Tues, March 16, 2010, Driving Miss Duggar

It's a road trip for the oldest Duggar girls! Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger head back to their house in Springdale to button up some loose ends at home. During their trip they squeeze in a visit with Josh, Anna, and their niece, Mackynzie.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a let down. I was thinking good for them they get to go on a road trip, but it is just to their house. I should have known the Duggar girls would never be allowed to go on an actual road trip.

Lee Anne said...

The title and description TLC put out for this episode is very misleading.

They really just need to let these kids live as normal of a life as they can (being one of many) and get them out of the public eye.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if have to go clean the house.

WhitneyS said...

The title and description TLC put out for this episode is very misleading.

It is also very unoriginal for them. Think 'Driving Miss Molly' on LPBW.

Ancient of Days said...

Those poor kids, no autonomy of thought or freedom of movement....

Springdale, Arkansas, near their home, is known for its chickens, and all I can envision now is the Duggar girls going from one coop to the other, from Little Rock to Tontitown.

Ah, my little chickies, fly away!

babysteps said...

What loose ends could the girls be tying up at home? Cleaning and laundry? It better NOT be something that John and Joseph could have done but didn't cause they're boys and it's a "girl" thing!

The episodes this season have been pretty thin. Last week it was a snippet of home school, a trip to the park, Joshy haircut, and a Josie hug. It was worth waiting for the Josie hug though. With Josie being hospital bound the Duggars are showing their boring side.

Deanna said...

Wouldn't you just love to see those four older girls go off on a REAL road trip, and not a Gothard centered retreat, a bustrip to go on baby rides with their little siblings or to push them around in strollers, or to go back to Springdale to cook and clean...but a real roadtrip, somewhere fun, just for them?

Maybe a road trip to a local college, where all the girls could walk around, attend classes, eat lunch at the student union, chat with other students. Or how about a road trip to a mall, where they could shop for themselves, without a bunch of toddlers in tow?

There are a lot of places those girls could go, besides back to their life of cooking, cleaning and laundry.

another RN said...

It would be must see TV if the girls pulled a "Thelma and Louise" and just took off on a real road trip (without the awful ending, of course!)

Bone head said...

Ok, as the title says. Driving Miss Duggar? So are the girls driving themselves or is JB driving them there? I hope it's just the girls, no escort. I also think it will be clean the house, when they get there. I do feel for these girls, their whole life centers around: cooking, cleaning, raising their sibs, doing what Dad says(the blood episode)and tryin to look happy about it. While we knew that Michelle would live at the hospital(nothing wrong with that)and JimBob would be back & forth, but what else does Jimbob do? ever wonder? Yeah, he owns commercial property, does not inspect the properties, regularly(the boys having no key to the lock)so what else does he do? I don't see him HS any of the children, yeah he's big on trips, and reading from the Bible(nothing wrong with that)playing a little with the kids and kissy with Michelle and making babies and talk alot(for a man who hates making speeches). But what does he do other wise?

Jane in California said...

Aw, I too wish those three older girls could take a fun road trip somewhere besides back home to do some cleaning. What other "loose ends" could they have at their house besides something to do with housework?

However, and this is still a big plus since they so rarely get any down time, at least they won't have any of their young charges in tow. Even though they are going home to do some work, they'll still have less than their normal fulltime jobs for however long this trip takes. I'm sure their parents won't allow them to be carefree for long - but maybe they'll at least get one week's time. Imagine, a whole week where they can sleep alone in a bed, not be wakened to care for a sibling at night, not have to cook for nearly 20 people (breakfast, lunch and dinner), do laundry only for the three of them, etc.

I hope they get caught up on much needed rest and enjoy this all too brief and rare respite from their daily fulltime jobs as unpaid nannies and maid servants.

Even if Josh and Anna ask them to babysit, it will still only be one baby, one evening. Go girls! And have fun!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the girls will listen to on their solo journey. I can just imagine them rocking out to some Lady Gaga or some other pop music their parents would find totally unacceptable.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Sounds like another yawn fest.

Sadly, Josh & Anna bring a level of viewer annoyance to the usual boredom factor attached to watching the Duggars.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Sadly, "Driving Miss Daisy/Duggar" is a more apt title than "Thelma & Louise" for those poor Duggar women. They are little old ladies long before their time, thanks to the relentless iron clad grip their parents maintain on them.

And we thought indentured servitude was a thing of the past...

Mandy said...

Or how about a road trip to a mall, where they could shop for themselves, without a bunch of toddlers in tow?

It seems like the girls are wearing a lot of newer looking clothes and we haven't seen an episode with them shopping for their own clothes in a long time. I'm guessing that they buy clothes new now (not from thrift stores) and since we haven't seen this in an episode we don't know if they go shopping without their younger siblings in tow. I'd like to think that since the older girls can all drive now and since they have a bit of their own money (whether Jim Bob gives it to them or they make it from babysitting) that they go shopping on their own sometimes as well.

But maybe that's just what I'm hoping, for their sake. =)

Red Line said...

So while the girls are back at home getting the place ready for queen bee, who will be taking care of all the kids in Little Rock?

Why can't John David and Joseph "button up the loose ends at home"? Isn't that why they got to stay behind? To keep the house in order? Are they incapable of washing sheets and running a vacuum and cleaning things up a bit?

Whatever. At least they get to sleep in their beds without a toddler for one night.

Anonymous said...

If they really are coming to clean. I will be very annoyed. I feel like they teaching the boys that all the housework is womans wors. I can already see it with Josh and Anna. I feel like Josh has Anna do most of the housework and caring for the baby. I might be wrong....

BobS said...

Red Line said...
So while the girls are back at home getting the place ready for queen bee, who will be taking care of all the kids in Little Rock?

I'd bet Grandma will be picking up the slack. Hope the older girls have some real fun on this episode rather than just something scripted.

Other than the Josie situation, TLC is really grasping for activities to feature the Duggars in this season.

Alice said...

Love these girls, and their selflessness! Only adds to their natural beauty, and maturity. Kudos to the parents for a job well-done!

Anonymous said...

I think the girls should go get something pierced!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think the girls should go get something pierced!

Ha, awesome! How about tatoos?
They could get a totoo of just about anything nearly anywhere on their body and no one would ever know!

pumpkin said...

The preview that TLC is showing for tonight's episode does not match the written description on the website.

I am curious as to what it will actually be.

Anonymous said...

Like these girls could really say, "no, dad, we don't want to tie up loose ends for you"....?

They have no minds of their own. They are robots.

luvmybabies said...

I keep reading that the older girls are required to get up at night to do "nighttime childcare" for the little girls in their bedroom. I have never heard them say that. Just because the girls are little doesn't mean they are needing things at night. From about 6 months on, my children always sleep through the entire night and never need a thing. Maybe once a year they might have a bad night due to illness. My four girls share a room together now. My 4-year old sleeps like a log, her teenage sisters come in at their bedtime, turn on the light, talk and giggle, do whatever they need, she sleeps right through it. They love sharing a room with her because they dote on her. Occasionally she will climb in bed with one of them in the middle of the night. But - they love it! They will always tell me the next day that she got in bed with them and that they loved her snuggling with them. Then the other girls will say they wish she'd gotten in their bed. Doesn't happen all the time, just once in a while.

Just because they're sharing rooms with little girls doesn't mean they're not getting a full night's sleep, or that it's cramping their style. I'd be interested to know how it really goes down at night at the Duggars.

Anonymous said...

These girls are living just as most conservative Christians would want their teen age girls to live. The two older ones could go out and live on their own, but Jill is only 18. Maybe they prefer living at home and paying for their support by doing housework and child care?

Jessa and Jinger are only 17 and 16 and are not old enough for any kind of stay away from home on their own if they were not accompanied by their very responsible older sisters. I imagine they are doing exactly like some hope they are not, cleaning the house and getting it ready for when the family is ready to come back to it. I think that is very appropriate as who else would be able to do it. The only near relatives are cousin Amy and her mother Deanna. Deanna is a career woman and it's really hard to picture cousing Amy pitching in and doing a bunch of cleaning. Grandma is too old to handle the job. The girls are use to the house and will know just what to do. They will probably enjoy the trip and the bit of independence it affords but still be glad to get back to their family.

When that house was built they only had five girls; their room was built for five and maybe to hold a couple more. If they need more room for the younger sisters and don't want to share with them, then they need to make plans for their own lives and leave the space for their younger siblings. The three older girls left (including JoyAnna) could take over the jurisdictions of the two that might be ready to leave.

As for the little boys sleeping in the girls room, I bet they just wander in during the night or in the morning. They all have beds in the boys room which was actually designed for all 10 of them and now there are only 9. Those girls are big enough to send their little brothers back to their own beds. They probably wet the bed and then go hunting a dry place to sleep!

Ohio Buckeye said...

"I think the girls should go get something pierced."


