Josie Went Home Earlier Today

People has the story, of course. Josie went home to the rental house weighing 4 pounds and 9 ounces. It will be an episode on Sunday, May 9.


Vanessa said...

"I will be her main caregiver," Michelle says, "and we'll have a lot of helpers around to take turns feeding her and getting her to sleep."
-direct from the article.

Why isn't she the MAIN caregiver to all of her "blessings"

I really pray for the best for little Josie. I just hope that she doesn't get lost if a new baby comes along.

Anonymous said...

good for josie. but a new special about her? wow. shame on tlc

Anonymous said...

I like how in that article Michelle makes it clear that she is going to be Josie's primary caregiver.... I wonder why she would feel the need to make that clear.... hmmm...

Hi Michelle, TLC, and Sean!!!

Iliketheduggars said...

Probably in answer to a question by the reporter who wrote the article.

As in, "Who will take care of her?"

Or, "Will you have someone there to take care of her?"

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Again, why the hmmmm when she mentioned she will be the MAIN caretaker. She most likely meant she was not going to have professional help such as a nurse. I am sure that the baby needs a lot of medical attention and some people may have hired a nurse for such at home or a nurses aid but Michelle passed on that and wants to be the main caretaker and not a hired hand.

Anonymous said...

Michelle's being defensive, in response to her past history of passing off babies for the older girls to raise.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for your baby, Jill!

Anonymous said...

I hope Josie isnt back in the hosptial soon. Its will be hard to keep away the little kids from giving them their germs. I wonder if have a rule about who can hold her.

Anonymous said...

Michelle just makes the strangest comments sometimes. She is Josie's mother, saying she is her main caregiver sounds more like something you would call your childs daycare provider or babysitter. I never would think to label myself as my children's caregiver, I am their mother. I wouldn't tell someone I was my childs main caregiver, I would tell them I was their mother. Why would a reporter ask a mother who is going to take care of their own baby? I think she made the comment because they know people are wondering of she is going to be passing this baby down to a buddy soon.

I don't think she meant it as not using a nurse or outside help because she didn't mention that at all. She did, however, mention how there will be a lot of helpers to take turns feeding her and getting her to sleep. Josie is like bringing home a newborn baby and feeding and putting to sleep is what "the main caregiver" should be doing. Michelle and Josie need this time to really start bonding. Josie needs to know her mother is and if there are "a lot of helpers" she won't get that bonding time with her mom. But then again Michelle really doesn't seem to be too bonded with her children anyway so I don't know why Josie would be any different.

I really sometimes wonder if Michelle sees herself more as a caregiver than a mother really, she certainly seems to act it like most of the time. The older girls are act more motherly to the younger kids than Michelle does.

Anonymous said...

If there is a special May 9th, which happens to be mothers day, I guess we can expect a live Today show interview with Meredith on the Thursday or Friday before the show.

MO4 said...

This is truely amazing and wonderful news!I am so happy for little Josie.

Anonymous said...

Michelle has always been the primary caregiver for her babies until they are weaned at a year old or so. I see lots of evidence that she continues to be in charge of her childrens care and upbringing.

That being said, I'm sure all of the older girls can't wait to get their hands on their adorable, tiny, precious, little sister!

Anonymous said...

I think Michelle and Jimbob still think that they can just pack Josie up like all their other children and tote from Dollywood to Hollywood. I don't think they have a clue that Josie's needs may need to come first in terms of family activities- to them I beleive the perception is that the hardest part is over....good luck with that!

potty mouth princess said...

I am curious if they found another rental? Josie really needs a quiet space and from what we're shown of the rental they were in in Jan/Feb., that won't be sufficient, even with Josie sleeping with JB & the "Mother of the Year." There are just too many little ones running around with essentially no structure.

If Josiecat needs her fighting spirit, this is when she needs to dig deep and somehow learn how to block out the stressors, which will be constant with a how many kids 10 and under?

Samantha said...

Michelle felt the need to say she would be Josies primary caregiver because she knows she hasn't been the primary care giver for Johannah, Jennifer or Jordyn. Those poor little girls were passed off to their sisters so darned quickly that it disgusts me.

babysteps said...

Yay Josie!
"A person's a person no matter how small." Dr. Seuss.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Duggars are just excited to have their new baby home finally. I, too, tend to think she said that in lieu of having a visiting nurse or aide to help with Josie's care. I feel sure the Drs. have impressed on them just how fragile Josie still is and it's a positive thing that they're not rushing home 3 hours away for a while. I don't suppose they'll go home until Josie's proven to be able to make the long trip (for her) and they know she's settled and continuing to grow.

Having never walked in their shoes with a situation like they're in, I just wish them the best as they continue to help little Josie.

Anonymous said...

The weekly series shows that Michelle usually passes the baby off at around 6 months or so not a year. I believe she has said or once they wean and she has also said they wean early. I would like to know if she does nurse until a year, I have my doubts. The only time you really see Michelle holding her baby is when she has them under the blanket nursing, when not nursing the older girls are the ones that are usually carrying or holding the baby. Even during tv interviews she very seldom is ever holding the youngest baby.

Unless there is some special circumstance it would just be assumed that the mother is the primary caregiver and that should never need to be voiced because it is just natural. I think her saying it implies that she isn't always the main caregiver of her baby.

I just simply do not see her being in charge or interacting with her younger children in a motherly way. I must have a different idea of what is interacting and being in charge of my children than Michelle.

potty mouth princess said...

IIRC, Michelle said in the book that she has inverted nipples and nursing is difficult/painful for her, so that's why (she claims) she only nurses the babies for 6 months.

This begs two questions for someone with lactation knowledge/experience: 1)Would her inverted nipples be a reason she is spending so much time a day (she's claiming 6-8 hours a day) to express milk? and 2)"Skim" milk? Skinny babies? Her infants have looked fine as far as I have been able to tell. Shouldn't her milk become richer even by the 6 month mark when she weans them?

Anonymous said...

THe youngest three girls have never had the benefit of their mother for more than a few months of nursing.

I hope things will be different for Josie. She needs her mom a lot. Those little girls have lost out on so much by being abandoned to their sister mothers.

Anonymous said...

Well, my best wishes for Josie. I admit, I'm a bit worried for her wellbeing. I know that Michelle will need help, but I am a bit concerned to hear that many people will be feeding her and getting her to sleep (?). Why won't Michelle be able to do the bulk of that? She's already passed off care of the other youngsters, so I hope she remains very hands on with Josie. I think the less people a preemie has holding and caring for it, the less contact with germs.

I'm also glad to hear they will remain close to the hospital, just in case there is need for medical intervention.

Finally, I hope the Duggars will rethink their current television lifestyle and stay home more instead of traveling hither and yon for their show. Take a year off at least. Let viewers see their real lives, boring or not. The focus should be on the family, not on the tv show and finding things that would interest the tv audience.

As to the older girls not being able to wait to get to hold and care for Josie -- they have children already under their care. It's not like they aren't plenty busy already. I'm sure they love their newest sister, but they have children (not of their own) that they have to raise up and tend to already. Time for Michelle to woman up.

BioEngr said...

Boring shows do not get good ratings, like it or not. People watch the shows where the Duggars go to Dollywood or The Biltmore House and are interested because they have also be to those places, not necessarily because they love the Duggars.

I also think the main caregiver comment was in response to a question. The media is able to spin comments, especially in print(vs television) any way they want. However in the case I don't think that was the point, only to show readers that Michelle will be the caregiver as opposed to a nurse or tech. The interviewer probably asked if a nurse or aide would be employed and, accustomed to answering in complete sentences for TLC interviews, Michelle said I will be the main caregiver.
Just my two cents.

Judy said...

I was thinking about Josie all day today, along with Jordyn, who probably got moved into the girls' room so they could put Josie in the crib in Jim Bob and Michelle's room.

