Tuesday, July 19, Duggar Dental Drama

Jessa, Jinger, Joseph and Josh all go under the knife for wisdom teeth extractions -- on the same day. But when Josh and Joseph miss a crucial step in preparing for the surgery, they become the ones who need a little wisdom.

30 minutes

Rinse and repeat.  Change the children involved and voila a new episode.


Religilicious said...

Josh and Joseph aren't the only Duggars to 'need a little wisdom'.

Also, more than a little wisdom is needed in Duggarland.

Seriously, who told TLC taking kids to the dentist is entertainment? They use the same formula over and over and over again across all their 'reality' shows and even within the same program, as this one with Duggar Dental Day.


Digger said...

Joseph has wisdom teeth at age 16?

sandi said...

Does Josh really need his out,or is this for entertainment purposes and a paycheck only? If he made it to his age with them,there would seem to be no reason to remove them now.JMO although I haven't seen the show yet.

msrylee said...

Please spare the viewers another dental drama. Enough is too much IMO.

Reality TV Junkie said...

"Joseph has wisdom teeth at age 16?"
I've heard of people getting wisdom teeth extracted at even younger than that. I'd say it's pretty normal.

nogmamme said...

Some people don't start having problems with them until they are older. My brother was about 26 when got his out. He was in a lot of pain for awhile and should've gotten them removed sooner

michelle said...

I saw the episode where Jill and Jana had their's done. I am a bit younger than Jill but I don't have my wisdom teeth yet. Every time I see the re-runs I cringe (mostly because Jill seemed so horrified and really looked freaked out). Hopefully mine will forget to show up altogether

heavennoseven said...

I wonder how it will be when a man is in pain in Annas and Joshs house.

ennvee said...

I imagine Josh was included because they got the service as a quid pro quo for appearing on the show. I seriously doubt the younger Mr. and Mrs. have dental insurance. At this point, they might not even have health insurance for themselves (explaining Anna's choices during pregnancy (homebirth and ultrasounds with a strip mall technician rather than a doctor's office).

The boys probably ate or something like that before surgery. And FWIW, I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was Joseph's age (in the real world, a high school junior). In my case, I had braces, have a small mouth and what could be seen of the wisdom teeth indicated that they would be impacted.

It's hard for me to believe they all have impacted wisdom teeth, given the size of their mouths, but stranger things have happened.

I guess the "new" spin on this is that Josh will be a horrible patient, as men usually are. Thankfully, this happened before Anna had Michael, otherwise she would have had 3 babies to take care of.

michelle said...

I suspect that Anna will cater to Josh's every need while he is recovering. She will make whatever he asks for, do whatever she asks for, and be quite sympathetic. I predict this will go on for a while

heavennoseven said...

I wonder how many days Josh till take off of work.

Alberta Rose said...

My husband will probably watch this epsisode because he got his wisdom teeth out at 20 something and can relate to what Josh went through. I will probably preview this episode like I did when Jill and Jana got their wisdom teeth out. I don't let my son watch every single episode involving the Duggar family.

Hannah said...

Pain Meds, Really Josh? Why didn`t Anna get any when she was having two babies.

I had mine out and I did just fine.

The wisdom line was stupid.

Homemade applesauce. Was that staged. Poor Jessa(or Jinger) loooked really annnyed.

Looks, like they dont go to Adli`s anymore.

I knew they would eat somthing before.

michelle said...

The apple sauce did not look appetizing at all. I remember having surgery at six in the morning and the nurse telling me that if I had eaten anything at all then they would have to postpone the operation. I thought Jinger and Jessa were pretty chilled out about the whole thing. Much more than Jill at least

positiveparent said...

Josh - 3 to 5 days off work, according to Anna

Joseph, 53 people in the house as soon as he gets home from surgery... really??

Josh and Joseph. as men, can't be responsible for reading the directions for their own medical care? These are the current and future family leaders?

Something tells me that Anna will stage a coup one of these days, because Josh is going to drive her crazy

rcadra2 said...

