Have Your Thoughts and Feelings About the Duggars Changed?

Reality TV seems to both change people and as the viewers' familiarity with the families grows many peoples' perceptions seem to change over time.  Have your perceptions of the Duggars changed and do you think it's due to the Duggars themselves changing or becoming more and more aware of who the Duggars really are or a combination of both?


Rainbow68 said...

I can't answer this because I don't know. It's a "chicken or the egg" situation. I fell hard for the Duggars. My best friend kept saying that Michelle was addicted to pregnancy and didn't take care of her own children. This is a very dear woman who doesn't talk bad about anyone, so I was horrified by what she said. I pre-ordered both of Michelle's books. I started getting unsettled as they had more children and it became clear who cared for the younger ones. I find the way the older girls are basically slaves waiting for husbands appalling. I don't think Jim Bob and Michelle see this. I don't think they understand how limited and isolated the kids are from other kids their age - pop culture references they'll never understand, news stories they won't be familiar with, being used to being around people whose viewpoints are radically your own. These kids have missed out on so many things. In the name of protecting their kids, they've completely alienated them from the rest of the world. So, I guess my feelings have changed. I don't think they have much, except for maybe a few luxuries - namely no longer making that nasty gray "detgergent" sludge on the stovetop.

Reality TV Junkie said...

Initially, I thought the Duggars were strange and gross. During "14 kids and pregnanct again", they were just so hick-ish I didn't like them at all.

After that, I started to look up to them. For awhile I really wanted the whole world to be just them. They seemes so kins and wholesome.

Maybe about 6-12 months ago, I began to see them not in golden light anymore. I noticed how Michelle really isn't the best mother, and thay aren't as perfect as I thought they were.

Who knows, maybe my view will change again!

Ryan's Mom said...

From the very first show, I thought the Duggars were a side-show because the network made them appear that way. How sad. This family seemed to be doing OK in their own frankly weird way, until they were held out for the world to see as freaks. It's even sadder that they don't appear to realize this. Or maybe they don't care, which is even sadder. This show, as well as J&K plus 8, made me rethink how pathetic we are as a people to find others' bad or odd behavior entertaining. Too many innocent children who had no say in this circus, perhaps being hurt for life. And yet America watches. How very sad.

Patrice said...

When I first heard about the Duggars, I thought they were a cute little (well, big) quaint fammily with old fashioned values. Kind of like watching a real life Little House on the Prairie.
But now they are out of control. Still popping out babies when 14 was already quite enough, the trips, the self-righteousness, the entire concept that they are better and holier than "most people" even though their actions show quite a different story...and now Josh with all his ridiculous posts and pictures and still thinking he is better than the average man his age, well I don't think so. They have gone from one extreme to another and not in a good way.

tulip said...

I admit I actually liked watching The Duggars at first (just like J&K+8), but there came a point where they gave into fame and changed! I guess it's unrealistic to think they wouldn't-however-my problem with them is it's so obvious that they HAVE changed, yet they continue to try to act like they're still the same!

A far cry from the original episodes showing Michelle's schedule for the family covering an entire wall with post-its, Michelle now seems like she does absolutely nothing, just leaving the older girls to take care of it all. When they get word of criticism, all of a sudden there's an episode showing her homeschooling and making lunch. So phony.

Josh & Anna's relationship was sweet when they first married, now Josh is just an egotistical talking head. He needs to be at his carlot doing some actual work instead of galavanting all over the place in their souped-up bus and dressed in suit & tie acting like some mega-celebrity "helping out"- wink,wink,nudge,nudge (NOT!)- a presidential candidate.

The Duggar's time has come, just like K+8...TLC needs to stop feeding their bank accounts, and egos.

Seriously? said...

I don't think the Duggars have changed. I think what we see now is what they always were, just without the TLC paycheck.

I don't believe they were EVER the saints they portray on tv. Jim Bob is the classic politician (failed) AND used car salesman combo and Michelle has that fundie wife act downpat, including the adoring head tilt always loving toward her Master, er, uh, I mean Patriarch. The kids all give, verbatim, the same rote responses - not an original or creative (or truthful) thought in the lot.

With Joshie as their flagship firstborn, it's easy to see where all the Duggars are headed, except that their parents now have a whole whack more money thanks to pimping out their kids.

But even a TLC income can't hide the inherent and blatant ignorance and small mindedness that define the Duggars. Some things you just can't fix. Not even with lots and lots of $$$$.

The Duggars have never been any more real than the Kardashians or "Housewives of ...". They are merely branded for a different (bible thumping) demographic.

hart&sole said...

I, too, thought the family quaint and old-fashioned. Now I realize they are just mean, small minded, hypocritic, faux holy fame whores. What on earth will they do when the TLC gravy train stops?

Matt said...

Nope nothing has changed in my view of them. They've been exploiting their children for fame and fortune since day 1.

Elvira said...

When I first saw the Duggars I thought they were like neighbors of mine who go to a local Baptist church. They are long skirt wearing, half homeschooling, try to avoid debt, and are you saved (or washed in the blood of the Lamb?) type people. So I was all for leave them alone, they are relatively harmless.

Then I began seeing that the Duggars aren't even regular or strict Baptists. They are farther out than that and the way they follow and treat Gothard is downright unbiblical and scary.

My neighbors educate their kids - all of them. Sure, most go to a Christian college but it's college or a trade or vocational school. Their children aren't hamstrung and kept from recognizing the society that they live in. Nor are we "others" called wolves and such. They have an issue now and again with my biblical view (I'm eastern orthodox) but we can have peaceful discussions and I can say that they've learned from it as I have from them. I'm not sure I could do that at with the Duggars as Josh's recent posts show. Regardless of the Catholic and Orthodox churches being the origin of Christianity, Josh would condemn us without recognizing that without those churches he would not be "Christian" today. I find that to be exceedingly ignorant.

