Someone on Wikipedia Thinks Jessa Is Engaged

Scroll down the episode guide to October 15.  Episode description: "Jessa announces her engagement and courtship to a Ben Seewald."

MSN TV has the same episode title.

Is it more likely that this is for Erin or Zach Bates? 

Zap2it episode info:  The Duggars visit the Bates; the girls go camping; Jim Bob and Gil are left home in charge of the youngest kids.


Hannah said...

I hope its not her. I just feel he is rushing it so he can show up the Bates.

Nancy said...

The way it's worded makes me think a fan the description. "A Ben Seewald?" Just say his name.

Interesting, though, that they've skipped through the entire summer and are airing the infamous flea market.

I'm also curious how Josh and Anna spent their "anniversary" given Josh spent the evening of their real anniversary (last week) at a political rally.

Ashley said...

I think it's more likely that it's for the Bates girl. At least I hope so!!

Emily said...

Surely the title refers to Erin. The ring that was featured in the season preview was Erin's. Didn't she get engaged before the flea market thing?

It's possible JB pulled a fast one on us, telling the media Jessa was just courting but really she's engaged.

puddin' said...

Trying to one up on the Bates courtship and their TLC ratings. I'd rather watch the Bates the parents seem to be way more involved with their children that the Duggars. But i sure wish these grown women would drop the baby talk. IMHO :-) have a great weekend bloggers!

Dar said...

It is unfortunate he is so very young. They will both just follow the path their parents choose for them
I wonder if this lovely girl will be able to go have a ready-made dress from a nice shop. You know, like the one Michelle had at her second one. You can guarantee there will be something in the works to put Michelle front and center. Her lovely daughter will not be allowed to outshine Michelle. Even the engagement pictures have to have her photo bombed in them. She will probably announce she is preggers again. Or maybe visit the NICU and show back flashes of her and poor little Josie. She sure got a lot of mileage out of that. That martyred face was something else. Of course, all the other little ones were being looked after by buddies