Josh & Anna Special "Michael James"

TLC seems to have finally settled on Sunday evening at 8.  Yes, I had to put the name in the thread title.  TLC will be wanting to disconnect every family member from the internet at this rate.  I think they've possibly alienated a few out don't give a fig about TLC's wishes at this point.

60 minutes 8 pm


Reality TV Junkie said...

Congrat's Josh and Anna! I saw a picture of him, he's adorable! I have to say I'm kind of disappointed that they stuck with a "M" trend, but it is still a nice name. Where did you find out his name? I googled it, but couldn't find it. Anyway, I'm so happy for the couple.

heavennoseven said...

where the picture?

Congrats Big Sis, Mack :).

hart&sole said...

Every family member on the Keller side of the family has no 'wall' on their facebook page, only 'info.' I find that strange to say the least! I can understand that the Keller side of the family was a bit disgruntled to hear that Michael James already has '18 aunts and uncles.' How soon the Kellers were forgotten.

Religilicious said...

Question: is it common in patriarchal families for the wife's family to be so completely subordinated to the husband's, or is this a Duggar and/or TLC-ordained concept?

msrylee said...

I'm not sure if it is a Duggar concept to ignore and exclude the in-laws. If the Duggars want to encourage viewers, perhaps their attitude needs to change with regard to the Kellers. It doesn't seem kind or loving to me to exclude Anna's family. JMHO.

Reality TV Junkie said...

I believe the picture is on the Yahoo article about Michael's birth. I also see she had a waterbirth. Very interesting.

Religilicious said...

"Water birth" as in Dr. F. LeBoyer's "Birth Without Violence"?

If so, I hope the Duggars did this birth sans TLC cameras.... adding "Birth Without Exploitation" to Dr. LeBoyer's "Birth Without Violence" would be a nice change in Duggardom.

sandi said...

I was really hoping to see some of Anna's family there for the birth this time,at least her mother.But by all appearances,it seems tlc only wants the Duggar's present.

Dar said...

Saw a little bit of a video with Anna in labour. It showed her bedroom with the "birthing pool" ready to go.

One of the crew asking her how she felt. How many people were in that room. In my view, the last thing a woman needs when in labour is an outsider asking "stupid" questions. Can there ever be a private moment for this family? I mean is there no end to exploitation?

Ally said...

Here's the link that has his picture and name:

sandi said...

I agree Dar,Anna needed some peace while in labor,and by all appearances,she didn't get it.

Digger said...

These people all about promoting more and more and more babies in the world if people can take care of them or not. Anna giving birth in front of cameras fulfills that mission. I'm sure she does not regret losing her dignity in front of cameramen and producers for that reason.

Sharla said...

I was so disappointed in the family with the clip from I think it was the Today show this morning. Poor Michael James cried through the whole interview and Anna bounced him but didn't look at him, but smiled into the camera. She seems fully onboard with the Duggar plan. Oddly also they dragged out the aunts and uncles so this wasn't Josh and Anna's son, it was "the Duggar grandson."

A couple having a second child should not normally be national news and I fail to see the need to make a national announcement for each grandchild.

Yes, I know it's really a plug for the special tomorrow night. A special that I again don't agree with having a film crew there for the birth.

msrylee said...

I also agree that a camera crew shouldn't be present for the labour and birth, period. Bringing another life into the world is IMO a private time with mom, partner, and perhaps grandmas, close friends the only ones present.

Mrs. Keller's absence was noted, and I wonder whose decision it was to exclude any Keller from attending the birth.

If the episode of Anna's child birth is supposed to encourage me, it does exactly the opposite.

Delta88 said...

I thought it was disgraceful, both that yet ANOTHER Duggar birth was filmed (so much for modesty!!), but that they trotted out the whole family, including a bunch of snotty nosed kids with a two day old baby, for ratings (on the Today show). Is there anything this family won't do for money? Obviously they are happy to compromise whatever values they once purported to have!

I don't think Michael James is really the name of the baby. I suspect they will announce something entirely different tonight. Even this "intrigue" with the baby name, to lure more viewers tonight, is disgusting. They are all fame and money w*ores. It is so inappropriate for such a "Christian" family.

Religilicious said...

Another on-camera birth followed by dragging a 2 day-old in front of cameras for his first TLC 'say cheese on cue for the TLC cameras!' in Duggarvile: one more piece of proof that no one will ever accuse the Duggars of having any class. Or common sense.

Exploitation now into the 3rd generation.... they must serve Industrial Strength Kool-Aid in Duggardom to get even the in-laws to join in on exploiting family to portray their brand's 'family values' for fame and fortune. Babies for TLC Bucks....Is THIS the kind of blind obedience required of women marrying into patriarchal families? If so, how tragic.

IMO, it is the height of hypocrisy to make SUCH a big deal of having such sacred 'family values' yet prove with your actions that the wellbeing of the 'blessings' (especially Josie and the newest Duggar For Dollars)comes in a very slow second to making money off filming what deserves to remain sacred and preciously private family moments.

Blech to all that is Duggar. "Encouragement"? Not so much. More like EMESIS.

msrylee said...

I believe it is hypocritical to stand on 'family' values, and yet sell out the most vulnerable 'blessings' by exploiting private and sacred moments in these families. It seems that the Duggars find every moment and situation fair game to sell out to TLC. One can blame TLC to some degree, but the Duggars signed their names to contracts. I feel the most sad for the youngest 'blessings', seconded by the rest of the 'blessings'.

Digger said...

The special is almost on. I am going to count how many times Josh yawns in this episode. It's the Josh Yawning drinking game but I don't drink so I'll just take sips of soda.

heavennoseven said...

