Tuesday, October 4, Schooolhouse Duggars, 9:30 PM

Watch as Michelle demonstrates her homeschooling skills as the family prepares for their annual ATI Conference in Big Sandy, Texas. Then the Duggar kids put what they've learned to practice visiting a Spanish tutor and ordering in Spanish at a restaurant.

30 minutes


tulip said...

Well, the criticism has been pretty high lately on the schooling issue, what with all the travelling, and many an episode showing not Michelle, but rather the older girls, overseeing the "schoolwork". Looks to be yet another episode set up to give a chance for the Duggars to stand up to their critics.

Speaking of that, was it just me, or was their second book more or less the same thing? It seemed that whatever criticism happened to be floating around at the time, it all just happened to be mentioned & then addressed, chapter by chapter.

rcadra2 said...

Sounds like damage control to me!

Seriously? said...

Es spanol? The Patriarch sure could use some educatin' on this one....

Joy said...

We're in our first year of homeschooling. I'm excited to see how Michelle does it. I can imagine the educational experiences they get by all the traveling they do. There is no education like seeing things for yourself first hand. I'm looking forward to seeing more about the ever necessary book work though. Looking forward to this one!

DuggarGoth said...

This will most definitely be a "Cover Your Butt" episode.

hart&sole said...

There is no better supplement to an education than seeing things and experiencing them oneself. I think the Duggars kind of forgot the first part with the younger kids. And how much can you actualy experience while coraling little tykes? Just My Opinion

londonbridges said...

I too am looking forward to viewing Michelle's home schooling episode. It's been a long time since I recall seeing her teach her blessings at the school of the dining room table.

hart&sole said...

Me too, I especially remember her talk about bankruptcy.

Oxford Comma said...

I'm not opposed to either learning by traveling or homeschooling; I think both are fantastic ideas. That being said, however, I find the fact that the younger boys cannot read (as evidenced in the radio show episode) as well as the fact that everyone, from adults to toddlers, seems incapable of producing a grammatically correct sentence to be a sign that neither is an educational model that is working effectively.

Seriously? said...

"I find the fact that the younger boys cannot read (as evidenced in the radio show episode) as well as the fact that everyone, from adults to toddlers, seems incapable of producing a grammatically correct sentence to be a sign that neither is an educational model that is working effectively."


Agree 100%! In a case like the Duggars, homeschooling is like the blind leading the blind.

Those poor kids don't stand a chance of having a real education. Impossible to understand why the Duggar parents are so proud of this.

ennvee said...

I see that the Duggar Family blog is using this episode to coordinate with selling College Plus! by posting a letter supposedly written by Jill discussing her wonderful experiences and desire to get a BSN.

Jill would make a wonderful nurse, but there's no way she's going to survive the realities of working in an ER or anything other than obstectrics (for which she'd need even further study).


I don't think she wrote it any more than I believe that Michelle teaches her kids any longer. It's all for show and an extended commercial for College Plus!, for which they're obviously being well endorsed to promote and cover their butts yet again when it comes to the reality of the lack of education those younger kids are receiving. Travel is great, but at the breakneck pace they were going left little, if any, time to really explore sights for future edification.

Sarah said...

Not to mention that toddlers and teenagers (or adults, in the case of the Duggars) are not at the same developmental level, but Michelle pretends to "teach" them all, as if they are. I still chuckle about "shapes and colors". Yup, Michelle, those teens definitely need to learn their shapes and colors.

I think the only education those kids are having these days is how to keep from having motion sickness on all those buses, planes and ferries!

Seriously? said...

"I still chuckle about "shapes and colors". Yup, Michelle, those teens definitely need to learn their shapes and colors."


HA! And I still chortle at the memory of Teacher Michelle at Disney, 'teaching' her kids about the 'Am-A-Zon" - even a 2 yr old of moderate intelligence is beyond this level of 'teaching'.

londonbridges said...