I find it ironic that Michelle needs to point that she, the mother, will be the primary caregiver.

Anonymous said...

If Josie still needed a nurse as her main caregiver then I doubt she would be ready to be discharged from the hospital. Why would she need a nurse as her main caregiver? Michelle said she will be her main caregiver and we'll have lots of helpers... I think she said it to prove she will not be passing the baby off to a buddy, just yet anyway.

I know a few people who have had preemies and they didn't have a nurse as the "main caregiver" when they brought their baby home.

Jess C said...

This is exciting news, I'm so glad to see this precious child grow and gain strength...I just pray that she gets the love and attention she deserves. She has been fighting for so long.

And Michelle has the weirdest wording for things. I very much think she has heard or read all the speculation about Josie being pushed off to one of the girls and felt the need to clarify. I think all of this will play out very interestingly though, I just HOPE there is not a Today segment with her there, all those lights, commotion...still too much for her to handle imo.

Anonymous said...

Give this precious baby some quiet time during the day, so that her brain can develop. Stress has been prove to impede development. What is more stressful than a noisy, chaotic environment?? The best way to calm down that home would be to enroll the 6 youngest boys in school. Yes, that's a far off thought, not something that I would guess they've even thought about. Consider the benefits to the whole family (I listed those on the April thread), not just Michelle's "need" to "protect their hearts" by keeping them out of public school. She has a child who is fighting to live the normal life that the previous 18 were blessed to be born with. It's time for JB and M to be made aware of the fact that their family life just may not go back to rolling along as it was before Josie was born. For the benefit of their latest blessing, they need to bless her. They need to bless her with the best that they have. The best home environment, the best/most of Michelle's time, and the best/most sacrifice that they've had to make. The later being not just the move and relative short stay in Little Rock, but instead, a realization that their lives have changed, possibly for quite awhile. No more road trips!! No more rambunctious, noisy brothers, running/screaming/Razor riding in the house. No more dirty hands. Please keep this blessing safe, and consider Josie's needs first.

Steve knight said...

Well looks like Michelle will be busy I know we've talked about how Michelle Duggar and JB Duggar are not "officially" QF (despite being fully in line with the Gothardites and ATI). Now they're joining forces with Doug Phillips and Vision Forum:
she will be giving a lecture and accepting the mother of the year award.

Anonymous said...

YAY for baby Josie! Honestly, I didn't think she had much of a chance, being born so early, but I'm so glad to be proven wrong. It's amazing what prayers can do.

Celestie said...

I think you are right, Jess. Michelle made those comments in response to talk on the boards about Josie being passed on to a buddy right away.

I join those, who wonder why she isn't the main caregiver to all her little ones?

Kitten said...

"The littlest Duggars at home – Jackson, 5, Johanna, 4, Jennifer, 2, and Jordyn, 15 months – have never seen Josie in person..."

Which we know is not true, since the entire family went in to see her before her transfer to Children's. Great journalism...

Anonymous said...

I just saw the episode where the entire family, INCLUDING the five youngest, visits Josie in the NiCU (with no handwashing, no gowns, a lot of little kids with runny noses, etc).

So, it simply isn't true, as People reports, that the little kids haven't seen their sister yet. Out and out lie, and I sort of wonder who does editing, since that is a glaring error.

Anonymous said...

"The littlest Duggars at home – Jackson, 5, Johanna, 4, Jennifer, 2, and Jordyn, 15 months – have never seen Josie in person..."

Which we know is not true, since the entire family went in to see her before her transfer to Children's. Great journalism...

I noticed that too. It made me wonder how accurate their last report was where they put everybody in an uproar with the headline saying/insinuating the Duggars were already planning # 20!

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Jim Bob are amazing.
They do a great job with all the
kids - We could all learn so much
from them!!!

Anonymous said...

The ability to procreate does not make a person an amazing parent.

Anonymous said...

I have learned a lot from the Duggars. I have learned what not to do and that I am glad I didn't parent like them. I have done a pretty amazing job raising my kids, as well as probably most of the parents here, without doing it the Duggar way.

Marybeth said...

Earlier in the interview she also said "we're running on adrenaline" so how good an interview they were going to give is questionable. Also it's been proven by several posters that some information quoted in the magazine article was incorrect (the fact that all the children hadn't seen the baby before) so that brings the whole article itself into scrutiny.

However that being said, I think her comment had to do with the fact that she was acknowledging more to herself than to the public, that she was finally going to get to care for her own child. For the first 4 months of Josie's life, Michelle had to sit back and watch as nurses did all the feeding and diapering and caring for her child--all the while she had to sit by and wonder if her daughter would live to see the next day and all the while the only "care taking" she could do is pump breast milk.

Now Josie is finally home and she can finally do the mothering that she had to watch nurses do. Michelle has had to go through something no mother should ever have to go through and now a new phase is beginning. I think she'll handle it with strength and faith and the support of her family. Baruch Hashem and Mazel Tov!

Iliketheduggars said...

Re: Duggar errors in the press...

Believe about 50% of anything you read, from any source, at any time.
Only about half of a given article is accurate. Things in "quotes" are not actual quotes; they are paraphrased from what the reporter remembered or wrote down, and are further changed by editors and proofreaders. "Little" details like names, ages, dates, etc., will most likely be wrong.

Also, the main subject and bulk of the original conversation may not even show up as a subpoint in the article. You could talk for two hours about beans, and the reporter could write two pages about something you said to the mailman. You really have little control over the final product.

And an error in one publication can be picked up and repeated by numerous others, which means readers will take the error as fact because it was "reported" in multiple sources.

Sadly, I have real-life experience with this stuff. Get a general idea of things from what you read, but don't take much of it too seriously. Really, that 50% figure I mentioned is probably generous.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else scared for Josie health? Michelle and Jim Bob are not really equipped to take care of a preemie. The younger kids are out of control, sick often, and very noisy! I cringe everytime I saw the younger Duggar's going down the stairs face first! Michelle did nothing to stop them! How do we know that Josie will get the care that she needs? In her current state she needs to not be around germs or excess people. I often wonder how long it will take for number 20 to be announced after the newness of Josie wears off?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what prayers can do.

Not to slight prayers, but I think it's more due to the incredible medical care and advancements that Josie survived in the first place, and that she is able to go home now.

Anonymous said...

When Jim Bob and Michelle go to Texas, to speak at the Vision Forum conference, and for Michelle to host her "Mother Tea" and collect her award, where will Josie be? They can't possibly (or can they?) be thinking of bringing that sick little baby on a bus to a conference in just a couple of months...can they?

Or just as bad, are they going to leave Josie home with her sister moms instead?

Jim Bob and Michelle clearly have no idea whatsoever what care for a sick preemie is like and how it differs from the care for their other 18 kids as newborns. Sure, they dragged all those kids around to Dollywood and New York and the Today Show and whatnot. But, a preemie is sensitive to everything, from sight, sound, touch, etc. They have weak immune systems. They are easily stressed.

Jim Bob and Michelle just don't get it.

winsomeone said...

"Michelle and Jim Bob are amazing.
They do a great job with all the
kids - We could all learn so much
from them!!!"

Like what can we learn? You are assuming that the rest of us did a poor job of raising our own children it seems like?

Cyn said...

I just saw the episode where the entire family, INCLUDING the five youngest, visits Josie in the NiCU (with no handwashing, no gowns, a lot of little kids with runny noses, etc).

That was TLC's screw up with editing that we didn not see the hand washing and the rest.... In the next episode we saw the SAME visit this time with the hand washing, temp checking and the rest... Dingbats at TLC didn't think we needed to see the kids being prepped for the visit till this and other blogs went OFF about it. poof the footage showing it actually happened appeared the following week. person... Could also simply mean that they only got to see her through the isolette (sp?) which is almost the same as viewing a baby through the maternity ward windows. But unless the older ones have been allowed back in since the one visit that was aired only the oldest 3-4 have been able to see the baby out of the isolette (sp?)