Josh talks just like his dad in the interview. Its almost like he had cue cards.

Cyn said...


"If we don't make it home on time I guess we'll have the baby on the bus" (said Anna)

heavennoseven said...

That baby doll is creepy loooking, its huge. Really, take care of the new baby. She is not even 2 years old. She can get a diaper or somthing.

Why are they buying cirbs? Can`t they use one of the dugggars. In a few short months Mack will be out of it. Was it new?

Wtf, he loves Birthing classes.

heavennoseven said...

Josh and I. He isn`t the one havingcontractions.

The Mack and Anna moment was very touching, but why subject a small child to her mom in labor. Why did they use boiling hot water to santize it?

Josh says hes worn out. Um, are you the one giving birth? Why does he sound so exicted about the food, but not about seeing his in laws.

I felt for Anna without any meds and all the people watching. Its so clear she wanted some pain meds.

Josh has the nerve to take a nap?

She had the baby on the toilet.

Baby Juices?

sandi said...

After watching this,I still can't figure out why the book tour took precidencc over the impending birth.I guess they stood to make a pretty penny off of it,but still, it doesn't make sense to me.I would think the health and well-being of mother and baby would be of utmost importance to them.

Bostonista said...

I'm glad that Michelle took all the girls for mani/pedis-it looks like they had fun! Especially for Johanna! Too bad that Michelle didn't get hers done!

Bostonista said...

Oh my goodness! TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL! Poor Anna. That seems like the absolute worst labor/birthing situation possible. Did anyone else notice that when she was on the couch and clearly in pain and cried out Josh was looking at her in such a bored, unimpressed way. It made me really sad for her.

Bostonista said...

Also the emphasis on this being a boy, A SON, is pretty disturbing for me. I don't know why I'm surprised since they're whole lives are based around male superiority but Josh and Jim Bob seem way more excited about Michael than they did with Mack. :(

heavennoseven said...

Who else got really mad when Josh took a nap. I can understand if shes also taking one at the hosptial when the epuridal is in.

They were also very lucky to get the baby out safly without the baby getting hurt.

gracieally said...

Anna had an 8.5 lb baby. She was huge at the end and I'm sure everyone knew he would be a big baby. Why didn't they go to the hospital? Is this Josh's cheapness showing that he would endanger his wife? 17 hours of labor! Anna, please go to the hospital for your next kid!

I was thinking while watching her hours and hours of pain that she is going to start sneaking birth control pills.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I did not see that the family or the TLC folk made a big deal that the child born to Ana and Josh was a SON or a boy. It is his first son and he already had a daughter so sure it was special, but no more special as when his daughter was born. I think they acted like most couples when a child of a given sex is born to them the first time it is just a little extra special at that moment, not that one sex is superior to the other.

mom in texas said...

I love Josh and Anna's little family. I hoped this episode would be sweet. It had beautiful moments.

I loved seeing the girls get mani/pedis. It seemed so normal. Mackynzie is such a cutie pie.

Earlier today TLC did a mini marathon and I watched the way Anna has transitioned since she came into the Duggar family. She has grown into such a beautiful, confident woman, a far cry from the girl she was at 20 when they became engaged. I have to say though I teared up and cringed several times as I watched Anna agonize through labor. My goodness! That seemed to be the hardest, longest labor. I actually cried for her.

Does anyone have background info as to why they are partial to home and natural births? I am a true believer in to each their own however, this was almost brutal to watch at some points. I am not a squeamish person but wow. I also noticed that Anna remarked several times in the interview narrations how "well" the labor was going and that she enjoyed home births. It didn't seem that she was enjoying a thing.

The moment between Anna and Mackynzie during the labor was nice but you could see Anna struggling. She struggled a lot with her words through this process. I was worried for a moment but in the end thank God little Michael James came into this world healthy and on the toilet no less! That part shocked me more than anything.

Kit said...

Is this Josh's cheapness showing that he would endanger his wife? 17 hours of labor! Anna, please go to the hospital for your next kid!

But, but, GOD SAID women were SUPPOSED to SUFFER IN CHILDBIRTH, so good Christian women know it is their DUTY to take that pain, because it's all their fault anyway. THE BIBLE SAYS SO.

At least, I'm guessing that in part, plus WOW, I bet we can get some GREAT TV if Anna squirms and cries and moans a lot. I mean, if she went to a hospital, and had an epidural, where's the drama? Where's the "She's in a kiddie pool?!!" Where's the "The kid was born in a toilet??!!!"

Eeewwwwwwww...Glad I didn't watch. Glad I won't ever watch them again. They are now the complete money-sucking famewhores they set out to be. "We'll show ANYTHING on TV if you give us a big bag of money for it!" Congrats, Duggars, you're arrived...

rcadra2 said...

Oh Anna, Anna, Anna, televised on national TV having a baby on the toilet?

And what was going on with the talk of having the baby on the bus? It seemed like something from pioneer days - just popping out another young 'un one on the trail.

But they are in a bus worth more than some peoples homes. It just seems so odd to me. Why not go to the hospital? Are they too cheap? You can have a natural birth there, and bring your midwife, but there's medical back-up in case something goes awry.

I just don't see risking a newborn's health by having it at home. What if there was meconium in the amniotic fluid? Or the baby's heartbeat weakened during the long labor?

I just don't get it. But the sight of that poor girl giving birth with the toilet paper holder in the background was just too much.

roddma said...

"Does anyone have background info as to why they are partial to home and natural births?"
From what I've read on Gothard/ATI they prefer home births. Anna is low-risk so it is perhaps fine for her now but what if she ever needs a c-section. However, there is a difference between mainstream home births and those from Gothard/ATI. Incompetnet midwives in either case can spell diaster but I question th etrianing they get at ATI.

