulled when there was a dentist episode not 2 weeks ago. And the bloody teeth on the napkin back at the house? That was beyond revolting. I cannot believe that TLC stooped to this level. Did nothing else even remotely interesting happen in the lives of these people during this time? If I were either of the girls, I would have flat out said "no" to the filming. The recovery is one of the most painful experiences, and most people look like chipmunks! Why would you allow millions of people to see you in that condition? It's invasive! Shame on you TLC!!

totallyhonest said...

There is no point in even finding faults with this episode...it was boring beyond words.

NicetoSeeaNormalFamily said...

I don't see how anyone can hate this family. JB was so sweet and supportive to his girls. And JoyAnna was so wonderful to her sisters. People may say that this is a *yawn* episode but this is actually a real life episode: I didn't see any Food Network stars show up, and I didn't see anyone from American Chopper. This is a genuinely nice family. Some may say Jill over reacted but I was 19 when I got my wisdom teeth out and I could barely hold it together. And for good reason-it's scary! As for the girls being exploited, they sure didn't seem to mind. And can anyone look at their parents actions and say the girls were forced into it? They are such nice people, I can't see them going the way of the Gosselins for a very long time.

Harriet said...

I'm sorry, but filming the wisdom teeth has me cringing. I lived through the removal of impacted wisdom teeth with all my children and one of the last things we needed was someone filming the experience. We had a kindhearted oral surgeon who recommended Xanax the morning of surgery, had the kids sleep through the procedure, and had a lovely recovery area and staff. One of my daughters was still extremely hard to rouse from the anesthesia and was vomiting while there and on the trip home. She was thoroughly miserable. I don't need to see anyone else's wisdom teeth removal and think the Duggars are heading or have definitely headed into the child exploitation arena with the filming of the previous dental visits and now the oral surgery. Let the children have their privacy for goodness sake. Although I guess Jana is legally an adult. I hope they paid her well for this.

Anonymous said...

Yea,, they are young girls who most likely never had a surgical procedure before. Give them a break. I'd be a wreak too and I am 54 years old.

jonandkatewho? said...

So...i'm just dying to know...did they allow the girls to have pain medications after the surgery for the awful pain that comes then?

I had rather extensive dental surgery once and it was a real experience! I can tell you, i was not put totally under and the whole thing was like an acid trip! I even told the oral surgeon what nice eyes he had at one point. I was drugged but not put under.

The pain afterwards was horrible and lasted a long time

I hope those two parents let those girls have pain meds.

I also think this was boring, and too much like what they show on the Gosselins show. I don't need to see two girls go through dental surgery and I certainly don't need to see bloody teeth lying on a napkin. ugh.

Oh yeah, and it's still exploitation.

Joanne said...

I liked this episode. It was very loving and everyone reacts different to medical procedures. Its understandable that she was scared, and I thought it was great to see how Jim Bob and Michele were comforting her.

Very sweet!

Jim S said...

A mixture of major league fear of the pain and recovery plus dentists who hemmed and hawed over whether having them out was completely necessary, I didn't have the two I needed removed taken out until I was 47.

The actual procedure wasn't too bad at all (completely knocked out though), but it's the anticipation that got to me and probably got to Jill. Different people handle anxiety differently.

SavetheSheeples said...

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 19, too, and I was also knocked out for the surgery.

They must have been there all day, since Jill went after Jana. When I had mine done, I was there for about 4 hours.

And the recovery was horrible. I really felt bad for them, I knew how they felt. My face blew up the next day (swollen). I looked like a chipmunk with a mouth full of food.

Nancym said...

Although I realize the girls are late teens and could theoretically say no, they clearly do whatever they are asked by their parents so I doubt they would say no. In fact, if I asked my 22 year old son to do something like that he might do it even if he wished later that he would not have. I just don't understand why people constantly rip on the Gosselins but they find this acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's any doubt that the Duggars love their children. They've always seemed to be a very loving and caring family. With that being said, I think they've gone over the top now with the oral surgery being shown and also with this upcoming announcement on the Today Show on Monday.

I doubt most people care if the Duggar new baby is a boy or a girl, or if Michelle's having another baby or whatever. That's their personal business and I can't for the life of me understand why they think it's
necessary to have this stuff on national tv.

Oh wait -- of course, it's free advertising for the show.

One last thought I would doubt Jill and Jana were given an option about the filming. After all, Jim Bob is in charge and he sure loves that camera time. Michelle is looking awfully tanned these days too.

Anonymous said...

Jill's nerves were understandable. However, being REALLY worried over missing 1 hour of your life while under anethesia is a bit over the top. What she's MISSING is exactly what she feared to most!

Chemistry (something I'm sure they have not and will not learn about) was the answer to her prayers.