Hmmm Jessa and Jinger get filmed at their worst, with the camera practically in their mouths and then all woozy afterward when they're coming out of the anasthesia.

Then the boys coincidentally drink sweet tea (hmm...both drank the same thing and both at the same time). And what do you know, they get to reschedule, instead of being filmed with IV's, going under, waking up wacked out with ice packs on their faces.

Does anyone think they drank the sweet tea on purpose, so they wouldn't have to be on the show?

I was kind of hoping they'd take Josh in first for the surgery, lead him to the bathroom and take out his teeth while sitting on the toilet (no anasthesia, of course) then broadcast it next Sunday evening as a special episode.

And let's see, what else annoyed me...Jim Bob, telling the surgeon to go ahead and take they boys' teeth out anyhow, even with the tea-drinking.

Jessa apologizing and seemingly taking the blame for the boys drinking the tea. "I must not have passed the directions onto them," she said. Don't 'the boys' take any responsibility for themselves?

More annoyances - the boys flippant attitude about wasting two of the surgeons appointments. Michelle baking cookies and apologizing to the surgeon about her boys' mistake. Aren't these grown up boys??? Why is their mother making amends for something they did? Why did Mom AND Dad go? Maybe they each had to carry one boy out to the car.

More problems - Anna dropping Mac off at the Duggar compound so she could devote her full attention to Josh as he recovered. Who was supposed to watch Mac, as JB and Michelle were at the surgeon, and Jessa and Jinger were indisposed. Maybe Joy Anna was holding down the fort?

I think there are so many cracks in the Duggar facade. This episode had weird undertones.

Reality TV Junkie said...

So, the Duggars eat 100 pounds of fruit a month? A lot at first glance, but that's about 3-ish pounds a day, but for 20 people? That's not a lot at all.

mom in texas said...

Not the most exciting episode but there were a few things to note:

It seems that the Duggars have moved on from shopping at Aldi's.At least that didn't appear to be Aldi's grocery.

Anna's comment about leaving Mackynzie with the in-laws so that she can "focus" her attention on Josh. Really? 3 to 5 days of just "being together" (her words). I had four impacted wisdom teeth along with two other teeth removed all at one time (not sure why the dentist felt the need to do it all at once or why I allowed it) and I was an adult at home with a 2 year old. Let me tell you, that was the most painful experience next to child birth yet I was not waited on hand and foot nor was I off of work for more than a day.

I couldn't tell if Anna was more irritated that Josh drank the tea or that she wasn't going to be able to play nurse for another week.

There wasn't anything staged about Josh and Joseph drinking the tea. They were working together that day and simply may have forgot.

I wonder why the Duggars had the 3 families visiting. Does anyone know if there was an event or something? The episode may have been more interesting had some time been spent on that more than the dental visit.

Sharla said...

I've rejected a few comments already. Please remember this is about the Duggar episode not all the stories of having our, our husband's, or our children's teeth out unless. Thank you very much.

Lisa said...

Mackynzie was only dropped off at the Duggar house for the day, not the entire time of Josh's recovery. It makes sense that Anna didn't want to have to deal with Mackynzie while her husband is coming out of anesthesia but Mackynzie is part of the group that Anna is excited to spend time with while Josh is recovering.

ennvee said...

Jessa apologizing and seemingly taking the blame for the boys drinking the tea. "I must not have passed the directions onto them," she said. Don't 'the boys' take any responsibility for themselves?
I can see how Joseph didn't see a copy of the "what not to do before surgery" sheet that would have been given to all ADULTS when they went in for their x-rays/consultations. JimBob, Jessa and Josh would have all received this instruction sheet. Jessa shared hers with Jinger, of course, but probably didn't realize that her father didn't bother to give his to Joseph, or at least tell him "no food or drink for 12 hours prior to surgery." Hey Jim Bob, Joseph is still under your care, legally. It's not up to Jessa, whom I doubt rarely sees Joseph as he's out working with Jim Bob or John David all the time.

Be a father to your kids when the cameras are NOT running!