The Duggars have appeared to become more and more worldly as the series has progresseddd and I think now they are controlled by TLC and the PR people on the surface to hide some very odd behavior behind closed doors. As the kids age, I think they aren't as able to keep control witnessed by the armed pictures of John David and Josh's instagram quotes.

ennvee said...

My opinion of them was never positive, and learning more and more about Gothard and their connection to both the movement and Gothard personally has only made my opinion worse. They are selling a very disingenuous image of their belief system on the show that some still buy hook, line and sinker. I don't really feel sorry for those fans, because they don't' do their homework, think the Duggars can do no wrong, or both. People who think in black and white (like the Duggars) are exactly the type that are attracted to Gothard, Doug Phillips, etc.

They preach about accountability, but I see none from the parents anymore. Their eldest daughters are raising children that their mother never should have had if she couldn't care for them herself, then use Gothard's warped teachings of the bible as their shield from criticism. Their arrogance is bordering on insufferable (Josh has gone far beyond that point and Anna isn't far behind), and that includes even the meek Jill, who may be inarticulate, but spouts the family's party line when asked. Jessa and now Jinger are spoiled princesses who don't have it nearly as bad as the oldest two girls, and poor Joy is going to be stuck with a ton of young ones to care for once the oldest four are sold...errr....married off.

I feel for the youngest kids who will be hamming it up for no one once TLC packs up and leaves. I wonder about them and the Gosselin kids: will they be affected the same way many child stars have been since the days of Baby Ethel Gumm. I can see many of them who don't remember life without a camera in their faces becoming quite troubled once life returns to "normal" for them, although now that the genie has been mostly let out of the bottle, their definition of "normal" will be forced to bend towards the world. If Jill acted like Johannah does now at her age, she would have been "corrected" in a way that's not possible with cameras around now (the blanket training is covered in the first book and they used to have a link to the Pearls' website on their family website until the Pearls' latest controversy broke last year).

I just can't believe people fall for this, but as PT Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

sandi said...

When I first started watching the show,I didn't agree with their beliefs,but I thought I might learn something about child care,running a home quickly and efficiently (myself),cooking from scratch,gardening (I though surely they had one with that many kids!),efficient couponing,etc.Instead,I saw kids running around undisciplined,unschooled,and cared for by older siblings;lots of convenience foods,eating out and bad-for-you recipes,no couponing-just plopping foods into carts and paying lots of money at checkout,etc....the only thifty thing was thrift store shopping,which it appears they don't do much of anymore.So the reality of the show and what I expected of it are two quite different things,IMO.JMO.

Anonymous said...

My opinion was always, as it is for any family, to each their own. Who am I to judge how they eat, educate and discipline their children.
Then I watched the show. My heart breaks for all these kids, young and old.
Josh clearly has not been given the education he needs for basic life. His vocabulary and ethics are that of a 13 year old. And the girls, who are just the nanny, the hired help for all these children looking so...lost.
Its sad. My family may not be perfect, but my kids have a future.

Michelle said...

I had mixed feelings from the beginning and those now trend more heavily towards the negative. I did find the very early specials interesting in terms of how you would manage that many people, I'm a big advocate of living within your means and being debt free so I liked that. But the more I read the less I thought I would adopt their lifestyle in terms of blanket training, etc. I also felt like they present it as this is how people should live (as many children as possible) and yet do not always acknowledge the help that makes that possible. They did a better job of that in the beginning-things like a woman who loved laundry so came and folded all of Michelle's. Or the tradespeople who patiently showed the kids how to do something. That wouldn't carry over if everyone had so many kids or just in general.

AnotherRN said...

I pretty much agree with every post here. I find it interesting that the Duggars wanted to protect their offspring from the evils of the outside world and their assumption of poor values. Personally, I think they are the perfect example of everything they condemned! They are attention seeking, arrogant, condescending, judgmental, greedy, lazy, and more concerned about appearances than inner peace (faith, spirituality, growth, however you want to say it.) The fact that they change their stance when there is negative PR proves it. What kind of faith is that? If you believe in something, then believe in it and stand by your convictions. Have some courage and character. If you change your mind because you have had an experience or learned something, than say so. If they initially bought into the Pearls' book and now disagree, then say so. It may help someone. It's OK to be honest; people usually appreciate it in time. We all change as we go through life, and it's OK, but they are selling out to whichever way the tide rolls in order to keep it all going.

Initially, I just disagreed with their interpretation of faith yet found them both fascinating and somewhat repulsive at the same time. I did however, take them at face value initially. Now, I think they are just the K family in the Deep South instead of Los Angeles!

Elverna Bradshaw said...

My feelings have changed: they've gone from bad to worse. In the beginning, I thought they were a very annoying and self-serving family who for some unknown reason were trying to insinuate themselves into the national conscience.

As time went on, and as I did research into ATI/ Quiverfull/et al, I realized they were part of a very dangerous movement, bent on establishing a theocracy in the US. That they try to cover up this insiduous plot with their happyshiny faces and (perceived) lifestyle sickens me.

I am pleased that the events of the past few months (the Jubilee fiasco, Josh's various social media postings and this new swing into politics) are taking the veil off what the Duggars are all about. Only the willfully blind and ignorant are still believing their propaganda.

(By the way, how this all is unfolding reminds me of the movie "A Face in the Crowd", which coincidentally is on TCM this afternoon. If you've never seen it, you really should give it a try. You'll be amazed at how it parallels the Duggars.)