I vote they pierce that over inflated balloon of an ego owned by JBD, The Patriarch.

Celestie said...

I think the girls should go get something pierced!
LOL, I don't think they need to do anything as wild as that.
The perfect road trip for the girls over 18, would be to travel to New York City. They could stay at a safe woman's hotel. (There are several run by Salvation Army etc.)

Go window shopping on Lexington and 5th Avenues. Go to lower east side and wander around the street bazaars. Buy a bright skirt or shawl. Eat at an ethnic restaurant, get a Gray's Papaya hot dog, go to the chocolate cafe and indulge themselves, visit the Natural History museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Go to a Broadway play or Musical. There are some that are not outrageous. Sit in Central Park and observe people.

This would not be scary, and something they could learn to handle. They don't need to go wild, just find out a little bit about the world and have some fun.
No toddlers, no brothers, no papa.

B said...

LOL, they're probably going home to do John David's and Joseph's laundary.

ibelieveinlucy said...

Celestie said ... "visit the Natural History museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art."


As much fun as I would think this would be for myself or my daughters, I highly doubt that any Duggar girl would visit either of these places, even given the opportunity. The Creation Museum that the family visited in Season 1 is probably as much Natural History as they are comfortable with.

Jane in California said...

Maybe they prefer living at home and paying for their support by doing housework and child care?

Come now, let's not get carried away here. I sincerely doubt this at all. If true, that would mean the girls had to start "paying their way" long before they were old enough to move out on their own.

Also doesn't explain why the older girls have to pay their way, but the boys don't, or at least not in as time-consuming a way. Doing a bit of repair work here and there in no way corresponds to being on call 24/7, and raising your younger siblings, cooking, cleaning - basically being the Cinderellas of the household.

Those girls work, and work hard. They don't get week-ends off. They don't get two weeks paid vacation. They are basically unpaid household workers and it's not right to work your kids like that. Michelle wanted that many children, so she should be the one doing the work, not making the older girls do it for her. Sorry, no free pass for the inconsiderate mama.

Cyn said...

I think the girls on the trip down will either be listening to Gospel music, or singing songs.

Depending on when this episode was filmed it could just be they left things behind when they packed or left things undone and simply needed to go get them.

Guess we won't know till they air it.

Hannah said...

who was the other girl at joshs and annas?

wow, the girls look great. it looks like they got highlights. I hope they do the same for Anna. She works hard and could use some pamping :).

CityGirl said...

I only have but a couple of negative comments about the Duggers. I think the show is safe for child viewers and they seem to be good people and all, and I don't mind my daughter watching. The negative comments, if you want to call them that, are not harsh. Just a few observations.
Tonights show seemed a little different than others. They seemed to try and highlight the one on one time with dad. This is not something that I have seen much of. I wonder if they picked up a copy of People Magazine because they seemed to build the show around the concerns that so many talk about. Not all of them, but a couple. Michelle says they will learn from the critics. I hope so. I think it is unfair for the older girls to spend their teen/early adult lives caring for their siblings. Sure they should help. It just seems they do 95% of the work. Those girls could be in college or working or anything a young adult likes to do. I just wonder if Jim bob and Michelle would think twice about the amount of children they are having if not for the help of the older kids. This would be a very hard job for just the two parents. Homeschooling, toddlers, mothering, breastfeeding and the rest. I hope those girls do not feel quilt if they do have a dream and that dream means not being there to help mom and dad raise their siblings. Those girls are beautiful, and I think they should be intitled to their own lives and interests. JMO

babysteps said...

This episode...


Anonymous said...

I would say you were very lucky if your children only needed you once a year in the middle of the night after they were six months old. My babies started sleeping through the night around 3 months but there were still many nights I had to get up with them throughout the next few years.

Most kids when they wake up in the middle of the night scared or because they wet the bed go to their parents not their siblings. But I think to those younger kids their older siblings are their caregivers so I guess it is only natural that they go to them.

I could possibly see John David and Joseph not putting the Christmas decorations away but come on they couldn't throw away rotted moldy food. I feel for their wives if they can't do something as simple as that.

How rude for Josh to say he feels like he is running a place for homeless people. He just doesn't seem to be very close to his siblings.

you go girls said...

Well, most of us were right about what the girls went home to. One question it was Jill, Jana, Joy-Anna, Jessa and Jinger? I only counted 4, and Josh & Anna had a visitor(who they did not say who it was). John-David & Joesph did not lift a finger to clean anything, there was still Xmas stuff up, rotting food in the kitchen and God knows what else they did not do: laundry? One of the girls explained that she expected the boys not to do anything(I think it was Jinger). That is not right. They were according to Josh at his house most of the time. I love Josh's comment about his home being a homeless shelter(tasteless)but you know maybe Josh was loving the fact of not having sooo many people in a house. And of course JB is gonna miss them (he said so), he now has to look after the younger ones himself with the help of poor Grandma, cause we all know that Michelle will be at the hospital. And Michelle was going on about how lonely everyone is when there is only a few people in the house. Please! Those girls probably thought this was a bit of heaven. I noticed how glad Anna was to see them, Josh was not that pleased to see them: Kind of oh, no more free loading relatives. lOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Jana and Jessa looked so pretty on this episode. They looked fresh faced with makeup on and their hair done. Poor Jill, though, she looked very tired. I think that she has taken up most of the mothering for Michelle and it shows.She doesn't have time for herself. Joy Anna even looks more mature but obviously is not acting more mature judging how she kept throwing the clothes hangers at Jill. I was a little disappointed to see that the boys had not done much housework. Even one of the girls made the comment that "they're boys" and that she did not expect them to clean. That makes me sad. I was a little surprised at Anna's reaction to the question as to whether or not she gets along with Josh's sisters. She hesitated with her answer, even looked at Josh before she answered. But also surprising was Jana's hesitant answer to the same question.Maybe it was just their nature to answer in that manner but it seems weird. I would like to think that they have their own opinions on whether or not they get along with someone. I actually was surprised that the girls were even allowed to go away alone. I guess they were semi chaparoned (the camera crew was present).


SuzanneDeAZ said...

I am grateful that they shared some of their experiences moving from one home to another. The older girls are a blessing to be so responsible. It does seem that the girls do not expect the boys to keep up the house.

Anonymous said...

The scene were Joy was throwing hanger after hanger on the floor was strange. I was expecting Jill to tell her sister to knock it off, but she just bent down and picked them up like an obediant dog. Doesn't she know that it's ok to say no?

Anonymous said...

They did a 6 hr round trip to clean up and pickup some clothes? Couldn't the boys have cleaned the house and shipped off a box. My granny used to say that she taught her sons how to cook, clean, and sew so that no woman could take advatage of them.. Those boys have been raised not kowing how to take care for themselves.

Steve knight said...

how can the girls become mature when they are not allowed to grow up? Making your own choices being responsible for yourself that's how you become mature.
not by having no freedom to make any choices and no free time to find yourself.

babysteps said...

I have to say Jessa and Jana's hair styles when at the Tontitown house was gorgeous.

Lord only knows why John and Joseph didn't smell those moldy onions under the bowl. Maybe they did but just couldn't find the source of the smell. Those Duggar boys all seem kind of slow-witted.

You can see why Josh has gained so much weight with all the starch Anna was serving. Here's a show idea, healthy cooking classes for the girls and GUYS!

Deanna said...

Even though they intereviewed Jana for this episode, I looked and looked and did not see her at the Tonittown house. I think it was Jill who drove, and she took the next three girls (Jessa, Jinger and JoyAnna). It seems strange to me that the editors spliced in Jana, as IF she had gone along, when she did not. Again, was seeing Jana speak in response to the comments here?

I was also horrified that the girls were expected to drive three hours each way (and obviously come back promptly for their 4:30 awakening for the Today show, because God forbid, we not get to see the latest installment of THAT!) to go get clothes, and to clean up after the boys. No one expected the boys to clean up, because "they're boys". Sad, isn't it?

I didn't understand the purpose of Joy's hanger throwing. It didn't make much sense.

Jill looks haggard and ten years older than her chronological age. She looks like the mother to ten kids herself, which is about right, and that she is doing the true motherload of work. I feel very sorry for her. She wasn't even interviewed last night, so maybe SHE is not drinking as much of the Kool-aide, or maybe Sean is also reading that the viewers think Jill seems a little dim and people want to see more of the older girls.

Probably next week or soon, we'll see an episode with the boys doing LOTS of cleaning (in response to comments here!).

babysteps said...

It appeared Joy was collecting hangers to bring to the other house. Throwing them was not a great idea but she kept them down low. If she threw them high where they could have hit Jill in the face I would have been alarmed.

Josiah takes a fall next week? He seems to be the accident prone Duggar. I hope he lands on Josh. LOL

Anonymous said...

Was that road-kill on Michelle's head??

Anonymous said...

The homeless shelter comment was disgraceful and smacked of entitlement (complete with belly rub).