CarolS461 said...

I had my wisdom teeth out when I was 23. When the oral surgeon asked if I wanted to do it in two appointments, I said, "NO" because once I found out what it was like, I know I wouldn't want to come back for the second procedure.

I don't like needles either, but I have to say, it wasn't all that bad. I felt a little pewny for a day but that was it.

I don't blame the Duggar girls for being scared. I thought their parents would make them go through it without anesthesia. You never know with the way they think about certain things, right?

I just really wish they'd all lose the long, curly hair and raise the hemlines a little bit. They are all such pretty girls. Even Mom Michelle could look a lot cuter if she'd lose the mullet and wear more modern clothing. We saw Anna in a beach cover up and she has a nice shape. I'm sure the other Duggar girls do, too. I think they take the whole "modesty" issue just a tad too far, but that's just me!

I think Josh is a little arrogant for his age.

Oh well...at least they're not a bunch of howler monkeys like the Gosselins, right?

Anonymous said...

It was touching to see Jim Bob being so supportive and caring for his daughters. And sweet Joy Anna being a nurse and setting timers for medicine/ice packs/food. It's refreshing to see a warm, loving family on TLC to take the edge off of the depression you sink into when you watch Jon and Kate.

Anonymous said...

My 21 year-old son and I watched this episode and we talked about the girls' reactions to having their wisdom teeth surgery. He had his wisdom teeth pulled last year and he does not like needles and going to sleep. He said that Jana was very brave and he could totally relate to Jill. We also thought that Jim Bob did an excellent job of comforting Jill (a great role model) and that younger sister, Johanna, would be a great nurse (very caring for someone so young). I really like this family and how they can be a normal family with real issues, unlike the Gosselins who are divas.

BoyMomInTX said...

Love the Duggars and I liked seeing the older girls for once instead of annoying Cousin Amy and Josh. But, I'd rather watch them clean house or cook a meal or even stand there and stare at the camera than watch an episode where they go to the dentist. Yuck!

Paige said...

On a positive note, it was nice to see Jim Bob giving a kid some one-on-one attention. Jill really needed to be comforted and I'm glad she was.

However, I was horrified to see all the unflattering shots of the girls. Jill sitting in the chair, puffy-faced and open-mouthed, clearly not fully over the laughing gas. Poor girl. Now she'll have some emotional scarring to go along with the physical pain. I would be mortified to have that image of myself on TV.

And they just took those bloody teeth home in a piece of gauze? They couldn't at least stick them in a little plastic jar or something? Gross.

Joanna said...

The only problem I had with this episode was actually showing the bloody teeth themselves. I didn't even see mine! Kind of gross.

Anonymous said...

One of the silly popups last night said that getting 18 kids to bed takes 120 minutes. Bedtime in that family must be bedlam. I really feel sorry for the older kids who must act as surrogate parents. They haven't had much of a childhood.

CarolS461 said...

Anonymous said...
It was touching to see Jim Bob being so supportive and caring for his daughters. And sweet Joy Anna being a nurse and setting timers for medicine/ice packs/food. It's refreshing to see a warm, loving family on TLC to take the edge off of the depression you sink into when you watch Jon and Kate.
I have to agree with you on this one. It was a nice change to see loving parents instead of a screeching Mimi and her wussy husband.

I think Jana is very pretty. I think Joy Anna is also going to be very pretty when she is older. Don't get me wrong...the other girls aren't ugly, it's just that I think Jana and Joy Anna are very pretty girls.

ACN said...

Joanna said...
The only problem I had with this episode was actually showing the bloody teeth themselves. I didn't even see mine! Kind of gross.


I guess when I got my teeth out, I asked to see them. I was so drugged that I don't remember that. My husband told me that happened. If I'd brought them home, I think I would have thrown up when I saw them! I wasn't impressed to see the Duggar's teeth either.

All in all I think it was a pretty boring episode. And not at all scripted when the two younger kids answered the door and said, "Hi Scott! Come on up, we're praying for Jill and Jana!" That made me roll my eyes

iluveeyore said...

This had to be the most absurd show ever telecast nationally. Two young women getting their wisdom teeth removed. For heaven's sake. This is simpler than getting your tonsils or appendix removed. I've had many dental implants, teeth extracted, and root canals... dentistry nowadays is really not torturous. We are no longer in the Dark Ages.

The first mistake was referring to it as "surgery." It is a dental procedure. There was absolutely no reason to discuss it for 24 hours before it happened, making the girls more and more nervous.

There was also NO reason for them to be bed-ridden afterwards. They were evidently getting antibiotics and pain medication. Other than napping from all the medication, they could very easily have gone downstairs and sat on the sofa(s), instead of sitting up in bed like the Queen of Sheba holding court.

