Bringing Home Baby Duggar Feb 24, 2009

New baby Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar comes home to join her 17 brothers and sisters.


AmyinGa said...

Okay, I can't say enough how much I LOVE this family! Michelle is such an awesome mother. While I do not have any children (and could never imagine having even a fourth of what she has!), I hope I can be as loving and as patient of a mother as she is one day.
On a side note, I must add that the grandfather laying in the bed reminded me of Grandpa George from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the grandparents laid in bed for years. I feel so sad that he passed away though.

ffemtmomof4 said...

ok, I really like the duggers but they just showed the girls room. I really think that they need to get a bed for Johanna (the third from the youngest) she is a bit old to be in a pack n play. But that is just my feelings.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

The new show with the new baby is so cute. One of the boys even played a cute joke on the camera man. They all look so nice in their new duds.

Kelli said...

This is a little random, but have you noticed that there a no pillows on anyone's bed? Even Jim Bob and Michelle don't have pillows. I thought it was strange. Probably cuts down on laundry.

Mary in Ohio said...

It was so refreshing to see a photo shoot of 20 people run so smoothly compared to a chaotic photo shoot of a certain group of 10 people we all know.

And I agree with Johannah's bed--I don't even like putting my 2-year-old in a pack 'n play when we travel.

C.P. Mom said...

I also thought the show was good.
I enjoy and am inspired by the way Michelle speaks so kindly, sweet and patient. The best thing that I like was that they were upfront about the Today show and People magazine coming into their home and explaining this reason to the kids and sharing about how some of the kids felt. The best thing I liked is that their honesty and appreciation about keeping the clothes. Not like some other greedy mom who just keeps taking the free clothes without a mention of thank you.

Willow said...

I thought this was another great Duggar episode. They are different from most families but I think it is in a refreshing and good way. I might not agree with every little thing they believe in, but they appear to be kind and loving people. The kids are probably like most siblings, not perfect, but probably not as mean to each other. I remember once Michelle said, "never raise a hand to hit" or something like that. The babies are cute and I love Josh and Anna too! I hope we get to see them for a long time to come. My condolances go out to them for the loss of Grandpa D.

Sarah said...

seriously LOVE this family. Sure, they're different. However, i think different can be a great thing. I think even with all the criticism on the way they do thing, all I can say is "it works for them". Not to mention, they are refreshing to watch after we see how "other" people in the same spotlight situation tend to act...

Another poster said:
"ok, I really like the duggers but they just showed the girls room. I really think that they need to get a bed for Johanna (the third from the youngest) she is a bit old to be in a pack n play. But that is just my feelings."

My niece slept in one until she was 5 because she refused to sleep anywhere else! I'm wondering if Johannah sleeps in one because she wants to? Although, I have no idea!

Maria said...

I totally forgot this was airing tonight so I missed it. I will have to catch it on repeat, I guess.

As for the Pack and Play, I guess it is possible the little girl prefers to sleep in it. But I myself think they have to be very uncomfortable. The bottoms are so hard. We tried to get our son to sleep in one - we were staying overnight at a relative's house - and that did NOT work. He would not sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to a video of this episode? I missed it and can't seem to find it on youtube.

meluvduggars said...

I Love the Duggars. I have to say that if it were me, In that huge hosue, I would get a a nother bedroom for the girls and split them up a bit, but maybe the older kids help with the little ones and it will come later down the road. I love how gentle, and soft, and loving that Michelle is to the family, SHE really is supper mom. I love that this family puts each other before themselves, case in point Grandpa Duggar. I am so sad that he is gone, but it really is a testament to their love and faith that they let ONE more persona in their house, no matter how crowded it got. What a wonderful family. I also love the way that even though cousin Amy is not exactly cut from the same cloth, they love and welcome her, and dont judge her. That is a true christian. I love getting to see a peek into this families life. NO meltdowns, NO wife htting husband, NO handouts, and boy are the THANKFUL!!!! I love that neighbors bring food over in walmart bags and the family lined up greatfully! A far cry from a much DEMANDED personal chef, " Kraft Service" Organic Spread.... I even think they ate Tacos, NOT LOBSTER! last thing.. how comical was it to see see Joshua want Anna in all the pics? And how excited he was to see a clearence tag on the clothes??? He and Anna are so young and eagar. I wonder if it is alot of pressure for them to have a first child soon?

itsabeautifullife said...

I have really come to like this family. If TLC is really "The Learning Channel" then this and the Roloffs are families that I truly think my children can learn from. Unlike other families on TLC. I caught the tail end of LPBW on Monday and some of the Duggars last night. On both shows, Michelle and Amy were talking about the importance of family. Both were referring to Grandparents. Amy had taken the kids to Michigan to visit her parents. Both Amy and the kids, were talking about how the Grandparents weren't getting any younger and they need to value this time. On the Duggars, Michelle went on about Grandpa moving in with them because he was ill (may he rest in peace) and needed to be among family. She said eventhough he can't respond she knows he can hear and see them. Plus, it was a great support to Grandma Duggar. These are the kind of life lessons I try to teach my own children. Not how to get as many free things as you can and how it is okay to "try out" getting a puppy and if it doesn't work out, oh well. Just get rid of it.

BoyMomInTX said...

I loved this episode as well. I just smile the entire time I'm watching it. They seem so kind and yes, absolutely grateful! I have twins and they slept in pack-n-plays for a while after they moved out of the cribs. They could climb out of the cribs, but when we tried them in "big-boy beds" that were twin sized, there were several times they would fall out of bed. I still needed them somewhat contained at night and if they climbed out of the pack-n-play, it was a much shorter drop than in their cribs.
Not sure if this is why the Duggars do it, but it's what worked for us.

Pam said...

I think it's awesome that it's so hard to find anything to snark about on this blog.

The Duggars really are a good example of how family should be.