J&A might be homeless were it not for the largesse of his family and TLC - e.g. house, business, checks & products from TLC. To date, J has not demonstrated much drive to grow beyond what has been handed to him. What part of leave and cleave is not being practiced here? Snappy rhyme, but double-edged.

nccalgal said...

This was the most disjointed show yet. It seemed they bounced from one thing to another. It was like they had all these little pieces of video and tried to splice them into an episode. I have an idea that the girls' trip coincided with the "fix-it" sequence and J/A with the haircut. Rather than put all of that into one epi, they chunked it up. By and large, it was ONE BORING episode.
Last week's preview made it sound like they were going to be doing something "live". I thought maybe they would be showing Josie leaving the hospital. I hope she didn't have a set back.

Swissmiss said...

For Pete's sake, couldn't the BOYS throw away the perishable stuff and take down the Christmas decorations? The fact that the girls were not surprised by this makes me sad. The boys are simply not expected to concern themselves with such matters - the females do it all.

Why didn't the girls stay at their own huge house instead of staying with Josh and Anna?

No salad with dinner at Anna and Josh's house. No wonder Josh is gaining weight. He didn't seem like a very gracious host.

gayle said...

Maybe Josh's comment about the homeless shelter had something to do with the fact that he now has a normal amount of people in his home and he really enjoys it. I'm sure he loves all of his siblings, but he has had a taste of another way to live - and likes it. During this hardship he should open his home to his family. But I also am glad to see him living a more normal lifestyle and he seems to appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this episode. I can see from year-old reruns and last night's episode that Jessa and Jinger have grown up a lot, and are becoming more articulate... but I hope that Jinger doesn't lose (what appears to be) her wry sense of humour possibly better critical thinking skills (we can always hope...).

The girls looked lovely... even while they are cleaning up after their lazy brothers! But hey, who are we to complain about sexist division of household labour, it's been 'ordained by God', after all! And as Mr. Kellar has said, 'it's a good system'. Haha! Give me a break! Sure it is, if you're a dude!

The one funny thing was seeing Anna making fun of her own calorie-heavy casserole. This reminded me of when my partner and I moved to our first apartment. I was a 20 year old university student in Ottawa, Ontario and, just like Anna, I learned to cook by making those classic casseroles that are very 'man-friendly', filling, and easy. I wonder if Anna will realize, like I did, that she'll need to expand her meal repertoire and get more vegetables to balance out those heavy foods. No matter how frustrating I find their values, I do like to see how the families carry out domestic tasks, so I enjoyed the episode.

AmyKB said...

Josie is 47 days old at the beginning, so this is a week after last week's episode, and probably filmed January 26th. BUT, the episode is clearly spliced together since one of the girls mentioned that the Christmas decorations are still up "in the middle of February." And then the Today Show appearance is January 28th, since Josie is 7 weeks old.

"The girls volunteered" meaning they really needed the stuff to cook, clean, teach, and nobody was going to go if they didn't, LoL. "Anytime us girls are going on a roadtrip, dad fixes the car" ... um, how often do they go someplace besides the grocery store or Josh & Anna's, LoL?

Jim Bob actually only took James to the auto parts store?? JUST James!!?? Amazing.

We saw JimBob hug Jana goodbye, and you can't see her in the car when they pull out, and she's not seen in the regular house cleaning at all, either. BUT, maybe she was on a special assignment, or they dropped her off at Josh's before they got to the house (since she's at Josh's for dinner that night)

Why did we have to see one of the boys buttoning his pants during the getting-ready scene? LoL. And the whole "I guess The Today Show are early morning people" makes it seem like they've never watched one of the shows they've done, since they're on early, LoL. Michelle wears that green shirt a lot, I feel. Plus, it makes sense that Jill talked live, since the Today Show clip (not seen on this show) mentioned that Jill often visits Josie at the hospital.

In case anyone wants the Chicken-Etti recipe, I jotted it down... (although I want that biscuit recipe, those looked good!)

1 pkg spaghetti Noodles
3 c. chicken
1/4 c. green pepper
1 c. chicken broth
1 lb cheese (although I think Anna said "half a block" at another point)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can cream of chicken soup

boil the noodles, cook the chicken, melt the cheese, pour everything onto the noodles in a baking pan (they use Rotel instead of individual peppers and tomatoes), sprinkle on more cheese, bake.

luvmybabies said...

" It seems strange to me that the editors spliced in Jana, as IF she had gone along, when she did not. Again, was seeing Jana speak in response to the comments here?"

Jana was filmed several times at the house and was indeed there. She was filmed getting things out of a drawer in the kitchen (from the back), and also a couple of times getting things out of the back of the car to bring inside. There's also footage of her going to Josh's house afterward with the rest of her sisters.


Anonymous said...

I noticed Jinger commented that she asked her friends if they saw her on the Today show. Jinger hasn't ever been shown with friends or doing things outside the family, yet obviously she has. This goes to show that there are dimensions to this family's life that we don't see, and that just because something isn't filmed doesn't mean it doesn't happen. A lot of assuming is going on here about things that aren't being shown.

babysteps said...

Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy drove out to the Tontitown house though it was hard to see them all together. Jana was wearing pink and you could only catch quick glimpses of her. Jinger you couldn't see much at the house but she was at J and A's house. Jessa drove. I was shocked by that. When I was 17 I had no desire to drive long distances. Go Jessa!!!

Josh was rude again with his comments but they got him back with talking about his weight gain. Of course Josh blamed Anna and her cooking instead of his lack of self-control and laziness issues. Josh still has a lot of maturing to do. I get the feeling he's very critical of Anna and is trying to Duggarize her just right. Anna seems kind of stressed.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Once again I see someone thinking that what was going on in this last episode was a result of something written here in a comment. I just knew that when I saw Jana speaking someone would make a comment that was due to a comment written here.

Sorry I do not think it was. I just think they take turns speaking. Most likely that show was put together before the comment. I do not think someone comes here and reads this to decide who speaks next or what to film next.

I thought the show was ok as it showed more of their personal lives.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Josh's homeless shelter comment- wow. I was also horrified at Joy Anna's rude behavior with the hangers, but honestly, I wasn't too surprised, but I won't get into that. What really struck me as odd was the answers to whether or not Anna and the sisters got along. I don't understand how that was such a hard question to answer for either Anna or Jana. Something was strange, there. I also wonder why Jana wasn't at the house... maybe something to do with being engaged, as we've all suspected.

Tammy C said...

I think the trip home was done with the fix it episode because if I am not mistaken there were no decorations up when they first showed the house on that episode.

I thought the girls spent the night at Josh and Annas.Hence the homeless shelter remark which really was uncalled for.Maybe I heard JimBob wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that noone commented on how Josie looks. I am a pediatric nurse of special needs children (not NICU nurse), but I have some concerns about Josie. Her eyes look concerning, not focusing (may be too early, but with some irratic movement. Also, her arms and legs look very jittery to me. Perhaps she is having seizures? Don't know for sure, surely there is an NICU nurse out there who can help us along with this.

Anonymous said...

I found it odd that the girls were asked how they thought Anna was doing basically as a wife and mother. I mean really, those girls have not experience of being a wife and mother, well at least a wife.

I also thought it was strange that both Anna and Jana didn't just say oh yeah we have a really good relationship with each other. Anna had to look at Josh and ask him basically I think we have a good relationship and Jana looks off to the side before she really answers. They seem to have a good relationship but who knows.

Jane in California said...

Here I was thinking that the older girls might actually get several days "off" duty, but from the descriptions I've read on here so far, sounds like they had to drive 3.5 hours one day, then work to clean up after their brothers, collect more stuff to bring back to their temporary home, then go over to Josh and Anna's for dinner and sleeping, then they had to be up very early the next day to drive the 3.5 hours back in order to be on the Today show.

Honestly, that's just ridiculous. Why couldn't they have gone on the Today Show, then left for home later that day, giving them at least one day break from driving before returning to their unpaid full time jobs?

They didn't even get one full night's sleep without interruption - since they had to be up so early!

It's child labor, and I'm tired of hearing people say what wonderful responsible girls they are. They are responsible, but they aren't given any choice in the matter. They are the work horses of that family, and the only reason they got a day off was to go do different work for the family. While Michelle worries about putting a bow on Josie's head.

Pippa said...

"It's child labor, and I'm tired of hearing people say what wonderful responsible girls they are. They are responsible, but they aren't given any choice in the matter. They are the work horses of that family, and the only reason they got a day off was to go do different work for the family. While Michelle worries about putting a bow on Josie's head."

Preach it, sister!

From another GRITS (Girl Raised In The South)!!!!

Ancient of Days said...

Maybe Josh's comment about the homeless shelter had something to do with the fact that he now has a normal amount of people in his home and he really enjoys it

I'm sure he does enjoy the relative calm of his little nest, but I think he was out of line with the "homeless shelter" comment. He was talking about his family, after all, and not about people with little emotional or financial help from those around them.