It has always concerned me about the lack of education, including elementary, secondary and post-secondary educations, that the Duggars have chosen for their blessings. I believe God gave us all talents, gifts and intelligence, and we shouldn't waste any of them. What would happen down the road if any of the Duggar female blessings had to make a living in order to provide for themselves and their blessings? We can never say never, as life's circumstances can change in a heart-beat. What job could they hold today?

It is my opinion that JimBob and Michelle are cheating their blessings out of an education (whether they ever use it or not) and the ability to take care of themselves. It is also my opinion that they don't have the right to do that to their blessings.

Alberta Rose said...

In Biblical times, when a woman became a widow, she was not expected to fend herself but return to her father's home. Since the Duggar family follows Biblical principals, in the event one of their daughter's becomes a widow, she should be welcomed back to wherever Jim Bob and Michelle are living.

imaamy said...

What if Jim Bob and Michelle were no longer living? Would one of the brothers be expected to take in a widow? Or maybe their own children as Grandma Duggar has come to live w Jim Bob and Michelle? I guess it depends on timing.

londonbridges said...

I understand the Biblical principle of a widowed daughter returning home to her parents, and having them support her. What if JimBob and Michelle were deceased, and she didn't want to live with her brothers, and her blessings were still dependent on her for support, due to their young ages? We can never say never.

What is so wrong with attaining a post-secondary education?

Whitney said...

What I find so sad about the Duggar methods of honeschooling is that the children consider themselves well-educated and don't have a clue as to how little they know about the world, about how to learn beyond rote memorization and computerized testing.

They have no awareness of all they do not know and are not encouraged by their parents or G/ATI to become active thinkers. It is still true, regardless of ethnicity that "A Mind is a terrible Thing to Waste!"...

Seriously? said...

re: the Duggars living as if in biblical times...

In actual biblical times, it was not considered holy to look back 2000 yrs and try to emulate life as it was then, so WHY now assign holiness to a lifestyle that occurred in another millenium?

IMO the whole Duggar thing of emulating what they consider to be 'biblical times' is silly and has nothing whatsoever to do with moral standards.

Humans evolve and grow. Except for the Duggars.

Whitney said...

Michelle's comment, "...ways that doesn't cost anything" when referring to camping in the yard makes it very clear that as a teacher she is not well-educated to a point where she can teach her childrne to speak decent English.

Her grammatical error in this case is certainly not a Southern culture issue- it is simply wrong and it is no wonder the Duggar children speak so poorly. Neither Duggar parent speaks English well so they cannot pass along to their children what they do know yet know themselves.

Perhaps ATI should spend some conference time drilling basic langauge skills or create a Wisdom booklet on speaking English.

Sharla said...

Please use appropriate capitalization and sentence structure if you want your comments to go through. Thanks. Yes, that means everyone.

Stephanie said...

Did I just hear correctly, Michelle and Jim Bob said they don't encourage college because neither of them went to college? Isn't that the opposite of what most people would say? With 19 children what are the chances than none would want to attend college? Or that all would want too? There are 5 or 6 college age and none want a traditional college education?

Yes, Jim Bob brings his wisdom to the Middle East is going to be AWESOME, can't wait.

ennvee said...

Michelle and Jim Bob were in the right place at the right time as far as their real estate investments. I didn't marry until 1994 and by that time the Duggars had enough spare cash to finance a failed Senate primary campaign (the exact amount is in their first book, but it was in the low 6 figures) as well as pay for a lot of the tinker-toy house that had been built to that point (and the land that it was built on...about $250K, IIRC...ironically, assessed for the same amount on their last tax records posted here a few weeks ago).

Their kids (or anyone's kids today) can't rely on the same luck; what the Duggars could purchase for $50k in the early 90's, you'd now probably have to pay about 10 times that amount. With their debt-free edict, that would be virtually impossible unless your daddy has bank and willing to "rent" (the term they use to circumvent loans) the land to you.