Little Miss NASCAR said...

This was another great episode.I like how everyone helps out and they all seemed genuinely excited to welcome the new baby home.
I felt bad for Grandpa Duggar, you could tell he was frustrated that he couldn't communicate. I'm glad he is at peace now.
The Duggars are such a refreshing change from some other TLC shows that are on.
I did feel bad though for Michelle, just having a c-section then within a few days having the Today Show and People mag. stuff going on.
I've never paid attention to them not having pillows. I'll have to pay closer attention, its odd.

KidsAreCute said...

Maybe the pillows were in the wash? In the episode where the girls and boys changed roles, one of the boys was seen catching a pillow thrown down the laundry shoot by another boy.

I, too, loved this episode, especially the kind words Michelle had for Grandma Duggar when Michelle was cutting Grandpa Duggar's hair.

I also loved, that despite her problems, Grandma Duggar pitched in to sweep around the rug when the film crews were arriving.

mom_of_2 said...

I love this family also! They set a great example of a loving family. One thing that I found odd was at the beginning of each episode when they name all of the children Michelle says something like: And I delivered every one of them. I assumed that this meant she had each naturally and no c-section. Then during the episode she said she had a c-section for the twins and then for the new baby. I just couldn't figure out what she meant unless she meant that there are 19 and she delivered them all and none are adopted?

SuzanneDeAZ said...

What are the chances that Kate will invite her parents to live with them when they get old and need assistance.

Melanie said...

I just was amazed at the mega-differences this week between the Duggars and Roloff families...and their ugly step-sister show.

Amy Roloff and Michelle Duggar are terrific mothers and have raised loving, good families. Kudos to them!

I sure wish some spikey headed, orange, puppy hater shrew would take notes.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

To the reader who suggested that the girls get two bed rooms. Before they built the house the children all had options of having more bedrooms, much smaller but they all wanted to have only two bed rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. They like it that way. I can relate to that. They have other rooms freed up to have privacy when they need it, little nukes here and there. I see them as a very happy family and even though we may not understand why they choose certain ways to raise their kids I think that if it works for them that "great".

Ottawa said...

I thought the pack and play was
weird too- but I assumed it must be
there for a reason. Maybe she wonders at night or gets up too early- or she gets into her sisters
things. The little boys were in
beds very early. I also thought
maybe one of the older girls is
going to be engaged soon and they know a bed will open up soon!?!?

MomOfThree said...

I, too, loved this episode! I actually had tears in my eyes when Michelle spoke about how she and JB discussed caring for their parents if the need should arise and how they felt that family should be together if at all possible. How ironic that a new life was brought into the home while another life was ending there. And there was room and time and love for both.

I also got a kick out of Josiah's practical joke. All of his comments, grown-up and serious or silly little boy, always remind me of MacCauley Culkin as "Kevin" in the "Home Alone" movies.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this family and have ever since I first heard about them. They are the kindest, most thankful people ever who set a wonderful example of what a family should be. Their El Salvador trip was inspiring, Josh and Anna's commitment to save their first kiss until their wedding day, their utmost devotion to the Grandparents, everything. For everyone who criticizes their way of life, certainly doesn't watch this show or hasn't read their book (which is fascinating!). I hope one day, I can be a fraction of a mother that Michelle is, have a husband who is a fraction of Jim Bob, and have a pure, open, caring-at-all-times heart.

Maria said...

mom_of_2 has left a new comment on the post "Bringing Home Baby Duggar Feb 24, 2009":

I love this family also! They set a great example of a loving family. One thing that I found odd was at the beginning of each episode when they name all of the children Michelle says something like: And I delivered every one of them. I assumed that this meant she had each naturally and no c-section. Then during the episode she said she had a c-section for the twins and then for the new baby. I just couldn't figure out what she meant unless she meant that there are 19 and she delivered them all and none are adopted?


She means what she said, that she delivered them. Even a c-section is considered a delivery in the technical term. But I guess basically she is saying that she carried and delivered them all and that none of them are adopted.

And this last c-section was actually her THIRD one. I don't know if her uterus will take one more c-section, yet I don't know if it will be able to deliver again after this past c-section either. And yet, they say they would still like more! Guess we will just have to wait and see!

JenL said...

I am a Christian, but I wear pants, listen to rock music, and even dance once in awhile. That being said, I much prefer the Duggar girls' "modest modern" fashions over the abominations that I see on TV immediately afterward on "Toddlers and Tiaras." What a cultural contrast!

Willow said...

I totally agree with JenL. I was thinking the same thing - I was wondering if the Duggars have seen Toddlers and Tiaras and what they would think about it. I am not a big fan of the child pageants. I also think that girls wearing pants could be just as modest but that is what they are used to, I guess. I agree they are nice and tolerant to Cousin Amy. However, I find Amy a little annoying. She started throwing wedding cake at Josh, for heaven's sake, at Josh and Anna's wedding. I mean really. That was a little TOO silly. I like the Duggars because they are Duggars, not because they are just like everyone else. I am sure Amy is a realy sweet person and give her kudos galore for jumping out of the plane, but I wanted to see the Duggars jump out of the plane!! These kids are homeschooled but it seems they are getting "out and about" just fine. I think they have always taken the kids to do things, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, at least the Duggars and Roloffs are fund to watch and are not depressing.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I would think Mrs. Duggar would never put her girls in a beauty contest as she is more interested in having her kids "countenance" shine than their beauty. She would never allow them to wear some of those sexy outfits. I believe she wants her girls to be girls and not be so adult looking.

The Duggars have always taken their children on various trips and different places for experience. They have been to DC as far as I know at least twice. They go on field trips to learn various things such as how to put instalation into their home when they were in the midst of building it.

