Episodes in the Next Season

During the show hiatus, things naturally get quieter yet TWoP Howard seems to have banned speculation about episodes in the new season on the TWoP thread. If you want to talk about where the Duggars have been seen that may appear in an episode, suggest a good episode, etc, this is the spot.


Anonymous said...

My suggestions is The Duggar Final Farewell Finale.

An overdue goodbye to this family as they return to their compound in Arkansas for good, never to be seen on TV again would be my pick.

Anonymous said...

Episode suggestion:

Michelle in the same room with a mental health therapist, discussing Michelle's addiction to being pregnant.

JimBob in another room with a different therapist, discussing his "enabling" of Michelle's pregnancy addiction.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I would like to see a show of them homeschooling each of their children to get a real idea of how they handle the matter, espeically now that Michelle has to devote so much of her time to Josie.

mythoughtis said...

well, if we are talking sightings, there's the

1. extras in a movie
2. trip to Ohio, Dad's funeral, side trip to Illinois church
3. trip to Michigan
4. trip to Tennesee (unknown for what)
5 upcoming trip to Texas (award),
and another ATI conference
6 JD and Jana's trip overseas
7 whatever trip Anna and Josh come up with
8 Josie's 2nd homecoming from the hospital to LR
9 Josie's actual homecoming to Springdale

Now, if there is any time left, how about

1. actual school day
2. follow Jill on her search for nursing schools
3 Follow Jessa and Jinger for a 18 hour period around the house
4 Follwo Joseph for an 18 hour period around the house
5 interview the Arkansas State Board of Education regarding the success of homeschoolers
6 Find some other fundie family whose 12+ kids are now raised, do a special report on how their kids turned out (a look see into the future for the Duggars

meme said...

Duggar top 20 TV Show Ideas and Ruminations...

1-Jana and her harp playing..the lessons she teaches and or her playing professionally for others.she is such a lovely girl and it would be neat to see and hear her play.

2-JB decides to build a small gym onto the house for rainy days,so the little ones can rid of their excess energy.(I think this is actually a good idea).

3-JB decides to build a classroom onto the house and fills it with desks for each child,maps and globes and a periodic table and other such educational items (again,I think this would be a great idea).

4-the Duggars install an in-ground pool and everyone jumps in wearing regular bathing suits (not holding my breath on this one!).

5-the older boys open a house-cleaning or babysitting or day care service,or they become chefs (again,no breath-holding).

6-one of them actually attends a secular,liberal college.

7-the girls take auto mechanics classes and get paid for working on cars.

8-the boys actually pack their own suitcases for a trip.

9-a girl in a swimsuit or short shorts walks by and no one yells 'Nike!'

10-the boys let their hair grow out(inc. Josh) and they all get 70's perms like the Brady Bunch.

11-JB stops using hair spray! (no breath-holding again).

12-JB gets a crew cut and Michelle gets a stylish new short do.

13-everyone dyes their hair bright red and spikes it,so they can be spotted easily in a crowd.no more matching shirts needed.

14-Josh wears a shirt saying he hates aeropostale.

15-Anna announces she wants no more kids and is going to get a job or attend college.

16-Josh n Anna pack up and head for california.they ditch the qv lifestyle and call their own shots from now on.no more cameras either.

17-the girls proclaim they will no longer be wearing dresses anymore.they hang out at the mall,listen to rock music on the way there,and come home with tons of fashionable new clothes,inc. shorts.

18-the girls straighten and bob their hair,and tell their dad they don't care if he likes it or not.

19-the older kids decide to (gasp!)DATE and not court!

and the finale??

20- the Duggars put a political sign in their yard for a Democratic candidate!

Anonymous said...

THe best episode yet would be one where the family announces the end of the show.

I've had enough of this clown car and their litter of children. No one should be glorifying stupidity, and producing children with no more care than rabbits produce their offspring is just plain stupid.

Getting themselves off TV would be the most sane thing this family has done. It would actually raise my respect for them, because I would think that for once they were acting for the benefit of their children's privacy.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone wants the show to end, I enjoy watching.

*13-everyone dyes their hair bright red and spikes it,so they can be spotted easily in a crowd.no more matching shirts needed.*

That is hilarious.

I think a good episode would be a daughter (Jana perhaps) dating and doing something different. No awkward chaperoned dates, letting her kiss before she is married, stuff like that. I want one of the girls to lead a life like a normal teenager.

I would also love to see what they really teach at "school".

A REALLY interesting one would be having an unedited, full day, without the Duggars knowing. (like a secret camera). I would love to see what their life is really like.

Cyn said...

I have a dingy blond question... What's TWoP... (I just can't figure out what the T stands for)

Anonymous said...

