Duggars on a Mission - Feb 17, 2009

The Duggars are in El Salvador! In this continuation of their trip, the Duggars visit two orphanages to bring aid and presents. Watch as Jim Bob struggles with the Spanish language in an episode that make you laugh and cry.

30 minutes


Sarah said...

I'm excited to see this episode! I love to see people *really* give back, and getout of their comfort zone doing it! Go Duggars!!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I watching the first part now and it is so sad to see the living condition of the people there. The Duggar's children are very caring. They show their bathroom, so they are going to build them a new bathroom. How great.

Sarah said...

Good job Duggars! I love to see you give so wholeheartedly!! Please keep inspiring the world to follow Jesus, and serve his fellow man!

Anonymous said...

This is why I love this family, they are truly using their "Fame" for the better, unlike Jon and Kate to benefit themselves. Bravo Duggars, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Amanda, the previous poster. I m glad that the Duggar family uses their platform for doing good and spreading some joy to those less fortunate in the US. We are so lucky. Less Gosselin whining and more good deeds please.

Cee said...

I don't know much about adpoting from El Salvador, maybe it is very hard to do, but there are children around the world living in these conditions that need loving homes. I hope the Duggar children consider this when starting their families instead of going their parent's route.

Tammy C said...

I think this was one of the better shows.

Have you heard that Grandpa Duggar passed away last week on the 9th.

Anonymous said...

I thought the trip was a great idea. It's nice to see people in their position do something to help others....unlike J&K+8 who are all about themselves. The more I watch the Duggars, the more I like them and I do think they are a very genuine family.

cwats76 said...

I have never posted here before but I had too after seeing this episode.

Watching the Duggars go to El Salvador reminded me of when I went to Mexico in 2004. It was heart wrenching to see how they live. In this one village we went too they didn't have 4 walls but 1 or 2 walls and tarps for the rest, they had tin roofs (if they were lucky) or tarps. It was very sad and life changing for me.

I was glad to hear that the Duggars had been there before (at least some of them) and that this was something that they did not do just for tv. But I don't think they should have brought the tv cameras with them. Obviously even the orphanage didn't want the kids seen on tv, since they took the HIV + kids away for the day.

RaisingTriplets said...

I don't usually watch the Duggars, but HOW REFRESHING! Monday I saw Jon and Kate arguing over home decorating, and complaining about piles of laundry while they were being showered with GIFTS of new appliances. Then Tuesday I saw the Duggar crew graciously showering poor, truly deserving people with gifts of BASIC ESSENTIALS. It was touching to see the Duggar kids holding and hugging little El Salvadorian kids, and getting TEARY on camera as they spoke of their experiences. I think it is VERY POSSIBLE that the Duggar kids will grow to adopt children from other countries. Especially one that they have a connection too. Several of them said they wanted to bring the kids home. I bet one day they will. What a wonderful family! Maybe Jon and Kate should tune in and get a CLUE!

SavetheSheeples said...

Have you heard that Grandpa Duggar passed away last week on the 9th.

Oh, how sad. :( It was mentioned in one of the previous episodes that he was very ill (cancer?).

momof5 said...

Not sure if this will go thru but here is Grandpa Duggar's obit


Jim "J.L." Duggar, 73, of Springdale, wnet to be with Jesus on Monday, February 9, 2009 at his son’s home
in Tontitown. He was born February 3, 1936 in Fayetteville to James Allen and Velma Lee (Boggs) Duggar.

Survivors include his wife of 48 years, Mary Duggar; his daughter Deanna Jordan and her husband Terry;
his son Jim Bob Duggar and wife Michelle; two sisters, Evelyn Long of Neosho, MO and Barbara Hendrix of
Dardanelle, AR; one brother, Mike Duggar of Tyler, TX; and nineteen grandchildren.

