Monday, February 21, Duggars Explore South America

Jim Bob and 11 of the kids are headed to Central Americal to help serve those in need. But while the others are away, will Michelle be able to handle the seven youngest Duggars with limited help?

30 minutes


Allison said...

I am actually looking forward to this, mostly because it's something we haven't seen them do very much (travel in other countries). We did see them briefly last year, but that was the same trip when Josie was born, so it was sort of in the shadows.

I'm sure there will be lots of obvious commentary, like "It's so great to experience other countries" etc., but as a viewer, I'm interested in seeing the foreign cultures.

Not so sure about Michelle mothering 7 kids alone. I have a feeling "family friends" will be doing the bulk of the work while Michelle holes up in her room with Josie, receiving the occasional visitor. Jim Bob is the one who experiences stuff with his kids, not Michelle.

mythoughtis said...

If Michelle really cannot handle 7 children alone, then maybe she should have considered that prior to having them?

I'm sure Josh, Anna, and Grandma Duggar will be pressed into service. that is the 3 that handled the younger kids when Michelle was in the hospital and the rest were in El Salvador when Josie was born. If they could do it then, they can do it now.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to see Jim Bob bust out his mad Spanish skillz.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know when the trips took place?

Anonymous said...

WHY shouldn't a mom be able to care for 7 of her own children 'alone'?

At least we know Michelle can't get pregnant during this spell of her husband's travel

....or does he phone it in?

SuzanneDeAZ said...

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SuzanneDeAZ said...

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Mel B. said...

Anonymous wrote: "I'm hoping to see Jim Bob bust out his mad Spanish skillz."

Ha! That's so true, I'd forgotten about seeing Jim Bob in... was in El Salvador? I remember him trying to ask a shop owner for "big ol' bags" of rice and beans. That was his the best "Spanish" he could muster.

I can't wait to see more examples of this family's keen cultural sensitivity (lol).

Cyn said...

I love the way TLC draws the "drama" in with their show descriptions.

10-1 Michelle is fine and we see more of the mothering shots people have been asking for.

ennvee said...

does anyone know when the trips took place?


The trend for the last 3 years that they've televised portions of the trip is that they go in early-Mid December, with departure around the 5th - 10th. They generally stay from a week to 10 days.

This trip, IIRC, was 11 days, because they hit 3 countries (I'm supposing all sponsored by the same ministry they have worked with in the past).

I just wonder how giving they would be if evangelicism (complete with bearing of gifts) wasn't part of their "service."

Not like any of them are going to be members of Doctors Without Borders, but I have doubts that Jim Bob would have anything to do with a secular organization trying to make the lives of the people in those countries a little easier.

That said, even with the limited exposure the kids get of the realities of life in most of Central America, it's good that they can see it, even if their motives are to convert Catholics to their brand of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Michelle actually mothering the 7 children staying behind all by herself - without one single helper. I want video proof that she can do it, cuz I think she's forgotten how.

I was raised by a mom who handled 8 children just fine while dad was at work every day, and she didn't need to turn her oldest daughters into substitute moms in order to do so.

Let's see if she can step up and do the job she keeps getting awards for. (I'm of the belief that if you can't handle that many kids on your own, you should have that many. It drives me crazy how they make the oldest girls help with the child rearing yet act like they are super parents.)

MO4 said...

Well no big surprise that Michelle had to call in help to take care of her own children.Why does she keep having children if she can not even take care of less then half of the ones she already has.

Jim Bob's stomach was so big!!

Anonymous said...

Observations: Jim Bob's combover almost succeeded in escaping what with the humidity and lack of hair spray. Jim Bob sickened me (sorry, but he did) with his willful ignorance of Spanish. I realize not everyone is a linguist but his attention span for words was less than 3 seconds. And then he made a big deal out of it like it was amusing to everyone. Ugh. Yes, flip flops really *are* the most practical thing for an almost vertical climb through extremely rocky paths loaded with venomous snakes and bugs. Jason looked like he wished he could poof himself out of there pronto. (Oh hey, I just-o used a Spanish-o word-o there, Jim Bob.) (edited)

Sharla said...

Suzanne, all your comments will be rejected if you keep sending those requests through.

Angel Renee said...

Interesting that Michelle observed how Amy must be relieved at the end of the day, when her ears are ringing, to go home to her nice quiet room. I doubt her girls understand the idea of quiet.

Reality TV Junkie said...

I thought Jim Bob's "Spanish" was pretty funny. Some comic relief we all need.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Michelle stepped right up to the plate regarding the mothering in the absence of the older girls. Amy came to clean all the bathrooms and Priscilla Keller came to help Michelle, as well. Mary Duggar was there, too. Can't let the laundry pile up. Jim Bob is clueless and Michelle is a joke.

Anonymous said...

"US Duggar girls can do lots of things people think we can't do!"

Uh... maybe, but speaking proper English isn't one of them.

We wish your home schooling program would ramp up it's English curriculum. If you're going to be on tv, it'd be nice if you could string together a literate sentence.

WHY does Mrs. Duggar require help for her own 7 children? Why is she unable to handle 7 kids on her own?

Mr. Duggar proves himself not to be a quick learner. No matter how hard his mentor tried to teach the proper Spanish pronunciation, Mr. Duggar was unable to learn it even mere seconds after hearing it spoken correctly.

Sad on all counts.

ANNA said...

I'm sorry but JimBob is just plain ignorant. Not everyone can speak another language of course but his total disrespect for the people and their language was appalling. He didn't even know what village he was in and I don't think he cared. He tries to play dumb but the problem is, he is dumb. The guide seemed a little peeved at JimBob's lack of respect and flippant attitude. JimBob- get over yourself.

MO4 said...

Yep, Michelle stepped right up to the plate regarding the mothering in the absence of the older girls. Amy came to clean all the bathrooms and Priscilla Keller came to help Michelle, as well. Mary Duggar was there, too. Can't let the laundry pile up. Jim Bob is clueless and Michelle is a joke

I think that Anna was there too.Did anyone else notice that while all of Michelle's helpers were downstairs raking care of her childrem she was upstairs by herself.This episode really made it clear to me that Michelle does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add to my observations: Who feeds their kids a large portion of ice cream and then sends them directly to bed afterwards? No wonder those kids are up all night.

Kitten said...

About that "Us Duggar girls can do lots of things in skirts [and flip-flops] that no one thinks we can do..."

You know, I can jump off a 50-story building in almost ANY outfit, but that doesn't mean it's an intelligent choice.

I'm sure the man in charge provided explicit supply lists (including appropriate clothing and shoes) for this trip before the Duggars left Arkansas. If he didn't, shame on him, and I hope someone investigates the operation of that organization right away. If he did, shame on the Duggars for being so PROUD of their "non-comformity" that they were willing to risk serious injury, which, by the way, would have ruined the mission for which this man had so long and carefully planned. That doesn't scream "servant's heart" to me - it screams "Hey! I'm a Duggar! We're important, and the rules don't apply to us like it does to the rest of you! Nyaah, nyaah, nyaah..."