I have a dingy blond question... What's TWoP... (I just can't figure out what the T stands for)

Television Without Pity

Anonymous said...

Here is the show I would like to see. Josh and Anna spend more time with her family in Florida. Josh goes off to work all day, every day, while Anna goes to college and has help with the baby. J-D, Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger go out to explore the world, renting apartments, and getting jobs near the college they will attend after they get their GED's from a local tech school.
All the kids from Joseph on down to Jackson hop on the big yellow school bus and get a real education at a real school, finally being able to catch up to their peers academically and socially.
J-B gets a real job too that does not involve lording his superior Christianity over everyone who is not as holy as he. Michelle takes care of the four little girls during the day, and mothers all the kids 24-7, now that the four sister-moms have moved out.
Cousin Amy is not seen or heard from the entire season.
I suppose this would only be the dream-sequence episode though.

A Duggar Goodbye said...

My suggestion is The Duggars Do "Sound of Music" with a big finish of "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye" and Cut! The final episode - The Duggars, modestly dressed, of course, sing themselves permanently off our tv screens.

Amanda said...

Have them go to the local farmers market to but food (field trip!!) then prepare a meal with said food.

Let ALL the girls out of the house for 24 hours and follow Michelle as she handles all the things that the girls do.

Show them repairing the damage to they did to the house in Little Rock.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:54: Now THAT's an episode I would actually watch.

Anything less progressive than your description? Just hand me the remote, please.

IMO, the Duggars are an odd combination of boring and annoying. A far cry from 'entertaining,' MUCHLESS 'encouraging'.

Amanda said...

Sorry..I just thought of this..

Show J-D getting a cross or other Christian symbol tattoo

hannah said...

I would like to see

a) girls day out

b) boy helping out and doing all the work the girls do for a week.

c)anna stands up to josh and doesnt do all the houseowrk and childcare. it seems like she does it all because its "womans work"

d)jackson and johannah start a roit against the big sisters raising them

e) safty lesson from a cop etc

f) jana gets married

and more :).

Anonymous said...

JB and M go to a parenting class and learn all about how to raise children.

Anonymous said...

Next season... Please no more cousin Amy! Also, please put a cap on episodes that king Joshie appears.. Just fun to see how much wieght he has gained..

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to see a typical "school day" - though I'm a bit worried it might confirm my fears of too much "self-directed learning" (within the narrow and tedious program they use, of course).

I'd also like to see a day in the life of Josh and Anna - I'm sure Anna is kept pretty busy with the baby, but exactly how much sitting around does Josh do and what do they do of an evening when Mack is asleep? No TV I assume, and I don't see any books around other than The Bible. And I'm pretty sure if they were doing evening devotionals in addition to the morning sessions we've seen, Josh would have bragged about it at some point. So how exactly do they fill their days?

I'd love to see the kids (or really, the adults among the children) pursuing an interest which could lead to some sort of career path (i.e. not just a job). Examples include JD learning to fly a plane or registering with the military, Jana going to college to learn more about music theory so she could become a harp teacher (like Erin Bates did for piano), Jill studying nursing, Jessa studying photography (I think it was her who took Josh and Anna's engagement photos)etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

I would like to "Duggar speed dating", where all of the unmarried, above 18 year old Duggars go speed dating,; you never know where you will meet your husband!

Anonymous said...

1-JB decides to give the older kids their own space by dividing up the dorm rooms.

2-Michelle drops the buddy system and actually parents her own children.she starts by reading the little ones a storybook and asking them what their names are.

3-JB tells Michelle he is worried about her health (so no more babies!) and says he is getting the big V done.tlc cameras follow along for this li'l venture.

4-Michelle tells JB to go to the 'big land down under' when he annouces it's time to start making baby no. 20!

5-Jana gets a tattoo;Jill gets a nosering.

6-Michelle learns to feed the babies while they are sitting up.

7-Michelle gives in to the liquer store license when JB announces he is coming out with his own brand of 'Jim Bob' beer.

8-Michelle refuses to accept another Mother of the year award and instead defers it to someone more deserving.

9-Josh actually sells a decent car.

10-Josh takes up cross-country running.

Anonymous said...

"Duggars Be Gone" is my suggestion for the next (and wishfully LAST) episode.

Enough of these uneducated (and produ of it), bible-thumping, hell-fearing hillbillies.

Nancy said...

Josh gets up off his fat butt and puts in a 40 hour work week and accompanies his parents to their weekly Weight Watcher's meeting.

Ceremonial burning of every flowered headband worn by the younger Duggar daughters.

The older girls go to the mall and buy lots of spaghetti strap tank tops, jeans and shorts. And some real shoes.