I will say that Jim Bob's attention astonished me... as did Michelle's lack of attention. Notice how Michelle kind of stayed in the background and laughed it all off? The girls didn't even seem to want her attention. It's becoming more and more obvious that other than taking care of breast-feeding babies, Michelle is pretty much out of it.

Aunty Anne said...

I would much rather the Duggars do a yearly or so show. I don't watch it much, but would be interested in updates.

I think they are really sweet, yet very simple, kind people.

I couldn't do what they do, nor would I want to do what they do. But they do it very well.

Except, I wouldn't ever want to see myself having wisdom teeth removed on television.

Popsicle said...

This episode was such a waste of time! Teenagers have their wisdom teeth out everyday...why should we care about the Duggar girls' teeth? Please, TLC, make the Duggars an occasional special; I don't think they need to be seen every week.

I, too, was surprised at the girls' lack of understanding about what would happen; my sons' oral surgeon did an excellent job explaining things to them at their initial consultation.

My kids were very nauseated from the anesthesia but the next day was much better. No drama. Certainly no pining for the hours of your life that you are going to lose while under the gas. That was silly! I thought Jim Bob made things worse the night before with his long, drawn-out explanation to the little kids. Jim Bob!!!!...less is more!

I am disturbed at Michelle's lack of mothering. She does not seem to be much of a hands-on mother. I think she has looked to Jim Bob for leadership so long that she stands back now and watches from the sidelines.

Katydid said...

Jill's fear of having her wisdom teeth out reminded me a bit of Anna at the doctor's office. Seemingly uniformed about what exactly was going to happen.

I also thought it was a bit creepy that Dad was the one she was clinging to. Much like Anna clung to Josh. Neither of them seemed to have a realistic understanding of their bodies. Also, Michelle has had C-sections, she would have to know something about the "lost time" during anesthesia. Reading between the lines, it seemed to me that even Mom thought all the tears were a bit over the top.

I would also be concerned that 11 yr-old Joy-Anna is in charge of the medications (prescription painkillers?) as it appeared on the show. Fine if it was just the timers, but I thought I saw her sorting pills, too.

Melissa said...

I'm a Duggar fan and this is my first post about the show. I can totally relate to Jill's anxiety. I was 18 when I had my wisdom teeth out and I was fine - until the numbing shots to the roof of my mouth. I lost it then!

I wasn't bed-ridden for a week, but for a couple of days afterwards I did choose to relax. It all depends on how one responds to the anesthesia and surgery.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for the Duggar girls. I watch the show on an off and I was suprised to learn their ages. At 17 and 19 and they act so immature. One of them is a grown woman.. does she have a job? Is she going to school. Are their wisdome teeth the most interesting thing in their lives? I suspect so. It's like they are wasting their youth sitting at home waiting for a husband and raising their mothers children.

samcarter said...

Couple of comments:

For the commenter who stated that having C sections would make Michelle aware of the "lost time" under anesthesia, most C sections are done while the mother is under a local anesthetic, not knocked out. So no lost time.

Also, I had my wisdom teeth taken out (cut out, not just pulled, they hadn't broken through the gum yet) when I was sixteen. I had them done in two installments, one was too far up. And YES it's painful to recover from that. I was scared. Most teens, if they haven't had anything surgical or dental done, are going to be nervous, for heaven's sake.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the date of filming of this was, but as of May 17th, Jill is 18 and now legally an adult.

justmy2cents said...

I too like the Duggars, but thought that this was one of their most boring episodes to date. I had my wisdom teeth out at 28, and I was put under. I made sure that both my dentist as well as the oral surgeon fully explained the procedure to me. I was out of it for the rest of the day that I had the surgery done, all 4 at one time, and I was up and moving the next day with little to no swelling or pain. While I do believe that both Jana and Jill were in pain for the rest of the day that they had them done, as well as the next day, even the next two, there was no reason for them to be lying in bed while Joy-Anna waited on them hand and foot. I think it was awesome of JB to be so supportive, but where in the world was Michelle?? I noticed she was there at the dentists office with the girls and JB, but where was she to support Jill, and Jana, when she was crying and nervous before she had her procedure done? I also noticed that it was JB who went with her into the room and waited until enough of the anesthesia had kicked in and he could remove his hand from her tight hold on his, where was Michelle?? And why if JB had to leave, didn't the cameras? I don't believe in this case, as both Jana and Jill are adults, that they were being exploited, however, I don't feel that way about the kids who are not of age. I agree with the poster who thinks that they should go back to their once or twice yearly hour long specials. Those were, IMHO, better than the shows are. You got an update on the family and what they are doing since the last special, as well as any news that they wanted to share, oh yeah and no cousin Amy. TLC is a gravy train for child exploitation if you ask me, and they need to be stopped.,

Anonymous said...