It appears the Duggars forgot to bring their common sense and humility with them. After all, that man might know just a bit more than they do about conditions in the country and possible health and safety hazards. Ya think???

As for JimBob and Spanish - there are some people who just can't manage any language other than their own, on any level, be it remembering words, or pronouncing them even halfway correctly. But what irritated me was how he made such a show out of doing it as badly as possible deliberately to draw attention to himself. Again, humility much?

Don't even get me started on the wisdom of handing out LOTS of candy to children who are not accustomed to eating it. And if JimBob really was carrying 50 POUNDS of soccer balls, I hope they were all deflated, because otherwise he couldn't have had more than a dozen in his bag.

As for Amy, she's coming over to clean and SHE HAS TO BRING HER OWN SUPPLIES??????? What, nobody went shopping before they left? Doesn't sound like great "planning and organization" to me. That Post-It note must have fallen to the floor (hey, when was the last time we saw that wall of Post-Its?).

All in all? Ick...Ick, ick, ick. The incongruities and inanities of this episode left me just plain annoyed and irritated.

Anonymous said...

This episode disgusted me. Jim Bob really showed his ignorance and his superiority in this episode. To go to another country and giving the people a few gifts and saying that it was the most fun they've had all year really shows how ignorant he is of the world.
I am travelled around many parts of the world, including the poor areas and they have a lot of fun without others gifts. Also, you don't give out candy to people!

When he was yelling out "grande fiesta" seemed to be mocking the residents. I cringed at this.
In regards to the girls only having flip flop. Why didn't they bring any and why didn't their parent make sure they were brought. You can buy lots of nice walking shoes that look good with skirts. But I guess they they may not be at the thrift store.

Anonymous said...

Amy over to clean,Sad. I thought they got it bulk. Also, I thougt Josie was supposed to in a bubble? Why not hire a real cleaning lady to help out? I am not saying Amy didnt do a good job, but Come on.

I think if Michelle is really conconered for Josies health. She would stay somewhere else. She is also thrown around like a doll by the older siblings.

ennvee said...

It appears the Duggars forgot to bring their common sense and humility with them. After all, that man might know just a bit more than they do about conditions in the country and possible health and safety hazards. Ya think???


Amen! I loved what the mission guy said to the girls about sneakers. You'd think they'd be a little concerned after finding scorpions and bats in the bedrooms of an actual building. Jessa's reply was definitely a response to a question fed to her by Producer Sean (who is known to read various message boards/blogs). How else would she know there was chatter "out there" regarding the impractibility of the footwear of Duggar teen girls?

Jim Bob was an embarrassment, yet again. I am glad the mission guy called him out on his inability to string two words together, despite this apparently being their 5th trip (3rd filmed for the show, and yes, I know last year's was home video; the crew was with Michelle). At any rate, I find it the height of disrespect to SOS Ministries and the people that the bit "gringo" can't be bothered to even learn a few phrases that they know will be relevant to the trip.

Those kids were suspiciously clean and well-dressed for being out in the middle of nowhere. I suspect they were planted from elsewhere. Again, soccer balls, hand painting and A Charlie Brown Christmas, performed in English. Tokens, IMO.

I hope next week's episode shows some meaningful work.

Thanks to the poster who pointed out the girl in pink was Priscilla Keller. I couldn't place her and with the Querys on the trip, had no clue who it was.

Anonymous said...

I think the mission work that the Duggars do as a family is absolutely admirable. They actually get out and do what most people just talk about doing. I can't imagine going into remote villages in Central America yet they do it out the kindness of their hearts.

However, I do have a gripe. If this is the 5th year the Duggars have made this mission trip and they have an idea of what it entails how hard would it be to invest in some real shoes for the girls? Flip flops are not the most comfortable or safe pieces of footwear. They have no grip and offer no support on the ankles or the arch of the foot. I can't see hiking, walking, and climbing for hours in them. Even if the girls are fond of them it seems like someone should have mentioned that they really needed to bring a pair of real, closed in toe shoes.


Anonymous said...

Add me to those who cannot understand why the Duggar girls willfully disrespect the organizer of this mission trip by refusing to purchase and wear proper gear, as requested. Do they consider themselves above the rules everyone else is asked to follow? I think they are very prideful, and not in a good way.

I am also disappointed in JimBob for what appears to be willful refusal to learn even some basic words and phrases in Spanish. He thinks it's funny, but it's disrespectful to those people you are "gifting" with your presence and your candy.

How is giving candy and soccer balls of any real benefit? What projects will they help with, that will bring a lasting benefit and improvement to these people's lives?

I also cannot believe how little work Michelle does around that house!!! A whole team of people arrive to do the housework and tend to the children, while Michelle retires upstairs. I have to hand it to her -- she may sound all meek and mild, but that woman is right up there with Kate Gosselin in terms of making others do everything while playing the "it's all for the kids" card.

Cyn said...

I'd like to know why THESE type scenes don't make the TV show, instead we see the parents not doing anything... (I do realize this is from a different episodes, but it is this year)

Why couldn't we have seen more of this on this episode, instead of the helpers with Michelle's voice as an inlay? Or JimBob being stupid with his Spanish... At least the girls can pronounce it correctly.

I wonder if they write the descriptions just to get people commenting on the blogs, then post the "extra's" weeks later on their site. Especially since the serving part seems to be coming on next weeks episode not this one, and we didn't even see Michelle handling anything...

I would have lost my earlier bet though, glad no one took me up on it.

Allison said...

I don't have much to add because I agree with everyone else, but I will add a few observations, and a question:

1) The S.O.S. leader who worked with them seemed SUPER annoyed with both the girls and Jim Bob several times during the mission. I felt bad for him.

2) It seemed like TLC's editing went a little over the top in showing how silly Jim Bob sounded when speaking Spanish. Even if that's true, it doesn't make for good TV. Why couldn't we see more of the actual ministry that was going on?

3) I can't believe how self-righteous Jessa sounded. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. I mean, that's half of what Christianity talks about. Just because you CAN sin doesn't mean you SHOULD, etc. It totally flies in the face of their parents teaching them to "obey" when they ignore explicit instructions from an "elder." I usually love the older girls but that really irritated me.

4) Hardly any time at home with Michelle. Watching Amy clean? Weird. Watching Michelle give the kids sugar and then *complain* about the effects of said sugar? Weird.

5) Dear editors: You don't need to repeat 3 times that "11 of the older children are in Central America while Michelle is at home with the 7 younger kids." Jim Bob, Michelle and Jill *all* said that during the show. We get the premise of the show, no need to repeat yourself.

6) What the heck is Priscilla Keller up to these days? Does she live in Tontitown alone now? Does she live in Florida and just come to "visit"? She went to Indonesia and Chicago with the girls, and now she's here for this episode. What does she do and more importantly, who is she living with?