Krissy said...

I'm happy Josie is doing well but the image of a fragile premie in the midst of a horde of rambunctious children makes me cringe. Like others have said I strongly think those 6 or 7 younger boys need to be in a regular school. They have no structure which is why they run around out of control all the time. I'm sure there are conservative Christian schools in Arkansas that they could attend.

In regards to Michelle's comments, I don't know what to make of them. She doesn't seem to take any interest in children past the infant stage. I don't think I've ever seen her hold Jordan or Jennifer unless she was breastfeeding, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before Josie is passed off to Jill or Jana.

I'm also ambivalent on Michelle receiving a Mother of the Year award. I mean if anyone should receive that award it should be Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger especially since they do 99.9% of the cooking, cleaning, laundary and parenting.

Anonymous said...

When Jim Bob and Michelle go to Texas, to speak at the Vision Forum conference, and for Michelle to host her "Mother Tea" and collect her award, where will Josie be? They can't possibly (or can they?) be thinking of bringing that sick little baby on a bus to a conference in just a couple of months...can they?
* * *

I was shocked and dismayed to read this news. I can't believe that JB and Michele are actually going to attend this conference. How little do they understand about the needs of their own preemie daughter? It boggles the mind.

They should neither be taking her on any unnecessary trips away from home (and the only necessary trips are for her doctor visits), nor should they be leaving her to travel themselves. It's beyond shocking to me. If this is what a conservative patriarchal religion espouses, I want no part of it.

Iliketheduggars said...

"The ability to procreate does not make a person an amazing parent."

Nor preclude it.

Iliketheduggars said...

"I have learned a lot from the Duggars. I have learned what not to do and that I am glad I didn't parent like them. I have done a pretty amazing job raising my kids, as well as probably most of the parents here, without doing it the Duggar way."

Naturally... because there are as many GOOD ways to parent as their are parents in the world. The Duggar way is different from most of ours and is working well for them... respecting and learning more about them is a good way to celebrate our differences.

Iliketheduggars said...

Michelle and Jim Bob are amazing.
They do a great job with all the
kids - We could all learn so much
from them!!!


Like what can we learn? You are assuming that the rest of us did a poor job of raising our own children it seems like?


I didn't post either of these, but this is a PERFECT example of the defensiveness I was talking about!

I believe we can be pleased with our own parenting, pleased with someone else's different method of parenting, and learn from other's parenting... all at the same time! Acknowledging someone else's parenting "accomplishments" is not automatic disapproval of everyone else's.

Sarah said...

I really like these boards-- really. but there is something that has bothered me for some time. There is so
much spectulation- and so many people giving their opinion as hard truth. It's misleading, and kind of wrong.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't have an opinion, but shouldn't our opinions be based on truth? If not then how are our opinions "truth"? Just a thought I guess.

Anyway, I think Michelle will do great with little Josie. She has a ton of experience with babies, and is confident about her ability. My sister in law had a preeme when she was 24, and when her baby was released she was stressed, but did just fine. Michelle will have more challenges with so many little ones, but I think she can handle it well!

Anonymous said...

"I don't think I've ever seen her hold Jordan or Jennifer unless she was breastfeeding, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before Josie is passed off to Jill or Jana."

This made be chuckle at bit as we currently have a newborn and six older children ages 2-13. I am grateful I am breastfeeding because I for sure wouldnt get much holding time with my baby otherwise. I have siblings asking to hold her, change her, rock her etc all day long. My older kids love babies and I really think the older duggar girls do to.

Anonymous said...

Find a single Today show episode, or trip or whatnot, when Michelle is holding one of her own children, or pushing one of her own children in a stroller, or even holding one of their hands (except nursing Jordyn, attached and BREASTfeeding 24/7).

Jim Bob does hold his children. The girls do (and the older boys have been seen pushing strollers).

But Michelle herself said she is only the buddy to her nursing baby. After they are weened, she does not even hold or pick up her other children. She smooches Jim Bob and walks ahead of the group, or doesn't even look back while one of her little ones is fussing on the Today show, while the older girls do everything that a normal parent should be doing.

It is pure neglect.

Anon 3:14 said...

When will the Duggars ever acknowledge and respect and admire and learn from the way that OTHER PEOPLE parent children? Isn't life supposed to be a classroom? Doesn't that include the lives that other parents are living? All the Duggars do is refuse to allow their children to learn anything but JB & M's ways.

The way those younger children act (like hooligans), the Duggars are the last people on earth I'd admire or take parenting advice from!

Anonymous said...

I didn't post either of these, but this is a PERFECT example of the defensiveness I was talking about!

What you did post was that we all could learn something from them.

That insinuates that the Duggars know more than other parents or that they have something that all of us need to learn.

winsomeone said...

Iliketheduggars said...

Michelle and Jim Bob are amazing.
They do a great job with all the
kids - We could all learn so much
from them!!!


Like what can we learn? You are assuming that the rest of us did a poor job of raising our own children it seems like?


I didn't post either of these, but this is a PERFECT example of the defensiveness I was talking about!"

I wasn't being defensive..I actually wanted to know just what all I am supposed to be learning from watching the Duggars? When someone says we all could learn so much, I was just curious as to what the many things are.

winsomeone said...

"Nifedipine is excreted into human milk. The manufacturer recommends that due to the potential for serious adverse reactions in nursing infants, a decision should be made to discontinue nursing or discontinue the drug, taking into account the importance of the drug to the mother."

It seems odd, that they would have Michelle breast feeding at all. Why take the rick when the baby is a preemie?

Cyn said...

I have a question for the RN's that were out there...

Josie will be 7 months at the time of the tea, and or even older when they go to the home school conference. At what age do you stop thinking of her as a preemie and can treat her as a normal child. Is it a year? 18 months? what?

The reason for the questions is Josie will be 7 months old and people are assuming she will be 'ill' or need major medical care or something... and I can't figure out why people are having this issue. We have heard nothing as to her medical condition and for all we know she could be perfectly healthy and have NO issues at all. In April they are letting her go home the Tea is in July that's another 2-3 months before they even go...

By 7 months old shouldn't she be able to go out in public?

Cyn said...

When will the Duggars ever acknowledge and respect and admire and learn from the way that OTHER PEOPLE parent children? Isn't life supposed to be a classroom? Doesn't that include the lives that other parents are living? All the Duggars do is refuse to allow their children to learn anything but JB & M's ways.

Michelle and JimBob have done this acknowledging in their books. They have said over and over again just exactly who they borrowed the techniques from. Michelle used to mention the books in the first interviews, and or specials. If they repeated it every episode it would get old and boring fast.

And one last point the DUGGARS themselves have never claimed to be perfect parents, OR that they were parenting experts. The FANS have, and people giving them awards have. The Duggars can not control what others have said / will say of them, they can only control what they say (and then again I don't think JimBob has that ability yet).

Cyn said...

I know you only asked for one.... but here ya go anyway.

Michelle holding children other than the nursing child.

There are more but it's family clean up at our house today, and I don't have the time currently to go find every episode, picture, or interview. I'll find more later and post again.

Anonymous said...

Clearly if Josie was so "sick" she would still be in the hospital. I am positive the doctors have told J & M the things that they should be aware of in regards to her care. We don't even know if Josie will be attending the "tea" with her mother...she may not be nursing and if not wouldn't "need" to be with M. Whatever my feelings may be for J & M, I do think that they love all their children and wouldn't do anything to compromise Josie's health.

Anonymous said...

Jordyn nursed 24/7. She spent her entire first six months under the nursing hood, kicking her little leg. Poor child was probably smothered under there, and wanted to be able to either connect with her mother (who was too busy waving to crowds from floats or reading to school children, while nursing), or to look out at the world. Unfortunately, she had to be under that shroud.