Delta88 said...

Miracles abound, because that kind of birth could have ended up disasterous. There are SO many things that could have gone wrong---a very long unmonitored labor, no doctor or midwife present, birthing on the toilet (yes, I know they do that on "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant", but Anna DID know!).

Even pretending that they still hadn't made the decision of whether or not to go to the hospital was ridiculous. Of course they were going to deliver at home (or on the bus---how absurd to be traveling thousands of miles from home two weeks from your due date...).

The Duggars have never taken safety precautions for ANYTHING they do (I still remember pregnant Michelle trying to "push" the bus, or kids hanging from the rafters of the unfinished Bates home, not to mention their normal daily unsafe shenanigans). But fooling around with safety at childbirth can result in serious, lifelong birth injuries. These people really do have God watching out for them, because it is a miracle that things work out for them, with the number of times they tempt the fates.

Tabatha said...

This was a such a good show. Many genuine moments, that are few and far between when comparing to other shows. Anna is very attached to her children and is a good mama. It shows. I had my baby on the toilet at the hospital! I didn't make it back to the bed on time, much to the nurse's and doctor's dismay. So I guess I don't see anything wrong with Anna giving birth there. Maybe she needed to get away from everything in the bathroom so that she could feel free to get going.
Bless their little family. I wish them the best.

Rachel said...

In my birthing classes they stated that is you felt like you needed to relieve yourself, it was baby time! I hate the kid came on the toilet.

ALso, i think her home birth DID go well. I have seen others that were rather unpleasant, that involved last minute rushes to the hospital that resulted in no pain meds because it was too late.

THe Anna/Mack moment was wonderful. I know Anna was thinking this is the last time I get to hold her as an only child. So sweet!

M-A said...

You’d think they’d know from experience that doggie-pee pads aren’t enough for the mess of a birth. Something tells me she went to the potty b/c she didn’t want to “go potty” while pushing.

Josh takes a nap… SURPRISE! The names I’d like to call him would get my comment blocked. She seemed so emotional holding her daughter than I felt Josh needed to wake up and comfort his wife. Grow up. I’m not sure encouragement is what she needed when saying “I can’t do it”. I know when I finally said tht, I meant it and did not want to be contradicted (but then again I had major problems so I don’t know).

Homebirth advocates tend to have very deep-rooted dedication to it (religious or not) so I wouldn’t open up that can of worms – there’s no converting either side.

And the comments so thinly veiling the “a boy is superior to a girl” stance from Josh and Jim-Bob? UGH.

How she can want so many in-laws and crew in that tiny house is beyond me, especially considering the modesty it required in the tub. Turn off the cams and take off some layers! Why is this on the air?! Sellouts. All of them.

Oh, and nice try attempting to cover the sanitary pads in the bag with your hands, girls! Get real.

Celestie said...

Think Josh liked the birthing classes because there were a lot of defrauding gals there, wearing capris and leggings.

Sorry ol fat Josh was so tired watching Anna's 17 hour labor, that he had to take a nap. That boy needs to take a few extra steps. to lose some weight, and step it up as a husband.

And would some one please tell me why, Jim Bob has to honk his horn several times. every time he arrives on the scene? Can't he enter the house where a woman has work for so hard and so long to give birth and where a new born lies, in a quiet dignified manner?

Other question, do they really have to roll the entire family out of bed at 5:30 for 10 second of airtime to announce that someone is pregnant?

msrylee said...

We have seen several times that one sex IS superior over the other. Michael is the third generation of 'superior' males in a truly patriarchal family.

I believe parents should have the right to choose where to deliver their baby. At a home birth, as long as mom is healthy, no problems in the pregnancy, etc. and there are trained professionals there, I have no problem with it. I would like to know the educational level and experience level attained by those delivering this Duggar blessing.

hart&sole said...

Shakespeare said it best, "All's well that ends well." Who among us would imagine that Jim Bob and the crew would not appear at the Josh Duggar household right after MJ's birth? What, and miss holding his grandson adoringly in front of the TLC cameras? Seriously?

Religilicious said...

"If we don't make it home on time I guess we'll have the baby on the bus" (said Anna)"


EEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!! I realize the Duggars do not seem to worry much about asepsis (shod and diapered children walking and sitting on countertops where meals are prepared, nose picking, rigorous handwashing), but WHO in their right mind would EVER want to sit/ride in that vehicle after it served as a delivery room??

Religilicious said...

"Shakespeare said it best, "All's well that ends well." Who among us would imagine that Jim Bob and the crew would not appear at the Josh Duggar household right after MJ's birth? What, and miss holding his grandson adoringly in front of the TLC cameras? Seriously?"


Operative words here: "in front of the TLC cameras".

More of Shakespeare's wisdom comes to mind when thinking of the Duggars: "All the world is a stage."

Amazing what some will do, what some will sell, for TLC $$$$$$$.

Religilicious said...

"Sorry ol fat Josh was so tired watching Anna's 17 hour labor, that he had to take a nap"


Like his father-patriarch before him, who complained that his wife's shopping for baby things 'really tires out a guy', Patriarch, Vol. 2, Josh, gets all tuckered out from his wife's 17 hours of labor.

Wow, sure must be hard to be a Duggar MALE. Someone, quick, call the Wah!mbulance for the Duggar patriarchs.

What a joke these Duggar menfolk are.

Religilicious said...

Not meaning any blasphemy or disrespect, but does anyone think that if Jesus were alive today, he'd choose to 'encourage' others via Facebook, Twitter, or doing his own 'reality' show?