Now that I think of it, any other fellow of Josh's age from a family of adequate means (including the TLC-supported Duggars) might have said: "My gosh, this is like a youth hostel." Of course, Josh doesn't venture far from home or Mom and Pop, so how would he know about independent travel?

My mother, who was born in Arkansas, would have said that Josh acted as though he were "born in a barn."

Ohio Buckeye said...

"... This goes to show that there are dimensions to this family's life that we don't see, and that just because something isn't filmed doesn't mean it doesn't happen."


And the logical corollary to that statement is that just because we see it on camera also does not mean it is 'real'.

The point is really that 'reality' tv, including the Duggars, is anything but.

JMO, I wouldn't take much of the Duggars to heart - they, too, are doing a planned, somewhat scripted show and viewers are being spoonfed the Duggar brand.

At least I HOPE life in Duggarville is better than what we see on TLC, especially for the womenfolk.

babysteps said...

I don't think the girls slept at Josh and Anna's. That house is way to small. I think they drove back to Little Rock after dinner. If they were lucky they went back to their real home and slept in their own beds and took a good shower before going back.

Jim Bob's comment that he takes care of the girls and they take care of him was creepy. The girls should not be caring for their parents until their parents need it like when all those kids chip in for a nursing home to get rid of Jim Bob and Michelle. JK.

Anonymous said...

I'm a NICU Nurse. In response to the comment that Josie looks disorgnized: I think she looks pretty good for her current gestational age. Most premmies are very jittery and disorgnized, this gets more pronounced with transitions (such as being turned over, or placed in Mommy's arms). Infants at this gestational age lack the ability to regulate themselves. This is not to say that holding or position chnges are bad, it just takes a few minutes for the infant to settle. I tell my parents not to even bother holding the baby if they can't be there for at least 45 minutes. This lessens the number of transitions that a baby goes through.
As to her eyes: from the short clips we've seen, her eyes look ok for her gestational age. Most infants do not "fix and follow" until near term. Remember that Josie was only seven weeks old (32 weeks corrected gestation) when this was filmed. Also there is a very good chance that she could have sufffered some eye dammage due to high oxygen levels. This is a very common "side effect" of being a preemie.

I have really enjoyed following Josie. She is a topic of conversation on my unit at least every week. :)
Hope this helps!

Celestie said...

I thought Ma looked rested, but why not, all she has to do is sit in a chair and pump all day while chatting with visitors.Did you notice even Ma saw the big scratchy bow was probably too much for Josie's little head.It might have looked cute on her little butt that was sticking up in the air.

The girls looked good.

I don't think Jill is slow at all. She is just the work horse of the family. I admire her, wish it were different for her, though and she could put her energies into something worthwhile. Every family or group has a real worker, and she is it. I admired that she took the family though the airport, when they went to El Salvador. Not easy to move a large group.
Didn't mind that Pa made sure the car was in good working order. They showed one on one with on of the little guys. Never can get their names straight.

Wonder why the girls didn't stay at their own house in their own beds and relax a bit, instead of hanging around somewhere, where they didn't seem welcome.
Josh, all that can be said about him, has been said. Run Anna, run.

Today Show: Do little boys with one inch of hair need hairspray? Hello, they are breathing it in.

Apparently the family had a difficult time getting up and dressed to be on Today show @8:15. Yet, we were told last week, that they begin homeschooling every morning at 8 am. Do they just roll out in their jammies with their hair a mess to begin schooling, skipping breakfast, or is some one telling us a bit of a fib?

Why does Ma have to tell us that Pa loves his girls? Lets see some real devotion, where he encourages them start their own lives, with some skills other than homemaking, childcare. Give them wings and let them fly, they will fly back to you.

babysteps said...

Oh, and Anna using a hand can opener. (screams) Can someone give me the Duggar's addresses so I can send them an electric can opener? They cost less than $15. Seriously, I'll send you 3 electric can openers so those girls don't have to struggle with a hand one anymore. Actually I found my electric can opener at a thrift store for $4. Please Duggars please!!

Nicole said...

When everyone sat down to eat, I'm pretty sure it was salad in the bowls everyone had next to their plates. (How unfortunate to have every part of your meal scrutinized & critiqued on television, yikes!)

In the boys' defense, Jill did say that the onions were hidden under a bowl, she came across them when she was looking for large bowls to pack. And moldy onions don't make much of a smell, especially hidden under a bowl. Not that big of a deal. Most boys, especially that age, aren't going to be fixing themselves food that necessitates onions, or large mixing bowls either, so of course they'd go unnoticed. I doubt they're so dense that they wouldn't see them & throw them out if they were just sitting on the kitchen counter out in the open.

Ancient of Days said...

Josiah takes a fall next week?

Once again, the Duggars are letting the audience dictate the script for what's purported to be a realistic, "day-in-the-life" show.

It's not that I think they're having Josiah fall on purpose, but I do feel they're drawing attention to something we've commented on--injuries or lack thereof--to forestall the audience's talking about it further.

Seems they've gone off the path of righteousness for righteousness' sake and turned to fabricating for TLC's sake.

And I realize we'll discuss Josiah in next week's episode segment here. Just wanted to respond a bit now.

Anonymous said...

The Today show was shown later in the episode, but it did not happen the next day after the road trip!

Hannah said...

I dont think the boys are expected to much. Sure, they fix broken things in the house and change the oil or do the car lot or towing.

The girls are alwyas working when they boys are napping, or playing music or talking about how much weight they gained.

I feel bad for the wifes if they expect them all to work as hard as Anna.

Midwest Mom said...

I thought the show was appalling, as it showed a lack of a personal life for any of the older girls.

Anonymous said...

I'm confussed. When did the girls clean in the house? I saw Jill throw away the rotten onions, Joy throwing hangers, Jill gather clothing - but I never saw the girls cleaning (mopping, cleaning bathrooms, laundry). They cleaned the truck out and reloaded it. I didn't see them take down Christmas decorations.

Jana was in the house and outside it packing the truck. Jill does not look old to me. She is simply not as big on dressing up. So what, she is still a beautiful young woman. And I don't think the girls' trip home and the Today show was back to back. Meaning - I don't think the girls rose and drove back to Little Rock from Josh's house. To be there by 4:45, they would have had to leave at about 1:00 a.m. And they are shown doing hair and helping the other children.

I think the Duggar girls "eye roll" is in reasponse to questions that are unnecessary in their opinion. They
all do it from time to time. I think they all look tired. Why wouldn't they be? There life is busy anyway and now with Josie in the hospital it has to be trying for everyone.

I also see Jim Bob doing things with and for the children every episode, usually multiple times. Waking johannah, taking and teaching James, checking out the car for the girls' trip, calling the hospital to get an update on Josie, holding Jennifer. That was just this episode. The man may be a bit annoying but he is involved in his children's lives.

I really liked the episode. I like the mundane much better than the contrived situations.

Captain Tucker

Ancient of Days said...

Anonymous the NICU Nurse:

What does "disorganized" mean in reference to a preemie? I guess it must be med talk.

Thanks in advance!

ash said...

I didn't like the scene where Jim Bob was talking about getting the car ready for the girls' trip and he said something along the lines of, "I love my girls. They take good care of me and I take good care of them."

Jim Bob, you're the parent! Your daughters should not be taking care of you, at least not until you're old and frail and really need them. You are supposed to take care of them, and they should be respectful and loving daughters, but they are not responsible for taking care of you. I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it, but it really bugged me. Also, I'm pretty sure 95% of fathers would do the same thing in regard to checking out the car and making everything was in good order before their daughters or wife took it on a long trip. There was nothing so amazing about that, it was silly that they made such a big deal out of it, as if it proves what a great father he is.

I agree that Joy Anna throwing the hangers and Jill picking them up without telling her to cut it out was strange. I also agree that the reactions of Anna and Jana when questioned about their relationship were strange. Why so uncertain? They're not typically uncertain like that when answering other easy questions.

One other thing: the food they make is so disgusting and unhealthy. It reminds me of stuff that would be served at summer camp. Almost everything they make consists of 4-5 heavily processed foods thrown together in some kind of fattening casserole. If the mentality is that young women should primarily be preparing to be homemakers, why not throw in some training in nutrition? And if cooking is such a big part of their lives, you would think it would make sense to have them take some culinary classes so that they could at least find an opportunity to be creatively challenged in the mundane.

winsomeone said...

Michelle has been pumping for weeks and weeks now, and supposedly they freeze it? The baby wasn't able to eat for most of the time, and even now is just given 6 cc an hour I think they said? So what I wonder, why does Michelle have to pump all day long? Would think they would have enough on hand and frozen to last that wee one a good year.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jim Bob's comment about him taking care of his girls and them taking care of him kind of odd and creepy.