By the way I read somewhere by somone who worked part time with TLC that the amount of help they got for their home was $25,000 when they made that home speical. They spent over 3 years building it and over 15 years saving for it. When they had a chance to make that special they were alloted $25,000 to have it completed any way they wanted. It was there advantage to take the offer being they already had to move from their orginal home and needed to move from their rental.

When they did move in they did not have AC or any type of cooling system and the family went without air their first summer. They know how to do without in order to save and pay cash. Some believe that TLC gave them that house or soaked tons of money in it but that is NOT true. The $25,000 helped them finish it in a timely fashion.

Another rumor is that they do not pay taxes on this house as it is a church. That is not true. They pay $11,000 a year in property taxes and in return they do not take advantage of the public school system. In other words they are putting out money but not taking it in.

Anonymous said...

After #18's birth, when asked if there would be another baby, Michelle kept saying "well my childbearing years are almost behind me (since I am 42)". She said this several times. It made me wonder if the c-section was convenient--maybe they took care of things while they were in there? Especially if her doctor had said that she really didn't need to have any more babies.

Even Grandpa Duggar had said "enough!".
I'll be interested in seeing if #19 is announced come September 2009.

Maria said...

I know that #18's birth was Michelle's third c-section, and I know that doctors will advise no more pregnancies after a third c-section. Why? Because apparently having a 4th c-section is dangerous and having a vaginal delivery after 3 c-sections is also dangerous. So I'm wondering if her own doctor advised her to stop? If so, I hope she listens. Her body has already gone above and beyond the call of duty, if you ask me.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I DO not know them personally and never claim to know them. I know a lot about them as I have seen their shows for years and have read many articles. What makes you think I know them personally?

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I doubt very much if she would have had something done to stop havinjg more kids as that will go against all that she has been sharing with us about trusting God. If she does not believe in taking the pill she certainly does not believe in having anything done to her body that would be forever.

I think her comment is realistic. She is getting to those years that many women stop having babies. She believes God will give her just "enough" and no more than He wants and perhaps she may be thinking God may not want her to have any more, that she may have just "enough". In that case she may believe that it may be her last one but since she is NOT God and does NOT know HIS mind 100 percent she can not really say for sure if this will be her last baby or not.

Shawna said...

I just have to say, I really respect Michelle and everything she's done. She made a commitment and stuck to it, through thick and thin. But this woman has been raising children for 20 years now. And now shes had another baby. So that means at LEAST another 18 years of raising children. It makes me tired just thinking about it. She is truly made of stronger stuff than me.

I sincerely hope she won't have any more babies. It cannot be safe at this point! What loving parent would purposefully bring a child into the world with a GOOD chance that the child could suffer medically for a lifetime? Oh, I know.. Jon and Kate

boyscoutmomx5 said...

About the missing pillows from the beds. I looked again at the show and it looks like yes they do have pillows on all the beds but the pillows are covered bed the top quilt. I guess its all how you chose to make your bed lol. Some folks make the bed with the pillows showing and others with the pillows under the covers. I really think that is where the missing pillows are.

Anonymous said...

How can you donate things to the Duggars or can you even do so? I usually put all our donations into the Salvation Army each year, but I'd love to send the Duggars a gift card or even kids' clothes. I am just totally inspired that they shop resale and all the kids don't wear new clothes. I asked my husband if I should send them stuff to help out, but he said they probably don't need fan donations anymore with them having a series and a book. But how can they not? They have 18 kids! Even a million dollars wouldn't last them as long as a typical family.

Alli Byers said...

Anon said:
How can you donate things to the Duggars or can you even do so?

I'm not sure, but on the official Duggar site, they list an address and phone #.. if that helps at all.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I have to give Michelle credit. I mean, I have kids, a 14 year old 98 pound Australian Shepherd and 6 cats. I don't work, I go to school, but I can't keep this house clean and organized for anything in the world. They would almost have to have at least a maid to come in once a week. I mean, really.

As alot of people have mentioned, the engagement was quite painful to witness. On the other hand, I don't think it helped that the camera crew was up their bee-hinds. Also, did anyone else notice when they did the short clip with the waitress? She mentioned that other people are trying to eat. What a b*tch. Sorry, but she was just a b*tch. Nothing wrong with that word when used in context and truthfully!!! Other than that, it was a sweet scene. I did notice that Anna and her mom wear the same clothes. Is this the "norm"? Is Anna's family the same size, or close to it, as the Duggars? She's a sweet girl. She needs some life experiences, but she's a sweet girl.

Missy in Austin said...

I do love this show!!! I'm no where CLOSE to being as "Godly" as this family but they are just so sweet together. My only complaint would be that the kids probably don't need to be as sheltered as they are. To be that sheltered does not ready you to deal with real life. The girls should definitely take self-defense classes. They are in the public eye all the time and you never know what some weirdo might have in mind. My girls are not anywhere close to being as popular as the Duggar girls, but they ALL take kick-boxing and can definitely and confidently handle themselves in a situation. Lighten up just a smidge. You've raised them right, now it's time to trust them to make the right decisions. They'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

I still remember the episode where they went down the line and asked each of the children what they would like to be when they grew up. This list was even on the Duggar web-site for a while.

Josh wanted to be a lawyer, the girls wanted to be things like a nurse, a beautician, and a midwife. The little boys want to be firefighters and all those adorable dreams little boys have.

Now, when you combine the fact that they are against taking out {student} loans, and I don't think any of those kids would qualify for any type of scholorship; there's no chance of those kids becoming anything more than what Josh has already done. Bow to the life that has been laid out for them by Jim Bob and Michelle and crank out more Duggars!

Face it, if they had money set aside for those kids to go to college on, Jim Bob would have bragged about it by now.

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to how they are paying all the medical bills associated with a C-Section birth. I had my daughter by C-section 6 years ago. I was in the hospital for 6 days with complications from pre-clampsia. The hospital bill for me, my daughter, the surgeoun, the anisthesiologist, medications, etc came to $35,000 before the insurance company {Thank God for HMO} paid off all but $300 of it!