I'm a giant Duggar fan - but this comments is sadly, very true:

"It's like they are wasting their youth sitting at home waiting for a husband and raising their mothers children."

totallyhonest said...

I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, 500 miles away from both of my parents-I'm 19 like Jana-, because I wasn't really able to chew and they had to come out right away. I have never been under anesthesia or had any kind of surgery, I've never even broken a bone! I was really nervous about everything but the doctor and nurse were so calm, and they put me under so quickly I was fine. By taking my medication exactly how the doctor laid it all out I managed to avoid most of the pain afterwards as well. That being said, I know I would have been 1. way more nervous about it and 2. way less able to recover calmly if I hadn't been as informed as I was. The moment I found out I had to have all four of them taken out I was all over the internet reading up on the procedure, the risks, what all the different medications were for, etc. It seems to me that Jill and Jana were not well informed about what was really going to happen at all and that is part of the reason they were so scared. And instead of their parents trying to calm them down and explain, they just pacified their fear. I am usually a defender of the Duggar's parenting but they disappointed me this time around. Instead of empowering their daughters to be informed and educated about their medical decisions they just let them freak out and make it an unpleasant experience for each other.

FourH said...

"It's like they are wasting their youth sitting at home waiting for a husband and raising their mothers children."

I disagree with this statement. Women today are way too career-minded as it is. Jill and Jana are learning to run a household, which includes taking care of babies, cooking and learning home management. So many mothers today ABANDON their God-given role as manager of their houses because they don't know how to do such duties. When Jill and Jana get married, their husbands will have households that are peaceful and run smoothly. How lucky those men will be!

You don't have to go out into the world to be fulfilled. Many womens' souls are corrupted and stained in the process. Jill and Jana are just fine.

Cynthia said...

I have mixed emotions about this episode. I really thought that it was very very caring for Jim Bob and Michelle to go with the girls to the dentist.Those are parents who love their children.

What I didn't like was showing us and the other Dugger kids those bloody teeth.

When it showed the family praying that was touching but so not necessary. Prayer or not it all turns out the way that it is supossed to.

Tee said...

Did you all notice that the girls had a couple of play pens in their rooms? I dispute this. It is Michelle and JimBob who wanted those children so they need to be the ones who get up at night with them.

Anonymous said...

FourH said:

"Women today are way too career-minded as it is. Jill and Jana are learning to run a household, which includes taking care of babies, cooking and learning home management. So many mothers today ABANDON their God-given role as manager of their houses because they don't know how to do such duties. When Jill and Jana get married, their husbands will have households that are peaceful and run smoothly. How lucky those men will be!

You don't have to go out into the world to be fulfilled. Many womens' souls are corrupted and stained in the process. Jill and Jana are just fine."


Why is being a scullery maid, cooking and cleaning for 20 people, and raising your mother's children "fulfilling"? Those poor girls are uneducated and have no options in life. If they choose to raise large families, that is their choice, but they have been offered no options in life at all. No friends, no school, no learning or interesting experiences. Life is more than cooking, cleaning and being pregnant.

The Duggar girls might as well live in a Burka under the Taliban. Their lives aren't much better.

CarolS461 said...

I have to agree. I don't think we needed to see the bloody teeth sitting on the counter.
-----------------------------------ACN said...
Joanna said...
The only problem I had with this episode was actually showing the bloody teeth themselves. I didn't even see mine! Kind of gross.

Erica said...

I didn't see this episode but referring to this as "surgery" and causing the girls to be on bed rest probably isn't them just being dramatic or whatever. If your wisdom teeth are severely impacted then it IS surgery, not just a dental procedure. They have to be cut out, not just pulled.

Harriet said...

Mother of children who inherited my small mouth and had to have all four wisdom teeth cut out and most were sideways or some other thing. It was an hour to two hour long surgery with stitches required afterward under general anesthesia for my kids. It sounds like the Duggars were very similar. Because of the general anesthesia alone they'd be told to rest for 48 hours or so. My kids were told basically bedrest or on the sofa watching TV for two to three days afterward. It is very painful afterward for some people. I barely watched since I got enough up close and personal living through it.

What worried me was Jill acting closer to four than seventeen about it.

Willow #1 said...