J.L had a unique ability to make others laugh and smile. He delighted in spending time with his family
traveling and doing things together. He was a fun Grandpa. Few people enjoyed life as much as he did.
After graduating from Fayetteville High School in 1955, he attended the University of Arkansas, and served
in the Army ROTC. He married Mary Duggar in 1960. In 1962 he became a third generation real estate
agent in Duggar Realty that his grandfather J.T Duggar established in 1933. He loved buying and selling
property, cars, and making ‘Big" trades. Among many of his real estate transactions, he sold sites for the
Springdale Holiday Inn/Convention Center, McDonalds on 412, Heritage Funeral Home and the new
Tamales Restaurant coming soon on 48th street. He was an incredible salesman. He grew up attending
Calvary Baptist Church in Fayetteville and was a member First Baptist Church in Springdale for many years.
Grandpa Duggar lived out the verse in Proverbs 17:22 that says, “A joyful heart is like good medicine.” He
loved cracking jokes in tense situations, telling funny stories even about himself to make others forget their
own problems. If he could come back just for 5 minutes, he would tell us how wonderful Heaven is, and
how important it is for the rest of us to make sure we have a relationship with Jesus and to live every day for
Him! He would tell us not to get so bogged down with the cares of this world or to worry about anything, but
to love God, serve others and make a difference with whatever time and resources we have left. He will be
greatly missed.

Visitation will be from 5 to 7:00 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. A “Home-Going Celebration” of his life
will be 2:00 p.m. Friday, February 13, 2009 at Calvary Baptist Church in Fayetteville with Dr. Doty Murphy
and Brother Gil Bates officiating. Interment will be at Fairview Memorial Gardens.

Casket bearers will be Joshua Duggar, John David Duggar, Joseph Duggar, Terry Jordan, Dr. Young Min
Kwon, and Jason Madewell.

Memorial contributions may be made to Gideon’s International, Springdale Gideon’s North Camp, P.O. Box
8181, Springdale, AR 72766.

Anonymous said...

I really did not enjoy this episode. I think that the Duggars are contributing to overpopulation, pollution and tightening of resources with their large family. In addition, they're encouraging their children to ahve as many offspring as God will allow? If they really want to do some good for the world, they should not have any more children and stop encouraging irresponsible childbearing with their own children.

Kasey said...

No, no, no, no, no! Everything that we know about the Duggar's and their beliefs, this was not only a disaster, but it was insulting and frightening.

Their lack of knowledge of the culture, plight and need was obvious. Their efforts may have been in good heart, but due to their isolated world view and lack of global knowledge, this was wrong in so many ways.

The Duggar's had no idea how to help this situation in El Salvador. Thank goodness for the tour leader who really, really seemed passionate and had a heart. I wish him the best and hope that this, at the very least, leads him to more support. He clearly has passion and love.

I watched this with my Salvadorian boyfriend who left his country due to the wars and we cringed, cried and prayed together for the Salvadorian families who were blinded, beguiled and exploited in this episode.

RaisingTriplets said...

Just because the Duggars don't speak spanish, and don't understand all the world's cultures, doesn't mean they didn't "bring hope" to some of those people. How is supplying them with a few basic essentials "insulting"?
I'm sure that if any of the people did not want to be filmed, they could have said so. It's not exploitation when they WILLINGLY speak to the cameras.

They said in the beginning that this is something they have done for YEARS. It's not like this was their first trip to El Salvador. They've gone back again and again to help these people. If these people didn't WANT their help, why would the Duggars keep going back?
Obviously the Duggars ARE passionate about doing this. Obviously it IS touching their hearts in some way. If they were doing anything WRONG and/or HURTFUL towards those people, they wouldn't be doing it. They wouldn't be invited year after year by this "tour leader" to come back.

like the duggers said...

Well I loved these 2 episodes! Whether or not they know spanish well, or should or should not have had their TV crew with is just siily ways to take the focus off of the true beauty of this family. I have been on mission trips, and while I dont know why they do it, but most religions do this out of sheer love for others and the want to be of service. When we went on our missions trips we did not go to tell them how to live but to be an example of Christianty(and if they want to ask questions go ahead and ask), and to help people that cannot help themselves.

They helped others in dire need, they showed their children how to help others by example, they took their children out of the country and they learned how to travel, etc.

So much good is coming from this.

I think Jane and Hate should be required to watch the Duggars, and then do a couch interview on how the 2 shows are alike! HA!

mochi said...

The melodramatic musical montages were way too much, but that's totally TLC's fault. I don't blame the Duggars.