No Model to me said...

Flip flops to hike in dangerous rocky conditions, Jim Bob's rude and condescending "Spanish", and Michelle's inability to care for seven of her 19 children BY HERSELF were also my pet peeves this episode.

The girls feet could get bitten, not to mention no support and the difficulty for them climbing with no decent shoes. It makes no sense at all that they wouldn't finally get shoes.

Jim Bob... there are no words for his callous ignorance.

And Michelle? You should have stopped having kids about 16 or 17 ago, since clearly you have no idea how to care for your own children without your daughters or an army of helpers.

This family is no model to anyone.

Anonymous said...

I admired the Duggars for years but my love for this family is slipping away especially after episodes like this.

This trip to el salvador was a mockery to missionary work. Unless they edited out the real ministry work, handing out balls and candy and showing an abreviated version of Jesus' birth (in english) doesn't count.

I was equally dissapointed to see the scenes of the Duggar homestead. I was hoping to see Michelle spending time with her little ones, but I didn't see her go anywhere near one of them. Instead she had Anna's sister, her mother in law and her niece come do all the work. I understand Josie needs extra attention, but couldn't one of the helpers stay with her so Michelle could spend time with the other kids?

like I said, very dissapointing.

Tammy C said...

After seeing this episode I think it will be the last time the Duggars are invited back on a trip with SOS.How embarrassing for all.

Wrong shoes for the girls,JimBob and his Spanish.

Anonymous said...

I didn't care for this episode at all.

The mission trip? The fact that the girls were wearing flip flops is really inexcusable. Even the mission leader commented that "they sell them and in North American they are called tennis shoes". I was embarassed for the girls; they didn't even know that they were being reprimanded for their footware. Or if they did, they didn't care at all. Lack of respect for authroity and rules. Plus, who wants filthy feet after a day of hiking when there is minimal water available?

Jim Bob and the Spanish? Maybe learning a second language is hard for him. If that is the case, then don't mock the Spanish language and be so silly about your obvious lack of skill. Very awkward and immature. Kinda like in 8th grade when you take a Spanish class, there are always the kids in the back who goof on the language. Ok, but Jim Bob is not in 8th grade.

The village families did not look happy to see the mission group at all. Why give kids candy? If you only have limited funds for a mission trip, wouldn't you bring books or crayons or paper? Not Tootsie rolls!

I agree, those kids look very clean and fresh after being outside in the heat and dirt for days.

Michelle? That was sad that she needed help. Michelle never needed help before she was so famous, she managed her kids on her own in their tiny little house. I liked Michelle better like that. Why did she give them all that junk food and then stand there and say "oh, it's not good to give kids sugar before bed" An experienced mother wouldn't do that so why did she?

I think Amy invited herself over to be on TV. I highly doubt her cleaning skills were really needed.

I usually like the Duggars and enjoy their shows but this one just seemed to showcase all of their flaws in a 30 minute episode. Even my young kids thought they looked very silly.

Cassandra said...

I agree with the poster who noted Jim Bob's ignorance when commenting that the visit from SOS, the candy and toys would be the highlight of the year for the people of the village.

How pretentious is that! Has it not occurred to Jim Bob that these people, just like his own family, enjoy the love of their own families, the "fellowship" of their fellow villagers, and the lives they have made for themselves, no matter how simple.

I also find it interesting that it's not mentioned during these episodes that SOS ministries is there throwing "grande fiestas" preaching conservative christianity to villages in countries that are predominately Catholic. Just because these people are poor and live remotely doesn't mean that they don't realize that SOS doesn't necessarily represent their values. I have the feeling that the Duggar clan would be shocked if any of the locals chose not to partake in the fiesta for these reasons.

Ignorant, Ignorant, Ignorant!

Anonymous said...

I watched the first three webisodes, and saw Michelle park Jordyn in front of the computer (why does a 2 year old need to sit in front of the computer) and Johanna jumping all over the desk and keyboard where Jordyn was sitting. No reprimands from Michelle.

I see Jackson waving pointed sticks over baby Josie's head. Why are sticks in the house? I see him racing around on some little vehicle. In the house? Why not outside?

Then I did see her "making lunch", but it was two minute Ramen noodles, served with plastic forks in styrofoam bowls.

Michelle acts like it is a huge deal for her to be home with her youngest children by herself, but I don't see her actually playing with them, doing art or projects, or making them a healthy meal. With so few children at home, she could make them something healthy and nutritious. There is basically nothing nutritious at all about Ramen, and they are full of sodium.

Swissmiss said...

Jim Bob's lack of language ability reminds me of the 1950s show "I Love Lucy" with Lucille Ball and her real-life Cuban husband. Lucille was actually more willing to attempt 'proper' Spanish than Jim Bob. Jim Bob was NOT there to make a comedy. There is some type of electronics you can buy that you type in what you want to say, and the gadget will display what you mean in another language. He should either get one (used, of course and save the difference) or just put masking tape over his mouth. I found it very annoying and disrespectful to the native people. He is a visitor to THEIR country.

The girls who insisted upon wearing flip flops were disrepectful to the the who told them in advance what to expect. If one of the girls had twisted an ankle on that rough trail, it would have caused a lot of inconvenience to have gotten them to medical care.

I forgot to read the credits. Did it indicate if anyone paid for their airfare or did the Duggars pay for it out of their own pockets? That would have amounted to a lot of money for all those people. And how about the huge charge for massive amounts of luggage? Would it be cheaper to ship the gifts ahead by ship or something?

Anonymous said...

It is admirable for people to get out and do missionary work. I do, however, hope that there was more than soccer balls and candy delivered. I hope those young people did not travel all that way for that. Hopefully, there was clothes and food, water and other accoutrement.

The village they visited had relatively few inhabitants. For Jim Bob to say that their visit would be the highlight of the year for the Natives was presumptuous, to say the least. His buffoonery with the language for the amusement of his children was in bad taste,

I wonder if the villagers knew what was going on, since the Nativity was done in English. I do also question Jim Bob's judgment with bringing such a large number of his children with him. The resources, water, etc. are probably stretched enough. Maybe next week will show more "Ministry". I certainly hope so, because if that was the extent of their contributions, they would have been better served staying home and donating the expenses, (flights, soccer balls, candy, food and water for the team, etc.), to people in need in and around them in Arkansas.

For the most part, I feel that Jim Bob was just grandstanding and, in my opinion, did not do or bring anything that would alleviate any of the deficiencies of the area.

Molly said...

Jill looks so pretty with her braces off. I am a Duggar fan, but his epi was a little boring for me. And I don't care if they wear skirts hiking, but closed toe shoes, or at least hiking sandals as it appeared that one girl had them on. Yes, you can do a lot in flip flops, but your feet won't like it when you get older.

This is such a loving family and it always makes me heart happy to watch.

DianeD said...