I really don't think anyone can make a blanket assumption about how much pain anyone else might be in. I think the majority of wisdom teeth extractions are considered surgery. My first one was a quick pull when I was pregnant. The other three were 5 years later and they were surgery. I was under anesthesia and in a recovery room. My friend had to work at awakening me and had to take me home. My friends kept my daughter for me as I was OUT for the whole weekend. They just came over every couple of hours to check and see if I was o.k. I was in horrible pain and also I believe I was very sensitive to the pain meds and that may be why I was totally sleeping for 2 days at least. Its different for everyone. Besides, my hubby is making an appointment right now to get his wisdom teeth out - they just now started growing in sideways and he is 61! You just never know. Have a great weekend ya'll.

mommaof5 said...

I would live in a world ANY DAY filled with Jill's and Jana's (and any other Duggar) as opposed to what is out there now. I can guarantee you, there wouldnt be the chaos, crime, drug use, murders etc if the world was filled with people like that. A little backwards, maybe, but again I'll take backwards and uneducated but with morals over highly educated, wordly, but with no convictions.

djembé said...

I would live in a world ANY DAY filled with Jill's and Jana's (and any other Duggar) as opposed to what is out there now.

Good thing the world isn't so black and white. There are many many options in between the two you name.

Anonymous said...

FourH said:

"Women today are way too career-minded as it is. Jill and Jana are learning to run a household, which includes taking care of babies, cooking and learning home management. So many mothers today ABANDON their God-given role as manager of their houses because they don't know how to do such duties. When Jill and Jana get married, their husbands will have households that are peaceful and run smoothly. How lucky those men will be!

You don't have to go out into the world to be fulfilled. Many womens' souls are corrupted and stained in the process. Jill and Jana are just fine."


You absolutely do not have to go out into the world to be fulfilled. Many women do find their "career" in joyfully being wives and mothers and making a home for their family. HOWEVER, many do not.

I think what most people would agree on is that the Duggar girls are very much being groomed for this path in life as they do not seem to have any different role models in their lives other than women that are wives/mothers/homemakers. It would be nice to see some of the older girls "shadowing" Michelle's OB doc; the woman that teaches the child birth classes; a teacher at the public school they visited; asking Grandma Duggar about her career in real estate; etc. and seeing how women make contributions to the world in ways other than the "traditional"
women's role. They may even figure out that they can do both!

Personally, my "gripe" (for lack of a better word) with their ultra-conservative practices has always been that both Jim Bob and Michelle were raised in the secular world and they made the choice to change their ways. Their children know nothing else. These children, as they grow into adults, should have the same opportunity to see what's beyond their front door. I don't mean a trip here and there to NYC or an outing with Amy, but the chance to really see how people live and act; those who attend public school or dance or have friends who aren't family members or live the same lifestyles as they do. If their religious and moral and conservative beliefs are as strong as they have been raised to be, than they will not stray from them. Just think how much more well rounded they could be, boys and girls, if they were not so sheltered.

In their book, Jim Bob explains how desperately poor he grew up, how unstable and inconsistent his family's finances were, how his dad was great at making money but very, very bad at managing it. (Perhaps if his mom had the opportunity to manage the family funds instead dad, things would have been better, but that's a thought for another day). I think this had a lasting impact on him and this is at the root of his need to be so in control of his "world" now. He now has the "perfect" family he longed for as a child; dad as bread winner, mom as nurturer and beautiful, well-behaved children. I can't say that I blame him and I'm sure he is acting out of love, but at the same time, IMO, he is limiting all his children's full potential in life.

Just my take on the family...not necessarily right or wrong.

AmyKB said...

so I actually have a lot to say about this episode, but I'll be brief.

Every person I know has had a different experience with wisdom teeth. I was twenty, and hysterical. My sister was eighteen, she was fine. I was laid up for two days (in addition to the day of the extraction), my sister was down for five. And this obviously doesn't take into account stories of my friends or even my husband. I wanted to see my teeth, and was very upset that I wasn't allowed to take them home (some blackmarket concern, I was told). To each his own, Jana and Jill were fine.

We don't see John David very often, I'm curious as to if he's out starting a business or what it is he will do. If Jinger is done with school, we can assume that Jessa and Jill are as well. In an early special (might have been before the show started) they asked each Duggar what s/he wanted to be, and each had a response. We also know through Jim Bob that a few are currently considering nursing. So we might just be out of the loop... aka the maybe a couple girls applied for nursing school and don't want us to know in case they don't get in, or they don't want to hear horrible things about what an awful time they'll have at xyz university.

Regarding the playpens in the girls' room, it might be their choice. When I was in high school I had a friend whose mother had a newborn, and my friend took the crib in her room for a couple weeks so that her mother would get some rest, etc. It could be that the Duggar girls want to take care of the younger ones at night, it may not be forced upon them.

Popsicle said...

Anonymous 8:53, that is an awesome post. I agree with everything you said.

*~*Nicole*~* said...