Josie will probably also be connected to Michelle 24/7 until she is weened and abandoned to the older sisters to raise her. I only hope she seriously isn't smothered under that heavy nursing blanket thing. She needs open air and much eye contact with her mother (as do all babies,but Jordyn sure didn't get that).

Anonymous said...

When will the Duggars ever acknowledge and respect and admire and learn from the way that OTHER PEOPLE parent children? Isn't life supposed to be a classroom?


Not necessarily. It is easy to forget that education is a value... I am guilty of this myself. I come from a family that believes in a college education and life-long learning beyond that. Not everyone feels this way. Some view learning as simply getting to a level where you know the basic skills to get one through life and nothing more.


Anonymous said...

They wouldn't do anything to compromise the baby's health? I think having a camera crew film her in the NICU and having all those young children go to visit was taking a huge risk of compromising the health of a micro-preemie. I think that since they've run the risk once or twice, they'll not give a second thought to running the risk again.

Many micro-preemies are discharged still needing much more care than an average newborn. Some are discharged still on oxygen therapy, some discharged with feeding tubes. I don't think Josie can be considered out of risk until she achieves normal developmental milestones, which may be more than a year in the future.

This is not a 'normal' infant. This is an infant who has spent months in the hospital, and it remains to be seen what sequelae will develop either from the extreme prematurity of her birth, or of the treatments she received in order to survive that prematurity.

Anonymous said...

Michelle always holds her nursing child---just not after nursing.

It's nice to see her holding Johanna. That was never shown on TV. But Michelle herself says she is only buddies with her baby, so she basically ignores her other kids in favor of the baby, whoever it is at the time.

Anonymous said...

Why don't JB&M send the clan back to Springdale with their primary caregivers and concentrate on mastering Josie's care - maybe with Jill and the other older girls cycling through. That way everyone will have an appropriate environment.

The rest of the family will do just fine back at the ranch.The rest of teh kids will do just frone because JB&M have trained competent and caring "staff" who've been doing this work for YEARS. Not mention the D's vast and willing network of support in Springdale who, no doubt are eager to help - USE THEM. Finally, there is adequate medical care for the run-of-the-mill scrapes, bumps, broken bones, worms and fevers the rest of their brood are bound to sustain.

Delegate and allow your kids to grow and manage. They've been doing it for years!

Anonymous said...

I am an RN with advanced training in Pediatrics and OB. Josie at 7 months and with no more medical issues than she has been reported to have experienced to this point should be perfectly safe going out in public, especially as it won't be in the RSV season. Her needs and her immune are and will be much the same as any other young baby. She will develop immunities by being around her 18 siblings. We as concerned fans really can trust the advice Michelle receives from Josies well known and respected physician.

They will probably go back to Tonitown at the first of May and Josie will be under the care of the Duggars local pediatrician who will be well able to advise them on how to care for their newest addition.

Cyn said...

Thank you RN.... I was wondering since I had never had a preemie or been around others with preemies...

And since Michelle actually lucked out and got one of the leading preemie doctors and HE was telling her she's 'fine' I couldn't figure out what the issue was once she was 7 months old with going on a trip with her family.

Anonymous said...

Josie won't be "7 months old" in July. For quite some time, people will use josie's adjusted age, meaning the age she would be from her original due date, which would be four months. Perhaps some people would drag around a healthy four month old; some people would not.

By that logic, Josie is right now already "four months" old. But my four month olds were rolling over and cooing, beginning to babble, could play and hold things, and interact with the environment.

However, Josie is less interactive than most full-term babies at a week old. She barely opens her eyes, does not smile.

So, let's not pretend she is like a regular newborn, even now. In three months, she will not be like a seven month old, because she isn't even like a normal newborn, yet, and she was born in December. I am not certain that in July she will even be like a normal four month old, but time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
Josie won't be "7 months old" in July. For quite some time, people will use josie's adjusted age, meaning the age she would be from her original due date, which would be four months.
* * *

Thank you! This is correct.

Either way, the Duggars are being irresponsible parents for planning to attend that conference in July. Either they plan to take their premature baby out on a long trip, then out in public, when what would be best is for her to be quietly at home;

or they are going to gallivant off and leave her behind with her older sisters.

Neither scenario puts the needs of this child first. Thus I call it irresponsible parenting. But earthbound glory beckons to these two "parents" so of course, off they will go like moths toward the limelight. They could no more refuse an invite to be praised publicly than they could a photo opportunity.

Of the two scenarios, I hope they leave Josie at home, with her older sisters, who seem more able to give her real love and care than her own mama.

Cyn said...

I have stated already I do not know anything about preemie babies, and that was why I asked for one of the RN's to answer my question.

I do on the other hand know Josie's doctor happens to be one of the leading doctors in his field. I think I'll take HIS word about her health than what I have read on this and other boards.

As for not being 7 months old... does that mean that she won't celebrate her birthday in December but will have to make a new one up for some time in March? People can call her 2 months old for all they want she will still be the age she is counting from BIRTH.
The Doctors that are seeing Josie every day have given JimBob and Michelle Josie's medical condition stats which we do NOT have. They (doctors and the parents) know much better than we do what Josie can and can not do... not this board or any other web site designed to discuss their every move and whim.

Anonymous said...

My youngest sister was born 7 weeks early, weighing 3 lbs 11 ounces. By around 13-15 months, she was caught up and reached her milestones within an average time frame. Josie, being nearly 4 months early, may take longer to catch up, but there's no reason to not celebrate her birthday when it actually occurs. By the time she's 1 or 2 the difference between her actual birth date and her original due date won't matter as much.

...And what's up with saying she's "ill"? She's not sick, she's just tiny. If the doctor let her go home, weighing around 4 1/2 lbs, he must think that she is capable enough of handling the family germs.

Anonymous said...

No, of course Josie's birthday will be celebrated on the annual date of her actual birth.

But she was born prematurely, not at the full nine months term. So when people say that while she may be seven months old in terms of how long she has been out of the womb, she still came out before full term. Thus, her actual age can be a bit misleading in the first year of her life, as she will not be reaching the same milestones as a full term baby will at the same "age."

She has gone home weighing less than 5 lbs. She had a rough start. I hope she suffers no permanent health problems. But that does not take away from the fact that she is less robust (at this time) than a full term baby with no health problems. It's just a fact.

All I know is that if I were the mother of such an infant, I would tell anyone asking me to come visit or speak that I could make no commitments at this time. I would then stick very close to home for the next several months, and likely a full year after my child's birth, to be sure she was developing well and thriving.

There is simply no way I'd a) leave the child with my 19 or 20 year old daughters so I could go get a Mother of the Year award; or b) take this delicate baby on a long road trip in order to collect a Mother of the Year award. The irony of it all. Extra, extra! Read all about it! "Mom of the Year puts self first!"

aricodaus said...

Why is everyone here so sure about Josie's medical issues? My friends 15 year old was born at 1 1/2 lbs. He is developmentally slow but physically fine. I'm sure there are thousands of stories about micro preemies with all different outcomes.

I don't agree with a lot of the Duggar's beliefs but I am sure there are people who don't agree with mine. People all have their own value system. The children are not abused or neglected from what we are shown, they all look like very happy kids who love each other.

Just because Michelle is "buddies" with the youngest doesn't mean she doesn't bother with the other children. I think that means she is the one who sees over that child. Years ago families this size were the norm and I'm sure there wasn't groups organizing such opposition to them. I see all of the kids interacting with each other, not just their buddies.

Tammy C said...

It will be interesting to see what the Duggars will do come July.None of us know and I am sure either do they.Josie will probably be a day to day issue for a long time.

As for the age of Josie I guess it depends on who you talk to on how old she is.Last person I know who had a daughter born that young at 25 weeks called her 2 ages until she hit 15 months at the real age and was a year old as if she was born in April.Now at 2 she is called 2.