Hey, I just gave everyone a Jim Sammons Financial Freedom seminar; that was about the only thing they DIDN'T schill during that episode. Close-ups of the Wisdom booklets, the faux boy scouts of ATI (failing to mention that ATI won't allow your son to join the real deal), not to mention the infomercial for College Plus! that I'm sure the Duggars were paid for on the side. I wish Jill the best, but real college, if she ever makes it there, is going to be quite a shock after taking those remedial CLEP tests. The local community college would be cheaper and give her a real education with real professors.

I just want to know why they're showing us footage filmed back in April (the school marquee welcomed the Duggars on 4/10 and the ATI conference is at the end of April. And why was Amy at the school? To sing Amazing Grace in Chinese?

Where's the footage they shot later in the summer when they petted dolphins, Jason fell off a stage and they went to DC? That would be fine filler for the gap before the Big European Vacation.

ennvee said...

I should clarify that Jim Bob did not run for office until 2002. I meant the duration of marriage time, not the actual dates. My bad.

Point still stands that they got in on the ground floor before the real estate boom, a luxury their kids don't have.

Further, to Jim Bob's accusation that people don't work in the area of their degrees, many put them to work in some way, while others use undergrad as a springboard to further education for which their undergrad degrees is a foundation. And even if you don't work in the area of study, it's still a college degree that will get you an interview a lot of places that will shut the door on those without a degree, no matter how smart they are (save sales, which is Jim Bob's specialty; a field in which you need the ability to sell a product and your belief in it).

I recall Jim Bob mentioning Bill Gates once; Gates was a genius dropout of Harvard and his parents were loaded. Others have exceptional talents or, in the real world, are great salespeople like Jim Bob.

Those who can't sell go to college. :)

mom in texas said...

Sorry but the Duggars idea of education is laughable.Just listening to them talk is a tell tale sign of how well the kitchen table is working for them.The elementary kids they visited seemed more intellectual than the adult Duggars. Although I am not completely clear on Duggars stance on higher education Jim Bob and Michelle made it seem like college is a waste of time.What do the Duggars see as the difference between an actual university as opposed to the online program?And Jim Bob was state representative,doesn't that require some college? If the Duggars don't feel that education is necessary for an adult to make it, I guess they will be supporting their precious blessings and their families for years to come.

hart&sole said...

In my opinion the children would be better educated if they were allowed to watch TV. There are some programs they could benefit from, like finding out that ancestors of crocodiles have been on earth for 60 million years. Or that the 'cradle of civilization' is in Africa and bones of early humans have actually been found in Ethopia dating back 4.4 million years. I'm not knocking anyone's religious beliefs, but does anyone know how long a day is to God?

Jill needs to tune into an emergency department episode so she can see first hand that the first thing done to trauma victims is CUT OFF THEIR CLOTHES.

Tammy C said...

I thought it was sad that Joy was in the same class as the younger ones at home.At least by now she should be doing her classes all on computer.

Stephanie said...

Dear Sharla

I have a question that was probably addressed years ago but I can't find anything on the topic of the Duggar kids regarding why they do not play any team sports?

Has this ever been addressed by the Duggars? None of them, with the exception of Michelle, can skate. When they went to the minor league baseball game, Jim Bob was trying to explain to his older sons the basic rules of baseball. That was very odd. What preteen/teen boys have never played or watched a baseball game?

Is ESPN that sinful? Then there is the age old question of why are the Duggar kids too good to watch tv but they expect MY kids to stone out watching THEIR tv program? If I am watching their show chances are we are a pretty Godly happy home.

Michelle said...

I read "Jill's Message" on the Duggar blog, detailing her desire to become a nurse - but it seems like they are indeed just trying to sell CollegePlus+!

Someone please enlighten me...They *must* have to do hands-on training at a real college to earn a degree in Nursing, correct? Could you imagine going to an ER, and being treated by people who were trained online? That is downright scary.

