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This morning no1 calculated the calories per serving of Chicken-Etti.  666 calories per serving.  Are there any hardy souls willing to calculate the calories, fat, and sodium of any other Duggar dishes?


Nikki said...

Maybe I don't follow this family close enough (perhaps I'm too busy painting things and watching them dry), but where does one find a list of their favorite meals or recipes? The only thing I've seen them make is that disgusting "tater tot" mess. How could you live on all that fertile, untouched land and have no desire to grow a substantial garden, or raise some chickens or cows? I'd leave the city in a second for that amount of open land and my family nearby.

RD said...

And she served it with cheese biscuits! Just add 200 cals per biscuit.

666.... Maybe chicken etti is the Antichrist.

I'm a dietitian so this kind of stuff is up my alley.

In the most recent book, Michelle talked a lot about fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein, and whole grain. Yet a few pages before that, there is a recipe for broccoli cheese soup. That's not necessarily bad, until you read the ingredients for her soup: 2lbs velveeta, 1quart whipping cream, and broccoli.

The thing is, Michelle does know about nutrition. She has attended weight watchers meetings and that means she knows more than your average person in regards to nutrition. None of the Duggars have a weight problem except for Josh and Anna, and that's more of a self control issue in my opinion.

Elverna Bradshaw said...

Actually I think none of the Duggars (besides Josh, Anna, JimBob and John David is getting there) have a weight problem because the quantity of food is strictly rationed and regulated at home. Look at how they made a big deal about grapes being a "precious commodity". (To my kids they were just grapes.)

Look at Josh once he got out and could eat as much as Anna would cook (and man, does she overcook). John David is also blimping up I think due to eating at the fire house, where portions are large (same situation as the ballooning Zack Bates).

tulip said...

It's my feeling Michelle talked about eating "healthy" in their most recent book as a way of taking the focus off what they have really admitted to eating and feeding their family. Same reason in her blog on the TLC site she talked about healthy snacks for kids while on vacation. It's surely all talk.

Case in point: In their first book they've got all their "favorite" recipes, to include the following: the Tater Tot casserole (we all know what's in that), Frito Chili pie (2 large bags of Fritos, 2 16-oz. containers sour cream...), Hash Brown Casserole (the kind with butter and whipping cream), Tuna Noodle casserole (made with 10 boxes mac n cheese, 4 sticks of butter & 2 cans cream of mushroom soup) and Cheesy Chicken spaghetti (dubbed "Rich & Filling!") to name a few. Oh, and don't forget about that ice cream cake made from ice cream sandwiches, Butterfingers, Hershey bars, Cool Whip, and carmel sauce.

Cut to the latest book and it's all about lean meats, veggies and fruits?

tasty treat said...

666? I'm surprised they're allowed to eat that. Or maybe they eat two portions to avoid the Satanic reference, and then gain a lot more weight.

Sweetie Pie said...

I think that's the ticket at home as a child Josh probably got enough to eat but never filled. But with a large family food is regulated & the relationship with food can become distorted. You get access to something good you horde it & devour it alone before it becomes community property. (Snip manners.)

heavennoseven said...

If Michelle can lose weight so can Anna.

I hope Anna cooks real food for the kids.

The reason the girls burn it off is because they are always running around being "mommy".

How about a sandwich with some some nice deli meat, sliced apples and some veggies(not grilled) and milk for Mack.

Micheal after being nursed can have some homemade baby food from real fresh veggies.

Reality TV Junkie said...

That's not a lot of calories. For one serving, for one meal, 666 calories perfectly fine. I don't see how this is a big deal.

Ally said...

Here's where all of the recipes are:

I calculated Tater Tot Casserole, since they've always said it's a staple in their house. So, without further ado:

As A Whole
Cal: 8785
Fat: 436.9
Sat Fat: 104.8
Sodium: 22853
Cholesterol: 1062

Per Serving (20)
Cal: 439.25
Fat: 21.85
Sat Fat: 5.24
Sodium: 1142.65
Cholesterol: 53.1

Ally said...

That's not a lot of calories. For one serving, for one meal, 666 calories perfectly fine. I don't see how this is a big deal

People are generally supposed to eat between 1200-1800 calories, though it varies. That makes that meal more than 1/3 of their daily caloric intake. Not to mention how much fat, sodium, and cholesterol must be in that. Also, the kids are eating that too, and they definitely don't need a meal that's approaching 700 calories, and pretty unhealthy.

heavennoseven said...

Isn`t Cal: 8785 like the how much you should eat over a few days.

ennvee said...

That amount is for the entire casserole.

For a typical diet, the entire meal should be around 400-500 calories, not just the entree! Throw in sides and a glass of milk/soda for the kids and you're well over 600 calories for just one meal.

Don't forget snacks when making calculations for meals! I doubt they're always snacking on single grapes or frozen blueberries; that stuff is likely more for Michelle than for the household (except as "rationed" - her word, not mine).

Recall Michelle making that nasty veggie burger? That woman is on an entirely different diet than the rest of her family, her own husband included.

londonbridges said...