Their last baby is only a year and a half old, they should still be paying off her bill! Oh wait a minute...they don't believe in debt! But since Jim Bob is self employed do you suppose the insurance company that he uses is about to pull the plug on the never ending OB-GYN expenses? Then there's shots, emergency room visits, ear infections, bad tonsils, etc.

I bet that Jim Bob and Michelle are awfully glad that those Doctors that operated on her went into debt for medical school. A hundred years ago she would have been dead about 4 or 5 babies ago from complecations of child birth leaving the older kids to raise her babies! Oh, wait a minute...they already do!

I can't help but think that MIchelle has an honest to goodness addiction to having a newborn. How else can you explain talking about having anonther baby when you still have the stiches in from the one you just had???

WILLOW said...

Let me say up front that the Duggars are very different from my family, but I totally adore them anyway. That said, regarding the cost of the C-sections, etc.: With ALL due respect, I have read several times that they have never been on any kind of welfare, so I don't think we really need to worry about that. Apparently, they are supporting their family just fine. We don't know if they have a pay arrangement with their doctor, but that is for their doctor to worry about. Patient confidentiality. I say if you can walk the walk, then you should be left alone (Nadya Suleman is the one who has accepted some different kinds of "help", i.e., food stamps, etc.) If the parents cannot afford college, there are ways to put one's self through school. Many in my family have worked and paid their own way through school. The added benefit is that it builds self-reliance and character. I don't think that is totally a bad thing. I'm just sayin'. If your parents can and will help, thats great, but it is not the only way. That being said, I worry about Michelle's health also. Michelle said on one show that she and her doctor are keeping an eye on things or something to that effect. I just hope that is true and that she is not influenced by anyone else but herself about when to quit having children. My comments are totally my opinion only, of course, and are written with love and respect to the Duggars as well as fellow bloggers. Just food for thought. I think the Duggar kids seem pretty well-adjusted, but how could we know for sure? I would think the possibility of 18 children all growing up without any issues at all would be pretty astronomical, but who knows? I think they have a pretty good shot at it. :)

SuzanneDeAZ said...

They do have health insurance so I am sure it covers having babies as I think that would be one reason for them to take out health insurance. They have a plan that covers the entire family regardless of the amount of members of the family. I do remember reading that Jim Bob said he choose his plan accordingly.

Xcc said...

"Face it, if they had money set aside for those kids to go to college on, Jim Bob would have bragged about it by now."

JB has already explained their plans for handling college tuition, should any of their kids choose to attend.

I think it is sad that you see a man who can provide for his family without selling his soul for credit as a braggart. I see him as a hero.

mom of 2 said...

I like the Duggars but education
is important!
My son is starting university in the fall- the $ is already saved for his 4 years-
My husband and I are saving for
our second child who will be going
in a few years.
I would have loved to have a
few more children- but would
have been so stressed out if
I couldn't provide a
university education for all of them.
18 kids is great but none of them
will be professionals- just
homechooled by their mom- who
never went to college herself...
They should stop now and hire
a high school teacher for the
older kids- and send a few to college.
I also want to point out that I
come from a family of
eight kids and in my family
we have a phd-a law degree-
a masters degree - a few bachelor degrees and college diplomas
so it is possible. Although it
is much more expensive today.

Anonymous said...

She's 42-years-old. She's had 18 children (17 pregnancies). She's had 3 C-sections. IT'S TIME TO QUIT! What would happen to those children if she had another one and died during childbirth? Or died afterwards? How would Jim-Bob cope with that?

I think they are a good family. Yes, a little strange, but it works for them, so....

I personally think 18 children is more than enough. It's in everyone's best interest to give that 42-year-old baby making machine a rest!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I sm sure glad that we are not mandated to be obligated to save for "college" before we set out to have children. If a child wants to go to college there is a way without the parents having to save. Perhaps the child one did not have due to fear they would have not had funds to go to college would have not only found a way to put himself/herself through college but may the person to find a cure for cancer. I think it is lame not to have a child if you feel you can not save enough to put that child through college. And to do so yourself so be it but to judge others and put yourself above them cause you have made that choice is just someone full of pride. Why brag about your Savings for college? Sounds a little prideful for me.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I just sent a letter to the Duggars at :! and got a response immediately. They want me to make a short video with 3 questions for their show soon. I do not have the equipment to do so however maybe one of you can ask your questions with a video.

MomInTX said...

One of my questions would be: Is there another Duggar getting married soon or in the works? Jana or John David have been mentioned by Michelle as being next. How do they find mates? They don't interact with other people like we do, so how do you go about that?

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Those are good questions. Have you submitted them yet? They want them ASAP as I think they are about to make a new show and are answering questions such as yours. They even asked me to send in a short video asking the questions however I do not have the means to do that. They have responded twice this evening in my questions so I think they are working it as I am writing this so if you want those questions to be answered send them in now.

Anonymous said...

ffemtmomof4: How old is Johanna now? My daughter is 2 1/2 and sleeps well in her pack and play. Thats probably only because in this economy we lost our home and are now is a MUCHHHH smaller place. But in a family with such a big house and that much money.....I agree, I dont see the reason she doesnt.

Anonymous said...

I have a ligimate question: It seems to me (through their buddy system) that the older girls do the bulk of the cleaning/mothering to the younger children. THis is understandable since mom duggar cant be everywhere everytime. What will happen when the girls are gone and married and its down to the 6 (or so) boys in a row? Mom duggar will be in her 50s by then and tiring out!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I think asking the question about the buddy system and how they will handle life without the older girls is a good question to ask. Please send your questions to:

mom of 2 said...