Michelle actually teaching the children through 2nd grade (Switched on Schoolhouse takes over from 3rd grade forward). Lessons include field trips to REAL museums, libraries and the school age kids spend a week in a public school class commensurate with their grade level. The Duggar kids learn the pledge of allegiance.

JB has a panic attack when Jamseybug makes off with the Aqua Net and hides it in the rental property currently populated with stray dogs and their poop.

Anna, Jana and Jill attend a Halloween party with Cousin Amy and sit on boys' laps.

JB at his pontificating pinnacle: home church.

Michelle actually mothers her children, especially Jenny and Jordyn, who likely have forgotten her given the long separations since the pussycat was born.

Josie takes her first steps and those steps are symbolic of the show walking off into the sunset.

Nancy said...

Oh, forgot to add to someone else's comment: they were in the Nashville area for another ATI homeschool conference (June 1-4, but they stayed through the weekend before heading down to Georgia for movie filming and the Chick-fil-A tour).

Barbara said...

I'd like to see Michelle decide that Josie IS a message from God that they need to stop and she insists that Jim Bob get a vasectomy. He balks, but she tells him in no uncertain terms that it's that or no sex ever.

So he gets the vasectomy.

But then of course TLC is dismayed as they won't be having any more kids and getting up into the 20s and serving as a long-running freak show for the network.

So TLC turns to the Hayes before stumbling upon their own little goldmine: a huge LITTLE people family!!!

Then the Duggars live the rest of their days raising kids and grandkids, but fortunately not adding any more kids and no longer in front of the cameras.

Ten years from now, three of the kids, including two of the sons who are gay, write tell-alls.

Anonymously Yours said...

"Duggars Go GaGa":

Michelle D burns her 'My Breast Friend" in the backyard fire pit, proclaiming loud enough to be heard in the next county, "19 IS ENOUGH, I said!!"

JimBob gets a real job and must report to a female manager who thinks all males are too dumb and helpless to EVER be promoted. She expects JB to have a nice, steaming cup of Joe waiting for her on her desk every morning precisely at 8am, and she doesn't want to hear any more about "Duggar Time".

Anna awakens one morning realizing she's made a terrible mistake agreeing to the whole Duggar Dynamic and tells Joshie that SHE is the new sheriff in town. Josh puts down his Twinkie and begins to actually LISTEN to her.

The older Duggar girls escape, share an apt. and begin to realize they have REAL options and NONE of those options will automatically damn them to the fires of hell.

The Duggar brothers rally together as several of them decide to come out of the closet, stating, "Hell? No, I won't go."

JoyAnna proclaims 'There's just no future in homeschooling' as she torches The Sacred Dining Room Table.

The baby Duggars finally get to have some real time with their real mom but mom also enrolls them in a non-religious daycare 2 days a week so she can develop her own interests and potential instead of remaining a perpetually naive, 17 year old.

Tune in and watch the fun. Extra holy cards for all those who make it through the entire hour-long episode.

Ally said...

What school program do the Duggars use? What does the curriculum consist of. I'm curious. Because I really can't tell from watching the episodes, they don't show it that much. So to the viewers that can, I'd love you to enlighten me on this.

You know what would be cool, the Duggars school day televised for the world to see everyday.

Anonymous said...

How about an episode where one of the older Duggars yells or swears? How about a nice big BEEP one time?

I'd like to see a "Jana gets married" episode, where she and her husband proclaim: "We ARE using birth control!!"

Celestie said...

I would like to see a play therapist come in and teach the kids how to play, not just run around and beat each other up.

Yes there are play therapists for children, who are very regimented and haven't been allowed to just play.

JaxMom said...

The Duggar family (well, a portion of them) spend at least two weeks living with:

1)A Muslim family

2)An African-American family

3)A gay family...perhaps where one of the parents is an Episcopal minister

4)A Wiccan/Pagan family

5)An Atheist family

6)A Jewish family

The older girls go to college for a semester where they all are matched with non-Duggar roommates. It can be a historic woman's college, like Agnes Scott or Smith, but still--somewhere not in AK.

Jim-Bob and Michelle spend time with families in which the mother has died in childbirth after too many pregnancies.

The Duggars meet SuperNanny.

The Duggars hire three nannies to help Michelle care for the kids. The older children still help around the house, but now have time for their own pursuits.

The Duggars go to Gaza and live there for a few months off of UN rations like any other Palestinian family.

The Duggars go on an archaeological expedition and learn that dinosaurs and people did not live at the same time.

The Duggars spend time in Bangladesh working with Muslim women's groups who help girls who are forced into marriages... often very young and with very little skills. Perhaps they realize that their girls face a similar future.