First of all I imagine any caring father would make sure the vehicle his daughter(s) were driving would be in proper working condition. There is nothing extra special about that Jim Bob most "average" families would do that.

Then Jim Bob saying how they take care of him. Yes they clean his house, cook his meals, do his laundry, take care of his kids, all the things his WIFE should be doing but it seems all she can do with him is continue to make babies.

The issue with the boys not doing stuff around the house was more that they just weren't expected to even think about it. They are boys after all so I guess that is just not even on their radar to see that something might need to be done around the house.

Anonymous said...

I am not trying to be rude, but its seems like Annas is always wearing the same outfit. I hope she gets to enjoy time to herself without the baby and her husband. I feel like she doesnt have time to anything for herself now.

Jane in California said...

I agree that JB making sure the car was in good running order before the girls drove 3.5 hours was something that most any father would do. Or, if he wasn't familiar with how cars work, he'd have his mechanic check the car over. It's called looking out for your kids, and it's pretty normal in all sorts of families. It doesn't make him Super Dad.

I also agree it sounds creepy to hear him say "his girls take care of him." What the heck? Kids are not supposed to take care of their healthy, prime of life parents.

Of course, what he meant was to compliment the girls on the fact that they are the fulltime unpaid workers in the household, with no vacation time, and practically no sick leave. Since I feel it's wrong to make your children run the household and raise their siblings, I don't appreciate his comment.

Sorry as to my confusion over The Today Show. From descriptions of the show, I guess they cobbled together several different time frames. So, can anyone tell me how many nights the girls spent back in their hometown? Was it one? More than one? I'm curious how many days they got off from their fulltime jobs.

Well, at least for now they get healthcare benefits!

Marybeth said...

I should have known the Duggar girls would never be allowed to go on an actual road trip
The girls go on girl's only church conferences/retreats often. Contrary to popular belief, the girls are allowed to have friends and activities and lead lives outside the Duggar home.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching this weeks show it was ok. Everyone says they want to see what real life is like for the Duggars and here you have it, boring! The comment about not expecting the boys to put away the decorations or cleaning up things is very realistic. My husband doesn’t see something spilled on the floor or pick up his socks in the living room because men just don’t think about things like that. The majority of them don’t care because their minds are filled with who knows what but evidently cleaning up stuff or putting away stuff is just not in a man’s mind. I have several brothers, 2 sons and my husband plus other women I am friends with say the exact same thing. I think it is unrealistic to expect otherwise and probably is what leads to most tension and arguing in most marriages.

I did watch last week’s episode tonight since I missed it when it was on. And the only thing I will say is that Jim Bob only said that there were more hazards for the kids playing in the yard at the rental house than there was at home. He never said anything about it being dangerous or implied that it wasn’t safe implying that “sinful” people were stalking the girls or anything like that. But anyone who has lived in a city knows that it is more dangerous for young children to be running around a yard right in the middle of a city, that is why they make playgrounds and parks for families to go to. What I got from that statement was that he was afraid one of the little ones would run out in the street and we all have that fear as parents.

Cyn said...

@ winsome

Breast milk can only be frozen and still be good up to 6 months tops depending on how you store it.

If she stops pumping she will not have any milk when Josie does get to come home so she has to keep pumping at the level the baby SHOULD be eating had Josie been born on time. Any slacking off will slow her milk production down... Human females do actually work a lot like cows, if you stop milking them they stop making milk. (Having breast fed 5 I felt I could say this since COW is what I thought of every time I had to use the pump instead of the child.)

Any excess breast milk or milk that is going to go bad if not used can and is usually donated to the breast milk bank (which could also be a way to take money off the final bill they owe.

bone head said...

I also noticed that James was not that interested in the car. When questioned later, he could not remember what they did. This kid is what 8? and can't remember? And the rotting food, please, onions really do stink, the smell cannot be taken away by covering it(probably the boys covered it, instead of throwing it out). That was bad to show Joy throwing the hangers like she did. What really makes me annoyed is that the past few episodes, JB does nothing really. He does not inspect his properties(they lost the key to the pump shed) which means he does not inspect on a regular basis. They drove to Little Rock, in the same SUV a couple months ago,or drove the SUV there later, did they not inspect the SUV then? Nothing would have changed in that little of time. Does JB inspect anything? Yes, we saw him do a little HS, to which he looked so uncomfortable. And the whole hair bow thing with the baby was totally stupid. The bow was almost bigger than Josies' head. Now she gonna refer to Josie as a little kitten. Michelle your kid is not an animal. And next week, looks to be a scary episode. Josiah falling from a car and one of the other boys throwing dog poop. I hope they did not hit the dog.

shawna said...

One word. "Kitten"

UGH! If it was a boy, would she call him "puppy"?

I think she loses grip with reality more and more with each baby. She used to be so much different.

Ancient of Days said...

The girls go on girl's only church conferences/retreats often. Contrary to popular belief, the girls are allowed to have friends and activities and lead lives outside the Duggar home.

How do you know this? If you have concrete sources, I'd enjoy reading about the girls' away-from-home activities that we aren't privy to on the show itself. Thanks!

kitnkaboodle said...

Re. one of the Anon posters saying Anna looks so tired and she hopes she gets time to herself, etc and yadda yadda: Anna CHOSE to marry young, and to marry a Duggar.
This is what she gets.
It will only get worse.

Ancient of Days said...

The comment about not expecting the boys to put away the decorations or cleaning up things is very realistic. My husband doesn’t see something spilled on the floor or pick up his socks in the living room because men just don’t think about things like that.

I'm not going to cut the Duggar boys any slack on this one. Men *do* think about things like that. My husband, for instance, did at least half of the household chores--including cooking, ironing, and child care--, and this was whether I was working or not. And don't tell me I was lucky; it was his house and his offspring, too.

Then again, why should the Duggar boys even think about taking on domestic tasks? They've got it good now, with their live-in servants. (Poor girls ....) Only thing is, the boys lack certain taking-care-of-oneself skills, and the girls lack freedom.

Nicole said...

"I have several brothers, 2 sons and my husband plus other women I am friends with say the exact same thing. I think it is unrealistic to expect otherwise and probably is what leads to most tension and arguing in most marriages."

I think you are exactly right. I knew the second the words were out of Jessa's mouth she would get blasted for being sexist. Then my second thought was that she is exactly right and the fact that she doesn't entertain any expectations for men to be otherwise will be a blessing to her in her future marriage. Might sound terrible, but it's true.

My husband can clean with the best of them, and does whenever I need him to, but does he notice or care when something is dirty or needs cleaning? Nope. He spends his time and energy earning a good living that we both enjoy, and I figure the least I can do is wash his clothes, do the cleaning and fix him some food. I know some men do routinely do cleaning and notice when things need done, but they're in the minority. If Jessa gets one of those she'll be pleasantly surprised.

babysteps said...

Kitten is a cute nickname. All the Duggar kids have nicknames. I think Kitten goes with Josie because of the Josie and the Pussycats TV show. I wonder if Michelle watched that when she was growing up.

Anonymous said...

The girls going to a church conference or other group event is not the same as the girls going somewhere just the four of them.

Anonymous said...

The "kitten" comment really wasn't all that bad. Plenty of people call their newborn a "little peanut" or some such name.

I do agree with the posters that the emphasis Michelle put on seeing baby's skin but not mama's was tiresome. I wish the family would simply do what they do without all the commentary suitable for a kindergartner. If they simply show us their values in action, we'll get it. Really, we will.

Anonymous said...

My dad, who had a house full of girls, said the same thing -That we (his girls) took good care of him. What he meant by that statement was we did a lot of things to make his life better. We helped him look his best (picking clothing & accessories), baked sweets, reminded him of his schedule, knew where his car keys were, reminded him of important dates and helped him with gift ideas for mom & grandma, wrapped gifts for him, got him to exercise by challanging him to a game of basketball, etc. That's not sad, odd, or strange. We were all very close to him and enjoyed doing these things out of our love for him.

luvmybabies said...

I sincerely hope that the only reason Jill silently picked up the hangers Joy was rudely flinging is because Jill didn't want to correct or scold her on camera. That was hard to watch.


luvmybabies said...

I wouldn't take for granted that every "normal" dad gets the car checked over before their daughters take a road trip. My dad didn't. He was a good dad in many ways but didn't do that. I also can think of several other dads I know that don't think to do that either.

I thought it was very sweet and I was impressed, and I do think it shows he loves his girls. I do think JB is a great dad. He is always doing something with one or more of his children, and seems to always be carrying a little girl in his arms.

B said...

It's so bizarre how a ton of people on this board had the exact same thoughts in regards to this episode. We all joked that the girls were returning home to clean up after the boys, and guess what we were all right. Sad, but predictable.

The whole hesitation when Anna and Jana were asked about the sibling's being close with each other was downright strange. And why does Anna always look to Josh to answer questions for her? My feeling is that the Duggar girls and Anna don't really spend much time together, therefore they are not all that close.