I found it to be very annoying and tiresome to be reminded, after every commercial break, about how Michelle was home with the seven little ones while Jim Bob was away in El Salvador with the older kids. Do they they assume that new viewers are just jumping into the middle of the episode and have no idea what's going on? Or were the constant reminders geared toward those with short-term memory loss?

Anonymous said...

Are the older girls forbidden to wear proper shoes? No sneakers allowed? Wearing flimsy footwear in a country with poisonous spiders and snakes and then climbing a mountain was sadistic.

If it's the girls choice to wear flip flops in those conditions then they are stupid. If the girls are being forced to wear flip flops in those conditions then they are being abused. I was just waiting for one of the girls to cut her foot open on a rock. I would then expect Jim Bob to carry her back down the mountain.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the Amy scenes were entirely scripted. I feel that pretty much all the Amy featured scenes are both scripted and just silly, not a comparison to a 'conventional' young person.

I am normally a big Duggar fan, but did actually feel uncomfortable with Jim Bob's lax attempt at Spanish. I get the feeling that kind of behavior is one of the many reasons why we have the 'dumb American' stereotype. The flip flops fall into that category, too (though I'm sure the girls get just as much flack here in the States).

One quick note about the soccer balls - a quick search revealed that some people who do mission work in that part of the world say soccer balls really are the big thing to bring (and the most requested, I think). And it's easier to get them packed, hauled around and through the aiport if they're all deflated for travel.

Jen said...

Now that they have been "called out"/reprimanded about the footwear (open toed shoes/flip flops) on the trip we shall see what kind of character the Duggars have on what type of shoes they choose to wear next time they go on a trip with S.O.S. Ministeries.

Yes, what kind of shoes they wear next time will definitely show what kind of people they are.

Now, if they already knew they were suppose to bring closed toed shoes and they chose to ignore that direction/rule then that already shows what kind of character they have. The Jessa or Jinger's response on camera might already show what kind of character they have.

Anonymous said...

I am in general a big fan of the Duggars, but YIKES this episode! The flip-flops are the most baffling thing. Why would these girls, who are usually so level-headed and practical, do something so stupid? And act proud about it? I don't get it all. You are going to a third-world tropical country, that includes a rocky hike into unknown wilderness complete with venomous snakes and spiders - and THAT doesn't clue you in to proper footwear? The skirts were stupid for that purpose as well. Those exposed ankles and feet made me shudder. Where was JimBob and Michelle's judgment too? One of them should have insisted on real shoes at least, for their kids. I'm all for letting teens make their own clothing choices, but that is a safety issue I wouldn't have let through. Also, the guide obviously had let them know about the need for the footwear, judging from his irritated comments. It's true that their unwillingness to follow this rule could have compromised the entire group. This seems out of character for these usually thoughtful and practical girls, I just don't get it.

Second, Jimbob made me cringe every time he opened his mouth. "Fiesta" is a word every bit as common as taco or burrito, and we know he doesn't bumble over those words - I just watched a rerun yesterday where he was talking about eating tacos and burritos and he has no problem with those "spanish" words. Then stick on the word "grande" which is pronounced pretty much the same as "grand" in English, and you have "grande fiesta" - not exactly Russian to try to pronounce. The thing that irks is that he is doing it on PURPOSE! Because he thinks he's being funny! JimBob, I love you, but it isn't funny! Just, cringe. Even his daughters were exasperated and embarrassed, and that is saying something.

Now that rant is over, I think the mission trip in general is so awesome. In all fairness, it wasn't JimBob who said the party was the most fun they'd have all year, it was the SOS ministries president. If these people already have food and water, I don't know what other more appropriate things the Duggars could have brought to give to them. As far as Michelle and the seven kids, I'm sure she COULD do it by herself if she needed to, but if she can get help, I think she should take it. It isn't *just* seven children, it's seven children age 8 or 9 and under, one of whom is a one year old preemie with special needs, to be alone with (no husband) for two weeks. It would have been unwise to try to do it by herself. Even if her daughters weren't willing helpers normally, having her husband there, at least in the evenings, would be a very necessary part of managing that number of small children. I'm not begrudging Michelle a helper with those kids for two weeks. And we all know Amy came over to clean because there's cameras. Besides, it's good for her.

Anonymous said...

If I were the SOS director, I wouldn't let the Duggars come back next year unless they came prepared with hiking boots (not sneakers). They can well afford them and if they don't want the boots taking up room in their luggage, they can ship them ahead. They just looked like a pack of fools attempting to do that hike and climb half-equipped.

Jean said...

I don't even understand the purpose of the mission trip. People in dire need are not looking for balls and candy, but medicine, food, water, clothing and other ESSENTIALS to life.

The whole episode looked like nonsense to me. Why would the family pay thousands of dollars to fly down there, hike miles through potentially dangerous terrain (with spiders, snakes and rocks) in flip flops, only to arrive in some unnamed village to deliver balls, candy and a Christmas story in ENGLISH.

What a huge waste! If this is the Duggars' idea of service, I'll pass, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that I grew up a Fundamentalist and still retain some of it today in my life as a mother/wife. My daughters and I wear skirts about 80% of the time.

The flip flops? There is NO EXCUSE for that mess. You can pretty much do anything in a skirt. (I have) The girls were fine hiking in a skirt. If it had been me, I would've worn leggings (for skin/bug safety)under my skirt, socks and appropriate footware for hiking.

That little uppity comment about how "us Duggars" can do this or that was very disrespectful. It was clear that the leader was annoyed a few times with the Duggars.

I liked what a previous poster pointed out. It's not just the safety of the Duggars, it's the safety of the group. If one of those girls had been injured with their 99 cents flip flops, it would've slowed down the entire group, loosing time and time is money. Not to mention, their goal of bringing "help" to these people would be greatly impeded if one in the group was injured and they couldn't arrive to the destination.

I really hope they did more mission work than what was showed. I was really embarassed that they did those silly skits and gave out candy then hugged the children. My husband nailed it right. He said the trip was "patronizing" to the natives of the area.

I think mission work is more than acting out a skit about the birh of Jesus to an already Catholic group of people.

Anonymous said...

Josie went off daytime oxygen and monitoring in the fall. It was mentioned in one of the episodes. Probably it was a few more months when they could stop it at night.

Kitten said...

It would have been unwise to try to do it by herself...normally, having her husband there, at least in the evenings, would be a very necessary part of managing that number of small children. I'm not begrudging Michelle a helper with those kids for two weeks.

If it's too hard to take care of them by herself, perhaps SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE SO MANY????!!!! Michelle, IMO, is no better than Octomom, having babies for the sake of having babies and all the attention that provides, without thinking about the realities of raising them. She somehow managed to take care of that many little children by herself when the older ones were young, and now she can't?

Or perhaps, these children, given the "new money" and the TLC lifestyle (Hey! Let's go on a fabulous all-expenses-paid trip!!), are being "raised" in a very different way - with far less discipline and isolation, and far more social exposure than the older kids were. That actually bodes well for them long term, but it certainly makes them harder to parent, since they are not the quiet, obedient robots their older siblings often seemed to be in the early shows.