Karen said...

I'm not sure my views of the Duggars have changed over the years. I have always been morbidly fascinated with them. I think the root of the fascination is their radically skewed interpretation of the Christian faith. I am still fascinated by them because of their radical views. I think that Josh's recent foray into social media is sort of brilliant. It is a real glimpse of his (and likely Jim Bob and Michelle's views) rather than the subdued TLC version of it. In the end, I suspect (and hope) that it will be the means to his own downfall.

As far as the girls go, I really hope that they will have the opportunity to make up their own minds about faith and lifestyle and would love to see them make a move to a less marginalized life - as a couple of Anna's sisters have.

Miggy said...

Initially I enjoyed the 'train wreck' value of this show. I have many relatives who are living a similar lifestyle and it is fun to compare. They seemed a sweet but naive family. Sure there are contradictions in what they say and what they do but I put most of this down to a lack of intellegence and little education.

However, their antics on the campaign trail have spoilt the Duggars for me. Jim Bob pushing his way in uninvited. Josh's comments about Catholics not having true relationships with God. So many stupid, offensive comments.

I support peoples right to choose their own path, religion, education, political ideals and I expect people to respect my right to choose my own path. The Duggars use to say they wanted to encourage others but they never forced their lifestyle on others. Now I feel like they are openly criticising anyone who does not follow their lifestyle.

bunnykitty said...

Hello! Long time lurker here, now i want to jump in too with my honest opinion.

I used to LOVE them,even wanted to be like them and start a family just like them,hey i even tried to take up violin because of them,I used to think Michelle was the 2nd best mother in the world but after reading snark sites and this blog, my eyes was open to "behind the scenes" and what's really going on.It is not good, either.I now see the teachings they follow are dangerous, they seem to follow man. Yea,even though they read the Bible, why need to follow a man(Gothard) for everything? why not just ask God straight up?They are hindered in education and choices, something that I was allowed to have and couldn't imaging growing up any other way
my thoughts have changed for them.

Rainbow68 said...

Another way I've changed: Twenty years ago, I went to the Gothard conferences. I hadn't thought about it much, and I unearthed the material when I was going through boxes of books with my husband a few months ago. In the last two weeks, all of my Gothard paraphanalia has gone out with the trash.

Pippa said...

"Yea,even though they read the Bible, why need to follow a man(Gothard) for everything? why not just ask God straight up?"

Love it! My sentiments exactly!

I LOVED the Duggars in the beginning. My thoughts were that they were a very sweet and loving family and I wanted to know more about them.

But I think (as evidenced by Josh's recent posts) that fame has reared its ugly head here, and that they are beginning to believe their own publicity.

I have changed my opinion of them, but it is because THEY have changed!

This is not a humble family any more. This is a family addicted to fame and to all that fame brings.

SmokeyKitty said...

I first watched because I was fascinated. I thought they seemed like a sweet family. But, after a while it seemed like they were well edited or keeping a lot of things from the camera. It was pretty obvious they were hiding their true selves. Every time they would say "other families" I could feel the condescending attitude.
Once I did some online searching and learned about the Gothard stuff I was disgusted. I only watched the Israel episode this past year, if only to see what kind of b.s they would show.
And seeing how uneducated and brainwashed the children are convinced me that they were not the cheaper by the dozen family I had originally thought them to be.

barnaby/sue said...

As I posted here awhile back -

I instantly saw the Gothard-like influence on this family based on our surrealistic encounter with the Gothard trained ALERT program when they were still based near Watersmeet, MI.

I was appalled then, I am even further appalled now, based on what I read here. I cannot properly and maturely discuss my disgust regarding the role the adult daughters play in this "cult," so I will simply say not much else. It would be too profane

Loves Jesus said...

Yes my feelings have changed over time.

I have realised over time: they are raising 'children', not adults. They have not taught their children to break away from their parents and to reason and make decisions on their own, as all adults must. Their adult children all still live their parent's lives--doing things their parent's way, and doing what their parent's want. The older girls run their parent's home. Jim Bob is advocating to the town counsel for "Josh's" business, and Josh and Anna are always mingled in Jim Bob and Michelle's family, instead of living their own lives.

Jim Bob and Michelle never lived their own parent's lives. They did not give up their desires and wishes to do anything for their parents. They didn't work to support their parents, or provide their parent's with a home. They didn't work their parent's businesses. And their parents could have used Jim Bob and Michelle's help many times!

So, yes, my feelings about Jim Bob and Michelle have changed in that I see their selfishness. I see that they have decieved themselves into believing that they are in fact SELFLESS and only doing the will of Jesus Christ. But, there is a LOT of will of Jim Bob and Michelle in what they do!

Every relative and friend in their lives has to fit into Jim Bob and Michelle's lives--they do not do the same for their relatives and friends. They speak about being "selfless"; but they do not model the behavior with their own adult children; or with their own parents. When Jim Bob or Michelle's parents needed help, they must come to Jim Bob and Michelle's house, or they won't help. Yet her own children constantly work helping their parents. Their own children never leave the home of their parents. Their own children can not even be allowed to have their own bedrooms! They are no allowed their own thoughts or feelings; their own prayers or Bible time..it is all arranged the way Jim Bob and Michelle want it arranged. Yet Jim Bob and Michelle didn't arrange their lives around their parent's wishes. I know because Jim Bob's dad said on camera that he hoped they wouldn't have anymore children! Why didn't Jim Bob do what his father thought best? And why does he not see that his adult children need to follow the course God has for them and that he needs to cut the cords that bind them to him, or they will be sinning? It is a sin for the children to ignore the plans God has for them, so that they can fulfill the plans that their earthly father has for them.

