Tuesday, April 23, Duggars Take Flight, 9:00 PM (Season Seven)

For his 18th birthday, Joseph leaves home for the first time to train with an emergency rescue team. Meanwhile, John David is one step closer to his pilot license when he flies (sic) Joseph to his boot camp. And Steve checks in on Josh and Jim Bob's weightloss.

30 minutes


hello said...

I guess it is ok for the boys to be able to go places by themselves. I guess someone in the Duggar camp reads message boards. It was a long time ago when John David said he wanted to be a pilot. Will we see Josh going off to college to study to be a lawyer next?

Olympia said...

Seize the day, guys! You've got your own plane and you've been approved clearance to leave the Duggar compound. Fly away from home and don't come back.

Leigh Ann said...

Jana just recently went by herself to that retreat she was helping lead. They made a point of saying she's 22 and it's her first time away from home alone.

Willow said...

I always thought that even males were not normally allowed to go very far without a "buddy" prior to marrying and leaving home. I wonder if they have eased up on that a little now that they actually have several male "children" reaching the more mature ages and they realize that it is just not practical. I bet Jana at least had someone traveling with her to the retreat. The retreat was an ATI type retreat so that is probably why she was allowed to go "alone".

Elspeth said...

Actually the entire sequence of Jana packing and leaving for the Journey was staged. Her family dropped her off in Illinois while on the campaign trail. Whether she had company on the way home is another story.

Leigh Ann said...

But she was there by herself and I don't think they've ever done that before. If it's on the show they aren't really alone, anyway, they have some crew members there. Not they're approved chaperones but I'm sure Michelle and Jim Bob feel better anyway. The whole thing seems silly with adults anyway. They all seem pretty responsible, there's nothing to worry about, Jim Bob is just paranoid is all it is.

Elspeth said...

It's acceptable to not have another Duggar present while at an ATI activity. Joseph seems to have been the only one who went to ALERT.

nanner puddin' said...

I sure hope John is able to get his pilots license and perhaps make a living this way. But then again this is a reality tv show ..so its probably something that helped them have another 30minutes of fame. Why should adults that are almost 25 years old need to be buddied up? This show is getting old and rather boring. Just like The Roloffs ...this show needs to be done....No anna we dont care to hear every five minutes about you ..and your pregnancy tests...People have been getting preggars for years ....it aint nuttin new !!!!

Nancy said...

Speaking to Elspeth's comment about the kids abeing allowed to go alone as long as it's a Gothard sponsored retreat, Jana has been to at least two Journey indoctrination camps alone (that I'm aware of) without any siblings: the one they showed and another one fairly recently (they begin them in March, but IBLP has recently taken down past dates - they used to keep up all of the dates, even those that had passed - guess they have someone actually keeping the webpage current these days.

We know all the girls down to Joy have been (Joy went when she was 14), but interestingly have heard nothing about the boys going. I'm sure JD went to ALERT!!!!1111 Faux military drills in the name of Jesus seem totally up his alley. Given Josh's admission that he'd never worked out before the 90-day blitz, I don't think he's been to ALERT, but there was speculation that he'd been sent somewhere when poor editing showed him all of a sudden with his head nearly shaved during one of the house moves in the old specials.

Rudy Tecat said...

when the Duggar children go out alone to IBPL camps, etc, they are taken by family members and then delivered into the care of the IBPL. It is not like they are traveling alone, wandering around the streets of big cities alone, driving long distances alone, taking buses alone, staying in hotels alone, or siteseeing alone. There's always either a family member of like-minded person with them. I doubt Jana was really alone for more than a bathroom break the whole time she was gone.

hannah said...

Okay, he's going off to boot camp. He`s not retiring.

Nancy said...

Of course they're never really "alone." Even JB had to fly with JD, Joe and the bloody instructor, presumably because JD can't be trusted to be alone with the instructor for the 300 miles back to Arkansas. *eyeroll*

I also wonder who is bankrolling those flight lessons; my guess is that JD is doing this because JB didn't permit it when JD first expressed his wishes to join the Air Force. Sorry about that one, kiddo...no Gothardites allowed in the military, that's why Gothard created ALERT!!!!

Did anyone catch how long Joe was going to be there? I thought it was a 4 week deal, but Michelle said either 5 or 9 (!). I doubt it's the latter; I recall Joe leaving sometime in February, but it could have been the end of January.

At any rate, I laughed at all the "We'll miss him" stuff. He's never home! And the part about being "partners in crime" with Jessa? Must have been before taping since they break up the genders pretty early; you NEVER see Joy with Josiah any longer and it's even rare to see Hannie with Jackson (thank heavens, he brings her down to his level).

Jac&Jil said...

Good grief! All that for Joseph going to boot camp. Wonder how Jim Bob and Michelle would handle one of their brood being deployed to Afghanistan? And many thanks to all our wonderful military men and women for their service to our country.

Stephanie said...

they did say 9 weeks. Its a Church Boot camp just like Journey of the Heart is a housewives church cam. Boys learn how how to maintain a home, plumbing, simle carpentry, simple electrician, mowing lawn, basic car maintantence all geared to car for a family. The girls learn to cook, clean, sew, homeschool, and other wifely duties. Its Church camp for young adults.

When I went to church camp at 13 it was bible studies, games, bonfires, swimming in real suits, prayers and songs. We had strict rules on boys and girls cabins and they weren't even seen but my first kiss ever in my life was at a church camp. It was so innocent. I would go back to that day if I could.