Anonymous said...

We have no way of knowing if the Duggars made the July commitment contingent on Josie's health and well being and can opt out if they, Josie's doctors or a combination of the two feel it's necessary. Apparently Dr. Arrington ( think that's his name) felt very comfortable to let her go home knowing she had 18 siblings. My thought is that if he didn't feel comfortable with her being around her family he would have told her parents that and perhaps the other children would have been sent back home and Josie would have been released to go home in Little Rock with just Jim Bob and Michelle. I seriously doubt they would jeopardize that baby's health for any reason. Of course, that's just my opinion as someone who's not privy to the parent/doctor conversations about her care.

Anonymous said...

From Springdale to San Antonio where the conference is, is about a nine hour drive. Certainly not an easy drive if taken all at once but not really a long road trip either. Our babies always slept in the car at the age so it was only hard on the adults who would arrive tired with a wide awake baby ready for some attention.

IME said...

I'm not a doctor or an RN, but I know a lot about preemie babies -- I've had two of them (a 27 weeker and a 34 weeker). I also belong or have belonged to a number of preemie groups and have known a lot of preemies of varying gestations (23 weekers to 36 weekers). Outcomes for micro preemies vary widely -- some babies have serious health or developmental issues that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Some babies (but at that gestation, not many) walk away from their "preemieness" with no ongoing issues.

Like previous posters mentioned, even though Josie's actual age is based on her birthday, her developmental age is based on her original due date. So, even though she's four months old now, developmentally she's more like a newborn. In actuality, she may not even be that far along on her milestones. The media, in general, does preemies a grave disservice by representing them as "tinier" newborns. Even with all the amazing things modern medicine can do, babies don't develop the same outside of the womb.

I was astounded and dismayed that her neonatologist claimed that she'd be just like any other newborn when she came home. Chances are that probably isn't the case. She very well may have a harder time taking her feeds and gaining weight (and it may take her a good long while before she is able to breastfeed, if she ever gets the hang of it). Ventilators, while they save preemies' lives, do some amount of damage to their lungs. This damage makes them more susceptible to respiratory ailments and viruses (like RSV and related viruses, which I believe were responsible for Jordyn's hospitalization when she was an infant).

When my 27 weeker came home (with no outstanding medical issues, aside from some "normal" preemie stuff), we didn't take him anywhere except doctor's visits for a full 6-7 months. I have friends whose micro preemies have more chronic respiratory illnesses who lay low and stay home during cold and flu season into their child's second and third winter.

We obviously don't know what the Duggars are going to do, but if I were them I wouldn't be taking Josie out and exposing her to anything if I didn't have to. It just isn't worth the risk. I also think it would be in everyone's best interest to institute a serious handwashing/sanitizing policy before the family members are allowed near the baby and keeping sick siblings away (and they may very well be doing just that).

Jen said...

I think it is important to keep in mind when discussing what Joise is doing and not doing yet and what see looks like. That we have not yet seen what see looks like and is doing when she was released from the hospital.

The show we are seeing is not in real time. Even if the show is four weeks off. That is a long time for growth and development in the life of a preemie. Josie is probably bigger than we have seen on tv and doing more then seen have seen on tv because she is older than we have seen on tv.

Anonymous said...

Josie is back in the hospital.,,20360188,00.html

Sad to say, it was only a matter of time. It's too bad that she wasn't even home one week before having to be rehospitalized. I wonder whether Michelle has cancelled her speaking engagement in Texas yet, or whether she still thinks Josie can just be thrown on the bus like the rest of the kids.

Maybe one day, there will be a wakeup call to these parents, that that is one sick little baby and will need far different care than the other 18.

Just Another Lurker said...

"[From the TLC Editors: Josie Brooklyn has been readmitted to the hospital. Read Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's official statement.]

Josie was readmitted to the hospital on Thursday, April 8, at 3 a.m. with minor stomach issues. We realized early that it would be a long, unpredictable recovery, which is why we opted to stay in Little Rock close to the expert staff at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Currently, Josie is healthy and in stable condition; we hope to have her back with the family in the next few days. As always, our entire family is grateful for the continued prayers and support."

Like we couldn't see that one coming? I hope the next time she is released from the hospital she is actually health enough to go home.

Anonymous said...

Josie was not just a premature birth, she also suffered from a bowel perforation and needed surgery for that. That is a serious medical condition all on its own. Maybe the Duggars will seriously rethink their priorities in terms of events like Vision Forum given this need for a re-hospitalization.

babysteps said...

Josie went back into the hospital on Thurs. at 3am. That means she was out of the hospital only 1.5 or 2 days. They released her too early.

Anonymous said...

I could be mistaken but I thought they said that they did not have to do surgery for Josie's bowel perforation. I thought they said they gave her antibiotics and it closed on it's own. How long are the after effects for that? It was in mid-December and it's now mid-April. Would it still bother her four months later?

I'm not surprised at all that Josie had to return to the hospital, but think we should try to stick to the facts of the case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Josie did not have surgery for her bowel perforation.

Cyn said...

Fortifiers added to breast milk to increase her calorie intake and spur her growth are the culprit in causing the littlest Duggar constipation after being at the family's temporary home in Little Rock for just a few days, according to Jim Bob. The constipation led to her vital signs fluctuating.

Fortifiers the doctors told the Duggars to give Josie caused the issues.... How is this Michelle's fault? This is the reason they stayed by the hospital, so that if issues arose they would be right there.

I think we would have a better case for having issues if they had just taken Josie and went back to Tonnitown.

How does this effect a trip 3 months for now? If Josie is still having issues and Michelle STILL goes then I think we'd have cause to so harsh... But do we really have an issue at this current time? I personally just don't see it.

pumpkin said...

Poor little Josie! I hope she stays in the hospital until she is truly healthy enough to go home this time. Especially since she will be surrounded by her noisy, germy siblings!

I am really glad the family stayed in Little Rock those few extra days!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things were a bit scary for Josie and I'm glad she and her family stayed close to the hospital just for this very reason. Although she may be around her "full term" age, she still weighs less than 5 lbs, and is going to have a whole variety of issues that will need close monitoring.

Were the Bates already there for their visit? Will they postpone their visit to allow Josie more time to stabilize?

Anonymous said...

"Jordyn nursed 24/7. She spent her entire first six months under the nursing hood, kicking her little leg."

First of all, kudos to Michelle for nursing her baby! The fact that she does that with so many other children is a testament to her commitment to do the best for her baby. Using the nursing blanket and contraption is the only way she can do this with the kind of life she leads.

And second - we didn't see Jordyn's first six months of life "24/7". We saw 21 minute segments once a week for a few months. While it's highly unlikely that Jordyn actually spent 24/7 under the nursing blanket, we wouldn't know it if she had. We aren't getting THAT much footage of the Duggars's lives.

Anonymous said...

Josie is back in the hospital so they can determine which fortifiers are best for her. The family stayed in Little Rock just in case something happened and she needed to go back. I think this speaks to how much concern they have for her health. I don't think for a minute that Jim Bob and Michelle aren't aware of her fragile condition. We should remember they are being instructed by specialists on how to care for her and what to look for and when to bring her back to the hospital if necessary. Apparently, they know and understand how to take care of her needs.

It seems way to early to me to speculate about what they may or may not be able to do in July in mid-April.

Anonymous said...

Josie was home for less than 48 hours. Apparently, either the family has no idea how to care for her or she wasn't really ready to be released yet.

I hope Josie will stay in the hospital awhile longer. No way is she safe in that chaotic home.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the milk enhancer excuse for constipation with Josie. She's been on the enhancer for six to eight weeks in the hospital. If it was causing a problem, that would have shown up long before now wouldn't it?

Joanne, RN said...