I agree that this episode was damage control, which is something I scoffed at in the past. I didn't believe that the Duggar's really did episodes in response to the critics. I now know that indeed they DO!

Right off the bat, the boys say that school takes them "3-4 hours", and then the pop-up (probably written by Jim Bob and Michelle), says they are doing homeschooling for 5-8 hours. Riiight. Sitting at that table from 9am-5pm? I don't think so. They do their work on those computers, and we already know that the older girls check the work. Do they assume that we, as the audience, has forgotten that? Nice try TLC...

And newsflash for Michelle - your children WILL come in contact with peer pressure at some point. It's best to have them prepared.

A lot of times, the more you shelter a child, the more they act out. When some of them get a taste of freedom, things will backfire!! I have seen too many kids in VERY strict homes, go nuts once they get to college and finally taste some freedom (drugs, alcohol, getting pregnant). Not saying it happens to everyone, but it happens. And I see it more with people who had very strict households.

Some of the best life lessons happen on their own. You make mistakes and LEARN from them. For young adults, a broken heart or a bad hangover *teach* you! You learn not to give your heart away to just anyone, and not to go crazy with alcohol. You live, you learn. It's called LIFE, and you cannot teach that at a kitchen table, or online.

Moving on....WHY does Amy have to try to get her unattractive mug in random episodes? I don't see why on Earth she went along to the local elementary school, other than camera time.

During this episode, I also noticed Jill saying, "our kids" yet again, in reference to her siblings. That is downright odd. Most girls her age would say, "my brothers and sisters". This goes to show that those older girls really *are* like mini-Mothers, and obviously view themselves as such.

Near the end of the episode, Michelle wins a Darwin award for explaining that because her and Jim Bob DO NOT have college degrees, in turn, they do NOT "put pressure on the kids to get college degrees".

Wait. Isn't that backwards? Usually, when the parents do not have a degree, they encourage their college TO get a degree. Life without college training, especially now, is FAR more difficult. Most people *do* have degrees, and when you are trying to find employment, it is very important! Don't they realize that each of their children will not have the chance to be in their own TV series, write books, and go on promo tours to support their future families?

John David may be happy running a towing business, and Josh had that car dealership handed to him...but what if the rest of the boys want to do something OTHER than blue-collar, no-college-degree-required type of jobs?? Not fair.

ennvee said...

I've noticed an older girl at the table in earlier School of the Dining Room Table segments (all of them except Jill at one time or another). I think they're there to apply immediate
"correction" to any kid acting up so Michelle can continue her "lessons" (remember her speaking about bankruptcy law to 5 year olds in the first special? hilarious) with as little interruption as possible.

Poor Joy looked bored to tears.

Andrea said...

I did get the feeling that Michelle herself didn't feeling entirely confortable mentioning that she, herself hadn't gone to College. It was like: "well, me and Jim Bob don't need no college, so why should our kids." It was weird.
In light of the fact that she didn't go beyond her Senior year of High School, how is she qualified to teach her children high school curriculum? Who am I kidding, she likely doesn’t even know what the word curriculum means.

Also, anyone interested in studying to become a nurse will need to take a Biology class, and I’m fairly certain that evolution will be one of the first subjects taught. I can only imagine the confusion the adult children will feel when they realize creationism is a crock!!!

londonbridges said...

I now know the reason why JimBob and Michelle give for not wanting their blessings to receive post-secondary education. Hopefully they are prepared to support their blessings for a long time to come.

I also thought Joy didn't belong in the same class as the younger blessings. Surely she is able to study via computers as have her older sibs. Perhaps she isn't ready to proceed at those levels. It has been a very long time since Michelle taught at the dining room table. Damage control, I think. JMHO.

londonbridges said...