I agree the girls look great, but poor Jill does look worn out and it appears that she takes on most of the parenting for the little ones.

When Jessa made that comment about not expecting boys to clean I wanted to shake her. Throwing away persihable food isn't a hard task, they just constantly make excuses for the boys' laziness.

And for Pete's sake, will someone teach these people to make a meal that doesn't consist entirely of processed, high sodium food? Casseroles are great, but there's a reason you get fat off of them.

roddma said...

I didnt see this episode but the comments about boys not putting away things is natural was unrealistic.You I would expect male and female to pick up after themsleves and put thing away. If you dont teach boys to pick up after themselves from the the beginning they will always expect women to pick up after them. Maybe my mind is too filled with who knows what to cook. A husband needs to keep his socks and clothing picked up off the floor.I would make it cross their minds. They arent babies. Jon David and Joseph are old enough to take down the decorations and throw away onions. The comment was disturbing about the arent expected to clean up because of their gender.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Michelle putting hair bows on Josie (or for that matter on any newborn, much less a preemie) makes me cringe. It couldn't possibly be comfortable and indeed, looks very uncomfortable.

That meal Anna and the girls put together was very caloric and fat-heavy, and it was served with cheese biscuits - huh? WHERE were the vegetables?

Anna looks terrible. Her hair always looks dirty to me, and she does always seem to wear the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Cyn said .... Breast milk can only be frozen and still be good up to 6 months tops depending on how you store it.


Breastmilk can be stored for up to a year in a deep freezer :)

Tammy C said...

Many people who follow Gothard ways do teach their daughters to serve them(fathers) until they get married and then they serve their husbands.

Ohio Buckeye said...

One word. "Kitten"

UGH! If it was a boy, would she call him "puppy"?


No, when holding a male baby, maybe MaDuggar, knowing her place in Duggarville as a lowly female, would call the baby 'sir' or "Patriarch2B".

Anonymous said...

I would much rather watch episodes of their boring lives interacting with one another like they really do instead of watching them visit a submarine, ride around in a train ride meant for young children on a farm, go to an ostrich farm or walk around DC, etc.

joyruns said...

bone head said...
Now she gonna refer to Josie as a little kitten. Michelle your kid is not an animal.

shawna said...

One word. "Kitten"

UGH! If it was a boy, would she call him "puppy"?

I think she loses grip with reality more and more with each baby. She used to be so much different.

3/17/2010 6:56 PM

Why is it weird or "out of touch with reality" to give her child a cute nickname?

Anonymous said...

Confused about something. Near the begining of the episode, Jim bob said something about the girls staying at josh and Anna's. But I thought Josh/Anna lived in the same town as the rest of the duggars. So why would the 5 girls stay in their small house and not at their own giant house? Doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason Michelle continues to pump breast milk at the same rate the baby would actually be nursing is so that Michelle is hoping that is a "natural" "in disguise" form of birth control. Doesn't always work, but it's better than nothing.

I also never understood Michelle's statement that their focus would be on Josie for the next year. What happens after a year ? She's passed off to a buddy ? I can just see it now...."leave and cleave, Josie, meet your new mama Jill ".

VA MOM said...

I did a google search on Jana being possibly engaged. One site said the girls would not think of marriage until they are 20 just as Anna did. Not sure how true that is, but it makes sense.

I see a lot of comments on what does JB do? Not calling him super Dad, but it made me smile seeing him check out the car for his girls. Its what every loving Dad should do and unfortunately not everyone has that in their lives. It was good to see him make an errand with just one child.

Josh's comment was rude, but not something we don't expect either. As far as the weight gain...I think a lot of men gain weight once they get married. Its hard cooking for two!

I agree with a previous poster about the boys cleaning up. Men don't see things the way women do. Its not sexist either. My husband who cooks, cleans, etc., still wouldn't do the same things I would do if it was me. Although he is a better cook, he just surface cleans. As far as decor, I think if I left some decorations out for an entire year...he'd barely notice. For the most part, thats a guy thing.

I also didn't see any harm about JB saying how he takes care of his girls and they take care of him. Family takes care of one another because they love each other. If I was doing my laundry and had some room in the wash then I'd throw some more wash in to help my family out. It isn't a burden, its just what you do.

I do agree with the posters that the girls (all of them) look fantastic! What beautiful women they are becoming!

Finally...who was that unnamed girl in Josh's house???? Was it a friend of Anna's? Or a potential courtship?

Jane in California said...

Boys grow into men. If they are taught from an early age to pick up after themselves, to throw out trash, etc., that's how they learn. If they grow up with sisters basically waiting on them, picking up after them, cooking their meals, doing their laundry - then they won't learn. It's not really a gender thing - it's what we become accustomed to. And once those patterns are set in early age, it takes discipline to retrain to better habits.

As to Michelle calling Josie, "kitten," that doesn't bother me. I had numerous nicknames for my son when he was an infant, most of them embarrassing to say now.

As to JB's comment that his daughters "take care of him," and why it bothered me: It's because children should be helpful around the house but not "take care" of their parents, under normal circumstances. They are the children, and it's the parents' job to take care of them. I would have preferred JB to say, "My daughters work hard around the house and do so much, above and beyond the normal call of duty. I'm happy to take care of them and make sure the car they drive is safe." Instead, he made it sound like a reciprocal thing - I take care of you, and thus you take care of me. Not really the parent-child dynamic I believe is optimal.

babysteps said...

I think the girls primarily went back to the house to collect forgotten items like pots and pans, books, and clothes. The only cleaning we saw them doing was finding and throwing out moldy onions. If the girls did take down the decorations hopefully the boys helped but they didn't show that.

The girl at Josh and Anna's house was either one of Anna's sisters or a Query girl. There was also a tall thin dark haired boy there who was either Peter Query or one of Anna's brothers. I'm thinking it was the Querys. They may have come to dinner to visit with the girls.

Ancient of Days said...

Yes, Jim Bob checked out the car for the girls, and yes, he went out with only one child. Remember, though, that he's hyper-aware of the camera, and Sean's hyper-aware of what people say on Duggar boards. JB may quite likely do what he does when there's no production team around, but how can we be sure?

I'm not suspicious of the family's every word or deed (though I do cast a very critical eye at Sean), but I do think the camera changes things, and especially when that camera's attached to money, money, money.

Anonymous said...

Michelle calling Josie kitten doesn't bother me in the least. There are a lot of things that family does that does bother me but that doesn't even make the list. Many many families have little names for their children. I just wonder though if she see how funny it is with her name being Josie. I bet the Duggar kids have no idea who Josie and the Pussy Cats are.

Either I married someone a lot like Jim Bob, which just makes me ill, or my husband is just better than some husbands and fathers. We only have girls and he makes sure things are running smoothly for them, but I don't think he would ever say they take care of him. Why would they take care of him, he has me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Confused about something. Near the begining of the episode, Jim bob said something about the girls staying at josh and Anna's. But I thought Josh/Anna lived in the same town as the rest of the duggars. So why would the 5 girls stay in their small house and not at their own giant house? Doesn't make sense.


My guess would be because there are no mattresses on their beds at the big house (they are at the rental) and the big house has hard floors.

Anonymous said...

I can see why the onions could be forgotten. They were in the large industrial size kitchen under a bowl. The boys would more then likely do any of there cooking in the small kitchen.

Kat said...


Wasn't it Michelle who said she never calls her children "kids" because kids are baby goats? So how does kitten become ok in that context?


The girls are allowed to wear makeup? Quite frankly, I was surprised with all of JB's insistence on his dress codes that they were even allowed to perm their hair, but makeup?


Sigh...no comment. Poor Anna...

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, Jessa said "I wouldn't expect them to NOTICE that kind of thing" (referring to the decorations and things) not, "I wouldn't expect them to DO that kind of thing."

There's a significant difference. My husband can and does clean, but it's because he's been asked to. He doesn't NOTICE a dang thing. That's pretty much true of about every guy I can think of. Good for Jessa for not expecting things out of men that, frankly, most women probably never get.

Anonymous said...

Bringing in multiple bows for a critically ill child in the NICU is strange. One special little bow to put on her head to be cute, fine. But bringing in a new bow like it's a wardrobe for Josie? Can we get real about her critical situation?

ok I know the comments on the silly bows are getting repetitive, but it really is strange to me. I mean even as a dangerously ill child, Michelle's concern is how 'cute' or 'feminine' Josie looks as she lays there on the ventilator. I understand that it may just be a "mothering" instinct, wanting to nurture the child in whatever way possible, but if it were a boy, I doubt they'd be donning him in blue caps or remotely worried about what he was wearing. It may be a stretch to say this, but I think it just plain bothers Michelle for her girls to not look distinctly feminine. Even for a micro preemie baby, she needs to look like a girl. It says a lot about the gender roles in this family.

Anonymous said...