When Michelle's dad was dying, she selfishly chose to stay with a baby who would never have missed her and who really did not need her help, evidenced by the fact that Michelle did leave the baby to attend the funeral, where she could be onstage singing and could garner attention as the daughter in mourning. Simply being with her dying Dad, bringing him comfort in his last moments was deemed less important than attending a funeral he will never know she attended. Michelle stayed with the baby because it made HER feel better to do so, not because it was the best thing to do. It was selfish. It did not bring honor to her father. She did not model the behavior that she demands from her own children. She did not treat her own father the way she wants to be treated, nor does she treat her children the way she wants to be treated as a daughter. She left home at 17, yet her daughters are living at home at 22, cleaning their parent's home, cooking their parent's meals and raising their parent's children.

This is selfish, lazy and against biblical teaching. This is a bad example and a horrible witness for Jesus Christ. The adults must be set free and given permission to pursue their own lives in the way God leads them.

sandi said...

Well,I get the feeling that 'Jesus loves them best' is the common theme in Gothdites.And the rest of us are supposed to be left thinking 'what 'r we gonna do???'

AnotherRN said...

I would like to pose a question and I don't mean it in a dogmatic sense of comparing faiths, but simply as an analysis of the Duggar's parenting and obsessive need for control of their children. As someone raised a Christian, I was taught that we were all made in God's image. If that's so, then the talents we have been given would reflect God. IMHO, that would honor Him, right? The Duggars do not allow their children to explore their gifts and talents. Therefore, how are they honoring God? If the children are not allowed to do anything other than what is sanctioned by ATI/Gothardite rules, how can they discover what God intended for them? They seem so hung up on "sinful" behaviors and trying to deter them, that they can't even see how they are selling all of their children short.

I don't mean to say that my theory is correct, just that there are other ways of thinking about faith and what is "righteous." I can't help but think that parents who feel a need to exert control for so long have serious mental issues. It's just tragic, for all of the kids, in so many ways.

I used to think that maybe they were on to something, perhaps their way was better. Now I just I just think they are sick, twisted and ignorant. IMHO, their recent statements are frightening because they are one step away from full on preaching of hate to those who are different. They need to take a good, hard look at themselves and re-evaluate. If only they were capable...

Arlie said...

Well as most people, I loved them at first (during the 14 and 16 children specials. Even some of the early 17 children shows). I am from the very same town as them, and even attended Shiloh Christian school. (Im closer to Josh's age) I had seen them around town before, but didnt know who they were. I loved that they essentially built their own independent lives completely apart from their parents. They were strong in their (strange) beliefs. They were different in a very intriguing kind of way. I admired the way their marriage functioned (it was so unlike my parents marriage)

As time went on, I started to feel the genuine nature of this family wear away. Things seemed staged, sanitized, and fake. The woman who posed as an admirable super mom was rarely seen in the kitchen, laundry room, or school table. "what in the world does she DO all day?" I began to wonder.

As we all know, this family turned into yet another slow motion train wreck. I began to see that Jim Bob and Michelle really wanted to build a cult for themselves, where THEY are the most important figures, almost godlike. They see it as a hierarchy of God, Jim Bob, Michelle. The duggar trinity. The kids are kept as kids so that the parents stay as the center of importance and glory.

I don't sense the spirit of Jesus in anything they do or say. Especially now. They ARE teetering the line of hate and intolerance. Do not be fooled. Jim bob's goal is to be a grand patriarch of a dominionist, white, fundamentalist culture. This recent political stuff is very revealing of their true character. Josh is merely parroting the words that are told to him by his parents.

It's shocking to me that I ever liked them.

sandi said...

I wonder if politics wasn't Jim Bob's goal with the show all along anyway.Don't forget he lost prior to it,so perhaps he figured he'd get more exposure from the show,then try again when he deemed the time right,which he may be thinking is now.
I've noticed ppl who are controlling tend to get into the very conservative line of politics,esp. these big,religious families,which is just what they're doing.JMO.

pumpkin said...

Like many here, I admired the Duggars when I saw the "14 Children and Pregnant Again" and "On the Road with 16 Children" specials. I thought they were a nice family who had strong values and they were raising their children to be good people.

I thought they were so worthy of my admiration, that I began researching their beliefs, wondering how I could change in my own life to be more like them.

The more I read, the more concerned and later alarmed I became.

I read about Bill Gothard and ATI and Doug Philips and Vision Forum and I became extremely concerned. I learned more about "Birthing God's Mighty Warriors" and similar books and my alarm grew.

The Duggar family was far from the idylic happy ideal that I had originally thought. Their views, especially their fringe political ideas, steadily turned me off of admiring them. I still tuned in, week after week, but it was no longer out of admiration - instead it was out of morbid curiousity, and a desire to watch the slow train wreck continue.

I seems from others' posts that I'm not alone in this view.

The Lucky Seeker said...

I wonder too about what is going to happen once TLC isn't around anymore. I do not believe for one second that Michelle is as sweet and soft spoken as she looks on camera. I also agree that Jessa and Jinger are arrogant, spoiled, and prissy little brats.

Vera said...

Definitely. At the beginning I, like so many others, was inspired by how they seemed to have it all together. Of course, over time it has become clear that things are not at all what they appeared initially.

Jim Bob's arrogant ignorance is mind boggling. How someone can be that proud to be so ignorant is beyond me. His sense of entitlement is anything but Christlike. I am not surprised that education is not encouraged in the Duggar compound because if any of the "blessings" gain any level of education, they will quickly realize just how lacking their Patriarch really is...and there goes the power.