Constipation is a really common preemie issue. I don't care how eminent her neonatologist is - that baby went home too soon if she is so fragile that her constipation disrupts her vital signs. I am guessing that all that pushing caused her heart rate to drop. Maybe she went home on a monitor. There are many techniques for helping a preemie pass a stool. I guess Michelle wasn't taught.
I hope they keep that baby long enough that she is truly ready to go home. 4lbs 9 oz is awfully small - what's the rush with 18 other germy siblings?
I really think that either the doctor goofed or the Duggars were really pushing for her discharge for some reason

Anonymous said...

The smallest one that I took home was 4 lb 14 oz and the temperature control was so vastly different from a 7 pounder. Her ability to feed was also quite a bit different. I'm wondering with all that's going on in the house if Josie is getting quite enough attention. She might be better served getting to at least 5 1/2 to 6 pounds in the hospital.

Iliketheduggars said...

"Josie was home for less than 48 hours. Apparently, either the family has no idea how to care for her or she wasn't really ready to be released yet."

Almost every preemie I've known wound up back at the hospital pretty quickly after that first trip home... feeding problems, dehydration, apnea, infection... I think the move is a shock to their system, and it takes awhile for everything to balance out in the new environment.

I'm glad the Duggars recognized the problem and got her back to the hospital quickly.

NonCompliant said...

Not at all surprised she is back in the hospital. Teen girls are not experienced enough (even with ALL their previous experience w/their sibs) to care for such a preemie..(since there have been so many doubts expressed re. M.D's actual role in "caregiving" Josie)
EIther that or, Michelle has little clue. And considering that from what I have read, J.B. looks upon Josie as "normal" (she is not a normal newborn!), well no wonder .
I agree with another poster(s) who seemed to know she was already getting some such "boosters" or supplements in the hospital before release, so if they didnt' affect her negatively before, then why now after home?
Answer: Because "Someone" (her main caregiver perhaps?) at home is not following the directions explicity.
No I DONT KNOW THIS FOR A FACT; no I do NOT LIVE WITH THEM, but all of us can only surmise with what we see from what THEY show us! And past performance is the best indicator of future results, to quote the financial prospecti, it applies here as well.
The Duggar family is in NO WAY equipped, based on past experiece and their parenting "methods" coupled with JimBob's Know-it_all attitude, to properly care for this preemie infant.
And Once #20 is in the oven, well good luck Josie Duggar cuz you're gonna need it. Hopefully you will have achieved a really good wieght by then, cuz Mama's gonna be focused inward again.!

Anonymous said...

"Were the Bates already there for their visit? Will they postpone their visit to allow Josie more time to stabilize?"

If the Bates episode is airing tomorrow, the visit was a while ago and obviously already happened for them to make an episode about it. The Bates visited while Josie was still in the hospital and went to visit her there.

Anonymous said...

poor josie. I wonder if this trip back to the hosptial will be in that tlc special. if so, shame on tlc.

good luck, josie. keep on fighting :).

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the fortifiers may contain things like iron and calcium,both of which can cause constipation,but not all of the time.I imagine the stress of adjusting to a different environment may have contributed to Josie becoming unstable.This is not to say the Duggars did anything wrong.That's probably just the way it is.

That said,I'm guessing TLC will make another episode out of it.They do so every time one of them sneezes,even the new preemie.

Delta88 said...

Josie barely had enough time to become constipated in less than 48 hours. It isn't like she had been home a week, and hadn't gone to the bathroom. It seems like the stress of the noise the commotion in that family, as opposed to the quiet of the NICU, may have contributed to her becoming unstable again.

THe problem is, there will always be noise and commotion in the Duggar home. How much longer would Josie have to stay in the NICU, to be able to tolerate the stimulation of the environment of her family?

I shudder to think of the hospital bills. Well over a million dollars, and probably fast approaching two million.

Anonymous said...

I have never known a preemie that was re-admitted. I do wonder about something. Isn't less than 5 lbs extremely small? She has been in the NICU for 4 months now - past her due date. Shouldn't she be up to at least a normal birth rate by now?

nccalgal said...

Although my son was not a premie, he was in NICU because of congenital abnormalities. Before we were able to take him home, we went through a lot of training as to how to tend to his special needs, what we should look for as warning signs, and the "home" situation (# of siblings, extended family involvement) was discussed as well. He made several return trips to the hospital due to his fragile condition in spite of our best efforts. If JB/M were as clueless as some have speculated, they wouldn't have thought to bring her back to the hospital. I think the fact that they took her so quickly indicated they were as well equipped for the situation as they could possibly be.

Anonymous said...

Joanne, RN i can tell you what happened. i am no doctor or nurse but i worked (and continue to work) in the entertainment business. i've seen a lot of tv shows be produced. i will bet you $100 that the producers were pushing for that baby to come home, and the duggars pressured the doctor. the josie in the NICU story has played out. you can only film jb and m visiting them so many times before it gets boring. this is why the bates came over too, to add a new storyline. i think its a shame the producers are being this pushy. i know you guys have a show to run (and yeah, they read this), but really, this is a little girl's life. the producers are just doing their job - making the most exciting show possible. but still there is personal responsiblity here. as for the doctor, i don't care how famous he is. he is human and he is also acting for the cameras. you can't help it.

Anonymous said...

I've been an Nicu nurse for 30 years, and readmits, especially of extremely pre-term fragile infants, are not that uncommon.

However, I do think that the Duggars should send the rest of the family +GM back home and just focus on transitioning Josie to the outside world, first, before they introduce her to the chaos that will be her home.

Further, I think JB and M need to focus on Josie and not turn her care over to her sisters or any young siblings. Josie will require many years to "catch up" and will be followed by medical and developmental specialists until school-aged.

Riding the family bus to conferences, being fed by teens and carried down the stairs by preschoolers should be light years away for Miss Josie.

I hope JB and M truly understand how fragile Josie is, and step up and parent FT for a change. #20 is No more important than #19.

Anonymous said...

If indeed the producers at TLC are calling the shots and the doctors are actually listening to that nonsense, the Duggars are stupider and greedier than I thought.

How about just telling TLC to take a hike? A baby's life is on the line, and the Duggars are all holier than thou about "life". How about really looking at the little sick life they created and protecting her? Get RID of the cameras and lights and boom stands and visitors and noise and commotion. So, there will be no more money coming in from TLC. Oh well, Josie is more important.

It really is time for Jim Bob and Michelle to get their priorities in order. Josie comes first, before money and fame.

Anonymous said...

I don't for one second believe that the doctors would release a fragile preemie not really ready to go home because of pressures from some television show.

From all I have heard this is a top notch hospital and I can't imagine any doctor worth anything allowing something like that. I do not buy that speculation at all. If anything I would imagine the hospital and doctors telling TLC that they can pack their gear up and get the heck out of there. Jim Bob and Michelle maybe under contract to TLC but the doctor and hospital isn't.

vicka said...

anonymous, the producers are calling the shots. if you've nevere been in a position its very hard to relate. but imagine one fine day some very nice person came and said "we will film you for a few weeks, and you can tell us all about your lifestyle and you don't have to change a thing and will pay you an obscene amoutn of money for it." this is how it started for them. then it was, well lets do it one more time and will just change a few tiny things. and then one more time but there are just a few small things we'd need you to do. the duggars in essense got groomed. and now they are a. under contract and b. no longer in control. you are pitying two people with absolutely no showbusiness experience and probably only moderate intelligence against an entertainment MACHINE. and just little by little they change to suit the machine. so yeah, in theory they should just walk away. their daughter's life is being put in danger at this point. will they? it takes some VERY strong people to walk away from everything they are getting. and i don't see it happening for them. the entertainment business sucks you right in, and then spits you out. their children are PERFORMERS at this point and should receive all the protections that an actor's union should provide. this is just exploitation.

- insider (not of the show, but of the entertainment industry).