How much does Josie weigh now, not at the time of the taping of the last show. I thought she was on a track to get out of the hospital by her due date, did something new happen?

bonehead said...

That is what I was wondering about Josie. Should she not weigh more than 2 lbs 3-5 oz. She is being fed constantly, and if she is nearing what would have been her original due date, should she not weigh more? I read somewhere that preemies are sometimes allowed to go home at 3 lbs if everything else is ok. Josie looks to be in the hospital for a lot longer time. I would not be surprised if she is there till May. She has not gained that much weight. So, you guys that are NICU nurses is this normal weight for a preemies of 3 months or should she weigh more? And do they feed them continuously around the clock? I beginning to think Josie has trouble eating(taking in food or enough food)I hope not. Oh and calling your child by a animal name can have, effects down the line as she gets older(from teasing). Also, it can be sexual as well. That is a name men usually give their wife or partner. That is why I would not call a child that. A pervert out there who might be watching this show might get off on that. I think both JB & Michelle need to think a little more on how they talk and phrase things. Just from people here were getting creeped out, from the way JB talked about his daughters to the way Michelle talks and some of the kids. They probably have their own slang talk.

Anonymous said...

Originally, Josie was to have gone home by her due date. She has been in the NICU three months, and we are at the original due date, so I am thinking there is more going on with her than has been reported.

It isn't to say that there aren't micropreemies who have to stay in the NICU for six months, but the fact that Josie hasn't come home yet most likely means things are more serious with her than originally reported.

Some of us care said...

I am not a nurse, so nurses here, feel free to correct me!

My understanding is that Josie suffered a bowel perforation (which is a serious complication in a micropreemie). SHe is still only taking in a teaspoon of breast milk per hour. Preemies aren't allowed to come home until they can take all their fluids by breast or bottle (I guess unless they go home on a feeding tube, which some do).

I think she is gaining weight slowly because there is still something wrong with her bowel and she isn't absorbing the calories, despite the NG tube.

The longer she is in the NICU, the greater the likelihood of longer term problems.

pumpkin said...

Yesterday (Mar 18) was Josie's original due date. I hope that she is able to come home soon.

I am sure the family must want to get back to their home, their big kitchen, and their laundromat-sized utility room.

Swissmiss said...

Maybe Michelle makes what might seem a big fuss about a hair ribbon, but she is so limited in what she can do for her child - she can produce breast milk and now she can hold the baby but only under supervision. She is used to doing much more for a newborn.

Choosing a hair ribbon is one of the few things she can do, although the ribbons seem enormous on that child's head - and on the heads of the other younger girls also.

I never heard of "Josie and the Pussycats." Did they ever explain how they came up with Josie's middle name - I think it's Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

I am probably showing my age but when I hear Michelle calling Josie "kitten" I think of the television show "Father Knows Best". He always called the youngest daughter kitten. Of all the things that bug me about the Duggars, the nickname Michelle has for Josie is not one of them. And really, who is going to tease her, it isn't like she will be going to school and have her classmates call her that or tease her.

I imagine Josie does weigh more now, she was only about 47 days old when they gave her weight of a little over 2 pounds.

babysteps said...

Bonehead, that is just sick!

The show is taped at least a month in advance. That's why Josie was still only 2.3. She actually almost doubled her weight in a month. She should be at least 3 pounds if not more by now.

Anonymous said...

I think Michelle is calling her baby "kittie" for exactly the reason she said; the baby makes tiny little sounds like a the mewing of a kitten. I thought that was cute and I would guess many would agree with me.

The babies weight given on this episode was her weight at 6 weeks. She is now twice that and should be big enough to go home. For all we know she may have gone home and they are waiting for TLC to get a chance to catch up and air the episode before they announce it. I would think though that someone would leak the news so probably not.

A while back someone mentioned hearing Michelle on a radio fund raiser for the hospital and at that time she said Josie was over 3 pounds. If you look at the TLC schedule that is the topic for the episode to air on the 30th. They are consistently 6 weeks behind. Maybe the last episode of the season will be Josie coming home. Does anyone know how many episodes they have in a season?

winsomeone said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Confused about something. Near the begining of the episode, Jim bob said something about the girls staying at josh and Anna's. But I thought Josh/Anna lived in the same town as the rest of the duggars. So why would the 5 girls stay in their small house and not at their own giant house? Doesn't make sense.

I really doubt the girls are allowed to spend the night in a house with no of age male in control. Doesn't say much for John David that he isn't considered good enough to protect them.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Cousin Amy had a Josie update on her facebook page on March 12. She is up to 3 lb 4 oz. Last week's show was taped at the end of January.

My guess is that if Josie continues to do well, she may be home by Mother's Day.

Joanne, RN said...

In response to your question about Josie's weight I think the taping of the show is several weeks behind "real time". They just showed Josie being held for the first time a week ago - yet People magazine had pictures of her being held over a month ago. I would have no idea how big she is but I would bet she is much bigger than we are currently seeing on TV.
That said - as a formner NICU nurse feeding as well as the ever present possibility of infection are two major hurdles for a growing premie. Since Josie is so premature she may have problems with coordinating her suck/swallow reflex. Bottle feeding is difficult because suck/ swallow/breathe is a hard combination for a immature premie. Breast feeding is even harder. The kind of feeding that she is getting on the show is continuous for 24 hours. Digestion problems also go along with feeding because her intestines are not mature and not ready to handle feedings - that leads to the bowel perforation she had - and is something that could happen again.
And that kitten name is horrible. Premies cry really well and are not like kittens at all. They are people.

Anonymous said...

bonehead said...

Oh and calling your child by a animal name can have, effects down the line as she gets older(from teasing). Also, it can be sexual as well. That is a name men usually give their wife or partner. That is why I would not call a child that.

A pervert out there who might be watching this show might get off on that. I think both JB & Michelle need to think a little more on how they talk and phrase things. Just from people here were getting creeped out, from the way JB talked about his daughters to the way Michelle talks and some of the kids. They probably have their own slang talk.

Interesting comments. I don't think perverts are watching and getting off on a micropreemie baby.

Anonymous said...

It seems that not much has been mentioned about Josie's prognosis. I am sure they must know something by now. I'm not a nurse or dr. so maybe not, but I am just wondering if they know if she will have any major life-long problems. MD and JD seem to be ignoring this subject. They have "officially" introduced Josie to the world. I think they should have held off a bit on that. At least until she was out of the hospital. I am just praying that she continues to grow and stay healthy but I still don't think she is out of the woods by any means.

For Reals Amanda said...

Just my two cents: I was an "incu baby". Heart failure and brain damage. I was in Loyola hospital for quite some time. My parents were not worried about putting bows on me. They wanted me to be healthy and were grateful when they finally could hold me.

I'm sorry the bow thing just really irks me.

Anonymous said...

The "bow" thing is something the nurses encourage and down south it is very common for mothers to put huge bows on their little girls bald heads. Michelle did take it off as soon as she realized it was too snug. These bows are acutually made especially for preemies.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason we aren't hearing any updates on Josie is so we keep tuning in and watching the show. That is where the updates are going to come from. It is all about ratings.

Rebecca said...

Honestly.. I doubt Josh's eating hasn't changed that much since moving out and getting married. I think that he's gained weight because he's not at his parent's house, running around on the land w/ his siblings. Another reason is because he's not there to walk up and down the staircase.

pumpkin said...

It may strike me as odd that Michelle puts her micropreemie in a bow and calls her "kitten", however, I am sure that in her current mindset she is just looking for something normal.

When I have been out of my depth before, I seized onto something or someone familiar like it was a life preserver in a storm. I can't imagine the fear and tidal wave of emotions that Michelle is experiencing right now. Not to mention having to be a mom to the other kids, (regardless of how much one-on-one time we think she gives them, she is still their mom) and she is probably looking for something, ANYthing to do that is normal for her.

Alice said...

Duggars rock! Love seeing the girls and guys able to handle responsibilities on their own, and serving one another instead of being rebellious and selfish.

Melissa said...

I have no problem with a nickname for a baby. It really is no big deal, and why people make it a big deal is beyond me. It is sort of silly and nit picky. When my son was little and an infant I called him bug!! He is now 9 and has NO ill effects!! I do feel really bad for those girls, who work so hard day in and day out. I would have loved to see them spend the night in that big house and just be able to relax a bit and let their hair down.

Anonymous said...

People think that the girls aren't rebeliious but we can't see what they are thinking or feeling. They may be acting perfectly on the outside but totally rebelling on the inside. It is what is in the heart not the actions.

Reminds me of the story of the little boy who was told to sit down repeatedly and he didn't want to. Finally he did and said well I may be sitting on the outside but I am standing on the inside.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a dietician visit the show and show Anna and some of the other girls some healthy, inexpensive cooking options. It makes me sad to see them rely on so much processed food -- which, I'm sure they do because it's cheap and less time consuming. But Josh's growing girth shows the downside of all this. There's nothing unusual about his weight gain --- given the national trend towards obesity. But since he's own tv and we can see the change, it's more disturbing.