Either way, I take the position that "you have 'em, YOU raise 'em."

Anonymous said...

Michelle can't even make a real lunch or use real bowls. She is a rather pathetic excuse for a mother. Goes to show that fertility alone is no predictor for maternal instincts.

MO4 said...

Michelle acts like it is a huge deal for her to be home with her youngest children by herself, but I don't see her actually playing with them, doing art or projects, or making them a healthy meal. With so few children at home, she could make them something healthy and nutritious. There is basically nothing nutritious at all about Ramen, and they are full of sodium.

That is exactly what I thought about the webeisode.Those noodles are all msg.I wont even buy them for myself or my children.I was appalled at her food choice for her young children.She said that it fills their bellies.Well they need their bellies filled with protien,veggies and good carbs with low levels of sodium.They have horrible diets.No wonder Jim Bob has such a big stomach.

maynardsmom said...

I do not watch but follow this blog. Perhaps they could minister better in our country. In my opinion the natives would be better served by the family being able to speak some Spanish. I also believe it is important to respect other cultures and religious beliefs. As usual this is all for the tlc show. Michelle can't watch all the kids? How many of us have raised a houseful without the benefit of help preemie or not? I will be grateful when the multiple families all go away. There is something swarmy about it all. I should not even read the blog but I do need to put my two cents in once in a while. Where will the kids be five or ten years from now?

Anonymous said...

"Where will the kids be five or ten years from now?"


The older males will be ekeing out a low income in their menial labor jobs aka "self-owned businesses".

The older females for whom the Patriarch has not found suitable marriageable mates will still be living at home being their mother's unpaid toadies.

I will be surprised, even TEN yrs from now, that ANY of the Duggar kids have graduated with a Bachelor's degree from ANY accredited college program.

In 10 yrs., Josh will be fatter and even more arrogant as his 'quiver' will have continued to fill over the 10 yr interval. Like his parents before him, he will provide only that teensy tinsy house they currently live in, no matter how many new 'blessings' have arrived in that decade. Anna will begin to look more and more matronly, just like her mother-in-law.

In short, the beat will go on just as it is now. Time (and thinking) do not move on in Duggarville.

Cyn said...

We can obviously tell how horrible their over all diet is by how obese the children are. (Josh doesn't count Anna is feeding him)

The fact that the to go box halves, (they weren't bowls but to go boxes that you can buy in bulk for pennies) had their names on them makes me wonder though if they wash those and then reuse them and aren't throwing out half the trash we thought they were.

She also said they had protein in them so she had to have added something to the liquid, besides the packet they come with (which we ourselves rarely use). The noodles themselves do not have the sodium in them it's in the broth, or the things you add to them. If you cook them in home made broth, or a low sodium broth the issue no longer remains. (any one remember seeing Joy pour nothing but water over them and nuke them and then eat them? No sodium there.)

In the webisode I saw Michelle dealing with making lunch, keeping the little boy from hurting his sister while he "entertained" her. I saw Michelle keeping them entertained and at their spots while they ate, and not wandering around the house eating. All without the help of the older girls.

As for the 2 yr old on the comp, my children started using a computer as soon as they were old enough to sit at one. Most families I personally know have the TV, computers, hand-held games etc. on 24/7 (or at least as long as some one is awake), we see the younger Duggar kids on comps a few min here and a few min there, at most I'm betting it's a 30 min show not unlike the baby Einsteins. (though I would bet they are religious based). While Michelle was down the hall dealing with Josie.

The point was and is people wanted to see Michelle and only Michelle dealing with the children, that one webisode is the only one TLC currently has up with that in mind.

Then when that is shown, we critique her every move, and condemn her for her choice of 1 lunch. No one notices that instead of just letting the child with the sticks continue to play that way, she calmly told him not to do it, and why. We saw her calmly sitting all 6 children under the age of 7 down for lunch. It also stated that the Duggars also eat veggie soup, and grilled cheese.

Jen said...

"She also said they had protein in them so she had to have added something to the liquid, besides the packet they come with (which we ourselves rarely use)."

Michelle doesn't have to add anything to them to make them have protein. Most ramen noddles have protein by themselves I have seen them range from 2 to 5 per serving For example Maruchan Ramen Noodles have 5 grams per half a bag of noddles (two serving per bag = 10 grams protien per bag)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone noticed that one of the bags they took on the trip was a NIKE bag? tee hee

Anonymous said...

Alright. I have to admit, I was not really thrilled with this episode. However, I do think that Michelle DOES raise her own children. In the episode that followed (Duggars rock the Vote), it did show her disciplining Jackson, Johannah and Jennifer. Also, I do agree with the "buddy" system, because my grandparents and great-aunts all used it with their 7 children a piece. My other grandmother had my aunt 11 years after her older sister, and 9 years after my dad, and her crib was put in both of their rooms for them to help with her. I know that my older cousins were always excited to help out with me and my sister( there is quite an age gap between some of us), and we are always excited to help with their children now. Kids also like to help with other kids, and doing so makes them feel older and more grown up. Why do you think girls always play with baby dolls and pretend to play mommy?

As far as Mr. Duggar's Spanish? whew. :P that wasn't good. I think they edited and repeated with the awful voice overs. I think that this season they're mocking the Duggars so much more than other seaons. Was his Spanish awkward, embarrasing and maybe rude? yes. was he doing it for a laugh? most likely. but did they edit it? absolutely.

The flip-flops thing got to me too. they most likely wear them for comfort. I don't think it was the best idea, but whatever. My sister does EVERYTHING in flipflops in the summer. However, Jana's really the only one I've seen in sneakers(not sure which episode) and they didn't mention her in the flip flops part. But I don't think they'll ask the Duggars not to come back because it's good marketing. Remember, they were there for ELEVEN days. We saw about 17 minutes of it. and even some of that was focused on soundman Jim. So they probably edited out the "bad" (read: what good the Duggars are actually doing).
One more point I found amusing: they get motion sickness, but Joseph was reading (the Bible)! Doesn't reading sometimes contribute? I know many people can't read while moving, and occaisionally I get nautious if I read in the car. So unless he's one of the few that does NOT get sick, why is he reading? I thought it was cool that they were singing the Star-Spangled Banner though!

Anonymous said...

Oh, good point about the motion sickness! Why is it that they get nauseous when they merely turn a corner in the US but can go up and down long, winding mountain roads in Central America with nary a loud burp? Very, very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Can't edit something IN, can only edit it out. Jim Bob said that horrible "Gringo" and "Amigo" nonsense. Perhaps they edited out other things he said, but he clearly was calling to the families in the most condescending way, and definitely told the Xmas story in English.

That wasn't edited IN. He actually said all that, and sounded incredibly ignorant as a result.

ennvee said...

