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Serena said...

QUESTION: Why is there a need to expand into a DWOP blog?

In comparison to all the issues the viewers have with the Gosselins' greed and parenting styles, do you really feel the Duggars are due the same type of debate and dissection of their lives?

ANSWER: The Duggar children are now in the same boat as the Gosselin children -- they are being put to work on a Reality TV show without the legal protection and safeguards assured their peers in scripted TV shows.

In our opinion, their resulting issues deserve the same attention and concern that this blog will help bring.

Whether Jim Bob and Michelle will make the same mistakes that Jon and Kate remains to be seen, but one thing is already clear: they are willing to exploit their children in exchange for a contract with Figure 8 Films.

QUESTION: The debate has been made that things written on the internet might be damaging to the Gosselin children when they come across it in the future. Is the fact that the older Duggar children do surf the internet and will definitely come across this blog be taken into consideration?

ANSWER: That would be a question for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as they are the ones who have decided to thrust their children into public scrutiny.

Serena said...

QUESTION: Are the Duggars aware of this website?

We don't know that.

Serena said...

QUESTION: Is there any way you can clarify the mission of this blog?

Once a few episodes have aired we will have a better idea of the mission of this blog. We opened the doors early to let people get to know each other and share their opinions of the Duggars, currently, prior to the beginning of Season 1.

QUESTION: Wasn't the point of the Gosselin blog that some of you knew the family or people involved with them?

The point of GWoP was to air our concerns regarding the lack of laws protecting the Gosselin children, and our concerns regarding highly inappropriate and offensive exploitation of them being perpetrated by Jon & Kate Gosselin as well as Figure 8 Films. The fact that we also are acquainted with relatives of theirs was influential, but not the point.

QUESTION: Who exactly do you know that's involved with the Duggars?

No one.

Serena said...

QUESTION: Do the Duggars even watch TV?

Yes, but we don't know to what extent. According to this post on Television Without Pity, "There is a direct TV satellite smack in the front of their home", and according to this post, "...the TV is located in the parents bedroom. The parents watch TV, but the kids don't.".

Sharla said...

My only question is: when asked years ago how they support their large family, the Duggers answered that they went to a financial seminar that taught them how to live free of debt.

I have no personal knowledge of the Duggar finances, but I've read that both parents have real estate licenses and that they own industrial investment property and get income from that.

quietlyconcerned said...

The "sin at camp" quote may possibly refer to the Old Testament Story of Joseph trying to conquer the City of Ai. Basically, one of his soldiers was seduced by the sight of gold and other riches, spoils of war that were to be consecrated to God. He tried to steal some of those riches and was caught, and only then could Joseph's war campaign succeed.

To be quite honest, I do not think a true Christian belongs in politics. There are too many compromises that have to be made.

quietlyconcerned said...

Please excuse my error--it was Joshua, not Joseph! (My mind says one thing, my fingers type another ...)It can be found in the book of Joshua, around chapter 7.

Taren said...

"The father lost the campaign. He immediately began looking for "sin in the camp", as that could be the only explanation for the loss. He found that the young man betrothed to his daughter, had committed sexual sins(?) while on the campaign trail."

So doesn't that mean the other man is the one who made the "sin in the camp" reference? Both fathers ran for U.S. Senate at some point, apparently, but it was the girl's father that mentioned Sin in the Camp -not Jim Bob.

Anonymous said...

Today is their oldest son's wedding. Anyone in that area see anything or any duggars around? I'm curious as to who lavish the wedding may be. The decorations, the clothes they choose to wear and what not. Would it just be a simple, small, 'cheap' wedding..Or are they spending that money we know they are all making??

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would be pretty surprised if it was a huge, lavish affair. I mean, there might be lots of people, but I don't think they're going to spend a ton of money on it. But who knows?

Anonymous said...

They got married just outside of Jacksonville, Florida....not far from the bride's home.

Sharla said...

When I looked up the bride's family home it's near Gainesville and the church is outside Jacksonville. That wasn't near by my definition, but apparently their definition is different. We used to live in Gainesville and we certainly didn't saunter over to Jacksonville every weekend. It was a drive.

CantStopWatchingThisTrainWreck said...

What happened to the GWoP blog?? It says something that the blogger didn't meet the terms and conditions of the blog? Curiously, so does the PennMommy blog. Anybody know what's going on?

Sharla said...

Going off topic since it's been asked several times.

GWoP had a technical error this morning by one of the admins. It resulted in a blog lock up. They apparently don't have a message for that. Temporarily the backup blog is going at No "s" after gosselin.

Pennmommy put her board to private due to the personal attacks she received and the medical condition of her son.

MomOfThree said...