I am not a dietician, but have concerns about the fat content in several of the recipes provided by the Duggars. In Canada, the obesity rate among children is climbing higher each year, and probably is similar in the U.S. The blessings' snacks aren't included, and they may tend to be high in fat content as well. JMHO.

tulip said...

Ok, so 666 calories may not be a big deal (though some of us beg to differ), but the fat content, sodium & cholesterol has got to be off the charts, particularly for kids.

It's just really not about the details-it's the fact that this has brought to light another reason The Duggars have proven themselves to be phonies in order to hold on to their fame. In the earlier episodes, we were always seeing the little kids "snacking" on Skittles & cookies. Then comes the latest book where Michelle specifically talks about the importance of keeping your pantry stocked with healthy snacks-fruits, veggies & whole grains...because whatever's in your house, that's what you're family will eat.

IMO, it's called damage control.

Allison said...

And the rest of the society eats fast food hamburgers, fries and sodas... Eating a meal that 700 calories is *hardly* unusual or a Duggard-ism. This entire country does it. The real question is how often they eat it, and honestly, I think I've seen Chicken Etti on the show all of twice.

Clearly, Josh eats unhealthily and it shows. But I really don't think the family eats that badly, because none of the children are remotely overweight. I do think for parties and such, they probably bring out the heavier foods like pizza and pasta, but doesn't *every* family do that? That's really not very unusual. I don't really think we can judge the eating habits because Chicken Etti is listed as a favorite. Just because it's a favorite doesn't mean you eat everyday or even that often...

Sharla said...

Today I was reading a birth board (daughter is expecting) and found a post by someone who had just put some great easy, healthy, and nourishing meals in the freezer. I went to check thinking it could be something to share with daughter. You'll never guess the first recipe.

Cowboy Casserole
What You need: 1.5 lbs hamberger, 1/2 onion, 1/2 cup milk, 4T Sour Cream, 12 oz Corn, 1.5 cups cheese, Tater Tots
Fry up half and onion chopped up finely
Add hamburger (80/20) and brown it
While the hamburger onion mixture cooks, mix in a bowl 1/2 cup milk, 4 table spoons Sour Cream, the corn and 1C shredded Cheddar Cheese.
Layer tater tots on the bottom of casserole dish
Mix the meat/onions with the mixture you made while it was cooking. Combine thoroughly.
Layer mixture on top of tater tots
Add more tater tots and remaining cheese
Either cook now at 350 for 15 minutes
Or freeze and cook later at 350 for 35 minutes

The second "recipe" was a cook a box of rigatoni, brown half a pound of hamburger, and mix it all together with a jar of spaghetti sauce.

I quit reading.

The tie to the Duggars is, of course, the simplicity of the recipes and the filling nature of the dishes, along the similarity to tator tot casserole.

tulip said...

Healthy meals for kids in busy families is NOT easy, but we don't have to resort to Happy Meals and Chickenetti.

I find the Birdseye frozen skillet meals are great, like Garlic Chicken...a 1 cup serving (perfect for most kids) is 240 cal., includes chicken, pasta & veggies (carrots, broccoli) cut up in perfect sizes for kids. It's tasty, so they DO eat even the broccoli! 12% fat, 7% cholesterol, 25% sodium. COMPARE that with Hamburger Helper (1 cup) is 320 cal., 20% fat, 21% cholesterol & 36% sodium. But, still way under Chikenetti and Frito Chili pie I'm sure. Not to mention, with all the other wasteful pre-packaged stuff The Duggars buy, they could definitely afford the packaged skillet meals-they even sell them in extra large bags at the warehouse stores.

sandi said...

Tater tot casserole could be easily turned into a not-quite-so bad for you dish,simply by using a low-fat meat and adding fresh vegetables to it,topped with fresh-cut potato slices and either skipping the cheese or using only a low-fat one.(or perhaps some goat cheese).Same with some of the other Duggar staples..use whole wheat pasta,breads and crusts,fresh tomato sauce for spaghetti and pizza(I really think they could and should grow some tomatoes for that) and some low fat or goat cheese for toppings.Parmesan cheese is also a good alternative for many dishes,as is some low-fat cottage cheese.Really,it's cheaper and healthier to use such ingredients,as they would overall be spending less.They could also have air-popped popcorn for snacks, topped with parmesan or another low-fat topping.JMO.

sandi said...

I was wondering if someone would mind doing the figures for the ice cream sandwich cake? thx.

no1 said...

One of my objectives in looking more closely at the Duggar recipes is to explore the disparity between the Duggar persona of "purity," their "wholesomeness," etc. - contrasted with a diet based on opening cans and boxed 'cheese food.'

tiffches said...

The Duggars may have small portions but they eat high calore foods. They coud eat all they want of lettuce or cabbage salads with a tablespoon of dressing and other low calorie foods and be fine. Food is only fuel. If the children were taught even as babies to eat as much or as little as they want of the right foods, they would learn to listen to their bodies. WHen their bodies lets them know "enough" they would stop eating. Then, when and if, they ever leave home, abundant food would not be a problem, since food would not be so important

Ally said...