Jim Bob was awkward and, at times, patronizing. However, the show did not glorify his behavior and even the kids teased him about his ridiculous Spanish. But, while I think the Duggars have issues and the world can't sustain everyone living their lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with wanting to help out. It obviously meant a lot to the children to receive presents and treats.

I really admire the Duggar children's attitudes. They're sheltered and sometimes naive, but they know it's a privilege to help others.

I can only imagine what Jon and Kate Plus 8 would have looked like on a similar trip.

tha squirrel watcha said...

These shows about the mission trip made me see that the children are more sheltered than I thought. I think the point of these shows were to bring more awareness to the SOS mission and how much help is needed in El Salvador. JimBob seemed sincere when he mentioned that. It makes sense, considering they do not want to be filmed doing work in AK. Yes, there is naivete all around, but I think perhaps TLC threw in JB's hammy moments & the kids inarticulate comments to make it seem real. These were probably just brief moments during filming.

I admire their family and the fact that JB & Michelle are giving their kids these experiences. I think it just further sparks the possibility that the kids will make different choices than their parents, as well.

Canadian watcher said...

Did you see Jim Bob spraying his
hair again outside in
El Salvador?!?
My son said his hair looks like
a helmet!

You can tell the kids are well
cared for and raised properly-
They are so even tempered and
seem happy. Jim Bob and
Michelle are kind of nerdy
but they are great parents-

Jane in California said...

I do agree - that Jim Bob and Michelle certainly seem to be loving parents. Their children do seem happy. Their way of life and their beliefs are vastly different from my own. If Jim Bob was still in politics and could influence lawmaking, I wouldn't be too happy about that. But as long as they are simply living their own life and not trying to impose their beliefs on others, then it's fine with me. Especially since they seem responsible and able to feed, clothe and care for their children.

I also respect that they do more than talk about their beliefs - they live them, such as going on this mission. Giving to those in need is a cornerstone of true love for your fellow man.

Anonymous said...

The previous poster was quite unkind in their comments. The name 'Jim Dumb' is showing lack of respect as well as ignorance. I feel the Duggar family had the best intentions doing their missionary work, regardless of the lack of language skills. To call them a cult is truly showing a closed mind. I dont agree with their religious views, I do however show them respect.

Old North State said...

Anonymous, I believe you are talking about a post under the topic "The Duggars in El Salvador-Feb. 17, 2009".

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear you think my post was unkind. I just think it is terribly inapproprite to bring children into this world and the only education they receive is what their parents tell them. The girls in this family want nothing more than to go on and be a breeder like Mom and be under their husbands authority.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a mother or a wife for that matter. But, teaching your daughter to take care of herself first would be more beneficial. Do you think there is college funds tucked away for these children? Very unlikely. If your going to produce children give them a chance to be something besides carbon copies of yourself.
Right now the mother who just gave birth to octuplets is being ripped apart in the media. Yet the Duggars are cheered on for what I think is also irresponsible behavior. It is impossible that these children can receive adequate attention from their Mother (do the math) Using your daughter as nannies is just disgraceful! What if Mom died during childbirth? Continuing to get pregnant knowing the risk involved each time is just selfish.

Fay said...

Anonymous I think what you said is so true,and I agree with your coment about the girls in this family.I was wondering the Duggers have been so fortunate to have all of the children be healthy at birth,what if that was not the case, and the children had health problems and birth defects,would they of kept haveing so many?

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how nasty some people are. The Duggers belief are theres. And at lest THEY are teaching there Children Morals and Standards!So what if they have 30 children. The taxs payers are not paying for them unlike billons of others! How many girls have babies without fathers helping them? And do nothing but smoke and set around wanting EVERYONE to take care of them?
As for J&K+8 I can not stand Kate she is a real cry baby!!! Jon this and Jon that! Jon needs to become a man!

Anonymous said...

The Duggars have good hearts - the children are being brought up the way every child should be raised.

I can not find a bad word to say about them.

Sad news about the father/grandfather passing. He was surrounded by love, may he rest in peace.

If they continue to have shows about this family I will watch each and everyone of them and enjoy knowing there are still wholesome families in this messed up country.

Anonymous said...