Michelle is, without question, one of the worst examples of parenting on television today. She acts as though she is some kind of Queen Bee just for popping out endless "blessings." Birth is a biological process and the majority of women can and have achieved it. The true honor is in being a mother...putting your children above yourself. Michelle is no mother.

Josh is a spoiled, lazy, entitled wind bag. It seems to me that he has been expressing the family's viewpoints unfiltered as of late and it is truly appalling. I shudder to think what he is going to do when TLC packs it up. He is a chip off the old block(head) without the business sense so that coupled with his lack of education do not paint a bright future for him and his expanding family.

I truly pity the older daughters because they have no hope of ever having a life of their own. They will go straight from Daddy's house to Husband's house where they will continue doing exactly what they are doing already. Sadly though...some of them seem to be catching the spoiled, entitled bug just like their parents and older brother. Life is going to come crashing down when all of this comes to an end...as it must at some point.

All in all this family, despite what their words say, is not encouraging or a good example of living the Christlike life. They are Gothard's high profile sheeple...ignorant, arrogant, judgemental, materialistic, narrow-minded...none of the "character traits" of Michelle's Academy of the Dining Table.

I truly believe they started out with the best of intentions, but you know what they say about good intentions...

Nikki said...

I haven't watched much of this show since I researched their beliefs a long while back, so forgive this question, but how do the girls seem like spoiled princesses? I'm not arguing the point, I'm just curious.

imaamy said...

I agree about Josh. I'm curious which girls you see as having the lazy, entitled attitude and why? I guess I see them so busy with chores and the younger ones I haven't noticed a change in their attitudes.

Ancient of Days said...

It seems to me that the Duggars have never been as ideal as they have appeared in the past but now they are even worse at hiding that fact. Jinger and Jessa seem to do much less work overall than their older sisters and seem stuck up. It's just the vibe I get from them (aside from Jinger's eye rolling). Jessa seems to be the type to raise her kids like Michelle where mommy's needs/wants come before all else. Her kids will learn quickly that if they want to be happy, they will have to revere her like a queen. Just my opinions.

Girls have value said...

Can someone tell me exactly what Josh Duggar said about Catholics please.....thanks.........

ennvee said...

Re: Josh/Catholics, he deleted the thread in which he made the comments, but as closely as I can remember (I saw the comment in print before the deletion), he said that Santorum's faith was sincere; Catholics = not true Christians (or something very close to that). He used the semicolon, no "but" or any other qualifiers.

I tried to search my original source, but it's VERY active and word searches still couldn't turn up the posts with the actual screen caps I wanted to link here.

Miggy said...

Josh said "B in FL 4 Santorum campaign next week. Rick's personal relationship with Christ is real; Catholics in general = wrong beliefs."

The original post has gone but this quote is floating around the internet in various places. Google: Josh Duggar anti catholic. You will get heaps of hits.

Sixpence never the richer said...

Josh is just one of the many issues I have with the Duggars. He parrots what he has been spoon fed his whole life without seeming to think for himself. Anna used to seem sweet but now she just seems like an extension of her husband's ego. She seems like the high school "mean girl" in another body.

londonbridges said...

Although their appearances have changed dramatically, with regard to clothing, hair, etc. I believe the Duggars are still the same. The sweet smiling serene Mother of the Year, the Patriarch ruling over all, the Patriarch-in-training sopping up the Gothardism, legalistic, cult-like beliefs of his dad, are who they were in the beginning. As time passes, the sheen is starting to erode, and who we see is the reality of who they have been all along. JMHO. Pardon the poor grammar. I wasn't educated at the dining room table, and I guess it shows!!

My dearly departed Dad always said that one can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

Dee said...

My thoughts on the Duggars haven't changed - I have Quiverfullers in my extended family and I know first hand how much damage cults can do.

Elverna Bradshaw said...

Regarding Josh and Catholics: if I remember correctly, he said they have "wrong ideas". I assume that would be the usual problem fundamentals have with saints, the Pope and the veneration of Mary. (among other things)

I'm sure Josh has no idea that the Catholic church is actually the "mother church" that his little cult is splintered off from.

rcadra2 said...

Sigh - college would have been so good for Josh - what a shame he did not go. The academics would have been great, but even better would be exposure to all different races and religions, as well as people who were raised in totally different environments. I see his narrow minded comments and I feel sad for him. O don't get mad. It's just sad.

Alysa said...

my feelings have changed -- at first i LOOVVVEEDD them... now I feel like their kids are being deprived, and the older ones are raising the younger ones.. I am all for helping out.. but not raising. I like the Gosselins better quite honestly.

Alysa said...

This is an extension to my last post.
I would actually love to ask the Duggars one question.. Not to be mean, but out of pure wonder.. I want to know why they seem to miss the #1 message in the bible.. I am 14, and I feel as if I get it more than they do! Didn't Jesus say love one another? Don't judge! It seems that that is all they do. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Alysa is on the right track but I would extend it a little. Jesus summed up all of the Old Testament Laws into two commandments;
1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind.
2) Love all of mankind as you would love yourself.

On the first, I don't think anyone can truly understand anyone elses relationship with God. The Duggars say they have a good relationship with God and I will accept that statement.

On the second .... does Josh Duggar really want other people to treat him the way he has been treating others in the past few months? Making jokes about disabilities? Laughing at and looking down on people with different political options? Telling others their religious beliefs are wrong?

Girls have value said...