The reason the teen girls wore flip-flops is simple; Jinger is now in charge of packing and she learned from her crony, Jessa. I imagine Joy is now in charge of laundry. That any or all of these three (all shown in flip-flops) packed pretty much ALL the baggage was evidenced by the shot of the bags lumped together with their tags showing. The handwriting on the tags was that of a teenage girl. Trust me; I see the handwriting of teenage girls on a daily basis.

What really irks me about this is that ANY large, organized group like this will definitely send a "what to bring" list. If they do not do so and injuries occur as a result, they are open to lawsuits. SOS has been around for a while, so I can infer that they did the right thing; Flip-Flopgate falls squarely on the shoulders of the girls.

It's also worth noting that Michelle had four helpers that we saw: Amy, Priscilla, Grandma and Anna (well hidden in black, but there nonetheless). Priscilla and Grandma likely stayed at the house, so at minimum, Michelle had one adult for almost every two kids.

And for the person who asked about Priscilla: she works in some capacity at the Gothard HQ in Illinois; that's why she was able to act as an "escort: for Jessa and Jinger when they visited Chicago. I'm sure she gets time off to visit family, but she (and Suze for that matter) seem to move around alot more freely (and unescorted to their destinations) than the Duggar daughters.

Anonymous said...

The S.O.S. list says comfortable walking shoes with nothing about enclosed or suitable for hiking in rough terrain. Perhaps they need to be more specific. I'm not defending flip flops but a teenager may construe flip flops as walking shoes.

SaraGirl said...

Don't get me wrong. I love sandals and I wear my crocs as often as possible. That being said, I love to hike and have never worn sandals hiking. 2 hours/3 miles over rough terrain. It's just not safe, they could very easily sprain their ankles (much harder to do in sturdy hiking boots) and the expose their feet and ankles to snake or insect bites (did anyone see that scorpion in the bed sheets?).

Any child in my care would have appropriate hiking shoes (broken in before leaving the states) and would have said shoes on before departing for the hike.

Anonymous said...

As a parent, I would've run over the list and what was packed. I wouldn't leave that totally to teenaged girls, however capable they might be. I'm still the parent and in charge of this trip and it is a long trip to another country.

mythoughtis said...

The older children and Jim Bob have gone on these mission trips for several years, the girls have gone on retreats, etc... which means that at least a few weeks a year, it is up to Michelle. Seems to me that Michelle should be USED to taking car of her children by herself. She has had 22+ years to get used to it.
I would just love for Josh to speak up and say Anna has a child, is pregnant, and needs to be at home resting, not taking care of kids that don't belong to her. ... Mary should take a trip, Amy should be gone doing normal 22 year old things, and Priscilla should be at work.

Does Priscilla actually live in Illinois by herself?

Lisa said...

Regarding the motion sickness and being able to read on the trip while driving, Michelle and the family have said multiple times that they are very prone to motion sickness and that they have ways of taking care of it such as those bands that Michelle wears and she has also said in an interview that they take a version of Dramamine that doesn't make you drowsy before they leave the house so it's safe to say that they took precautions to prevent their motion sickness before getting on the bus for the trip.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think girls always play with baby dolls and pretend to play mommy?

I think if girls choose to play with dolls and pretend to be mommy - fine and dandy. But that's a far cry from putting them in charge of their younger siblings 24/7.

I wasn't a tomboy, but I never played with dolls, nor did I pretend to be a mommy. My sibs and I had a variety of imagination games we played. I was a teacher, a bus driver, a cowgirl, to name a few.

Anyway, my point being that presuming gender roles is something the Duggars do and it saddens me to see the girls' future planned for them automatically: they will marry and have many children. It's cut and dried and leaves little room for individuality. I think the girls must also lack imagination when it comes to their footwear! It's flip-flops all the time.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when the Duggars are shown in a somewhat negative light, it is suggested that TLC is to blame, intimating that they are being mocked?

I am no fan of TLC and their programme choices, but the situation has to exist for the producers to "take advantage".

Michelle did make the children lunch and sit down an tell them a story. Some people think that was praiseworthy. This is something she should be doing all the time. They are her children. She gave birth to them.

For me, it was significant how very far away she was from the table. It is obvious she has bonded with Josie but as for the other little children, she appears to be detached from them.

Why was it necessary to have Anna assist Michelle. Anna has a little girl of her own and she is pregnant.

Also, because little girls play with dolls, it does not mean that they should be given the responsibility of a little human.

Anonymous said...

Three quick points:

1. The girls didn't wear flip flops because that is what was packed. They wore them because that's what teenaged girls wear and they wore them when they shouldn't have because that's what teenagers do. (remember the white house flip flops incident?)

2. If this episode was filmed a short while after Thanksgiving, that might explain what Anna's sister was doing there. I believe Anna and Josh hosted Anna's family for Thanksgiving.

3. You may very well not edit something IN, but it's pretty clear that TLC controls what is LEFT in and can use scenes and voice as they see fit (perhaps and likely also out of context).

CC said...

I don't think Jinger packs for all the older girls, because in an early episode Jessa (then in charge of packing) said she only packed from Joseph on down. Since Jinger now does that jurisdiction, she probably does the same, so I don't think we can blame her for the girls' footwear. They might have brought flip-flops because of the heat or because they don't own tennis shoes. (If they don't run or walk for exercise I don't see why they really need them. Or maybe they didn't find anything good or in their size at thrift stores, which can be inconsistent with their merchandise.)

Anonymous said...

Did Jim Bob not shout "Gringo" and Amigos? I don't know how that was out of context. He clearly sounded like a buffoon, and no editing could make him sound that way. He did it himself.

msrylee said...

I, too, as a parent would have checked the proposed list to make sure everything was correct and included. Which Duggar parent would do this? We know Michelle is far too busy caring for Josie, and JimBob, well, he's JimBob. All the packing for an extended trip to another country is huge, especially for so many people.

The foot-wear probably should end up on the pile soon. It just wasn't appropriate for safety reasons, and because an injury or fall could jeopardize the entire group.

As for Michelle caring for the seven youngest blessings, it is quite clear she has bonded with Josie, and seems detached from the others. Sad, but true. Many moms care for their children all alone, and don't have the resources Michelle does.

Ice cream before bedtime? I can't add more than has been said already.

JimBob acted like a total dufus (sp?) when he was 'trying' to learn one or two words of their language. Not too encouraging for me. Clearly, this episode is rated very very low for me.

Anonymous said...

"As far as Mr. Duggar's Spanish? whew. :P that wasn't good. I think they edited and repeated with the awful voice overs. I think that this season they're mocking the Duggars so much more than other seaons."

IMO, TLC mocking the Duggars would be redundant. To Duggar NONfans, the Duggars do a fine job, all by themselves, of being mockworthy. The Duggars need no help in this regard from TLC.