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake:

Cal: 9074
Fat: 181.8
Sat fat: 115.8
Sodium: 5901
Cholesterol: 240

Per Serving (20)
Cal: 453.7
Fat: 9.09 g
Sat fat: 5.79 g
Sodium: 295.05 mg
Cholesterol: 12 mg

Reality TV Junkie said...

I still don't think any of these are that bad.

The children are always doing something anyway, so they need these calories. The little ones are always running around, and the older ones are always chasing the little ones.

Michelle is the only one who doesn't do much, but she eats lower calorie foods, so it all evens out.

Elverna Bradshaw said...

It's not just a matter of calories. It's the high sodium and cholesterol that is giving them a bad basis for future health problems. Plus once they set a habit of only liking very salty and fatty foods, it will be harder for them to switch to healthier foods in the future.

Nikki said...

The fact is that no one, child or adult, need the amounts of saturated fat or sodium that prepackaged foods provide. In lieu of tater tots, which are fried before they are flash frozen and sold, use fresh unadulterated potatoes. Instead of Velvetta cheese product, use a few cups of thinly shredded cheddar. Rather than cream-of-anything canned soups, make homemade stocks and gravies. Granted, many of us are full time parents plus full time employees with little extra time; however, this is not the case for this charade of a family. That, and the fact that they live on so much fertile land that provides untapped opportunity for real, homegrown meals---cooked by the matriarch of this mess, not by her children.

Off the food topic, but it occurred to me that while the adult daughters are trapped at home raising their siblings, the youngest four girls will be trapped at home catering to their aging parents, who at this point scarcely notice their existence. So very sad.

Seriously? said...

How about Jim Bob's Special Canned Tuna ala BBQ Sauce?


sandi said...

On that note Nikki,it worries me that Joy-Anna is the only girl,stuck in the middle.If the current trend continues,she will carry a heavy burden all by herself,caring for the little ones plus the cooking,cleaning,homeschooling,etc.,if the older girls are married by then.Hopefully she wil at least get some help with the cooking.

no1 said...

I agree with several of the observations/opinions above. No family can grill salmon and steam fresh veggies every day - but there are so many ways to feed a crowd in a healthful manner. What about rice and bean combos, for example?

I have long felt that there is absolutely no reason for the lack of a vegetable garden and a few fruit trees/bushes on the Duggar compound. This is especially true now that they can obviously afford to put in drip lines or another method to water. However, in reality I fear that the Duggar kitchen staff would have no idea what to do with a fresh vegetable . . . their only experience is with canned or frozen.

Don't get me started on the paper plates . . .

Elverna Bradshaw said...

I only wish they were paper plates. At least those will degrade in a landfill. They use styrofoam plates which will be around for a long, long time.

(By the way, I wonder if they ever see the irony of living right across the street from the landfill which they have contributed way more than their share to in diapers, disposable dinnerware and industrial size tin cans.)

Reality TV Junkie said...

"On that note Nikki,it worries me that Joy-Anna is the only girl,stuck in the middle.If the current trend continues,she will carry a heavy burden all by herself,caring for the little ones plus the cooking,cleaning,homeschooling,etc.,if the older girls are married by then.Hopefully she wil at least get some help with the cooking."
Okay, let's say in 7 years(just a guess) Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger are off and married. That makes Joy-Anna 21-ish. But by that time, the older of the little girls would already be in and around their early teens, so they'd be able to do those things too. So, she would never have to do all the cooking.

JenTru said...

The fact that they have a fountain soda machine in their kitchen has always bothered me. Especially since if you drink it that way you can't track how much you're having. Soda is ok for a treat but available at every meal? Hopefully they only turn the machine on for special occasions.

Also, I was thinking that yummy food might be one of the only vices they can participate in...

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing them say they don't have soda in the soda machine. (It was given to them when tlc helped them finish the house.)

taurus0385 said...

All that sugar cant be good for the lil ones teeth.

RiderWriter said...

Wow - I never thought about the Duggars not having a garden. How obvious is THAT??? I guess the kids wouldn't have time to tend it, along with all of their other "jurisdictions." :-/

And I didn't know there was a landfill across the street from their house... how ironic. Apparently all of their "holier than thou"-ness does not extend to concern over the environmental impact of all those kids. I hope they at LEAST recycle!

Esther said...

Michelle actually recommends this as a healthy and quick dinner especially for "company." I'm glad I'll never be invited to their house for dinner. She says it has protein and fiber and therefore is "healthy."

Chili Frito Pie

12 (15 oz) cans Mexican style chili beans
2 bags Fritos™
4 c. shredded cheddar cheese
2 small containers sour cream
*Ground beef (optional)

Warm beans in large pot. Serve over Fritos™ with cheese and sour cream. Easy family favorite.

Serves 20.

I might, if pushed, serve something like that for a Super Bowl crowd as an appetizer. Dinner? Never.