Have your feelings changed? Wow - yes. Unfortunately they have gone from bad to worse. Many of these posts have raised the same concerns I have but probably the most disturbing thing to me is the way they are raising their daughters.

Raising 2 daughters myself I and my husband feel it is our duty to prepare them for the world they will live in. Not the secluded petrified world that the Duggars have their girls living in.

To raise beautiful young women to believe that their only future is being a brude mare is insulting to all women. Motherhood has tremendous value but surprise it's not the only thing a women can do.

It would appear that Jill has a real interest in female healthcare. But who are they kidding without a proper university education she will never achieve this and quite frankly I don't think she could even get into a good university.

These children, both male and female, have been egegiously let down by their parents when it comes to a proper education.

I know there are plenty of home school kids who go onto higher education and great careers...but the Duggar kids are not those kids.

How low is the bar set in Arkansas that the Duggar style of home schooling is acceptable.

I'm Canadian and I know that home schooled familes must follow the same curiculum has the public schools and standardized testing is required.

What kind of standards are set in Arkansas?

londonbridges said...

Girls Have Value, I agree totally with you. As a fellow Canadian, I also am familiar with home schooling in our province, the curriculum, testing, etc. that is required. I am shocked and stunned by the results of the 'home' schooling provided the Duggar blessings. The proof is in the pudding, and have we become aware of the quality of said pudding.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and it is my opinion that JimBob and Michelle are directly responsible for the lack of primary, secondary and post-secondary education for all their blessings. I am fully aware that not everyone can afford post-secondary education, but the Duggars surely can pay for it. Not everyone believes in post-secondary education. The future for the female blessings is going from one housekeeping/childcare job to another one, just with a different patriarch in charge. The males can 'work' at the elder Duggar's businesses, no education required.

If the Duggar blessings had a solid, well-balanced K-12 education, I wouldn't be so concerned. However, it seems to me that their basic education leaves lots to be desired. How much teaching takes place in the Duggar home today? We have seen the older female blessings try to teach the younger ones at times, and not very well IMHO.

I, too, would like someone to fill us in about home-schooling requirements in Arkansas.

Sixpence never the richer said...

I wonder about their schooling too. Michelle seems to be like a teenager with children that just wants to make out with her boyfriend (in this case husband Jimbob). Her and Jimbob do not raise their kids, all they do is hump each other and hand off the result to their other children. Sorry Michelle, but reality is not this way. Real parents must actually parent their own kids passed infancy.

Alberta Rose said...

Yes they have. I have more respect for the family. Through Michelle I am at peace with mine and my husband's decision to let the Lord be our guide for family size. Even now we receive pressure to change our family size and people wig out when we say God has not prompted us to do so. The episode when they met Dolly Parton had a huge impact on how I view other people. Michelle focused on Dolly's singing of worship songs and her heart for charity. It made me realize I am guilty of narrow-minded thinking, focusing on the differences instead of looking for the similiarities. Also, Jim Bob and Michelle have inspired my husband and I to be more respectful to each other. When we homeschooled, we did it simliar to the Duggar family, with a combination of workbooks and family field trips. I think the Canadian homeschooling laws might vary from province to provnice. In Alberta you don't have to follow a specific curriculum nor are there standardized tests. Last, recently we made the decision to stop homeschooling our son; however, we make sure that each morning before he leaves for school we do the Proverb of the day. We have told him that until they create a machine that can read minds, prayer is allowed in school. Also, legally he has the right to bow his head and say a few words before eating his food. The Duggars have inspired us to teach our son how to be in the world without being of the world.

Girls have value said...

Gotta love the internet... I went the the Gov't of Arkansas website to find out the requirements for home schooling in that state.

Link is below, but here are a couple of highlights:

There are no educational requirements for parents/guardians who provide a home school for their child(ren).

Parents/guardians are free to select and purchase their choice of books, curricula, or correspondence programs. Parents/ guardians also set their own schedule of instruction for their child(ren).

Home school students in grades other than 3-9 will not be tested by the state



londonbridges said...

Thanks, Girls have value for researching the home-schooling requirements in Arkansas. I echo "wow" as well. Unbelievable.

tiffches said...

I am amazed at the small requirements for homeschooling. I have read before that if you can pass the 8th grade, you can pass the GED. The children have been taught not to dream or aspire to be something great. With the correct education, no telling what some of them could be. They will never get the chance. In public schools, even though the class does not pray together, nobody ever stops a child from praying. Michelle and JimBob seem to feel if they do not pray their way, the prayers do not count. They will not allow their children to have a private relationship with God anymore than allow them to have friends. They do not trust what they have taught them since the kids are not trusted out of their sight.

Anonymous said...

The children have been taught not to dream or aspire to be something great.

They haven't even been taught to do something ordinary. Like having fun with friends, reading a stack of library books or a newspaper, going shopping alone, deciding what to wear, choosing a hairstyle, choosing a college or other school, applying for a job, etc.

Alberta Rose said...

The children have been taught not to dream or aspire to be something great.

I'm glad my son wasn't sitting beside me and saw that. Thanks to the Duggar family my son no longer talks about how when he's 13 years old he's going to buy a model train set. Now he talks about when he's 12 year old, the family is going to work in the local homeless shelter, when he's 16 he'll become a Computer Co-ordinator or Hockey Night! Co-ordinator at the shelter and he's definitely going to stay in school so he can be eligible to join the church's High School Missionary Team. To some people those might not seem like worthy dreams or great aspirations but to my husband and I they are.

This Friday my son has a professional development day off from school. We're going to distribute fresh muffins, bottled water and a verse from Proverbs 3 to the homeless people downtown. By the time we finish that, the main library will be open. I'm mentioned that because I notice someone else mentioned the children will never go to the library.