It would be good to remember that if we believe TLC edits IN, they also edit OUT - with the Duggars' contractual permission, TLC sanitizes and hones the Duggar brand for maximum ratings appeal. We can be sure that the more controversial pieces of Duggarhood are down played or completely edited out by TLC.

"Reality" tv is not reality at all. The Duggars are a brand.

unsure said...

This episode seemed to highlight the mystery of how Michelle was once able to care for a houseful of young children by herself, but now seems unable to cope without her older daughters. Even factoring Josie's needs it just doesn't make sense.

It makes me wonder exactly what went on those early years and if Michelle had more help than she's letting on. She came from a large family and I've observed some large families where a lot of help is given to the young moms. Teenage sisters, nieces and aunts are routinely sent to help out with the expectation that they will receive the same help some day.

In one of the few episodes featuring Michelle's family, one family member made a comment about loving her even though they don't agree with all her choices. Thinking of that comment made me wonder if perhaps they were much more involved in the early years and only pulled back when it became apparent that having a large family was all about numbers to her and that she had no intention of stopping whether she could manage them on her own or not. That could have been the point where the older girls started to take over the household duties.

Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who expects Jim Bob Duggar to monitor what the kids think is appropriate footwear hasn't been watching the show long enough. Speaking of enough, enough about the Ramen noodles. We all know that college kids practically live on them. As a matter of fact there are actual Ramen Noodle Cookbooks available. Sometimes even I have to give Michelle a pass. The woman is becoming Kate Gosselin in that she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

My guess is that Anna was at the Duggars to keep her sister company. Nothing was said about how long the two gals stayed. Perhaps they spent part of a day, then skedaddled to give their ringing ears a rest.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Jimb Bob was acting like a dufus":

I don't think Jim Bob was ACTING. If it walks like a dufus and quacks like a dufus, it's probably a dufus.

The Duggars are not exactly a brain trust.

Anonymous said...

College kids live on Ramen because they are poor and have no time, usually no place to cook (lots of them use a crockpot type thing in their rooms) and little access to grocery stores.

Michelle has not one, but two kitchens, ample cooking space, counters, and more than enough money AND time (she always has multiple helpers). She *could* prepare a nutritious meal for her children, even if it were only turkey sandwiches and apple slices.

If she actually makes more healthy meals (which we don't see, even her squirrel dumplings LOL!), it sure would have been better to show that on national tv, rather than Ramen in the styro. Just sayin'.

JaxMom said...

So, in general I have a problem with the whole concept of missions trips to "poor" countries. Let's bring them candy and toys so that they love Jesus. I have no problem with the soccer balls (which should have been deflated)...but couldn't they bring medicines, cooking supplies, etc.?

If doing mission work to SOuth America is so important to the Duggars as it seems to be, then why aren't the kids studying Spanish? Rosetta Stone is just one of many good programs out there.

ennvee said...

They've shown Joy using Rosetta Stone. Why couldn't Jim Bob get on a computer and practice himself? All he seems to do these days is "busy work." His second and third sons (and apparently Josiah to a certain extent) are doing the work Jim Bob USED to do.

Anna's sister was shown wrangling kids at bedtime. That's far beyond what anyone "visiting her sister" should be expected to do. Why would Anna and Priscilla be there at bedtime in the first place (and not Josh) if not to assist Michelle?

What the Duggars claim to do and what they actually do are so disingenuous that it boggles the mind. "Limited help" is defined VERY loosely. If you can't take care of them on your own, like 99% of the women in America, don't have more! Especially when some of the "buddies" appear to be over it.

Jenny said...

It was memtioned on the duggar family blog that Jill has been studying spanish in depth and teaching Jennifer,who is only three,spanish because of the many mission trips they attend I'm guessing.

Lisa said...

The soccer balls were deflated. They mentioned this one of the first times they were filmed going to El Salvador. They realized that they could bring many more balls this way so they brought a pump to reinflate them later on once they were in El Salvador.

Allison said...

why aren't the kids studying Spanish


I remember in a TLC interview that Jill was studying Spanish independently now that she's "graduated" from high school. She also seemed to have a pretty good grasp at pronouncing some of the Spanish words.

I think it's just the parents that can't speak it and think it's funny when they do a bad job.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I can't give Michelle a pass for serving Top Ramen because supposedly she had 7 of her 19 children to care for "all by herself," except she wasn't by herself at all, and didn't have to really do much work either. Four adults had to come in to replace the sister moms who were away on the mission trip.

That's the truth of the matter right there.

Those who say those older girls "just help out" -- no, they do the bulk of the work and when they are gone, reinforcements must be brought in because Michelle can't or won't do the work necessary to run the home and care for her younger children.

Making a nutritious meal for your children need not be time consuming nor hard. As a busy mom who works full time, I've developed any number of ways to put a good meal on the table both inexpensively and quickly. Crock pot anyone? Making lunches - sliced deli meat, fresh tomato slices, pickles, a slice of cheese on some whole wheat bread - super quick, and much more nutritious than Top Ramen.

The Duggars are far from poor, but you would never know it by the way they feed those kids.

Anonymous said...

My 8 yr old daughter was really excited to watch this show. She was born in Guatemala. I was also excited so that she could "see" part of the country and we could have a discussion about the countryside. I was apalled how Jim Bob used his "spanish speaking" skills. The Mayan people may not understand English but they do understand when they are being talked down to. It was very evident in the body language of these wonderful people. Even my daughter spoke of how he was talking. He came off as screaming. These people may not have much in a material sense but they do in a religious and family sense. I am disappointed that it was not shown on tv. Luckily, in he end, my daughter did see how beautiful the area was and also of the Mayan people. She is proud to say she was born in Guatemala.

Cyn said...

Just for clarification:

The ramen noodle webisode, was from the voting episode. In fact it was the same day the rest of the Duggar crew were out holding vote now signs. You know the day Josh drove around handing out fast food to the different groups?

Other than the sodium, exactly what is NOT nutritious about the noodles? Especially since we already know they eat those small amounts of food about every 2-3 hours? We also know that at other times they have the fruits, and the veggies...

I seem to remember my pediatrician telling me that as long as during a 24 hour period they got most of what they needed they would be fine. On days we didn't get all the right things down the kids he told us to give them children's chewable vitamins. If one meal was only starches (mac & cheese any one?), the snack needed to be a fruit, and dinner needed some type of protein.

And again I would like to point out that while the rest of America seems to be having an obesity epidemic among children, all of the Duggar children living at home are not even over weight, much less obese. And other than Josie they seem to have no more than common health issues here and there (colds, flu, etc).

Anonymous said...

I know poor people who feed their families with more dignity and health consciousness than the Duggars. I think the Duggars are just plain lazy. It really isn't hard to make a sandwich for your children.

Anonymous said...

I am the one who made the baby dolls comment: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that ALL girls did that. Haha , goodness knows, I didn't all the time. Mostly I played with trucks and legos. In one of the episodes, one of the Older daughters mentioned that they liked babysitting and helping with the little ones because it was like a live baby doll..
As far as the motion sickness, it's very possible that they did take the motion sickness medicine, but usually they make a big deal out of taking it or suffering the effects of not having taken it. I was just surprised, is all.