I don't think I was being prideful-
Jim Bob saves for cars, a house,
trips I save for my kids education-
That's what is important to me-
and it isn't a huge amount-
I live in Canada and tuitions
are very reasonable- $6000+
a year. I wasn't suggesting they
save for Ivy league schools-
maybe a semester at a community
Jim Bob has said he will send them
to college if they already have
the money. He won't let them have
student loans. I understand his
way of thinking.
Two or 3 kids is a reasonable
family for ME- but I have no
problem with larger families.
I come from a large family.

I did not want to offend-
Just my opinion!

Sarah said...

My family is NOTHING like the Duggars, in fact, my family is awful, and I wished I had two parents that actually loved me, and spoke kindly towards me. Anyway, my parents made quite a bit of money, but didn't give me one cent to pay for college. And because I was considered a "dependent" even though I had an apartment, and bills, I got through college without financial aid OR student loans. It took me 6 years, but I did it without help. I just had to work like crazy.

I actually don't even think it's a parents job to pay for college. Sure, it helps when your parents do, but if you want to do something badly enough, you will do it!

Oh, and don't you think Josh is making *something* from the show. He is over 18, and I'm pretty sure he has to be contracted considering he is an adult... Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

"She's 42-years-old. She's had 18 children (17 pregnancies)."

16 pregnancies. Twins twice.

BoyMomInTX said...

I got the same email from Figure 8 and sent in the video with questions. Yikes!
I too don't believe it's a parent's responsibility to pay for college. If you have the means to do it, then yes, it is a great idea and a good head-start for your kids. But I would never sell my house or liquidate my savings to put them through school. We'd scrimp, save and scour for all the scholarships and financial aid we could get, in addition to community college to get them through it. Again, the "I have 'x' number of kids to put through college" doesn't really fly with me. It's very important, but how much of it is your now 18 year old ADULT's responsibility as well?

Jacqui said...

As someone who is about to finish a graduate degree, I disagree with the viewers who believe the Duggars are doing their children some kind of injustice by not paying for their college educations.

My parents made it clear early on that they would pay for two years of whatever college education I and my two sisters chose to pursue - not because they couldn't or wouldn't - but because they want us to have owenership of our education and understand every aspect of the value of what we're learning.

Currently two of us have left for college and in spite of the fact that we will both be in debt, we're both pursuing advanced degrees. Instead of feeling resentful for lack of help, we're both very proud of our accomplishments - including paying our way.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I love the Duggers, Michelle's patience level is amazing. It is so nice to watch a program on TLC where a "kid" can be a kid and get dirty and it is not the end of the world! I also love the fact that they put God first in everything they do. Though there is NO WAY I would have that many children, they do it with class, patience and love...

Anonymous said...

My 21 month old dd sleeps in a pack and play. We made it more comfy for her by putting extra padding under the mattress. I'm sorry, but after working overnights at a child abuse shelter, and catching many toddlers trying to roam and escape at night, it's the only thing I trust.

I knew a couple of women who had five C-sections. But, these were on "mom" messageboards where all the women were pregnant the same time as me. It's been my experience that women on those things lie and exaggerate a lot. But, they still "claimed" to have 5 C-sections.

I think that if Jim Bob and Michelle were warned enough not to have any more kids, they would probably "fast" from having sex until Michelle reached menopause.

Martina said...

**Because apparently having a 4th c-section is dangerous and having a vaginal delivery after 3 c-sections is also dangerous.**

A dear friend of mine (who is currently hospitalized for placenta previa with her ninth child) will have had nine c-sections when this little one gets here in a few days. OB/GYNs are the highest percentage specialized doctors who are sued for malpractice, so it makes sense that they would discourage the situations that would lead to a malpractice suit. However, that doesn't mean that you can't find a doctor who is ethical and in accord with your beliefs who will help you have the size family you wish.

Nine children and this is her first complication (that I'm aware of).

Just to let you know, it may be uncommon, but it's not unheard of.

Anonymous said...

I would be a sweet, gentle, loving mother if I had several teenage slaves to take care of all the children I kept popping out.

mamawama said...

Aha, But would you be a sweet loving gentle mother if you had 11 children all age 10 and under? Michelle hasn't always had the help of teenagers. Josh was born in 1988, the twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah were born in 1998, so she had 11 children at that time with the oldest only being 10yrs old. I am sure that she had a lot of work to do every day, and I am betting she was also gentle and sweet. You don't get teenagers that want to help, and who have gentle natures unless you model that behavior to them.

momof5 said...

mamawama said....
You don't get teenagers that want to help, and who have gentle natures unless you model that behavior to them.
EXCELLANT POINT, mama....very well said!!

ChinaMomof4 said...

Anonymous said: I would be a sweet, gentle, loving mother if I had several teenage slaves to take care of all the children I kept popping out.
I am really sick and tired of statements like this! Older children should help care for younger children because that's what family members do. My older sister was a HUGE caregiver and influence on my life. I encourage my 4 children to help and care for each other. I can't imagine a family thriving any other way.

Merrilee said...

A friend of mine told me that she is from a large family, and they also used the "buddy" system, though she didn't call it that.

She was an older "Buddy" and she and her little "Buddy" became very, very close. My oldest sister helped a lot with her 6 younger siblings, and we had a lot of love in our family.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in kids learning how to help out and how to work hard. If only MORE kids knew how to work these days. Tatoos, texting, drinking, drugs, adolescent pregnancy and more would be much, much less common.

I would expect any older kids to help with younger siblings and with housework.

Old North State said...

Merrilee said: If only MORE kids knew how to work these days. Tatoos, texting, drinking, drugs, adolescent pregnancy and more would be much, much less common.