Anonymous said...

In our unit we would be instructing the Duggars to keep Josie cloistered for the first year of life, being especially vigilant during the winter months and RSV season.

The fewer people handling and being exposed to Josie the better. Being disharged to a family with 17 other children many of them tiny, is not ideal, imo.

Unless JB and M are hypervigilant about handwashing and place firm limits on touching, handling and visiting, I predict Miss Josie will have more than 1 hospitalization.

Josie can not be just thrown into the mix to sink or swim-that will not work for a baby this fragile.

I hope JB and M took the discharge teaching instructions to heart. Josie's health depends on JB and M making her a priority.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for explaining the exploitation so well. That is such a clear explanation of how it starts off very innocently, and then little by little it changes into something else. I hope that if people do take one lesson away from this blog and others like it -- never, ever, ever, sell your family or your soul to a corporation. No matter how tempting.

Actually, couldn't this be seen as a modern day tempting of Adam & Eve vs. the snake/apple? Of course, the bible places the blame on the woman; whereas I see it more as the symbol of how temptation works. Something very desirable is dangled in front of you, and sweet words induce you to rationalize the temptation into something good and acceptable. So you give in, you say you'll take only one bite of the apple. You won't be corrupted by it, because your heart is pure.

Then you take the first bite and it opens doors for you, it makes life so much easier. A financial burden is lifted, you are praised by outside sources for taking the bite. And then the tempter whispers, just one or two more, and to help you in your ministry, maybe you should be more relateable to the general public. You know, would you mind if we filmed the children more? People surely do love your children, you are such fine parents, what an inspiration.

And so the temptation weaves into your life and at some point you are no longer in control and you can't pinpoint exactly when that happened. Maybe it dawns on you a little when the producers tell you they must install ugly white blinds in your lovely new home, because the natural light filtering in the windows interferes with filming. Well, you aren't crazy about having cheap white blinds in your lovely home but what can you do?

Maybe you pick up the phone one day and hear that your son and his young wife "decided" to have a home birth, and have it all filmed. You push aside the thoughts that this isn't really modest. Would the Virgin Mary have allowed a film crew in to film the birth of Jesus? Well, she didn't live in modern times you think, and surely this will be an inspiration to those watching.

Where does it end? When do you put your foot down and risk being sued by a large and powerful network. What does it feel like when your preemie baby is placed under hot lights and a film crew invades NICU? How hard is it to push aside your concerns and doubts? Is there a part of you that realizes you've sold your soul and your family to a network for entertainment and you are only a figurehead, while it's TLC who is the real head of your household?

Anonymous said...

We have a relative who had reviewed TLC contracts and told everyone in the family to run if we see them coming. She says that they are in complete control and people are at their mercy. They also do not recompense people very well for using them. So far she has recommended everyone who has consulted her to not sign the contract presented.

Anonymous said...

Anyonymous said -

"Unless JB and M are hypervigilant about handwashing and place firm limits on touching, handling and visiting, I predict Miss Josie will have more than 1 hospitalization.

Josie can not be just thrown into the mix to sink or swim-that will not work for a baby this fragile."

I don't think they'll be hypervigilant, nor even moderately careful. I think most people miss the point that these people believe their god will take care of everything, just as their god is responsible for how many children they have. The health of their children must also be seen, to a large extent, to be the result of god's will.

Josie will sink or swim - and with parents this self-centered, along with a gaggle of ill-mannered children, I think she'll have a hard go of it. When it comes to over-exposure to too many people, I think the family should also remember that there's still an influenza pandemic ongoing - a disease often fatal to children with pre-existing problems.

With Josie not even being at a normal birthweight this many months after a very premature delivery, I suspect a "failure to thrive" diagnosis might not be all that far off.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Why all the speculation that the baby went home because of TLC? Someone mentions that and than others take it as a fact. We do not know that and I doubt if that is true. The hospital has their rules and timing when a baby goes home and no TV show will trump their advice.

Anonymous said...

The hospital has their rules and timing when a baby goes home and no TV show will trump their advice
* * *

But we have already seen that the hospital allowed the rules to be bent and broken, which I personally was shocked to see. It's not a stretch for me, now that I realize that particular hospital will break the rules for the Duggars on several fronts already, to imagine they might have been "persuaded" to allow Josie's release when better counsel would argue otherwise.

That particular hospital and the doctors may normally be quite good, but any hospital NICU that allows 17 people to troop in to see their preemie, or worse yet, a camera crew to film the preemie, has demonstrated a clear lack of professional standards.

Anonymous said...

I worry that little Josie is doomed in that house of noise, commotion, dirt, lack of supervision, etc.

I saw Jordyn being carried again by one of the little boys last night. There was roughhousing galore. There were 50 people in that house with one shower.

Michelle and Jim Bob don't get it. Josie cannot survive in that environment. She cannot.

And I don't care how ironclad the TLC contract is. Get a lawyer and walk away. I think Jim Bob just likes the money, since he is clearly so greedy that he thinks nothing of selling out his family, and continuing to do so.

Vicka said...

I think its so interesting how someone has pointed out that JB and M are essentially fighting a battle against evil at this point, and they are not winning. Its ironic that these deeply religious people can't see whats happening. The lifestyle of selling your children for profit is pure evil IMO.

Its funny how people who read the bible so closely can't see whats happening to them. Just a good warning to the rest of us. If i was a religious person i'd say they have fallen victims to the sin of pride. I'd pray for them too. I'm not, so i just hope the best for their kids.

I feel so bad for Anna. She wants to please her new husband so bad, but i doubt that she wanted camera men at her birth.

Anonymous said...

I still do not buy that any doctor would bow to some television company and release a patient before they should be. If something were to happen to that baby a malpractice lawsuit could be slapped on them so fast their heads would spin.

I do believe that TLC has a lot of control over the people but they do not have total control over everything. What would be the rush to get her home so fast anyway. We know they can throw an episode together on a moments notice so even if they want a homecoming episode hopefully for Mothers Day it can happen.

Joanne, RN said...

The hospital has their rules and timing when a baby goes home and no TV show will trump their advice

Trust me - doctors even "famous" neonatologists can be swayed with enough pressure. They are human too. I am not saying this was done by TLC, but the Duggars themselves could have been applying consistent ptessure to get Josie home at the earliest possible minute. There is a big difference in discharging a first baby to a calm home and the 19th baby to a flying circus filled with runny noses, stomach viruses and questionable amounts of supervision.
I really think that a mistake was made in discharging a 4lb 9oz former micropreemis that early. She clearly wasn't ready to go.

Anonymous said...

That's the same thing I was thinking - doctors wouldn't be swayed by a TV network, but they often try to be as accomodating to parental requests as they can manage, particularly if the family pressures them for an early release. In this case, Michelle could certainly say she had lots of experience with babies!

I think often docs are so focused on the immediate well being of their patient that they fail to see the bigger picture. In this case, that picture would center around sending that infant into a situation where I wouldn't let my dog live - and if those kids would drive a dog crazy, imagine what toll the chaos of it all will take on a fragile infant.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether or not the doctors were pressured and ultimately swayed by TLC. If so, that's disgusting. What I can say is that my dad is a hospital administrator in a rural hospital MUCH smaller than AR Children's, and I've learned a little (very limited amount, since he isn't allowed to say much) about safety rules and malpractice concerns. Some of his decisions are unpopular, such as not allowing more than 2 visitors during the
H1N1 outbreak, but they make sense. In our hospital, this would NEVER have happened. The film crews wouldn't even have been allowed in there in the first place. And as much as I love the Duggars, the visiting rules wouldn't have been bent for them. There are so many little tiny things that have caused problems and lawsuits in hospitals, and I'm just shocked that they would let a baby go too early just because of pressure.

vicka said...