Alberta Rose said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Josh grabbing a nap reminded me of my SIL and brother's second labour, when my brother decided to watch a football game because labour had stalled and he wasn't needed. It almost reminded me of my labour, when my husband decided to mow the lawn while I was inside coping with early labour pains. It almost reminded me of a homebirth I assisted at, when my friend said "I can't do this" and we helped convince her yes, she could.

Last, just because there wasn't a popup saying "Jane Doe, Midwive" doesn't mean there wasn't one there. The midwife might have agreed to be there but not wanted to be identified. As I said with the first birth, many of the items there are what a Licensed Midwife would have. Also, with how well prepared Anna's suitcase was on the bus "just in case", I don't think they had a LM, they use a Certified Nurse Midwife who has no desire to be identified.

msrylee said...

I didn't suggest that there weren't professionals at the birth, I just asked what her/their credentials and experience level are. Even if the care providers didn't want to be identified, it could still have been mentioned as to their qualifications.

rcadra2 said...

Just picture if Anna and Josh's roles were reversed. Josh is, say, having some minor surgery at home, which is conducted on the toilet, with half a dozen Duggars and a TV crew watching and televising. And Anna is taking a nap.

Ah, that would be justice.

And one more thing that bothers me about the Duggars World. Why is it that Michelle can't show any skin in the air, like when she was holding Josie in the NICU, and Anna and Josh couldn't do any more than hold hands until they were married. Because they are sooo modest. Yet Anna's private parts were right out there for male cameramen to see and a also a blurred out version was on national TV?

That makes absolutely no sense.

hart&sole said...

Jesus always seemed to find the best way to get the message out, so why not twitter, facebook and a reality show given the options of the 21st century? Hopefully He would be just a tad more humble than Jim Bob or Josh.

mom in texas said...

"Oh, and nice try attempting to cover the sanitary pads in the bag with your hands, girls! Get real."

Ha, I thought I was the only one who noticed that. I thought that was funny. Taking "modesty" to new heights yet poor Anna is all wide to the world giving birth.

heavennoseven said...

I thought I saw pads there too. I dont understand them. Isn`t giving birth de-frauding then? If you cant even dress up in a tank top and have to yell "Nike:. Is showing such a moment any less de-frauing?

sandi said...

Was this the first birth that some of the older girls had attended? They seemed to be a bit bewildered when Anna was in such pain.I know Jill was present at some of Michelle's births,and she appeared to know what was going on.The rest seemed a bit shocked,as if they weren't sure they would ever want to be in her place giving birth.
And they seem to be a bit more modest,too.I doubt we will ever see any of the Duggar girls giving birth on tv.JMO.

msrylee said...

I hope we never see any of the female Duggar blessings giving birth on camera, but I wouldn't bet on it. There must be a lot of money paid out for these episodes, and the Duggar patriarchs won't pass up the $$. JMO.

DianeD said...

"Baby juices" instead of amniotic fluid? Asking an adult if she has to "go potty"? Oh where is the professionalsim, Miss Theresa?

ennvee said...

Just picture if Anna and Josh's roles were reversed. Josh is, say, having some minor surgery at home, which is conducted on the toilet, with half a dozen Duggars and a TV crew watching and televising. And Anna is taking a nap.

Ah, that would be justice.


Kidney stone with no pain killers should do the trick. That nap so close to Anna's time gave me the impression Josh still doesn't really comprehend just how much pain Anna endured.

Religilicious said...

"That nap so close to Anna's time gave me the impression Josh still doesn't really comprehend just how much pain Anna endured."


I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg on just how much the Duggars in general and Josh in particular do not really comprehend.

Cyn said...

Personal experience is willing to give Josh a break on this one.

During my 2nd labor, stuck in the hospital for almost 24 hours, I sent my husband home to take a nap, and a shower since it was obvious to both me and the doctor that I wasn't going to be doing anything for hours to come. So hubby went home, 30 minute later the doc is calling him back because I went from 5-10 in less than an hour and a half (probably because he quit hovering over the top of me and I could relax). Hubby made it back with seconds to spare. Josh at least didn't leave the house.

And like Anna my second delivery was almost twice as long as the first. First labor was 12 hours, second labor was 24 hours (after they started the p-tocian (I can't spell)). Anna with no drugs, first labor was around 12 hours (if the pop-ups were correct) and over 17 hours with the second one. That "understanding" that successive labors are shorter is a LIE lol my shortest labor was 12 hours with the first one, the rest were at LEAST that long and the last 2 were 72 hours before they decided c-sections MIGHT be in order.

When Josh went to lay down both Anna and the midwife said it would be awhile yet, and he had been up with Anna the whole time and before, I'll cut him slack with the "nap". It's not like hovering over the top of her makes the pain any less, or the labor go any faster.

Covering up/blurred areas.... I don't know what others thought they saw blurred or not, but TLC was blurring Anna's KNEES down towards her feet because the towel slipped, there were no shots of the vagina; the angle was completely wrong. Now letting the camera crew in, there I could see serious defrauding going on, but for the rest of us, all we could have possible gotten was a look at her knees, and upper shin bone.... I watch more graphic births on TLC and Discovery every morning during the "birth stories" shows.

Cyn said...

As for the boy vs girl thing.... Josh was just as excited when Mack (I can't spell her name) got here, Anna was MORE thrilled because she got her girl first, Josh wanted a "buddy" to pal around with... I've heard the same comments and concepts coming out of other males mouths, and some females that don't even believe in patriarchy.

But because the Duggars are a patriarchy "Josh wanted a boy so he could teach him how to hold the woman down".... really has it come to this??? No matter what they say or do that is PERFECTLY normal and natural it can't be normal if the Duggars said or did it there must be some nefarious reason for it?