Good heavens, surely you don't put texting on the same level as drugs, drinking, and teenage pregnancy! I text and I'm pushing 50! It's a great way to communicate without getting tied up on the telephone. My sons are 19 and 17 and it helps our family stay in touch since one is in college and one is busy in high school. I, for one, can't stand to be somewhere and be forced to listen to one side of someone's loud cell phone conversation. Texting is nice and quiet!

My kids work hard and have worked multiple summers. They also travel on mission trips and had to earn the money for that since we can't afford it. My son's friend worked at our local grocery store for years, was top 15 in their large graduating class, bought her own car, and earned a hefty scholarship to a nice private college. Surprisingly, there are great kids working, maintaining top grades and playing varsity sports. Please don't judge them by what you read in the newspaper or see on TV. Sorry, I get a little touchy about generalizations about teenagers.

It might be helpful to the Duggar teenagers if they stepped out into the world and got a job. Life skills can be invaluable!

Sixxlet said...

Merrilee said: If only MORE kids knew how to work these days. Tatoos, texting, drinking, drugs, adolescent pregnancy and more would be much, much less common.

RE: texting. I think Merilee meant that some kids today are so lazy, yet they have time to text message all day long - unimportant texts. My daughter's friend sent over 4,000 texts last month and not a one of them was important. It's just a girl who is treating her phone like a toy.

I have to ask, though, Merrilee, what is wrong with tattoos? You won't see many on teens because you have to be 18 to get one, but I'm 39 and I have three. You would be surprised at how many people have tattoos. You just may not be able to see them!

JenL said...

One advantage of the buddy system is that the Duggar girls know exactly how much work goes into taking care of a child. Whether they decide they want to have 18 kids or none or somewhere in between, it will be an informed decision based on years of firsthand experience. Contrast this with the many teenage girls in this country who get pregnant and keep their babies, convincing themselves that raising a child won't be much different than playing with a doll-- you dress it up in pretty clothes, you give it a bottle, you burp it, you change its diapers, you put it in a stroller and take it with you when you hang out with your friends, and at night it goes to sleep while you watch TV or your boyfriend comes over. But unlike a doll, the baby really loves you and now your boyfriend will never leave you cuz you had his baby.

momof5 said...

Good heavens, surely you don't put texting on the same level as drugs, drinking, and teenage pregnancy!

Correct me PLEASE if I am wrong Merilee, but I am thinking that she meant texting that is done without restrictions. The average adult is not sending sex messages to others (unless its a spouse or sig. other possibly) while kids are now starting to harass others with texting. Our world is becoming easier (via text and facebook or my space, etc) to text things we wouldnt normally say in person, ECSPECIALLY where young people are concerned.

I agree Old North State--I too cant stand to listen to one side of a phone cenversation at a resteraunt or store, or even sitting in the park, but surely unless it is of HUGE importance, an every day phone call can wait until we are in the privacy of our own home/dorm room/car. I have 5 children and all have cell phones because it makes me job as a mom SOOOOOO much easier. Three are in high school and two are in college and we stay in touch just fine without texting. And my 21 year old, the other day, actually said to me..I am so glad texting was never an option for us, because there are so many fools here(college) addicted to it.
I just think for the average kid, it opens the door to an inappropriate conversation, and, like anything not done in moderation, can consume alot of wasted time better spent doing something else. AGAIN...I am not speaking of the average adult who might send out a text message if they are in a movie or meeting, but those who abuse it. My husband works for CTIA--which is International Assoc. for Wireless Comm. so I know first hand the how texting can get totally out of hand. 91% of 11-19 year olds send over two hundred texts a day UNREAL!! and 43% of them contain some kind of inappropriacy. I just think our kids have to many battles int his fallen world, why add one more temptation to their plate. Oh and by the way, two of my boys have been homecoming kings and one was college homecoming queen, and the youngest was chosen by her class to represent them at a Senate hearing in Ill, so none of their social lives are suffering from lack of texting.

Sorry, I get a little defensive on this subject because I hear unbelievable stats and stories from my husband.

my4luvs said...

I just wanted to make a quick comment or two..I personally love this family..I think they are great!! A note about the c-section discussion. I myself had four c-sections and could have had many more if I had wanted too. (i stopped at four!) It used to be that a woman could only have three c-sections but with modern medicine it is now left up the the patient and doctor based on her history and how much scar tissue is present. So technically Michelle may get her Doctors blessing to continue to have children!!

Pamela Jaye said...

someone from my Yours Mine & Ours list (yahoogroups) just shared this link about The Quiverfull Movement.

I haven't read it yet

Anonymous said...

Thanks to PamelaJ for sharing that website about the Quiverful movement. I have not read it all but it has alot of information about it. I personally dont agree with them but found it very interesting reading. Maya

Duggar Weary said...

Please do read the Newsweek article that Pamela Jaye provided. It is extremely interesting and well-researched and does a great job explaining the Quiverfull movement. One thing that caught my eye was that successful Q. families fathered by "men of means" like Jim Bob Duggar (author's words) are the ones who are showcased yet there are many other Q. families existing near poverty, struggling to care for their large brood on extremely limited resources. It also pointed out that because the mother is caught in an exhausting cycle of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and wrangling toddlers, the extra work falls to the older daughters who learn early in life that theirs is a life of domestic work---first as helpmates to their parents, then to their husband, and then as mothers of their own large families.

All very alarming in my book.

Munchkn said...

A couple of comments about c-sections: Ethel Kennedy, wife of the later Senator Robert Kennedy, delivered all eleven (yep, 11) of her children by caesarean section. I've also read that she always took her own French Porthault bed linens to the hospital with her when her babies were born. Heck, I just had three c-sections, but I'd have taken my Porthault sheets to the hospital, too, if I had them.

Placenta previa and abruption are associated with a history of c-section, particularly if there was only one layer of sutures used in the repair of the incision.

mamawama said...