I also felt that Michelle was painting all college students with the same brush when referring to drug use, alcohol use, and dating. She doesn't want her blessings exposed to these behaviours, but she may be very surprised to find that over-protected children tend to really experiment when they are out in the world. I don't mean every young person, but many have gone wild. Do JimBob and Michelle think they can isolate their blessings forever?

It irritates me greatly when the Duggars make these judgments about others. JMHO.

Delta88 said...

This family has been on the road for the past six months, and weeks and weeks of the last five years of filming. I sincerely doubt that there is much of any schooling happening during their many, many trips. Imagine trying to study in that bus hullaballoo. And then there is that pesky one month European extravaganza. No schoolwork happening then either.

Let's face it. These kids are completely uneducated, and their mother...supposedly their teacher, is also completely uneducated. Not everyone needs to go to college, but surely every child deserves a foundation in educational basics, a concept which this willfully ignorant family has yet to grasp.

Fast forward ten years and see how the Duggar kids are doing. Somehow, I doubt it will be a pretty picture, since there aren't enough car lots or towing opportunities in Arkansas to keep all those boys employed. Probably all the girls will still be living at home too, since Jim Bob isn't likely to really let them loose, even to marry. WIthout an education or training in any skill, these kids are doomed.

mom in texas said...

Michelle said:
During this episode, I also noticed Jill saying, "our kids" ...

Oh my goodness, yes! I forgot to mention this in my post but I remember watching last night and rewinding my television because I thought surely Jill didn't say "our kids" but indeed she did. I am glad someone else mentioned this. I too was put off by this. It goes to show the extent of her relationship with the children. Talk about a Freudian slip! This young woman has not been allowed to live her life so much so that she calls her own siblings her children. Tragic.

Sharla said...

.999 million viewers.

Seriously? said...

Re: Jill referring to her fellow Duggarettes as 'our kids': ICK!

This is not normal.
This is not good.
This is not holy.

Goes right along with the female Duggars wearing their hair ala 1980's 'because DADDY likes it this way'.

Double ICK.

Seriously? said...

"Those who can't sell go to college"


OR, as in the case of the Duggars, those who can't make it through college SELL.

tulip said...

Wow, all the promo for College Plus is nauseating! A lot of this really must be to fire back at the critics for the Duggar views on college. College Plus website, featuring the Duggars, still promotes Josh as wanting to become a lawyer. Good luck to him, but it'll be a long road (not to mention a lot of times just taking the classes are a lot easier than CLEP testing!)

Jill will definitely have to "attend college" for her clinical rotations...seems like College Plus for her would actually be more planning & work in the long run, with making sure everything fits together and providing the continuity of coursework.

Seriously? said...

<1 million viewers.... hmmm.... let's hope this is the beginning death knell for yet another 'reality' show that has nothing whatsoever to do with REALITY.

hannah said...

Jim Bob: Even if teach them "life skills" a lot of real jobs will make the train or take classes.

I think Jill mind end being a nurse/helper in a similar hope with a child who is ill. I just cant picture her in the real world.

Kav said...

They are not at the table for 5 or 6 hours a day. In the morning they do individual stuff, which is probably not filmed because either the film crew is not there in the morning or it is more interesting to film something interactive than one person studying alone.

Jen said...

One of the boys said he did not want to go to public school as it takes to long. He mentioned or at-least implied you could easily do your work at home in 3 hours.

The pop up said the kids spend 5 to 8 hours a day schooling.

So which one is it 3 hours, less then most public schools or 5 to 8 hours, approx. the same if not more than most public school?

hart&sole said...

Let's pretty much forget about any of the Duggar kids dealing with real life. They are so ill prepared to say the least they would have breakdowns. So how did Michelle avoid the pitfalls she is so sure that her kids would be exposed to in public school if it's so rampant that she can't trust her religiously raised children to cope with all those drugs, that alcohol, and (gasp)perhaps sex?

DuggarGoth said...