It would be incredibly trite and mundane for TLC to show a segment of the Duggar family going to the library. Plus if word got out they do go to the public library, stalkers would probably hangout there hoping for a glimpse of them. Tontitown, Springdale and surrounding areas are respectful of the Duggar's family privacy. A clerk in the grocery store or a librarian isn't going to pick up the phone to call someone to say "Grab your camera, come quick, Duggar alert!"

ennvee said...

I'd just like to intervene here and knock down a common straw man that I see everywhere that Christians are the only people who "do good works," ie. volunteer at homeless shelters, counsel pregnant teens, etc.

It's great if the Duggars have fostered a sense of giving back to the less fortunate, but that slice of their life is really not very prominent and ultimately tied to the philosophies of their life that we are seeing from them on the campaign trail; trying to paradoxically purport freedom while simultaneously attempt to take away or limit the rights of fellow Americans. And you bet that once America takes away/limits "certain inalienable rights" we all share as human beings (the Duggars don't read their Declaration of Independence very closely, do they?), the world will fall in line. Don't forget, Josh recently mistook one defining US document for the other and too pictures of it for posterity's sake.

Because as the Duggars (and those like them see it), the US owns the world. They have their right to say those things, and I have the right to call them on their extremist worldview. And that's why my opinion of them has plummeted through the floor.

sandi said...

My kids are all in college,and they do not find the Duggars inspiring at all.They wonder why all of them are stuck at home with no real freedom or education,can't work a real job or attend a real college,etc. And yes,mine did missionary and volunteer work as well (local soup kitchen and children's home,as well as trips).Unlike the Duggar kids,they're allowed to get a real education and have freedom of life,and do these things as well.I also would never,ever dream of telling them how to vote or what party to register under.Those are all very personal choices,are none of my business,and IMO I think everyone should 'do the math' for themselves,i.e.-research the candidates on their own and choose by themselves whom they want to support.They will not get any imput from me on that.They're adults and should decide that on their own.JMO.

sandi said...

Re: A clerk in the grocery store or a librarian isn't going to pick up the phone to call someone to say "Grab your camera, come quick, Duggar alert!"


Per Jason falling through the stage,the Duggar kids themselves know full well they need to grab a camera in certain instances.I guess it's in the TLC contract for them to do so,but they certainly knew they were supposed to do it.At this point it would be more interesting to see the contract that Jim Bob and Michelle signed than the actual show itself.I'm sure all of us would be aghast at how much they've sold out.(which I'm guessing includes all falls and accidents,medical interventions,etc.)

Alberta Rose said...

Per Jason falling through the stage,the Duggar kids themselves know full well they need to grab a camera in certain instances.I guess it's in the TLC contract for them to do so,but they certainly knew they were supposed to do it.At this point it would be more interesting to see the contract that Jim Bob and Michelle signed than the actual show itself.I'm sure all of us would be aghast at how much they've sold out.(which I'm guessing includes all falls and accidents,medical interventions,etc.)

That's the DUGGARS themselves. Im talking about non-Duggars in the area respecting the family's privacy if they do something like go to a library or a bookstore. The cameras do not show every minute of their lives. There are things they probably don't choose to have filmed. For all we know the reason why the show is on hiatus is because one of the young women has entered into a courtship and she doesn't it want on camera the way Josh did.

Dar said...

I would far rather see them go to a library than go with Jim Bob to have allergy testing. It appears quite obvious that the Duggars more than welcome attention. We have been privy to the most intimate (child birth) aspects of their lives. Michelle's "that time of the month" has been discussed over and over again. We know about her nipples, poor Josie was fighting for her life and hooked up to all kinds of tubes. There was no hesitation about allowing cameras into the NICU when this was going on.

I strongly doubt they would be annoyed if someone spoke to them in a library, although I doubt you will ever find one of them enter those "portals of Enlightenment"s

sandi said...

>For all we know the reason why the show is on hiatus is because one of the young women has entered into a courtship and she doesn't it want on camera the way Josh did.

That wouldn't be allowed in a TLC contract,IMO.They want it all,and so far,the Duggars haven't wigged out on anything except showing Michelle's 'mommy skin'.
I think the show is done for,IMO,and these political stunts (and comments by Josh) are showing it.I'm not sure they'll even show the Jubilee fiasco.It doesn't seem to be a popular subject,and tlc knows it.JMO.

heavennoseven said...

Yes, they used to seem like a nice family and I loved them.

Now, they film anything and everything. Heck, they even said in the books all the girls get the "monthly visitor" at the same time.

They say a working mom who is single, should work less to be with her kids more. However, that won`t pay the bills.

I see them on the trips all the times, but bring bibles, balls erc. How about fresh drinking water, food, an American doctor to offer free health care. Yes, a small gift is fine. However, they need fresh water, cloths and food to live.

They have a nice big dishwasher and don`t use it. Why did you buy it then.

I also don`t how they buy cheap bunk beds when they can afford new ones as well as REAL beds. Why not give it to a family who needs it.

They are not open at all to other ways of life. The kids are not given an education.

It just annoys me.

Rachel HM said...

I have always liked the Duggers, but I have found myself angry when i watch episodes now. I am fine with them departing from the "buy used save the differance" if that is equally spread around. Nice big buses (yes, they are "used" but come on at the price) and the kids do not all have beds, or Michelle wears the same old green shirt. I loved the "Old" Duggars from 14 kids and counting, and they reminded me of families I knew from my home town. It seems as though they cannot manage the fame and humility together.

hart&sole said...