As for Josh, it's all on him; even if Anna read the sheet, she can't remind Josh what to do or she'd be considered a nag/disrespectful wife in their world of male rule. He needs to learn to take some responsibility for himself. He is so cavalier, but like it does with all of us, it'll catch up with him eventually.

The applesauce? How ironic that they had that expensive corer/peeler gadget that they'd apparently never used before, based on the wide-eyed reactions of the little ones. From what I saw, the final result still looked a little chunky for people who just had major surgery; while I prefer it with a little "tooth," Jinger and Jessa (Joseph wouldn't have been a recipient) needed something softer, at least for the first couple of days.

My take-away is that Josh is a big baby who doesn't think the rules apply to him.

michelle said...

Why did Jinger/Jessa feel that it was their fault about the menfolk not getting their instructions? Also, it seemed as though Anna was going to wait on Josh hand and foot while sending off Mack. Poor Mack.

ennvee said...

Why did Jinger/Jessa feel that it was their fault about the menfolk not getting their instructions?


You answered your own question. The sisters are the "mothers" in the household and therefore responsible for the care of even the young men in the house, who apparently can't be trusted to ask for the the information themselves.

The Gothard fathers apparently can't be trusted to tell their children what to do in times that don't involve home improvement or fixing cars; medical instruction and care is apparently women's work, even if it's your sister-mom.

I guess Michelle didn't go to the consultations or she *might* have taken the incentive to read the instructions as any real mother would do. Her presence during surgery day was all for show (as was the applesauce-making). They didn't need her there, even if Joseph had surgery; a sister-mom is usually used for those outings. More proof that Producer Sean reads here and the other obvious places.

nogmamme said...

While I am huge Duggar fan, this episode was ridiculous. It really irritates me that a grown man couldn't be responsible enough to read instructions. It was also rude that they had such a laid back attitude about having to reschedule two appointments. I am sure this was a pretty big inconvenience for the practice.

Religilicious said...

Ah, yes, Duggarville, where the women accept all responsibility ("Nike!" and "I must've forgotten to give the directions to him") for the males, yet the males crown themselves as Patriarchs. How very sad.

And wait. Anna can give birth at home, with a dubiously-trained 'midwife' and sans medication but her Patriarch can't even manage to get basic pre op prep right and seems overly dramatic about oral pain?

I'm so glad not to be a woman stuck in Duggarville. The cards are certainly stacked against them.

I'd MUCH rather remain single and independent than be burdened with a husband who was more of a rather dim man-child than a smart, competent adult.

j said...

I almost fell off the couch laughing when Anna was gushing about 3 to 5 days of "family time". Please! I have a husband and two toddlers and if my husband were home for that long after even a minor medical procedure it would NOT be family bonding time. It would be me doing my usual child rearing duties while also taking care of my husband (whom I love dearly, but he is a man after all and would likely lay on the couch and whine endlessly). I have a feeling most women would agree with me here.

msrylee said...

Amen, sisters!! I laughed when Anna talked about the family time they were going to have, and she seemed so excited.

I would not want to be a female, with the exception of Michelle, in the Duggar world. She seems to get her way, even though she uses her baby talk voice. No thank you, I wouldn't be a good fit there.

Sharla said...

1.122 million viewers.

TLC seems to now be canceling shows that drop below 700K viewers consistently.

Cyn said...

1.122 million viewers.

TLC seems to now be canceling shows that drop below 700K viewers consistently.

WHOOOT does that mean we will have the Duggars for at least a little longer????

I *heart* Austen said...

The numbers are up a little bit. I wonder how many people watched just to snark on Josh's he-man negligence of the rules?

FWIW, Jim Bob did NOT look pleased when the surgeon rightly declined to operate on the boys (and yes, with this sort of behavior, Josh behaved with the maturity of his pre-pubescent brothers).

I see a LOT of entitlement embedded in the males of their society, including soft-spoken John-David, who essentially admitted that they went "right up to the line" in some situations. He didn't flat-out admit that what Josh and Joseph did was done on purpose (and they knew the girls would take the "blame" if they did in fact know the pre-op procedure), but his remarks were easily inferred to mean that rules don't apply to Duggar men. What's a little sweet tea a few hours before a scheduled surgery when you (hopefully) know what to do and what to expect before, during and after surgery? They're the Duggars and God loves them more because they can make so many kids!