I just wanted to clear up my comment. i never suggested that the producer of TLC went to the doctor and said "hey doc, could you release josie, we are running out of storylines here." Not at all. it was more like "Michell, JB wouldn't it be wonderful if Josie came home? we could do a great special for mother's day. she is looking so much better, and it would be wonderful for her to leave the hospital, don't you think?" and as for the doctor, as talented as he is doctors have BIG egos (several in my family... and i've been around doctors all my life). The better the doctor the bigger the ego. This man has spend his whole life saving children other people wouldn't have been able to. if anything, his ego is well deserved. A little stroking of that ego combined with presure from JB and M maybe a donation by TLC to the hospital, and he might be influenced into making a decision he wouldn't make otherwise. its subtle. kind of like boiling a frog by gradually heating up water. Again, i have no definitive information about THIS particular situation, this is all conjecture. But i have seen simular things happen in the past with my own eyes, so for whatever its worth. call it an educated guess. I can think of no other explanation of why such a tiny baby would be released into a home with this many potential germ carriers.

Anonymous said...

The Bates were not there during the time Josie was at home; that visit happened long before so their visit didn't affect her at all other than the few minutes they spent in her hospital room

We don't know that rules were bent in this hospital. The visit with all the children was in the University Hospt before Josie was transferred. At Children's hospital she is in a private room and we don't know what visiting hours are there so we don't know they were compromised by friends visiting or her sisters coming in.

It is quite presumptious to say the Dr gave in to pressure to let Josie go home when she did. She appeared to be doing well and had reached a weight when most preemies are released. She also must have met the other criteria for release. Just because she started having problems with the feedings doesn't mean she was released too early. Possibly the amount of the fortifier was increased or some such thing shortly before she was released and she was unable to tolerate it. Many preemies return to the hospital at least once after being released. I know having worked in that area as a nursing instructor. Actually, for all we know she may have been released again and the news just hasn't been released to the public yet.

Anonymous said...

I hope if TLC really did push Josie leaving soon. I hope they are shutdown.

tlc does not care about the people that they flim

they flim marriges falling apart
sue people who had a lot of kids to provide for.
they flim kids takes baths etc.

I can just see it now: "joy-anna gets her first purity ring aka first period"

Anonymous said...

There is so much biblical reference to sin and temptation. There is almost a rich irony in the fact that the all-holy Duggars have been tempted by the sin of greed, and worse than that, have succumbed to it, to the point that their family has lost its core values.

This is particularly unfortunate, when one considers that there is a tiny and fragile baby, whose life hangs in the balance, because of this foolish greed. I think it was almost easier to excuse Jim Bob selling out his family, when they were just getting new clothes and modern hairstyles.

But now there is a house of rambunctious kids and a tiny ill baby who cannot survive amidst the noise, dirt, commotion, PLUS cameras, cameramen, lights. The fact that the Duggars continue to have this whole hot mess filmed, despite the danger to the preemie, and to the core values that the family once held so dear, certainly shows that they have lost their way.

I only hope that they can find it again before their family is forever ruined.

If there was ever a reason to believe that television corrupts, the Duggars are the shining example.

Anonymous said...

Interesting points. I really hope Josie gets better. My heart aches for her. I am an ER nurse, and we get a lot of premie readmissions, so I can't say that I am surprised. I also agree that while Josie's chronological birthday is in December, developmentally she will be considered a newborn. Also, her due date was in March, I believe. She is REALLY small for what would now be considered her full term.

I am curious about the hospital practices in AR. I live in the northeast, and it is crazy competitive up here, with Hopkins, Penn, Temple, Columbia, CHOP, Robert Wood, Boston Children's, MassGen and so on. I know that Josie's doc was supposed to be good, but I can't help but wonder...Just because he's a specialist in a university center doesn't make him great. Trust me on that one. He very well may be excellent, she may just be that touchy, but if constipation is effecting her vitals that much, I would be concerned about her discharge being too early. I am just thinking, Josie's hospital probably gets all the sick kids from the immediate surrounding area, so it's probably pretty good. The big national centers get the sickest kids from all over the country, sometimes the world. So maybe her doc's experience is good, but still has limitations. I could be totally wrong; I don't know who he/she is, but I am curious. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If there was ever a reason to believe that television corrupts, the Duggars are the shining example.


I'd only change this slightly. It's age old wisdom, still as true today as it was hundreds of years ago.

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil: which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

I hadn't thought of the Duggars as being modern day examples of how temptation can be placed before even the most devout, but ever since reading an earlier comment, I can't get it out of my mind.

I really think the Duggars began as meaning well. But what they have allowed, and continue to allow being filmed, tells me they've gone far astray. I wish they would get back to their roots. I think the children would be much happier with having mom and dad home much more, and with having the cameras and bright lights and intrusive questions and phony field trips gone, gone, gone.

I'm very sad to say that I think JimBob and Michelle are both addicted to being on television and getting a lot of attention. They seem to love it, to the point where they allowed a camera crew in the NICU to film their fragile premature baby. I just can't get over that - to me it's purposely putting your baby's health second to getting something filmed for a stupid tv show.

I don't get them at all. On the one hand, they say that all children are such blessings. On the other, they treat their newest blessing so casually, that it shocks me.

It's a very good reminder for me not to be tempted by worldly things, and that includes seeking the admiration of strangers, or of being puffed up with pride. I will keep hopeful that the Duggars will reflect on the choices they are making and move away from the worldly and back toward a greater connection with what's truly important.

Lexie said...

To the person who stated all it would take was a little bribe to the hospital: You've already seen it when the duggars did the telethon!

I'm not saying this is directly related, but it looks awful suspicious.

Mama in WI said...

I saw Josie went back to the hospital. Poor kid! I hope she recovers from whatever setback she had.

babysteps said...

I wonder how Josie is? I haven't been able to find any information about her. I guess she had a really bad set back if she is still in the hospital and no one is talking.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please help me? I know that even with medical insurance, the cost of Josie's care must be very high. We do not have a lot of money right now, but we sent Jim Bob and Michelle a small gift card from Wal-Mart and two preemie outfits, but the package was sent back saying "no thank you, please donate it to charity". We're a little offended. The little outfits were brand new and we thought they could use the gift card for diapers or something.
Are they sending back all their packages or other tokens people may have sent?

Cyn said...

Re Joise Gift.

They probably sent it back for a variety of reasons.

1) They didn't need it and wanted you to either keep it or donate it to charity as they stated.

2) They have probably been sent thousands of these type gifts and really didn't need 90% of them (if not 100%) and don't have the time to take them to donation places themselves.

3) They got enough grief over the fact that TLC donated a FRACTION of the costs to decorate that house, and it turned into "the only reason they have that house is cause TLC built it".

4) They don't want to be seen as a charity case, and wanted you to give it to some one that really needed it.

5) They didn't want to seem greedy and just keep everything that was sent to them, giving again an area where detractors could say things like "they are using Josie's condition to garner sympathy and gifts.

What amazes ME is the amount of money they must have spent in just sending all those different gifts back. I ship things for a living for my eBay store and though what you sent may not have been much you would need to multiply by thousands.

I wouldn't be hurt by the fact that they sent it back, and I would keep the Wal-mart card or take them to the nearest hospital that has a preemie area and ask one of the nurses there who in that hospital needs it. There are lots of people at your local hospitals that could actually use the card and the clothes for their children. Which is what I would bet was the Duggars intentions.

This entire post is MY speculation as to why the gifts were sent back, and I could be completely wrong on all the reasons. But I do know one thing the Duggars didn't do it to hurt your feelings, or to be hateful.

Say what we want about the Duggars they aren't hateful people, nor do they ever set out to hurt others feelings.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that anyone who doesn't have a lot of money shouldn't be wasting what they do have by sending things to television personalities. Odds are that the Duggars have a lot more resources than do people who try to send them things that they probably don't need in the first place.