It makes me sad to think that people actually care who the Duggars find faulty. Josh is anti-Catholic and that matters how? Josh is a fool raised by fools so how could he be any different with his limited world view? The Duggars could have actually continued their world tour all the way to today, and if it isn't riddled with Jesus and isn't the way things are done in Arkansas, the world is wrong and they are right. Josh actually seems to believe the more he is criticized the more right he is! I used to love the '14 Kids and Counting' Duggars, but they 'have went' away.

Vera said...

Evidently the Duggars think their judgements matter and I guess they do to some. How utterly sad to see the blind leading the blind.

Pretty arrogant of the Duggars though. I have to say that is one thing that bothered me from the beginning...what makes them think they are qualified to "encourage" others? What makes them more special? Popping out an unending stream of blessings? Maybe if they actually raised their own children...but clearly they don't. Maybe if they got by without TLC...but clearly they don't. Not special...just famewhores.

Lindy said...

Vera said: Pretty arrogant of the Duggars though. I have to say that is one thing that bothered me from the beginning...what makes them think they are qualified to "encourage" others? What makes them more special? Popping out an unending stream of blessings? Maybe if they actually raised their own children...but clearly they don't. Maybe if they got by without TLC...but clearly they don't. Not special...just famewhores.

I never found them very qualified to encourage others. I always wondered what they wanted to encourage others to do. Once the show started becoming a weekly phenomenon, it was apparent that the specials had glossed over their extremist views.

I'd be more impressed if the older blessings went to real brick and mortar colleges or seminaries far away from Jim Bob and Michelle. I was turned off completely by the Duggars when (I think it was) Michelle who said that they don't encourage their children to go to college.

sarahjames3 said...

I have only begun watching 19 Kids and Counting this year and have to save that I love the Duggar Family. I am mostly just fascinated with how they manage to make it all work. I do understand some of the criticisms that I've read on the blog but, honestly, simply going on what I've seen from their show-the children seem very happy and well adjusted. Happier than many, if not most, teenagers that are living in more traditional families (of average size.) They are unfailingly polite and well mannered and seem to have attitudes of gratitude and concern for others. Yes, the younger ones seem a bit unruly and overly active at times but if they weren't then we would probably wonder about that as well! Not saying that I agree with everything the Duggars believe and do but still they are doing an unbelievable job with their supersized family!

irish wonder said...

They do an unbelievable job because their teenage girls are forced to be mothers.

Saw an episode last night and all the older girls and one boy were holding younger siblings.

Where was Michelle? Standing there not touching one child.

MayQueen said...

I used to think Michelle was a good mom, but I took off the rose colored glasses after the season premiere.

SmileyGrl752 said...

Like most of you on here, I liked the Duggars at first. I thought they seemed real, genuine, and friendly people. My aunt and I went to go see them once when they shared their story about how they came to believe in no birth control. I don't know if I agree with their point of view, but I do see where they're coming from. I also liked that Michelle seemed able to run a household, and that they were debt-free. However, ever since Josie was born, I started liking them less and less. Poor Josie was a preemie, and they filmed her in the hospital, under those bright, hot lights, instead of giving her privacy. And now, with the recent miscarriage and funeral, well....I'm just appalled. It's bad enough to film a miscarriage, but to film a funeral? How can the children be okay with the crew filming a private family event? If it were my family member, I'd tell the crew to let us grieve in peace. Another reason I dislike them is (snip) there was an article about how one of the boys fell into an orchestra pit, and Michelle plus some of the other kids whip out their cell phones to film it. What in the world. No checking to see if he's okay, no nothing. (snip) Also, I believe they are addicted to the fame. They claim not to believe in birth control, which is fine for them, but after having so many kids, it's hard on your body. It was hard on Michelle when she had Josie. Do they take a breather and let Josie grow up first? Oh no, they just continue to get knocked up and get pregnant so they can announce it, be more famous, and pop out more kids. I think Jim Bob is addicted to the sex and Michelle to the fame. Lastly (sorry, I know this is long), I remember watching an episode where Jim Bob and some of the older ones were on a mission trip to El Salvador. They worked at an orphanage, and met a young girl who had been at the orphanage for 6 YEARS. She'd been waiting 6 freakin' YEARS for a family, to be adopted. So what does Jim Bob do when he gets home? Does he tell his wife, "Honey, that trip changed me. I feel like God wants us to adopt and help needy kids who need good, loving homes." Oh no! He just keeps getting his wife knocked up and popping out more kids of their own.

londonbridges said...

It is one thing to not practice birth control for whatever reason(s), however, it is an entirely diffferent thing to actively try to conceive a blessing. Both JimBob and Michelle have admitted they are trying to have another child. As Michelle especially has little to do with raising her blessings after weaning, I am not encouraged in the least by the Duggars. JMHO

Wampascat said...

I began watching the show because I was very interested to see how a mother and father with fifteen children could manage to run an organized, debt free household. I really was interested in their daily lives. Now, they're never home to have a normal life. All we ever see is the Duggar family on a never ending field trip. That's not "real" life!
Also, we've come to realize that they truly don't raise their own children. That task is left up to their adult daughters who should be allowed to go their own way unencumbered by child rearing responsibilities.
The Duggar family has turned out to be a joke. At some point one of those blessings will write a tell all book that will make all our collective hair stand on end.

Alberta Rose said...

"Have your thoughts and feelings about the Duggars changed?"

YES! I used to think of Jim Bob and family has people who put the "fun" in fundamentalist. Now that they are campaigning for someone who seems determined to take the fun OUT of fundamentalist, I'm see a side of the Duggar family I didn't know existed and I'm not sure if I like it.