Earth to Jim Bob and his sons: even Michelle has a little appreciation for the survival of their one real trial in life: Josie. What's a little aspiration during surgery?

Watch the ratings plummet next week. Personally, I'd prefer if they went back to specials; there's no "there" there anymore.

Hannah said...

I still like the show,even if they can be boring at times.

I do wonder if the food thing was staged. I mean its very basic to know that you dont eat before having surgery.

I think the 16 hours was that Josh was sleeping for most of it.

I don`t get why he didnt have when Jana n Jill did. I dont think Mack was born yet. It would of been a lot easier for Anna.

Krissy said...

I'm personally not a fan of the older Duggar boys. I think they're coddled and sexist, and I too was irritated that Jessa took the blame for their carelessness.

I thought it was interesting when Michelle said Joseph got waited on hand and foot after his surgery but I didn't see him do anything nice for Jessa and Jinger when they were recovering. The little boys were so sweet, trying to bring the girls ice packs and food, I just think the older boys very much have the attitude of "women are to serve men" and it shows big time.

msrylee said...

There is a possibility that Josh wasn't having any problems with his wisdom teeth until now. We are unsure of his status, and maybe the TLC 'watchers and readers' of said blog will address the question.

msrylee said...

It is also my opinion that the older male blessings are coddled and sexist. Joseph didn't appear to wait on his sisters after their surgeries. The males treat the women in their family as servants. I felt angry that Jessa took the responsibility for the sweet tea fiasco. Josh is totally responsible for his choices and actions, and JimBob and Michelle still are responsible for Joseph.

Josh's request for adequate pain meds really rubbed me the wrong way. He would fully avail himself of being more comfortable, but Anna isn't afforded the same pain meds during childbirth. There probably was no one assisting Anna who was legal to administer pain meds, and Josh was under the care of a dentist who legally could administer and prescribe such drugs. Go figure. JMO

Sharla said...

This comment is about the Duggar ratings and people thinking tlc will drop the show if the ratings drop below a certain point. Well I don't think that will happen,

Your comment also referenced TLC reaching a point of the show no longer making a profit. The ratings and profit are inseparably linked. The amount of income is determined by the ratings. Thus the show will end at a certain point of ratings (income).

As the show ages the expenses increase due to salary increases. Where TLC's profit line lies is a subject of discussion relevant to all their shows.

Allison said...

I totally agree that the boys were immature and should know their responsibilities, but I don't really see how Josh taking pain meds has anything to do with Anna not taking pain meds for childbirth.

There are MANY women who choose not to take an epidural while in a hospital. Natural childbirth is a valid and common occurrence, even in today's hospitals, and it is not unquestionable that Anna would choose to go natural.

Now I will say that I didn't watch Michael's birth episode because I was traveling and it didn't tape properly, but I'm just saying that many women choose not to use pain meds during birth while fully supporting pain medication in other circumstances.

nogmamme said...

I agree with you Allison. If you are interested in seeing that episode you can buy it on amazon.com for 1.99. And no commercials to deal with! It's listed under season 4 for some reason. This is the only way I am able to watch the show.

sandi said...

I get the feeling that financially.Anna didn't have any other choice but to deliver at home without meds.I doubt Josh would have slurged for a hospital birth with an epidural or pain meds when it was cheaper to do it at home.JMO.

msrylee said...

Anna did not have the choice about taking pain meds, I believe, as there wasn't anyone assisting her who was legal to administer them. That is my point. If anyone can in fact prove that someone assisting at the birth was legal to give those meds, I would be more than happy to admit my error.

HistorianMom said...

Anna's choice to deliver at home would include informed consent that no anesthetic or narcotic drug would be available to her without a hospital transfer.

Digger said...

I hope their friends teach the Duggar kids how to stack cups. That was cool.