"baby juices" cracked me up, best way yet that I have heard to describe the mess, and nastiness of birth fluids... And for those of you that questioned the 'puppy pads' will soak up a lot more liquids than you give it credit for, we used them after my mother had colon cancer, and surgery... they will hold a BUNCH of stuff without staining the beds, and chairs, and other things.

Ever noticed that the toilet puts you in almost the EXACT proper squatting position for birth? As for it being clean enough? I'm quite sure that nesting she was going through included 'spring' cleaning the entire house including the bathroom.

JMO take it or leave it.

Sharla said...

1.697 million viewers.

imaamy said...

Whatever views on modesty/religion, etc I really felt bad after I watched it. Having all those people there, MIL, SILs, doula would be too much for me much less the cameras. I thought she was so exploited, even if she did OK it. I know they need the money but it is just so sad that she can't show much skin day-to-day but a camera can be around at such a private, intimate time. And the fact that they had to follow her into the bathroom for the big event? I guess I am just totally old-fashioned and prudish. No way for me! We even wanted to give the male nurse the boot with our delivery:)

Religilicious said...

Anna was MORE thrilled because she got her girl first, Josh wanted a "buddy" to pal around with... I've heard the same comments and concepts coming out of other males mouths, and some females that don't even believe in patriarchy"


Michelle once remarked on camera how lucky she was to have had her girls early in the litter (paraphrasing) because girls are such a help with child care and housework. I guess we can all predict what Mckinzie's (sic)familial role will be.

heavennoseven said...

If Josh had any surgery or injury. Even somthing as pink eye or a broken finger. Anna would wait on him hand and foot.

Thats just how it works for them. Josh just eats away when Anna feeds his kid. He acts like a hero for changing a diaper when his wife had morning sickness.

ennvee said...

Wasn't sure if it was here or elsewhere, but upon re-watch it does appear that Josh and Anna did indeed keep the TV. I think they've moved some furniture around: the side couch now looks like it would face the fireplace, except that they turn it around for the talking heads for a nicer shot. They also finally got a rectangular dining room table; that round one they had at first was a horrible fit for that tiny kitchen.

I still haven't seen Michelle "love on" Mackynzie much at all. Let's see if that changes now that she's home full-time and the new baby is the first to carry on the Duggar name into the next Patriarch in the Duggar lineage. is it wrong to hope that by then they've realized how this lifestyle can't sustain itself for long and they return to the real world?

The mani/pedis are a start. Hannie's adorable and I think she's starting to look like...JOY (who is a female carbon copy of Jim Bob).

ennvee said...

Correction: the talking head where the guys were putting the crib together must have happened well before the birth. The clock that used to be in the kitchen over the table is now over the piano and there are floor-ceiling bookshelves flanking the piano. Maybe the TV got moved into the bedroom? I know there was the closet with all the receipts on one side of the bed from the first birth and there has to be a window on a third wall.Maybe they caved to the internet critics on this one, especially after getting unsolicited "advice" from well-meaning fans on the book tour? They had 3 days to make some changes before Michael came.

The door (Dad <3 Mom) isn't even something I would have done when I lived with my boyfriend at their age. Heck, Jim Bob and Michelle advertise that every chance they get and even THEY don't have it emblazoned on their bedroom door. Ick.

FInally, there was no midwife; there was no room for another body just about anywhere Anna was laboring with Michelle, Jill, Jessa and Teresa Fedosky there. Teresa was down in the middle with Jill on one side and Michelle on the other. Josh and Jessa were sort of behind those three. I guess the crew was relegated to the doorway, hence the side shots.

Dar said...

Amazing. Anna has gone over to the Duggar side completely.

She calls the Crew "family". They were there but there was no sign of her mother or sisters. I quite like her mother. I'll bet she would have wanted to be with her daughter. She would, however, have difficulty getting into that little room so filled with Duggars and TV crew. How could she endure all that pain with all that going on around her?

mom in texas said...

I am sorry but I think there is a lot of speculation as to why Anna's sisters and mother were not present. None of them live in Arkansas and as we all know births are not an exact science on timing so maybe they made plans to come but couldn't due to time and schedule issues? I does make sense for Michelle, Jill, and Jessa to be present since they do live nearby. Yes the house was crowded but I am sure that if Anna's family was able to be present they would have been more than welcomed.

Delta88 said...

Other families who choose to televise their births do not claim to be "modest" like the Duggars. At least they are being consistent, as opposed to the hypocrisy of the Duggars.

Religilicious said...

"I am sorry but I think there is a lot of speculation as to why Anna's sisters and mother were not present. None of them live in Arkansas and as we all know births are not an exact science on timing so maybe they made plans to come but couldn't due to time and schedule issues?"


I assume Mrs. Keller is a stay-at-home mom, as seems to be the only option in Duggar World, so it seems a stretch to me that she would be unable to schedule a visit to her daughter's home around the due date, sticking around until the baby decided it was time for arrival. Mrs. Keller is, afterall, not a single mom, muchless a single working (outside the home) mom, so this kind of flexibility would seem possible, even likely.

Religilicious said...

Somehow, when Dr. Leboyer wrote his book ("Birth Without Violence") suggesting a 'water birth' delivery, it was not TOILET water he was proposing.

Just sayin'....

msrylee said...

With regard to the Kellers being absent for the birth and days surrounding it, I agree that Mrs. Keller probably could have arranged to be with Anna at the expected due date. I think it is unlikely that it was a scheduling conflict issue. Both of my daughters gave birth twice, and even though I don't live near them, I arranged in advance to be there prior to the due date and returned home several days after the birth. I had to re-schedule several changes in order to do this, but absolutely nothing would have kept me away from these births.