My son is a senior and 18 like Joseph. He just went to the prom, He's a state champion Shortstop having a signing ceremony with his collge this week. I am so excited for his future but I will miss him and I hope he has the time of his life and meets a great Christian girl to marry.

I was hoping he had a little sweetheart in his hometown but I guess he won't get any letters ffrom her

Anonymous said...

According to the ati alert site it cost $3240.00 to attend ati alert basic training in 2013.

SmokeyKitty said...

On the facebook page the Duggar lovers are all overcome by his mission to "serve this country". They honestly believe that he's going to be in a real military position defending our nation..... Clearly this is another Duggar show ploy to go against the criticism that they don't serve in the military, let their kids leave the house, or have any gainfully employed children.

Anonymous said...

"Boys learn how how to maintain a home, plumbing, simle carpentry, simple electrician, mowing lawn, basic car maintantence all geared to car for a family."


Growing up I knew a lot of people in ATI, my family was even involved for a few years before the craziness came out, and I know that this isn't what ALERT is. You may want to check out the facts about what goes on there before making that assumption. Now, what the girls do at their camp is pretty spot on. But ALERT does actually prepare for search and rescue type training.

flowerchild said...

Yes ALERT is search and rescue training so you can track down runaway family members if they escape the compound. :-)

Rudy Tecat said...

If you're going to create your own little Duggar compound, you'll have to defend it, too.

Sharla said...

I haven't found ratings for last night yet. They did not break the top 100 cable shows though so it wasn't good. It was surely less than 1 million and I'm guessing in the 700K to 800K range.

Buddy Free said...

I wish they would of given more air time to John David and his plans as a pilot....but nooo it was all about Joseph going to religion boot camp. I hope John D keeps it up with the pilot license etc. GOOD LUCK JOHN D! Good luck Joseph kick some religion butt. Free Grandma from the dirty duds and Free the Buddies. :-) take care all on this blog

Nancy said...

Sharla, that's where I assumed the ratings would fall; about the same as the Bateses' episodes.

ALERT is nothing more than glorified bootcamp; creating an Army for Jesus. What they don't disclose is whether they get certification for CPR, S/R/R, etc training.

There are pics on the ALERT FB page and if you look at the timeframe between late January - late March (yes, he was gone about 2 months), you can see Joe in some of the pics. One being him tied up to 7 other guys and dragging a guy sitting on some sort of wood contraption on the ground. This isn't the Iditirod (excuse the spelling, I'm tired); there are plenty of other ways to build teams and comraderie.

I read some stories of young men who are now out of the cult (their word), and they would get thrown out because...get this...they didn't "know God's personality." One was sent home because he was deemed "rebellious." Why? because he severely (and permanently) injured his back during one of their insane pack drills. The drill sargents told him he wasn't praying hard enough to recover, blah blah blah...

The more I look into Gothardism and how they beat down the children so it becomes harder for them to leave, the sicker I become, not just for the Duggar kids (who have it better than most), but for the families who don't have the resources the Duggars have (or the ability to have your fees comped; Jinger is a featured musician and JB/M featured speakers this week at Big Sandy. I'm sure there's quid-pro-quo going on for both them and the Bateses (Gil and Kelly speak Wednesday morning, IIRC). I think I posted a link to the brochure on the general thread, but if I forgot, you can find it on the IBLP website (conferences section, IIRC).

Julie said...

Where was Josiah?? I looked for him and could be wrong but did not see him anywhere in this episode.

Duggar Fan but Losing Interest said...

The goodbyes scenes (there were several of them) were so over-dramatic and stages. It's only 9 weeks -- that's not even like one semester of college. Definitely a double standard that boys are strong enough to "stand alone" but girls need their accountability buddy with them at all times. From the episode description, I thought it would be just be John David & Joseph, but JB tagged along, too. Worst case scenario -- what would happen if the plane went down? Michelle would be left with all those kids, without the benefits of higher education and without JB's income.

Beth Anne said...

FYI, the "Boot Camp" that Joseph attended sounds like an Eagle Scout type of experience, but with extra Gothard-type stuff...here is what is on the website:

The first phase of ALERT is the 10-week Basic Training, which is similar to a military boot camp, but with an intense focus on the Lord. Training elements include:

Leadership Training—Leadership by example
First Aid—Wilderness applications
Physical Work—Techniques of strength and endurance development
Rope Work—Knots and river crossing
Outdoor Survival—Orienteering and fire and shelter construction
Character Training—Responsiveness to authority
Personal Disciplines—Bringing thoughts and actions under control
Rappelling—Introduction to high-angle rescue
Sawyer—Proper use of the chain saw
Evangelism—Sharing faith in Christ with others
Memorization—The book of I Peter

The "advanced training" has them take multiple courses to prepare them for disaster response, per the website. Here's the gem:

"During Advanced Training, ALERT men also choose an area of vocational training they would like to major in, such as:

Aircraft Maintenance—Airframe and power plant apprenticeship
Aviation—FAA-certified ground school and flight instruction
Auto Mechanics—Basic engine repairs at home or in the workplace
Construction—Classes and experience in various construction trades
Emergency Services Operations—Fire Academy, EMT (Basic and advanced rescue skills)
Emergency Medicine (Paramedic)—Advanced professional emergency care
Leadership and Management—Managing people, materials, and property
Law Enforcement—Biblical principles and practice of law enforcement"

Again, why Joseph just can't take some of these courses at an accredited community college and get an actual Associate's degree, or enroll in the police academy or something is beyond me.

flowerchild said...

Actually it frightens me when Josiah is absent, I worry about that child there. I think he is a scapegoat for the family. How old is he? Hope he runs soon.