No one is mentioning the episode when Jon, Kate and the kids went to St. Judes Hospital and brought tons and tons of gifts for the patients there; They had each of their children pick out gifts for the children and they explained the importance of giving to others. In addition, they had that giant garage sale and all of the proceeds went to a charity for children as well. So you may say they are all about themselves, but they have done things for those that are less fortunate and that should be commended as well.

Snerk said...

Ah, the St Jude's episode where Jon and Kate had the half a show K Mart ad where the kids picked out toys that K Mart provided and then Kate gave out copies of the mouse book to promote the movie, and copies of the book Beth wrote? The yard sale where they sold items they were given by individuals or companies and then gave about $1,000 of proceeds to charity while keeping the money they were paid to make the episode? Oh, yes, I see the vaguist of similarity there.

Elisa said...

I think that the real irony of this episode was that in many places like El Salvador, poverty is only made worse by a lack of birth control.

Momanda said...

Anonymous said:
No one is mentioning the episode when Jon, Kate and the kids went to St. Judes Hospital and brought tons and tons of gifts for the patients there; They had each of their children pick out gifts for the children and they explained the importance of giving to others. In addition, they had that giant garage sale and all of the proceeds went to a charity for children as well. So you may say they are all about themselves, but they have done things for those that are less fortunate and that should be commended as well.

Jon & Kate did not pay for any of the donated toys, K Mart donated/paid for all of the toys in return for the advertising. And if they wanted to give back, why did they have to fly to Memphis? Why not donate their time in the area where so many once helped them.
Also, during the yard sale, Kate complained that the rented tables weren't clean enough for her used items. Keep in mind she's selling children's clothing that was donated to her. Why do you think she's so obsessed with keeping their clothes clean. The clothing will only sell if it is stain free. Also, when people visiting the yard sale took pictures with their own cameras, Kate charged them for the pictures.

And also, don't you find it odd that Jon and Kate didn't feel the need to give back until they started receiving so much bad press. There's a reason Kate hired a PR firm.

The Duggars have always donated their time and material goods. They didn't need a PR firm to tell them it would be best for their "image" if they were seen helping sick children.

Anonymous said...

When I watched this episode, i was very upset...as a Salvadorean I was shocked that many of the things mentioned in the show were wrong...they made it seem like there was not even one person in the country who cared about helping the poor which is completely not true...they exploited the people that were supposed to be helped and what about riding in the back of the truck, shouldnt they discourage this since it is not safe, I have never seen them do this at home, all the children are always safely inside a car...there are cars or busses big enough to fit all the Duggars, they just made the country seem worse than it actually is which is very sad.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason for the Duggars to visit El Salvador to see a standard of living different from thier own. There is ample opportunity for this in their own backyard.

I wonder what JB's record, while in elected office, was regarding these problems? I digress...

Some of the Duggars say they want to be missionaries. I wonder, however, how well any of them would cope without hairspray, AC, clean running water, heat and a well-stocked grocery store. Hmmm Now there's show !!

Their bubble will be their downfall if they're not careful. Their insular education isn't helping the up-and-coming Duggar's to think critically about the world or their place in it.

Their treatment of the Salvadoran family smacked of colonial missionaries of old - good white people taking the time to give gifts and touch poor little brown people. Ugh !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Folks who don't really know them sure can criticize rather harshly. They happen to have very good reputations in their local area. You may see the young ladies shopping at a thrift store for their clothing, several of them helping someone move, (dirty, hard work, no cameras present) giving to others via 3rd party (don't let your left hand know what your right hand does), helping widows and orphans, fellowshipping a family who has adopted special needs children from the U.S. and abroad (playing right alongside their children) buying ice creams for a family of a different denomination than themselves, giving counsel, giving business referrals, sharing teaching from the IBLP seminars, enjoying broom ball with locals, and many other things. People need to realize they are real people who live in a real community just like everyone except they feel they can be a greater witness for God and a pro-life voice showing children are a blessing in a world where the womb is the most dangerous place for children. They are not movie stars but try to follow after their beliefs. I don't agree with their or everyone else's religious or political beliefs but there's nothing wrong with living a clean life by Biblical principals and one's own moral convictions.