LOL about the "water birth" regarding the delivery of the newest blessing. I'm sure Dr. Leboyer didn't mean toilet water either.

michelle said...

The M trend continues. There are a ton of good M names out there. I predict many more "Today Show" appearances for years to come.

sandi said...

They could have at least showed Anna phoning her parents to inform them of the birth.That they didn't even do that,yet showed Jim Bob trapsing in soon after to hold his first grandson,shows that this show is wholly focused on the Duggar's only.

Cyn said...

They could have at least showed Anna phoning her parents to inform them of the birth.That they didn't even do that,yet showed Jim Bob trapsing in soon after to hold his first grandson,shows that this show is wholly focused on the Duggar's only.

Possible reasons as to why:
1) The show is about the Duggars, not the Kellers.
2) The Kellers may not want to be on the show that often by their own request, we did see where Josh and Anna had visited with her parents I just can't remember right now if it was in FL, on tour, or AR.

Now I'm partial to reason 1 simply because the entire point to the show from day 1 has been about the Duggars and their lives.

Though I would also agree that if it WAS the Keller's show, Jimbob would still be hogging the spot light though... just saying.

ennvee said...

Anna was in labor. JOSH could have called his in-laws early in the day (they certainly knew it was the real deal very early in the morning). If Michelle and Jill could hightail it back from that ATI conference in Nowheresville TX, to pretty much Nowheresville, AR, Suzette Keller could have flown in from whereever she was at the time.

I respect the Kellers for keeping the minor boys out of the meeting, but notice no other daughter than Priscilla was there. If Suze was still following the ATI principles, she too would have been at the conference and at the lunch with her parents as would have the oldest brother (I'll give the oldest sister a pass for being 9 months pregnant). The absences of Rebekah and her speak volumes for what has happened in that family, or at least between the father and some of his own children.

That was as much airtime as the Duggars were going to allow Anna's family. I wonder if they knew what they know now, whether Mike Keller would have allowed Anna to marry into that circus.

Religilicious said...

"Jimbob would still be hogging the spot light though.."


You got that one right!

I found it interesting that, despite his wife's experience cutting the family hair all these years, he was unable to just sit down and TRUST her to do a good job. He seemed to think she needed HIS direction on even this.

Talk about ego!

Cyn said...

Anna was in labor. JOSH could have called his in-laws early in the day (they certainly knew it was the real deal very early in the morning). If Michelle and Jill could hightail it back from that ATI conference in Nowheresville TX, to pretty much Nowheresville, AR, Suzette Keller could have flown in from whereever she was at the time.
You have combined both births in your mind. Not hard to do since TLC ran them all together like that on Tuesday.

For this birth Michelle, Jimbob, Josh and Anna and the rest of the family had just came back off the tour. On one of the shows they were visiting the Kellers not that long before, Anna looked like she was ready to pop.

For Mackenzie's birth: The Duggars have/had the money for the airplane ride, and wanted to be there for it. The Kellers are 'portrayed' as the less affluent ones with TLC's continued shot of nothing BUT the trailer. We do not know why the Kellers were not there, and I'm betting we never will.

Anna gave birth to Mackenzie in under 12 hours, Michelle and which ever daughter it was that went, made it with less than 30 minutes to spare, and they were closer (geographically) than the Kellers were. The Duggars were in Texas during Mackenzie's birth, while I'm assuming the Kellers were in FL.

ennvee said...

You have combined both births in your mind. Not hard to do since TLC ran them all together like that on Tuesday.


I do not have them confused at all. The Kellers and Duggars met up before the Duggars' book tour, probably around June 1, which coincides with the Nashville ATI homeschool conference THIS YEAR.

They returned home on June 12. Anna had the baby on the 15th after a 17 hour labor. Anna's parents could have easily been called by any of the Duggars at the residence to fly in, and if they missed the birth, at least see Michael sooner than they did than the first birth (2 weeks, if I'm not mistaken).

Excusing the Duggars' or TLC's for keeping the Kellers out of the loop during this labor is not acceptable in any way, shape or form. And yes, before it was scrubbed, there was proof out there that the Kellers indeed were kept out of the loop and only found out that Anna gave birth by reading about it online. NO ONE CALLED.

Anna was fully in on it. As she was holding Michael for the first time, she whispers, "Can I say the name?" She was fully complicit in building the suspense TLC was trying to create by not revealing the name (which is why there were problems with the Kellers after THIS birth). I'll stop there because Sharla has requested that the details of these problems not be aired here.

Just know that there WERE problems. Lots of them.

As for Mack's birth, weren't the Kellers committed elsewhere and couldn't come until around the time Mack was actually due? That was more of a timing issue due to the timing of Mack's birth than this go-round when at least Mrs. Keller could have flown in after Josh and Anna got home from the book tour that prior Sunday. There was time and having seen your daughter two weeks prior is not the same as seeing your newborn grandson.

Religilicious said...

Here's a thought... since Anna and Josh obviously didn't mind 'being on the road again' right up to the time of delivery, why not make a trip to Anna's parents, since it was to be a home birth anyway. That way Anna could've had her OWN family around for support.

hart&sole said...

What I fail to understand is why the entire family needs to be involved in every single thing? Couldn't Josh and Anna simply announce Michael James' birth and name on GMA? Couldn't Jim Bob and maybe some of the older kids gone to Josh and Anna's home to see the new baby? Am I correct in seeing that Jackson is being directed to hanging out with the guys rather than with Johanna? Jennifer seems to be becoming Johanna's buddy now.

heavennoseven said...

Do you think Josh or TLC would allow that a home birth at the Kellers.