Actually, the Newsweek article is by Kathryn Joyce. She also wrote the book "Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarch Movement". This is considered an anti-Quiverfull book by many of the families who practice quiverfull philosophies. Her conclusions are off base, and she puts a negative spin on the whole concept. I wouldn't recommend this book or article for people who want to learn more.

the duggars ain't all that said...

Just curious...what do Quiverfull people think about couples who struggle with infertility? God loves them, but what do the Quiverfull people think? What about getting help from medical science for infertility? Judging from the Quiverfull website, men who have had a vasectomy do not honor God.

mamawama said...

I think that most quiverfull people believe that if your body isn't working the way God intended, then fix it. So, if you are infertile due to a blocked tube or something, then get the surgery to fix it.

A vasectomy would be the opposite. Something that was working as God intended is now broken. That is why they see it as the wrong thing to do.

Ruby said...

I was part of the Quiverfull movement just before and during the early years of my marriage. And as far as infertility goes, this is what I understood.

There are several references in the Bible about God being the one who opens and closes the womb. So when Bill Gothard & Mary Pride, two influential people in the movement, talked about letting God plan your family, they meant exactly that. If you were infertile ~ other than counseling the husband to wear boxers and avoid hot tubs ~ the only infertility treatment that was sactioned was prayer.

Medical intervention was encouraged in the case of reversing a tubal ligation or vasectomy, but not to "force God's hand" and conceive outside of God's timing.

I apologize for not having direct quotes, but I got rid of my copy of "All the Way Home" and the Gothard manual years ago. I also realize its a large movement and opinions may vary.

the duggars ain't all that said...

I am amused that Bill Gothard is such a big Quiverful muckety-muck. He is unmarried and has no children yet he considers himself an expert on children and teenagers. He also has a PhD from an unaccredited, conservative Christian university yet he developed the AIT homeschool education program that the Quiverful folk teach to their brood.

As far as the poor daughters go, what else do they need to know other than "Epidural, please"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ruby for sharing your insight and experiences. I hope you have found your happiness and peace of mind at last. I dont condone the movement though I applaude the Duggar family if that is their choice. Gods work can be done in a lot of ways is my thought. Maya

Ruby said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts, Maya. Yes ~ life is good!

mamawama said...

The quiverfull movement is much bigger than the Bill Gothard / ATI movement. Most quiverfull people that I know do not use ATI, although most do homeschool.

It is funny that Bill Gothard is not even married, but I can tell you that his program is turning out some great kids! The proof is in the pudding.

Cheerio said...

mamawama said: It is funny that Bill Gothard is not even married, but I can tell you that his program is turning out some great kids! The proof is in the pudding.

I was wondering if you could be more specific as to how you define "great kids". Academically superior? Christian walk? Just plain nice?

Anonymous said...

I, too, watched the episode where they brought the most recent baby home. She is a cute baby! It amazes me, too, that there are 20 people in that house and the noise level is very little when compared with the other family in PA who have six screeching howler monkeys out of control.

The ONLY thing that bugs me about the Duggars is some of their beliefs. I'm all for being different, but I think they are just a little too different. I think they need to update the girls' and Mom's hairstyles. Michelle is nice looking. She would look really cute with a more up-to-date hairstyle. Same thing for the girls. I also don't like the ankle length skirts on the girls either. I don't see anything wrong with jean, khakis, walking shorts, knee-length skirts. The little boys all have modern-day clothing. Why can't the girls? I don't really agree with their "buy used and save the difference" philosophy. There's nothing wrong with buying new clothing. It doesn't have to be designer clothing either. I just fear that later in life the kids will be ostracized for being different.

I don't think it's good to homeschool your children either. They need the outside socialization skills. That's just my opinion.

If I had a choice between the Duggars or the Gosselins, I'd probably choose the Duggars.

Also Anonymous said...

Anonymous said....I don't think it's good to homeschool your children either. They need the outside socialization skills. That's just my opinion.
If you don't homeschool your children then they will be exposed to others' thoughts and beliefs.

How about being taught by someone with advanced training in education, not just a high school education? If you listen to Michelle and Josh speak, they make the same grammatical errors leading me to believe that the student learned them from the teacher. How could she teach English literature, physics, or advanced math? These are some of the things that my children studied in high school. I imagine the ATI material is pretty elementary even on the high school level.

Lisa said...

Just because someone was homeschooled does not mean they did not get/do not have a good education. Friends of my family are homeschooled and one of them is a National Merit Scholar finalist. The way it works for them is they are taught by their mom when they are younger and helped by their siblings with homework. They are also a part of a homeschool co-op so if one of the parent's is not very strong in a subject then they are taught by another parent who is. When they are older their material is then supplemented with online classwork that is more rigorous than anything I ever saw in high school and I took all advanced classes. Socialization is also not an issue because these people are able to get out so much more and interact with other people because they are not timebound by the school day.

mamawama said...

About socialization, homeschoolers are actually better socialized. The classroom is a fake environment. Kids are only with other kids who are exactly their same age. When is another time in your life when you will be only with peers who are your exact age? Kids don't learn to interact with all ages of people.

The limited age differences leads to bullies. As an adult, I have never been afraid that someone is going to push me down, or punch me.

Homeschoolers don't have bullies. They get to interact with all ages at homeschool play days ( which is often scheduled by homeschool groups for one day a week). They also volunteer a lot more than public schools so they may visit nursing homes, homeless shelters, etc.

I have seen many public schooled kids who won't let smaller kids play in their games, and they have no idea how to relate to anyone outside their own peer group.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the parents ended their formal education at high school explains why higher education is low on the list of priorities in the Duggar home.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

"The fact that the parents ended their formal education at high school explains why higher education is low on the list of priorities in the Duggar home."

I disagree. Maybe them being sucessful without a college education makes them level headed in that they may believe that NOT everyone needs to go to college to be able to raise a family, nowever it does not mean they do not value higher education.