Are we really surprised by TLC anymore?? I mean really. This episode was sorta boring but it showed how loving and close the family is. If this were a Wife Swap of the Gosselins and Duggars, Kate would have made the girls sleep on the concrete floor so they wouldn't get blood anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Popsicle said...

Anonymous 8:53, that is an awesome post. I agree with everything you said.

6/12/2009 1:12 PM
Thank you for your kind words. I am not used to other posters being so nice. Most times any feedback I get is not so nice; people fascinate me and I love to watch them and see what makes them "tick":)

Incidently, I think that Kate Gosselin has some of the same issues as Jim Bob (their childhoods seem to have been similar in some respects); his personality is just milder than hers, so she comes off as bossy while he comes off as more likable.

Again, just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

~*Nicole*~* said...If this were a Wife Swap of the Gosselins and Duggars, Kate would have made the girls sleep on the concrete floor so they wouldn't get blood anywhere.

6/12/2009 1:27 PM

LOL....You're probably right! If there was a "Comment of the Week" on this blog, you'd win first prize.

Anonymous said...

I too wondered about Michelle's behavior at the dentist. I tend to agree that she's the mom to the latest baby (her buddy) but once that child is passed on for the new baby she depends on the older girls to raise it. I don't feel the older girls get any motherly attention from Michelle, but they are very busy mothering their younger siblings, as well as cooking and cleaning. That's just not right. They aren't being allowed to be teenagers and enjoy life before marrying and having their own families. These children know nothing of the world outside their own family and their home school association. I believe I read somewhere that they do church from their home (not sure on that one), if that's true then they don't even get to interract with other teenagers of their own religion on a regular basis.

If I were Jim Bob and Michelle I would be worried about those very naive teenagers if they decide to go out into the world outside their own front door. That's a scary thought! Josh stayed true to the beliefs he's been brought up with but who's to say some of the others won't want to find out what life's like in the real world.

I'm sure the Duggars love their children, but I'm also sure the rest of us who allow our children to experience life outside our family with others don't love ours any less.

Anonymous said...

I have six children and they share rooms, one boy room, one girl as that is all we have. The babies sleep with us until around a year and then move to the other room. My husband and I still tend to thier nighttime needs, not my children. Although they do on occasion chose to.

Just because the paypens are in the room, doesn't mean the older girls are having to get up with them. Jordyn is in the master bedroom, so we are talking about Jennifer and Johanna, who most likely sleep all night long.

Sometimes I think people see what they want to see.

Sarah said...

It stuck me as odd that Michelle seemed to stand off-ish at the dentist office with the girls. I kept wondering where she was. Well, this may be a stretch, but it COULD be because she is pregnant. I have a friend that is a dental hygienist. When she became pregnant, she had to be very careful around the xray equipment and stuff, so the fetus wouldn't be harmed. My friend had to leave the room constantly while she was at work. Like I said, it's a stretch. But I wouldn't be surprised if Michelle is pregnant again.

Joanna said...

I agree Anonymous.

Paige said...

FourH said:

"Women today are way too career-minded as it is. Jill and Jana are learning to run a household, which includes taking care of babies, cooking and learning home management. So many mothers today ABANDON their God-given role as manager of their houses because they don't know how to do such duties. When Jill and Jana get married, their husbands will have households that are peaceful and run smoothly. How lucky those men will be!

You don't have to go out into the world to be fulfilled. Many womens' souls are corrupted and stained in the process. Jill and Jana are just fine."


I have a job and my soul isn't "stained" or "corrupt," thank you very much. My fiance and I regard each other as equals in the household: we share chores, we both cook meals, and we make decisions together. And there is nothing wrong with that if it works for us.

Jill and Jana concern me because they haven't been given a chance to see what else is out there. Amish teenagers, for example, are allowed to have a taste of the "real world" when they're 16. Did the Duggar kids get this chance? I doubt it, because then JB would be relinquishing control. The fundie lifestyle might make JB and Michelle happy, but those kids have the right to decide for themselves.

Tammy C said...

It is a girl for Anna and Josh.

I actually thought this was bit overboard on the announcement.Anna and Josh cut into a cake on The Today Show and the color of the cake was the sex.

Poor Anna she found out on camera that she was expecting and on live TV the sex of the baby.Does she get any privaacy!

Coyote said...

6/10/2009 1:47 AM Harriet

Jana is legally 18, but is she *emotionally* 18. She seems to be a lovely, sweet girl, but DID she have a say in whether she wanted the filming? I get the feeling that these kids DO what they are told to do by a cultish sort of family that sees little of the outside world.

Definitely exploitation. People are naive to think that Jim Bob and Michelle are not reaping monetary compensation from TLC which wants to see "drama". They are going down the slippery slope--pimping their kids.