The first show the Duggars did was about 5 years ago when Michelle was pregnant with Jackson. It was called "Fourteen Children and Pregnant Again". I believe it was in this show that Michelle talked about how they became financially stable. She said that at the beginning of their marriage, JimBob liked to buy old cars, fix them up and sell them at a profit and they eventually opened a car lot, selling cars on consignment. She also said that both she and JB had their real estate licenses, then they got their insurance sales licenses, as well. As if they weren't productive enough with all that, Michelle goes on to say that then they opened a convenience store. She sums it all up by saying, "We worked really hard so that now we can relax a little". In these later episodes, it is only said that the Duggars own commercial real estate, so I believe that this is their main form of family support. They also cut corners by buying "used", shoes, toys and games, vehicles, commercial kitchen equipment. The groceries they bought on a shopping trip were all "store brand" (that I could tell), so this saves a bit, too. I got all this information by watching the shows when they were on as a "special" a few times a year; whether or not things are the same now, I don't know. Personally, I think that JimBob's softspoken, gentle personality is misleading. I think that he has far more business saavy than he is given credit for. AND, I'll bet that he has set firm rules in the contract
with TLC about filming and would pull the plug in a heartbeat, if those rules were compromised.

Anonymous said...

After watching the show it was said that Josh and Anna are going to have as many children as they can. My question is what will happen is she is infertile?

Maggie said...

I do not know what would happen if they cannot have children. Some people have suggested that adoption is not an option if they are Gothard followers. I think it is an impossible question to answer. They may decide to make their own choice and adopt or foster.

AmandaT said...

If she is infertile - well, they stated they were open to the children that God wants them to have. I'm sure that they will find other things to do with their lives, or that they will adopt.

Question: When has it ever been stated that they are "Gothard followers?" In all of their interviews, and on their website they state they do not prevent pregnancy because of a miscarriage, because they felt that God led them there. Not because they ascribe to another person's views.

Anonymous said...

1) Why do Michelle and all the girls have that excessively long hair? I am sure there is something in Bill Gothard's teachings that addresses this, but what is it?
2) Michelle has no college degree and is obviously very limited in her knowledge of both the humanities and the sciences in general. She homeschools the kids using those little Bill Gothard homeschooling booklets. How can these kids really have the knowledge base in terms of general education if Michelle is their teacher?
3) What if one of the kids is interested and passionate about science, for example and wants to go to college and study biology? Would that be allowed by Gothard's teachings?
I think it's so sad. The kids seem very polite and sweet, but they have no opportunity to even know if they have potential. I think it's brainwashing. Education is a right and it sickens me to think that religious ideology would not favor it.

Anonymous said...

Answers to questions:

1. There is a verse in the Bible about a woman's hair being her glory. Also there are verses about a woman not dressing like a man ( wearing pants). There is also one about women wearing headcoverings, but some women believe that their hair is their headcovering.
2. The Wisdom Books they use from Gothard are just basic, general information. They are not a full curriculum. I am sure that she supplements with outside textbooks. There are many computers, which makes me wonder if she uses Switched on Schoolhouse? Apologia Science is the most popular Science textbook for homeschoolers, maybe they use that? All homeschool books come with teachers guides, so if you can read, you can teach it.

3. Gothard teaches that the most important thing in life is God, and believing in Jesus. If something goes against that, like education at a liberal college, then don't go to college. 85% of young adults who enter college as born again believers will not profess Christianity when they graduate. Many colleges have liberal professors who teach against Christianity. I am sure the Duggars would allow college, if there were no loans, and if it was a very conservative one.

On Gothard, If you look at one of the first episodes, there is a poster on the back of the trailer that says ATI Bound ( advanced training institute. ATI is founded by Bill Gothard. They have a family camp every year in TX which is where I think they were going. I saw pics of the buildings in the background, and it is the Alert campus ( which is ATI based). My son went to Alert so I reconized it. It is also where they met the Bates ( and probably Anna). Jimbob talks about camping down by the Bates camp when they first met and realized they had similiar families. It costs about $600 per year for a family to be part of ATI. They also have to sign a form saying that they will follow the rules. One rule is to never listen to music with a 2/4 beat. Most of the rules are biblically based, but I just don't have any idea where that one comes from!

Anonymous said...

I think it is distressing that the Duggar girls aren't offered a chance at bettering themselves. I think someone on
this site pointed out that Oprah offered
the Duggar girls an opportunity to go to
midwife school but Jim Bob turned it down.
I wonder about the Bible verse that women not dress like men - I don't see anyone in the Bible wearing khakis and Dockers pants like Jim Bob and the Duggar males do.I think the Duggar glrls life-script is to marry early and start spouting out kids just like Momma Duggar.

Anonymous said...

It is also funny that in the Bible men were wearing dress type robe things at that time.

Whitney said...

I'm at school so am unable to view the shows. I have them recorded at home on TIVO but I was wondering if you guys could do the recaps like you do with the gosselin blog?

Sharla said...

Good luck at school. I wish we could do that, but right now we're stretched as it is. I don't think any new features will be added.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that someone brought up the possibility of Anna being infertile. What about Josh? What if he is impotent?

Strange how it's always the woman who is at fault.