Did anyone notice that Johanna said she wanted to become a doctor? I know she's young so she may change her mind at some point, but it's so sad because she will never get the chance to explore that option. She seems like such a smart little girl. What a terrible waste. I don't think College Plus and learning a "trade"/"life-skills" will prepare her for that.

MomofFour said...

Homeschooling, for most people, does take a lot less time than regular school. You should be able to complete the work in about 3 hours, less for younger grades. That's not unusual--so I'm not sure why the Duggars need to hide that?

I'm saddened by the fact that the Duggars don't encourage their kids who could benefit from a college education to pursue it. The kids could even live at home and take real college classes, if that's the Duggars' concern. I seem to remember that they are not very far from the University of Arkansas.

The "our kids" thing was sad, but then again, my four year old refers to her baby brother as "our baby" because she feels like she's the mommy too. However, I'd be a bit shocked if she said the same thing at 10+.

mom in texas said...

Duggar Goth said:
Did anyone notice that Johanna said she wanted to become a doctor?
I heard the comment too and I thought "good for Johannah". She sounded so sure and assertive but then I became sad. I thought of the fact that her chances of actually becoming a doctor are slim to none. One because of the dining room table education she is receiving from her mom and sisters. And two, because she is being raised in a family where this kind of free thinking is not encouraged. It saddens me to think this little girl's spirit will be crushed by the decisions her parents made long before she was born. Unless things change in the Duggar home in the next 10 to 15 years, poor Johannah's fate as a home and baby maker is already sealed.

londonbridges said...

I heard Johanna say she wanted to be a doctor. It's a terrible shame that given the Duggar mind-set, she will not have the opportunity to attain her 'dreams'. I know she's young, and may change her mind, but I think she as well as several of her sibs are intelligent, and could achieve whatever THEY wanted in life. That may mean a college education, and I hope JimBob and Michelle will change their minds about education. I'm not holding my breath, waiting, however. JMHO.

tulip said...

It just seems like the Duggars continue to overprotect well after their kids are now adults! It makes it appear that with the issue of college, women having "a career" outside the home and the whole dating/courtship thing, Jim Bob & Michelle are trying to keep control rather than submitting that completely over to God. And what for? These kids are young adults, they've formed alot of their own values & convictions, and seem to have a solid foundation for continuing to do so as they mature.

They're concerned about them being exposed to "worldly landminds" in college like anti-Christian philosophical issues, temptations of alcohol, drugs, etc.? Truth is, they're adults! Some exposure to people who are dealing with these issues might help them "learn" some things (from a Christian perspective). If Jill is wanting to be a nurse, she will encounter & have to care for people from all walks of life, and therefore should be able to relate to where they're coming from to provide that compassion.

Sorry for the rant! But it's just so frusturating (and sad) to see these young adults with all of life ahead of them being forced into Jim Bob & Michelle's protective bubble.

Seriously? said...

I find it outrageous that at a time when the rest of the world is valuing higher education and is passing us by, here in the U.S. 'reality' tv holds up THE DUGGARS, of all people, as a valid educational option.

The Duggars embarrass me as an American and as a person raised with a Christian background ...and not JUST their lack of insight into the importance of a good, broad education. Their entire model of small mindedness/extreme Christianity is so completely off putting.

hannah said...

I think that anyone who home schools,, if they do not have a teaching degree, should take some classes to learn how to teach.

I also think real teachers should test, The computer tests give the right answer if click on it. You also don't know if a brother or sister didn`t take it for you.

Did they ever hear of the word developmentally appropriate practices?

I hope Josie is okay when she is at the dinning room table.

ennvee said...

Okay, I'm watching the homeschooling episode again and they did not refer to ATI until the very end of the conference segment. No mention that the Wisdom Booklets also come from ATI.

Also, when Michelle called down the kids for their Wisdom Book lesson, she called everyone from the boy twins down to Johannah. Then Joy is sitting there looking bored to tears. I recall older girls doing the same thing. I think it's to help Michelle handle the Howlers if they get really rowdy. James was goofing off yet again. He's nine now, I think; I'm starting to worry about his possibly having some sort of learning disability. I hope he starts paying attention, catches up and proves me wrong.