If I were 18, I'd be mortified if my friends saw my bloody wisdom teeth on TV. More importantly, there are many people who have fear of the dentist, needles, surgery, etc. The difference is that it's a private issue and not on TV for the world to see.

It's odd that the girls have to wear modest bathing suits and clothes, but their very personal moments are permitted to be aired. The parents are creepy for allowing it, imo.

Coyote said...

jonandkatewho? 8:06

Yes, they had pain medication during recovery.

Anonymous said...

If Jill is frightened of pain and medical procedures, what will she be like when she marries and has her first child??? Maybe she will be sister who does not marry and won't have to deal with the pain of childbirth???

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder just who the Duggars think they are and why they think their announcement is so important they need national tv exposure yet again. Is nothing personal with that family anymore?
I think now they're not only exploiting their children, but also their unborn granddaughter.

Josh continues to eat up the attention and poor Anna can't seem to sit up straight. Josh's actions since they got married say a lot. You'd think a newly married couple expecting their first child would want that to be an event shared only with their families and close friends - not the entire viewing audience of the Today Show.

Jinger Rocks! said...

The ultrasound videos are on TLC? Are you kidding me? And Anna has Meredith tell her the sex of the baby? Does this woman have NO control over her life?

In other news, it appears that Jill got her braces off. I guess that means no more traumatic trips to the dentist for her. LOL.

P.S. The Today show video said that the Duggars were in TN. And according to the TLC website short videos, they're visiting the Bates'. It's so obvious there's going to be a Bates-Duggar wedding (or double wedding) announcement.

Mom of 2 said...

2 thoughts:
1- My son had his wisdom teeth removed- It was a private family matter- He rested for 2-3 days-
then was back to his old self.
Dental surgery is an episode?
What next....
2- I am the youngest of a large
family- I slept with my sisters
in a bedroom- My 7yr old sister
used to get up in the night and
give me a cold bottle- she never
bothered to get my mother.
Great- My siblings all got motherly love and warm bottles- I had a sister giving me a cold bottle-
It's not easy being the youngest
of a large family-
My mother was there for us- but
I'm sure was exhausted and slept
through this nightly occurance.
I bet the girls are taking care of their buddy at night-not Michelle.

Joanna said...

I got up at early this morning and waited until the Duggars came on. I honestly did think it was a girl. I personailty would love it if they named the baby Mary after Grandma Duggar. But of course, this isn't my family. The name Mary has just fallen off the charts quite a bit the past couple of decades. I've often thought of the name Maria, but I personally love the idea of the "J" name theme myself. I've been thinking of that since I was a pre-teen, way long before I heard about the Duggars (and I intend to call my first daughter Jordan Grace (I think I want to stick with the original spelling), which I thought of long before the Duggars did).

Yes, I know that their management and "Today" set up to have it on TV, but I'm happy for Josh and Anna.

Meredith got it wrong when she said the rest of the Duggar clan was home in Tenn. They weren't at home! Yes, I am appsoulating thinking a Duggar and a Bates has something for each other. Although encouraged by the families I'm sure, I believe God is behind the whole thing and is arranging for the families to get together frequenly.

I love how when asked who would baby sit, everyone hesistated. When Jill who rasied her hand hesistated for a minute. I know they all love children, but Jill herself and prabably the other girls have addition baby-sitting jobs outside of the family.

And even Josh and Anna seen doughtful about a mega-family as do several of the other Duggar sibling. I honestly think the largest family # might be around 7 or 8 and the other siblings less. That's typically ture for most mega-families. The siblings themselves rarely have even hit half the number babies they're parents have. But no matter how few each Duggar (and I'm sure a few won't get married, even a couple of girls probably won't get married), Jim Bob and Michelle are still going to have "ALOT" of grandchildren.

Dallas said...

Wow they got to sit in bed for a week after having their wisdom teeth taken out?

I was 18 and at college. That evening, I was sitting up talking to friends in my living room. By the next day I was pretty much back to normal except for some slight discomfort, which I took pain relief for. No biggie. I was back to doing everything I normally did.

And yes, I had all four out and they were impacted.

I can't imagine lying in bed for a week after that. There's just no need. These "kids" seem very uninformed and that tends to make fear even worse.

Anonymous said...

I watched this episode last night for the first time (it was shown after the Josh and Anna big reveal on Today).

I was struck by the intense immaturity of these girls! They are 17 and 19 for heaven's sake, and acted like they were 13 and 15! It's like a case of arrested development! The crying and carrying on wasn't "cute" or "sweet". It was embarrassing that they could get so upset and act like this was the more horrible thing that could happen to them.