LizMassie said...

I am a dietitan! I'll go! haha. From what I can see, the reason why these kids are staying within normal weight range is because they are pretty much forced to eat small portions of everything. With a family that big, I wonder if "seconds" are even available if you're still hungry after you finish. I think that's why Josh has gained so much weight since being married. Now that he's living in a household of two, bigger portions and "seconds" are now available, and he's never experienced such free reign. Chicken spaghetti and cheese biscuits? Nobody can eat that way for long without putting on the pounds.

I call the duggar's diet "party food". You know, when you go to a party or church event, you get pizza or lasagna or casseroles which are easy and cheap to fix for a crowd. Unfortunately, they live as a crowd, so they eat "party food" for virtually every single meal. It's ok to eat that stuff occasionally, but not as often as they do. A side of veggies does not make velveeta or tater tots any less fattening! Sorry for the food rant.. it's what I do! I could go on for ages.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the bow thing is weird at all. When my youngest sister was born 7 weeks premature and was in the NICU, we put teeny preemie hats on her with cute ribbons. It helps to remind one that there is a baby there under all the tubes and wires.

Josh Duggar! Since your car lot is only open from 10-6, that certainly gives you enough time to run a couple of miles in the morning. You could even buy a jogging stroller (used, and save the difference, of course).

Can't See Sheep said...

@LizMassie Thank goodness, finally someone who can professionally speak about the diet that we do see them having. No we didn't see every meal they have, I doubt they're a lot different from what we do see. I would think that if you were going to have that many children you'd make some effort to think about what's being put i their body's to fuel them & help them grow. The food I've been seeing them eat has been driving me nuts & I'm so glad to see a professional speak up. What you put in growing children is extremely important, I'm so sick of hearing parents, they're young, they'll burn it off, or 'their bodies can take it' all the while feeding them over processed foods that should not be eaten daily.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the bows on Josie, it must be a regional thing. TLC aired a show this past week called "Quintuplet Surprise." I believe the family is from Austin, TX. Those baby girls also had bows nearly as big as their heads.

I live in a Northern state & from my POV, those bows would be nothing but a big hassle to drag around and put on a baby's head after wrestling with a snowsuit.

Hannah said...

I am watching it again

Are Joy and Anna wearing the same kind of outfit at the dinner?

I wonder why Joy went along.
a) she cant help with the driving
b) other then dinner, she didnt seem to be helping so much. Its the same when they gave in.

I think she should stayed at home and helped out. jmo :)

CityGirl said...

I really hope that God is not so busy that he forgets how much this family has on their plates, and blesses Michelle with another blessing before this blessing is even out of the hospital. That could be a disaster.

Mama in WI said...

I don't think the nickname "Kitten" is that weird. Parents have all kinds of weird nicknames for their babies.

I also think that when they asked Anna and Jana if they got along, the wording was, "Are you close?" I think that's what the girls were reacting to. There's a huge difference between "getting along" and "being close." How many of us would like someone to ask if we're "close" with our in-laws? Awkward!

Anon 3:14 said...

So when JoyAnna was throwing the hangers, she violated Duggar House Guidelines rule #16 "Never raise an object to throw".

What are the consequences for her actions ?

And the reason we'll never know the real answer to the questions posed to Anna/Jana, (something about how well they get along?) is because if there were animosity/jealousy, even the smallest amount, a Duggar girl would never admit it about her sister-in-law. That would violate Duggar Household Guidelines rule #3 "Always be enthusiastic and look for opportunities to praise others' character."

The Duggar Household guidelines are readily available for viewing on the official family website. No wonder those girls can't/won't show their true emotions.

Iliketheduggars said...

"From what I can see, the reason why these kids are staying within normal weight range is because they are pretty much forced to eat small portions of everything."

Do we know this for sure? Can you please give a source for this information? I don't ever remember seeing the kids being forced to eat small portions.

I can tell you that growing up, my family ate like the Duggars and worse... for instance, we had unlimited access to every sugary, salty, processed snack food on the planet... and we were all thin as rails (although, unlike the Duggars, we were fairly unhealthy), thanks to the skinny genes on my mom's side.

So A + B does not necessarily equal C here. It may not be that they are skinny because they eat small portions of unhealthy food. Maybe they have healthy, hearty, thin-inducing genes. Maybe homeschooling allows them to be more active and burn calories off. Maybe they eat better when not being filmed. Maybe they eat healthy snacks to make up for unhealthy meals. Maybe they take vitamins.

DianeD said...

Has anyone else noticed, in this episode as well as others, that no one gives a full-on embrace? When the family members hug each other or other relatives, it's a one-armed "side hug". I first noticed it after Josh proposed to Anna. There was an awkward sideways hug. Then I started to notice it more often. The Kellers and Bates do the same. Is there something in their religion that prevents an embrace?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dietician with a college degree knows what she is talking about!

Anonymous said...

I just watched this episode again and people were saying before that the kids were having a hard time getting up at 8 AM for The Today Show therefore they must not start school at 8 AM as Joy Anna said before.. BUT when I just watched the episode again, Jim Bob let the film crew in at 4:30 AM, then Jana said they have to get up at about 4 or 5 AM to get everyone ready, dressed and hair done, etc.. Then Jinger interviewed and said when The Today Show comes they have to get up really early... Then it zoomed to a clock in the kitchen that said 5:48.. With their hair being so long, it does take forever to fix and I'm sure the little ones need to eat breakfast so they aren't fussy.. So they weren't getting up at 8AM... it was MUCH earlier than that.


Anonymous said...

And also, a comment was made about Michelle's statement that she tells her children life is a classroom.... She was being put down for saying that, that somehow it discounted education... I don't think she meant that at all. She said "Life is a Classroom".. She didn't say "Life replaces the classroom" And I completely agree with her. Life is so full of life experiences that we learn things from that we could never learn in a classroom. Its kind of like on the job training. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't get the education, but you should embrace and learn from every life experience that comes your way. I think that's what Michelle meant by that.


Celestie said...

I agree with Michelle, life is a classroom. That is why it is important to broaden your life experiences. Always associating with people "just like me", really reduces the classroom size.

Anonymous said...

On the "Life is a classroom" comment by Michelle, every good teacher will look for "teachable moments". It sounds to me like that is exactly what Michelle does which would make her a very good teacher.

Anonymous said...

The producers edited last weeks show again. They removed Anna's response to the question about being close to the dugger sisters, and the aggressive hanger throwing scene looks different too.

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice any overt re-editing in the repeat of "Driving Miss Duggar." I did notice Anna looking to Josh when answering, "Are you close with Josh's sisters" question, as if for approval or guidance. Anyway, what's not to like about Anna?

I didn't think Joy Anna was being too violent tossing the hangers either. She's a typical 12yo. She's in sort of an awkward position in the family; enough in years behind her older sisters that it makes a difference in age, maturity and development; and then stuck between all those boys. She doesn't have another female her age that she can relate too or play with. I like Joy-Anna, although I worry about her footwear.

Anonymous said...

I said the same thing about the hugging - how strange. When Anna's mother came thru the airport the first time I would have expected enthusiastic hugging all around but no..they don't show any excited emotion. That's sad. I don't think the children have any real "friends" only the Bates. All their contacts are arranged by their parents obviously. They are so sheltered they don't know how to be without one another. Anna wouldn't have a clue what to do if Josh wasn't there. I enjoy watching them but wish they would lighten up just a little for the sake of healthy independence.

Marybeth said...

I think there were a few reasons why the girls stayed at Josh and Anna's. One being that the mattresses were at the rental house in Little Rock. The second being that they missed seeing their family. They even said it in a voice-over--I believe it was Anna's voice, that in times like these it's important to be with your family and how much they missed seeing them.

Kitten is a very common nickname for babies--it was more common back in the 50s--doesn't anyone remember "Father Knows Best?"

As for the "homeless shelter" remark, that just sounds like Josh being Josh. He's that guy in school that always made those random comments trying to be funny, but the comments weren't funny and you were embarassed for him. Hopefully, he'll mature out of that.

And as for Anna not looking her best, let's remember she does have a small baby to take care of. I certainly didn't do my hair and make-up when I had a new born. And no, even if I was going to be filmed for TV--you get me as I am--new mom, take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

@Diane D
The hugging you are seeing on the Duggar show is referred to as a 'Duggar Hug' or 'Christian Side Hug'. Apparently it's a special hugging technique practiced in some circles so as not to arouse inappropriate feelings from overly close physical contact with others. Kinda misses the whole heart-to-heart feeling you get from a proper hug but there you have it. I had noticed their awkward hugs too and then I found a whole weath of information on this phenomenon. Sometimes they do hug for real, but often it's the sad little awkward side hug.