Anonymous said...

I would think that they now realize that a college education would have been beneficial since they are educating their 18 children in their home. My husband and I both have graduate degrees and our children understand the importance of continuing their education at the next level.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Higher education is not for everyone. I have two master degrees and over 100 credit hours beyond those degrees. My husband does not even have an AA yet he makes more than I do. He learned his skills on the job and has a great work ethic.

I have a friend whose children all have degress yet they do not have a work ethic. All they have now is debt big time and no jobs.

Neb-momof4 said...

OK!!! Enough about niece and her mom (my sister) are friends with the Duggars and I just called them and BEGGED my sister to let me use their name on this site, but she said no, she didnt want Michelle to feel like they were selling them out,(even tho we are going to defend sis said, they dont need defended..everyone who really knows them..not just from watching a half hour TV show once in a while..but REALLY knows them, knows they could care less about defending their lifestyle as they know they are in the will of God, and they know that they are raising their children the right way for them not to mention being wonderful, genuine people the whole way around). So my neice is pretty good friends with two of the Duggar girls, while my sis and her family are Christians, they wear pants, watch some TV, their kids are allowed occasionally on the internet (under always a watchful parental eye) and go to regular school but, GASP, the Duggars still alow them in their house!! They are the least judgmental people ever met, and she said in their neck of the woods you cant find ONE family to say something bad about them. They are very well off (w/o attending college) and in fact, LISTEN UP, HAVE COLLEGE FUNDS FOR THE KIDS!!!!!! Not all of them at this point, but Josh CHOSE not to use his at this point, my sis doesnt know all the details but this is not a new discussion, it is a constant question that comes up whenver ANYONE talks to the Duggars. The kids (not including the youngest 4) ALL have 1000's of dollars in bonds, that are given to them for birthdays, Christmas'es, Easter etc. Being a large family, they get gifts quite often from the community becuse they give SOOO much to the community, and alot of those are bonds. A story sis told me recently was that four of the older girls, have accts at a bank in Tonitown, and when bank atatements were checked online, HUGE deposits had been made in the girls' accts...YOU much as you all might doubt it GOD is providing for this family..This family has had such a positive effect on their community that people are moved and have a desire to help. I think a community of 10,000 knows more about them, than we who sit and can only type about them, 1000's of miles away, on our computers. Jim Bob's theory is used and save the difference..WHERE DO YOU THINK THE DIFFERENCE GOS???? IN COLLEGE FUNDS, not saying they have enough for everyone at this point, but somehow, I think God will provide for them and I would say its safe to say the every one of their kids that goes to college will emerge DEBT free, what a great head start to life..starting out with a college education and NO DEBT!! I would say that as adults they are going to be SOOO thankful to their parents that, yes, maybe they had consignment clothes, but because of that sacrifice as kids, they are reaping in the rewards as adults. lets put the college discussion to an end, if thats all we have to pick on them about, then maybe it's time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like the Duggars are grifters just like Jon and Kate! They poor-mouth and hit the church circuit to talk about their sacrifices and lo and behold, the checks roll in! Thanks, Neb-momof4, I think you've provided a valuable service maybe if people feel moved to aid the "poor" Duggar family with all of those children, they will learn from your post that the Duggar schtick is quite the little money-making scheme!! I appreciate your eye-opening post. Why didn't I think of that before I went to college? Pan-handling can be a profession too!

Clambake said...

Neb-momof4 said: Jim Bob's theory is used and save the difference..WHERE DO YOU THINK THE DIFFERENCE GOS????

Uhhh, to buy cases of Aqua Net hair spray for Jim Bob?

Neb-momof4 said...

Anon 11:52..

Again, i'll state that those who know of them, not even their friends, but just those that live in the same area and are familiar with the family, will tell you that they have never once asked for anything, but because they are obedient to God, God works thru people to bless them. Thy are HUGE in cooking and serving to the area homeless and providing for those less fortunate. The girls are also a big part of the battered womens shelter..washing clothes, babysitting for moms so they can go find a job, and sorting supplies, so because of all that they , in turn, are blessed occasionally. We can always type our opinion out, but quite honestly, yours or mine doesnt really matter, because they are surrounded by a whole community of friends and people who, while they might not know them, know of them and can find nothing bad to say about them. Beside. I dont think I would bank my kids college education on handouts..thats kind of unsure for an EXTREMELY organized family.
BTW..LOL clambake!!!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Maybe they are banking on their kids college education by the money they have saved in the bank or by hard work. I am sure their kids can find jobs to work themselves through college just like many other teens.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but if you trot your family out and turn them into a weekly TV show, you are opening yourself up to scrutiny. I'm sure if there were college funds, Jim Bob would have bragged about it. The truth of the matter is that the Duggars have raised their children to continue the Quiverfull lifestyle and unless the college is Gothard-approved, the kids will wait until they marry to leave home, no venturing out on your own. Michelle can talk about her kids wanting to be midwives or pilots or hairdressers all she wants to, but until one of them actually leaves home to begin training or studying for one of these professions, I will just keep believing that this is just the "party line." They will keep the kids at home until they match them up with other Quiverfull families and set them up in housekeeping to begin their own families. Sad in my book. Once again, if you turn your family into a television show, you give the rest of us the right to discuss you. Jim Bob was a politician (and would probably still like to be one) and you can bet that they know exactly how to "spin" themselves. No sympathy here.

Promise said...

Concerning the pack-n-play: it may only be used for naps, or when she's "hanging out" in the girls' room. At night she might sleep with her parents. Michelle and Jim Bob strike me as the kind of parents who would co-sleep with their children. It is possible to co-sleep with more than one child, especially if you have a king size bed. My parents co-slept with me and my sister (2-1/2 years younger than me) in a queen size bed. I didn't "move" into my own room and own bed until I was almost 4.