Also, their language skills seem delayed. They sound uneducated when they speak, and can't string together a coherent, intelligent thought. I suppose that is the result of their formative years being spent washing clothes and making food for twenty people, or changing the diapers and brushing hair and teeth and "teaching" of their siblings. This left no time for a proper education, reading, learning to have a normal conversation, etc. It's rather pitiful.

Anonymous said...

i've been a fan of the Duggars, but I didn't like this episode. The before and once they were home was ok. but during the extraction and their recovery was TMI

Anonymous said...

I'm still bothered every time I see a preview for the rerun of this one at how babyish and immature those young women acted. My kids were younger when they had their wisdom teeth out and yet acted ten years or more older and more mature than the Duggars.

Chris said...

I got my wisdom teeth out at 21 and I admit I was a more then a bit of a baby. I didn't see anything wrong with the way the girls acted. It did not seem like either girl has had any major surgery/dental work before so new things can be scary.
Also most people (and it seems like the girls fit this as well) get their wisdom teeth pulled because for spacing issues not because they teeth hurt. So as you stand there waiting an hour to go get your teeth pulled and you feel fine, of course the thought comes to mind, "why am I doing something that will cause pain? do I really need this done?". Who wants to go to sleep feeling fine and wake up feeling pain?

Andrea said...

iluveeyore said...
There was also NO reason for them to be bed-ridden afterwards.

I beg to differ! I was the same age as these girls and I stayed in bed the day after I had my wisdom teeth out. I was woozy from pain meds and was still in a lot of discomfort. Who'd want to have to be up and moving around if they absolutely didn't have to? Have a little sympathy....

Harriet said...

I can't fault them for staying in bed. Our oral surgeon specifically said bed rest for 24 hours and nothing more than the sofa for the next 24 hours. It had to do with recovery from the anesthesia, healing, and the effects of Vicodin.

Swissmiss said...

I had a toothache and before I could get an appointment, another toothache cropped up. I ended up having 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth removed at the ripe old age of about 56. I had what I think is called 'conscious sedation.' I knew stuff was happing but it didn't hurt. I could clearly hear what the two doctors were saying.

Once I got home, I was totally by myself. It never occured to me to ask anyone for help.

I had it done on a Friday and followed the instructions exactly but still had to take Monday off because I wasn't quite ready after the weekend.

I thought Jim Bob should never have brought it up to the other kids that they very likely would face the same thing. What's the point of making them dread something that might - or might not - happen for years?

JenTru said...

On the comments about the Duggar girl's being bedridden after the wisdom teeth removal-

I think perhaps they were being given a "vacation". They do a LOT of work around the house, taking care of the younger kids, cooking, cleaning etc. and by being in bed they would be seen as "off limits" to the younger kids and for anyone to ask them to do things. I know when I was young, if my mom was sick enough to be in bed, you weren't about to ask her to get you a glass of milk or anything!

I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth out, including an infected dry socket that developed, which was more painful than child birth, and I still was not in bed for a week-but to each their own.

I think they were being given a break from their household "duties"-and if I was them I would want to take full advantage. It was probably nice for them to be waited on instead of doing the waiting! I noticed that none of the little boys were helping out with their care...some of the gender role stuff bothers me with their family. But that is a whole 'nother subject. As least Amy wasn't popping in and out of the dental rooms making fun of everyone...

Harriet said...

Was it said that they were in bed for a week? I saw them in bed with ice packs. That's usually only about the first 48 hours. Our oral surgeon ordered my daughters to bed or sofa rest for the day of the surgery and definitely the next day. He said on the third day they could have "limited" movement. The reason was to keep the swelling and complications down and also to allow the anesthesia to get out of their systems and because they were on Vicodin for the first time for each of them.

One of my kids gets extremely nauseated by anesthesia and they wanted us to make even more sure with her that she stayed flat in bed except for the bathroom for the allotted time. The second daughter they said was doing well and that the second day if she felt like it the family room sofa was probably OK, but we don't have 15 or 16 other kids running around. Although I did have a ten day old rescued kitten to tend and bottlefeed. Talk about handwashing for a few days!

stampersim said...

They were in bed a week??????? I'm sorry, but that's just extreme. At their age they should bounce back in a day or two at most. The older you get, the longer the roots get and the more difficult it is to remove them. And why were they not knocked out and just sedated? I would never make my child be awake for this. My 16 y/o just had all 4 of hers out 2 days ago and last night she was going out for frozen yogurt with her friends ... swollen face and all! Of course everyone reacts differently to pre-surgery and post-surgery but I think some people over dramatize things.

Anonymous said...

They *were* given general.

Anonymous said...

I'm 17 and I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and watched this episode a couple weeks ago. I really appreciated it because it helped me know what to expect and to get over my fears! I reacted more like Janna, but it was pretty scary! Thank you Janna and Jill!