Totally missed Jim Bob's mention that Michelle was "very good with a rolling pin" to "keep 'em in line." Wow, I hope no teachers or kids heard that since he basically endorsed corporal punishment. He really needs to learn to edit himself, but I guess the inappropriate remarks are part of his "charm."

My humble opinion: His remark was really offensive. He needs to save that stuff for when he gets home, or hangs out with like-minded people. Saying that stuff in front of kids who aren't yours is reprehensible. If someone talked about Hannah Montana in front of his kids, he'd certainly clutch his pearls.

DianeD said...

I already deleted the episode so I can't go back to satisfy my curiosity....What was the comment Michelle made about having a College Plus counselor be a part of the family for a while to help the girls with their plans? Is this something offered to every family checking out College Plus? And does that mean this woman is setting up camp in Duggarville?

tulip said...

I highly doubt a counselor from College Plus would work as closely with other students as this counselor seems to be working with the Duggars. It only reaffirms to me, though, that my thought about it actually taking more effort to coordinate coursework, etc. will probably actually turn out to be more work than just enrolling at a school and taking the classes!

Jill doesn't need a BSN to get her RN...she can earn an AAS degree from a community college and still be an RN. With all the promo on College Plus offering "so much flexibility", I would think a community college would afford her the same opportunity to live (and work!) at home, and then just drive off to attend her classes and come right back. (Although not being familiar with Arkansas, I don't know if they have a community college near them, or that offers a program for RN-education)

As a side note, I'm so tired of hearing about "Wisdom Books"...can't they just use regular workbooks? They seem to have always promoted these things from the very beginning (are they endorsed by ATI?)

pumpkin said...

Peer pressure can happen in other places than school. I faced more peer pressure to try drugs and have casual sex at my first job than I ever did in college or high school.

I think it is important to learn how to deal with peer pressure as a young person, so that as an adult you have learned those skills and can apply them appropriately.

In my opinion, Michelle and Jim Bob are living in a fantasy world where peer pressure stops when you finish school and nobody ever tries to convince you to do anything you don't feel is right once you're an adult.

Anonymous said...

To address that some though Joy didn't belong with the younger children for class, I watched the very beginning and Michelle is calling the children to the table. She did not mention Joy's name when she was calling them so she must have just sat in because she wanted to and not because Michelle was requiring her to...at least from looking at the video footage.

hart&sole said...

Wasn't it 'only' Jackson who couldn't read in 'The Pond' episode? That's how I remember it, but I don't save episodes. It's not much of a surprise that Johanna taught herself to read, is it? She's smart and is most likely Jackson's buddy. He'd be one of the lost little blessings if not for her. Johanna needs to get busy teaching her three younger sisters, because nobody else seems interested.

Isis-sama said...

As I recall it, it was the three youngest boys who couldn't read, Jackson, Justin and James. It is good to know that Johannah can at least read, but who knows where she learned it from.

SmokeyKitty said...

I don't think that the Duggars or other Gothardites outrightly express this sentiment but there is a very good reason for homeschooling, especially that which is sub-par.
Yes, they say (and probably think) that they are protecting their children from drugs and sex and other "worldly" influences. But, they must also realize that the majority of schools and students do not drink, do drugs or participate in orgies.

They know that public school is not as dangerous as they say. There are two dangers they are saving their children from. The first is the danger of differences. They don't want the kids to see others living different lives and be tempted to pursue that lifestyle (by which I mean Middle class MOm and Dad where Mom might work and there are just 2 kids and they rarely go to church etc....)
The second, and more insiduous, is the danger of options.
The Duggars must realize that by discouraging college and by giving their kids a substandard education that they are limiting their options.
Girls with limited options upon graduation from high school are more likely to stay at home until they get married young and start having babies for the Lord. Boys with limited options will also stay close to home, marry the first girl that will take him (one from a similar background) and work some menial job all his life b/c he'll be stuck under the weight of supporting a growing family and a stay at home wife wtihout the luxury of being able to enter the professional workforce. the professional workforce is filled with women and temptations of worldliness.