The Duggars have a "green" experience where they are taken to a mock representation of all of the diapers they have put into landfills...and see how long it will take them to degrade. A similar representation shows them the amount of trash their family generates in one year.

Anonymous said...

I'd actually watch Jax Mom's episode!

Good one, Jax Mom.

(In our dreams, though, in our dreams...)

Anonymous said...

whats a jaxs mom.

I would like to see

the duggars do one and one days with each kid where BOTH parents go(ik, its been done on jon on kate). but I feel bad that they only one and one time they get is a trip to pick up some tires or a birthday.

I would like to learn what they with the tlc money, do they donate it.

I would like to see more about how they handle bad behivor of the little kids.

I would like a lady come and help divide up jobs and give each person just one buddy(is that even possible?).

bonehead said...

The Duggar farewell season/show: Let's see the real Duggars as they really are.
1. let's see the real home schooling,
2. the real child raising
3. the real safety issues
4. who really does the chores
5. do all this when the girls from Joyanna and up are away for 2 whole weeks. Cause I think Michelle and JB have forgotten how to raise children. and without the older boys. I would like to see them fair without all that help and nanny service she gets for free. That alone would or might prove to me she deserves the mother of the year award. Cause right now, she ranks up there with K8.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars meet with a family of a different religious persuasion and see if they can find common ground. For instance, a Jewish Orthodox family that also practices modesty in dress, abstinence before marriage, etc.

Anonymous said...

Michelle has sextuplets. 25 kids and counting.

Anonymous said...

1-The kids get together with others and no one calls it 'fellowshipping'.

2-The Duggars grow a real garden and Michelle does most of the canning.The whole family actually eats what they have grown and prepared,all year long.

3-They plant a vineyard, or some fruit trees in the yard and eat of them when they are ripe.

4-Jim Bob finally realizes his 19th child has been born and updates his website to prove it.

5-Duggars appear on the Ellen show.

6-Duggars dance to rock music at the next wedding they attend.

7-One of them gets married in a dress that doesn't have a high neck and actually shows a little chest.

8-Duggars learn to square dance and no one thinks it is a sin.

9-Michelle tells the next person that asks 'do the babies just fall out of you now?' where they can go.

10-Jim Bob apologizes to Michelle for referring to her past boyfriends as 'baggage'.

Anonymous said...

The episode Im afraid of is "Michelle becomes pregnant with number 20, but develops bad eclampsia. She and the baby die. JB says it's god's will."

Having been raised a fundie I must say that I am concerned that the kids are going to be trapped, especially the girls. If one of their children strays and is secular (in their narrow view) or gay the child will be shunned as the bible teaches. This is what happens in these families. A pastor's son turned out to be transexual and all we ever hear is the evils of f*gotry and moans about how his son is not of god. Luckily I don't have to listen to this man any more, who also confiscated church funds under the pretense that it was his due as pastor.

I look forward to the inevitable tell all book. I don't look forward to the despair and sadness that will be found within.

I dont doubt the Duggards love their children. I do think that they have come up with a form of creative abandonment where their children are concerned. Their self satisfaction and superiority is stunning.

The quiverfull groups are not tolerant of other races. This info is given to me by a lady who had mix raced children. They were not welcome by the practicing members. Some of this may reflect a feeling that the whites need to combat the non-whites population growth by increased breeding.

S cape

MamaWama said...

The statement that Quiverfull groups do not like people of different races is not true. Several of the topics at the recent baby conference, where Michelle received the Mother of the Year award, were about adopting children from Haiti. In the audience were children from all races. There were families from all races. There were many disabled children, children missing limbs, and others in wheelchairs of all colors. The Duggars are not racists, but they may feel that God has not called them to adopt?

Swissmiss said...

There is no way the Duggars could adopt by conventional methods, even if they wanted to.

They already have too many children and I don't think the bedroom setup would be approved.

Private adoption could be totally different.

Anonymous said...

-The Duggar Family participating in a fashion show...with only "modest" designers.

-Tasting fried butter at the Arkansas state Fair

-Michelle Duggar and the Bates Momma hanging Laundry and bonding over the inadequacies of men

-The Duggars do Las Vegas or Hollywood

-Show them more going to yardsales and thrift stores

Anonymous said...

I would like to see an episode where Michelle and the five oldest girls go to a salon and donate their 50 pounds of hair to "Locks of Love"-a group that makes real-hair wigs for cancer patients. Then, with their new stylish haircuts, they could head to a fashionable clothing store and get some cute outfits.
If JB has a fit, he can take a long walk off a short plank.

Anonymous said...

Locks of Love will not take processed or damaged hair so sorry that one is out.