Even when she metioned that they named the baby after him. they could showed a clip of the two of them. Whats her moms name

michelle said...

Just my take/opinion on home births. My sister was born weeks early and very premature. The placenta had broken/ripped and my mom had no clue until she went in for a random test and found out. make a long story short,it was found out that the placenta had torn earlier on and that if my sister had not been delivered when she was then we would have had a dead baby on our hands. She has cerebral palsy and cannot read, write, or walk without help. all births can be risky and unpredictable weather at home or hospital. I don't think Anna was wrong for having a home birth but the risks of this are very great.

msrylee said...

I also believe that there was absolutely no reason that Mrs. Keller wasn't there either for the birth or within hours of it. It seems that the Kellers are not as 'wealthy' as the Duggars, but couldn't a plane ticket have been provided by Anna? Mrs. Keller IS Anna's mother, and as a mother myself, I would have felt so hurt by the exclusion. JMO.

Perhaps emotion isn't allowed in this situation by the Duggars. For a family that stands on high 'Christian' standards, I think it is a truly 'unchristian' choice to make by the Duggars, especially Anna. I find it difficult to believe that she didn't want her mom at her side during this labour and birth. We will probably never know the reasons why either.

ProudMrs. said...

I don't think we can automatically assume the Duggars/TLC kept Anna's family from the birth. It might be their choice NOT to be there - maybe they didn't want to be on camera, maybe they were helping with the other sister's labor, maybe they had a ministry function, we just don't know. And I didn't hear Anna say "Can I say his name?". I heard "Can I see his face?" right before she said his name. I just don't think that in that exact moment of meeting Michael for the first time, her thoughts were on her obligations to the show no matter her motives prior to delivery.

Seems to me like once again, editing is painting a picture sure to stir up negative discussion. The show did not include the clip floating around online where Anna talks about why she LET Josh take a nap, or some of her more relaxed laboring.

Cyn said...

I also believe that there was absolutely no reason that Mrs. Keller wasn't there either for the birth or within hours of it. It seems that the Kellers are not as 'wealthy' as the Duggars, but couldn't a plane ticket have been provided by Anna? Mrs. Keller IS Anna's mother, and as a mother myself, I would have felt so hurt by the exclusion. JMO.

What I meant is TLC constantly only shows us the trailer. behind the trailer according to some reports are 1) a tennis court 2) a swimming pool 3) the acres and acres of land they own.

The Kellers are not "Hollywood rich", but they are also not as "redneck poor" as TLC is trying to portray them as. The Kellers have the money for a plane ticket, there is no finical reason they couldn't have been there.

Again I would lean towards it's supposed to be about the DUGGARS. While the Kellers are a part of the "Duggar life" TLC gets better air time out of the Bates visiting for 4 days and bringing the flu, (oh NO!!! not to Josie !!!) than they would with "Ma Keller" being at the birth.

As another has pointed out TLC airs what it wants to air on the show for the ratings, and I highly doubt Anna went through her entire labor without telling her mother what was going on. Nor do I believe that her mother had to wait for some public announcement either. But it makes for better drama if we THINK that's how it happened, it set the blogs afire...

Sharla said...

Let's please stay out of the Keller family business. I know most of the comments are doing that but a few I've seen are straying and some I've not let through are going there full speed ahead. We do not know the whole story and they have notput their family business on TV. They've been seen only in tiny bits and not enough to warrant a lot of speculation and rumor.

One thing I've learned about "reality" TV is that reality is frequently very different. Even if TLC gave us reasons for various things, there is no reason to believe it would be the factual truth.

msrylee said...

I agree that this has the blogs on fire, just as TLC intended. I am trying to make sense of a reality show that is anything but reality.

The bottom line is that Michael James arrived safely and seemingly healthy, and this is cause for celebration.

aimee said...

A couple things I'm curious about... Do Josh and Anna have health insurance? Would they be covered by tlc? Or do they have sag cards? In which case they'd be covered as well. What I'm wondering is if they aren't covered, that could have a HUGE impact on their home birth choice. And I can see the logic in a way. She's young, healthy pregnancies, good support, it seems to work for them, so far.
Also, I wondered if Anna thought that having the baby on the toilet would be easier to clean. I mean, she's so self sacrificing, I could see that.


aimee said...

Oh, I forgot about this. What about Josh raking the newborn baby outside to breathe in the fresh highway air?????


Sharla said...

None of the reality performers are members of SAG. They don't qualify. Reality shows are non-guild work which is one of the things that makes them less expensive to produce.

It's doubtful that any of the people on their reality shows are on TLC's health insurance.

Cyn said...

I would on the other hand hazard a guess as to Josh and Anna being on the same type of insurance as the senior Duggars, which does NOT cover pregnancies. Just the major medical issues.

Those are dirt dirt cheap, and if they wanted a hospital birth they would do it the same way the rest of us do things with no insurance. You prepay, and usually when you prepay by certain time periods you get deals on the amounts you pay.

Labor and Delivery like most elective 'surgeries' or hospital stays (key word here being elective) can be negotiated, both with the doctors and the hospitals especially if there is more than 1 close by.

It works not unlike car dealerships.... just saying... the customer doesn't have to buy from you, and can take their business elsewhere, so they are more willing to work with you.

Personally we shaved over 2,500 off our second birth, between the doc and the hospital. (a 3 day stay normal birth) By having everything paid for before my 5th month. Our third pregnancy, the hospital had to refund part of our prepayment because I had her that morning, and they released me that afternoon in time to pick up my kindergartner from school (yes the teachers and the nurses had a cow, but I was fine, and baby was fine and didn't see the point in staying over night) (Doc was fine with letting me go).