I'm not saying that the Duggars have completely verbalized these ideas... But, I think that they aren't sharing their complete reason for denying the kids a 1st class education. The limiting of options is the only reason I can think of why they don't at least send the kids to a Christian school. There are plenty of parochial schools out there and Gothard families could start their own small schools and employ real teachers and have a consistent and adequate curriculum (sans evolution of course).

I don't want my kids to go to public school either. But, I'll be sacrificing (I hope I'll be able to) to send them to a Jewish Day school.
Like the Duggars I want my kids to be raised with a strong religious identity. But, I'm not willing to limit their options for employment and professional fulfillment in life. As someone who chose the wrong degree and worked her butt off for a decade to earn her degree and then start a masters program after that! I want my kids to find work they find fulfilling as well as have large and loving families...

Jac&Jil said...

I'm a little late with this because I was on vacation and just got caught up on the episode.

I'm sorry, but I think Jim Bob and Michelle are just plain selfish. Aren't parents supposed to encourage their children to have ambitions and to help them succeed? Through the years if all parents thought like the Duggar parents, we would all be driving Model Ts and there would still be polio.

As for Jill becoming an RN, she still has a very long way to go before she could ever become a nurse. And if she does become an RN (which I think is highly doubtful), I bellieve she will have to wear a uniform which in hospitals around here is scrubs (a certain color for RNs, certain colors for aides, etc.). I'm just wondering if they would let her make her scrub pants into a skirt. Also, she would have to do something with that hair.

Finally, I would like to see all the kids who are of age to have some kind of employment outside of home so they can start paying Federal Income Tax and Social Security like most people. I really wonder if Jim Bob still claims all the kids (minus Josh) on their income tax. But I'm afraid the older kids wouldn't be qualified to do much in the work force. Even if it was at a fast food restaurant, they would have to wear uniforms, so it pretty much limits them as to what they can do in the real world.

UGH!!!!! said...

College+ : A wholesome way to humor your daughter’s ambitions while waiting to earn her MRS.

ennvee said... “floor before the real estate boom, a luxury their kids don't have.

Further, to Jim Bob's accusation that people don't work in the area of their degrees”

Would make a modicum of sense if the kids were encouraged to attend tradeschool… They graduate at 16 and pursue little education… what are they DOING with all these years of time? I have said it over and over on here: The Duggar parents want their kids to lead a similar, kid-plenty life as they do, yet prevent them from being equipped with what afforded it to them in the first place (social exposure/debt/trade/time/independence/work for a woman/contraception). It’s past overprotecting and underpreparing – it’s just delusional.

Lindy said...

I bet that a plethora of college graduates do not work in the majors that they graduated in. People change over time and after working in certain jobs/positions and develop different interests. I know I did!

I think Jim Bob misses the point of why people go to college: to give themselves better opportunities in the long run. If one believes that one should work in their college major, then every time someone changes careers, they should go back to university and get another degree. Jim Bob has visited and spoken at universities, such as the University of Arkansas and Liberty University, and yet fails to see what these fine universities have to offer his offspring. If he is so sure that his religious views are correct, then he should have no worries in sending any of his children to universities. He just comes across as very insecure, tyrannical, and (borrowing from UGH!!!), delusional.

Seriously? said...

"I think Jim Bob misses the point of why people go to college"


Jim Bob and his wife miss the point on MANY things.

The Duggars and critical thinking skills are strangers.

The Duggars are clueless - they use meaningless behaviors to measure morality, just as they measure 'success' of college only by the number of grads who remain working in their initial major until retirement.

The Duggars just don't GET it on so many levels.