BTW that birthing pool they either bought or rented would have almost paid for the hospital stay alone, but if they bought it, they can re-use it later with new liners, again saving them money.

Religilicious said...

Hard to comprehend a priority list that requires possibly buying a used kiddie pool (and then reusing it for subsequent births, even though only disinfection, NOT sterilization, is possible) for home deliveries to save $, while the patriarchs approve purchase of Hummers and other boy toys.

Also, IMO, hospital delivery would not be considered 'elective' surgery if males gave birth. It would, instead, be deemed a sacred sacrament including great fanfare and layer upon layer of Tender, Loving, Care. Just sayin'...

michelle said...

I've often wondered this: how much choice does Anna get about who films her and what they film her doing. I saw ( either in the shows or on the previews) where she flashed the double thumbs up sign that Jinger is famous for. I felt sorry for her. I have done research on water births though, some women believe that the water is relaxing enough that it helps labor go faster. Others (like my mom) believe that a hospital with drugs of all kinds is the only good option. Not saying Anna did not have a choice but it sometimes seems that way.

justagirl said...

Historically the Duggars haven't shown that they are particularly concerned about safety. They believe that God will protect them. As evidenced by their horrendous mis-use of carseats and seat belts when they travel around in their bus. I had an on-line aquaintance who was a child passenger safety technician at the time their first specials aired and she contacted them about their old, expired carseats, loose straps and obvious misuse on the show. This was back when they personally answered viewer emails and their response was that whatever happens is God's will and they pray that He will keep them safe in their travels. They have since improved their carseat use in the cars, but still blatently disregard them in the bus. It may not be against the law for a child to be sitting on an adults lap on the bus because busses are exempt vehicles, but the laws of physis are still in play. I hope they never have to learn the hard way.

I'm sure they believe that a home birth, with a lay midwife, plus a good dose of prayer is enough to protect Anna and the baby.

I even questioned whether or not Anna received any prenatal care during this pregnancy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall seeing any of the typical "Anna visits the doctor" episodes, and both of her ultrasounds seemed to be done at a "boutique" ultrasound salon, and not at a doctor's office. Since they ditched the OB/GYN practice "at the last minute" in favor of their first home birth, I wouldn't be surprised if the office either refused to treat them, or they just didn't bother with the expense of dr. appointments either. I firmly believe that the home birth option is because it's cheaper than their high private insurance deductible. I never believed that Josh and Anna were considering a hospital birth, even when they said "we're thinking about it" during the episode.

And, FWIW, my good friend had her first child on the toilet and it was a hospital birth. It's actually not all that unusual. I remember toilets being mentioned in my childbirth classes as good places to labor as well.

justagirl said...

As for who attened the birth, I thought I recognized their Bradley instructor, Theresa Fedosky, as the attending midwife. On the Bradley website, she has the letters AAHCC after her name.

Anna's sister posted on FB that Anna had given birth, but would not share any details with the Keller side of the family until the special aired (there was also something posted to allude to the fact that the Kellers were not allowed to be there during the birth).

Following that post someone else commented that he knew all the details b/c his mom was a the birth (his last name matched the midwife's).

Religilicious said...

As a Labor & Delivery RN, I do not believe any credible medical professional would encourage toilet deliveries. I also do not believe toilet deliveries are common. Let us hope, for the well being of the newborns, this is an accidental situation and, as such, an exception rather than anyone's rule.

emm said...

I must admit the whole home birth is scary but at least Anna chose to have a doula/midwife present. I watched a documentary a few years ago where pregnant women and only their spouses delivered the baby via a home birth...claiming that it was "natural" and the only "real" option. Even if it only was family and friends along with Miss Theresa as the doula at least Josh and Anna had someone there with some sort of experience...although their way of life is unorthodox I say congrats to the family!

sandi said...

Since Anna didn't actually give birth in the pool,I'm guessing they might could sanitize the liner and use it for the next birth.

Anonymous said...

I support Anna's homebirth decision, and I don't have a problem with her giving birth in her bathroom on a toilet. While giving birth to my 4th child, I contracted staph in the hospital's L&D, so I can't really say that hospitals are the best with cleanliness. However what bothered me was that she didn't have a licensed midwife present. It is to my understanding that only a licensed Midwife can carry oxygen and pitocin. What if Michael James was in need of oxygen at birth, or Anna needed pitocin to stop a hemorrhage? Nursing or Shepherds Purse, will not necessarily stop it either.

Religilicious said...

Re: use of kiddie pools for childbirth: I'm all for LeBoyer's water births, but still question the use of kiddie pools for them.

Keep in mind Leboyer's method also calls for dimmed lights and calm quiet. With a TLC sound and film crew present, it seems these two important factors took a back seat to exploiting the birth for TLC.

Keep in mind that it is not just delivery that is 'messy', but also labor. Disposable liners are a step in the right direction, but unlikely to cover the entire area, therefore, IMO, kiddie pools do not seem the most hygienic route to take for labor/delivery. All due respect to Dr. Leboyer intended.

As for saving $ by choosing a home delivery, that point was less gender-related and more a question of priorities when the expense of a hospital delivery is deemed too much, yet purchase & use of a Hummer for any reason is an accepted 'hit' to the family budget. It makes no sense IMO, especially in a family who seems to consider itself savvy in business.

All in all, the best I can say is that I'm glad mom and baby, Anna and Michael, are healthy. THAT is really the main goal and it's always wonderful when that is the outcome.

Sharla said...

This is not a referendum on home birth vs hospital birth. Please remember it is a discussion of the TV episode and keep your comments directly to something in the episode.

I will put up a thread in the free discussion blog.