In regard to the flip flops, the girls, even if the packing was supervised, (at this point, if they need their parents to supervise/review the packing list at 17 to 21, then they are in serious trouble), probably made the choice to bring the flip flops. I'm not saying what they did was right or wrong, but I know that my sister will wear flip flops unless forced to wear anything else.

I also highly doubt that they brought more than one or two 50 lb bags of candy/deflated soccer balls. That's highly unlikely that they had that much. but that's what TLC showed.
Editing in: yes, you can. and you can add a voiceover to the video in a simple windows program. I did this in middle school. You can splice videos too, and add extra sounds. they have multiple editors so it's pretty likely that they added the shouts of "Grande Fiesta!" to the whole mountain/echoing.

Have any of them considered sitting Jim Bob DOWN and TEACHING HIM THE SPANISH ALPHABET??? there are several added letters (CH, LL, RR, N) and they are all different sounds. A sounds like ah, E sounds like AY, which is where he ran into the Fiesta/fiasta pronunciation problemo.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned that the Duggar kids aren't overweight. I think this is more because there don't seem to be any second helpings left over and the portion size seems to be small. Look how Josh blimped up once he wasn't restricted to just the quantity his sisters cooked for dinner that night. (Actually Jim Bob is probably scarfing down any extra helpings left at meal time is his right as patriarch, of course.)

Between the canned soups added to casseroles, the processed cheese and the ramen noodles, I'd love to see the sodium levels the consume.

ennvee said...

Don't forget, Jana is a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. She was a little heavy in their very first special.

As far as none of the kids being overweight, no kid I know would be overweight if they were allowed to run around like wild banshees all day, or if you did heavy manual labor (JD, Joseph and now Josiah), and lastly, had to cook, clean for 20-ish people and raise all the kids 12 and under.

As for the ramen, the noodles are fried in palm oil. The sodium in one of those packets is about the equivalent for a person eating a 2000 calorie/day diet.

Just because they are healthy now doesn't preclude them from having health issues in the future due to their rather poor diet. Look at Josh and his father for proof. Once the physical labor ceases, they both pack on the lbs. quite easily.

It still baffles me that they almost defiantly refuse to keep a garden. They RENTED space to that one man a couple of years ago, but we haven't seen hide nor hair of him or any semblance of a garden since.

ennvee said...

Correction: Ramen has about HALF the sodium recommended for an entire day (830 mg. vs. 1500 mg/day).

The old recommendation of 2200 mg. of sodium was lowered a few years ago. 1500 mg. of sodium is the equivalent of a tsp. of salt. Speaking of which, one of the boys salted a tomato. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Have any of them considered sitting Jim Bob DOWN and TEACHING HIM THE SPANISH ALPHABET??? there are several added letters (CH, LL, RR, N) and they are all different sounds. A sounds like ah, E sounds like AY, which is where he ran into the Fiesta/fiasta pronunciation problemo.

If any of his family members or friends considered it, it hasn't been shown once on the TV show. My guess is he'd joke his way through it and not learn much of anything.

I'm in JimBob's age range, and so I can understand that learning a new language later in life is not easy. However, there is such a thing as planning ahead. Write down several commonly used phrases that you wish to say in (pick your language). Write it down phonetically if you wish. On an index card or three, that will easily fit in your pants pocket.
(Of course, put the English translation next to each phrase.)

Then when you are trying to communicate with people who speak that language, refer to your cheat card. It won't offend them - in fact, they'll appreciate the genuine effort.

JimBob could make an effort but he chooses not to. He thinks he's amusing, but he comes off as a buffoon.

I'd also like to point out that there is an app that you can put on the newer cell phones, that will translate for you! (However, this might not be practical in other countries where cell phone service is sketchy.)

The point is - if you supposedly really care about the people you are coming to visit, you'd make an effort to learn five to ten common phrases, plus any number of commonly used words (hello, how are you, what is your name, my name is ________, how old are you (to a child), do you like soccer), and carry an English to ________ dictionary with you to help communicate. Instead, JimBob apparently thinks hollering out "gringo" and "fiesta grande" is appropriate and not offensive in the least. Shame on him. He is old enough to know better.

me, just me said...

Agreed. Jim Bob is absolutely disrespectful. If they want to Witness by example, the very least he can do is take the time to learn how to communicate with the people they're working with. The younger boys would've been cute saying things like "fiesta grande" but Jim Bob is just too OLD for that.

Ministering to people is sensitive and you're just making your people look uneducated and unreliable if you walk around like that.

awesome folks said...

Jim Bob's spanish is about as funny to a hispanic person, as a fake southern accent is to someone from Arkansas! It is insulting to the people he went there to help. He needs to think about how he sounds to them. It sounds as if he is making fun of their language.

I was hoping to see Michelle take care of her own 7 children too. I believe Jana has done it alone and so has Jill.

I love these people, admire their faith, but resent the way they expect their older daughters to live their parent's lives. They do all the cooking, cleaning, and homeschool supervising. Jim Bob and Michelle have babies and pass them off to the older girls. God gave the babies to Michelle and Jim Bob, not Jana, Jill, Jinger, and Jessa!

A parent is a success when their adult children have successful lives of their own. These girls do not have a chance at a successsful life, until they stop living their parent's lives.

care4urown said...

I found it quite curious that Jill became so quickly attached to another native girl, so that she was hanging on to the girl's hand all day, and seen crying in next week's episode when she has to leave her.

Also, I was pretty annoyed at the camera operator who paused for a moment to get a good shot at Amy's chest! Totally uncalled for, and disturbing!

msrylee said...

Which parent would have checked the required list items for the family? Michelle is totally engrossed with Josie's care, and JimBob, well, is JimBob.

The footwear issue is heading for the pile IMO. It was unsafe for the wearers, and also put the whole group in jeopardy, should there have been an injury, fall or bite.

I would also have liked to see Michelle take care of her blessings. Many mothers raise children totally on their own, and don't have the resources Michelle has. I think it reveals just how much the sister-mommies do in that family.

As for the ice-cream/sugar eaten before bedtime, it's all been said.

I think it was disrepectful of JimBob to make light of the language. If they travelled to another country to minister to the people, they all should have been able to speak at least a few words/phrases properly. The Nativity play was performed in English, and how was that supposed to teach the people about God?

This episode was very very low on my rating scale. I fast-forwarded through most of it. The producers really need to develop new ideas, or IMHO this show is headed to the pile.

Anonymous said...

Peoples' comments are spot on in regards to this episode.

JimBob mangling the language and thinking it was funny was so patronizing and disrespectful towards those poor people. They may not have much, but they have their dignity. No wonder none of them looked thrilled to accept JimBob's "generosity". They're human beings, not a bunch of charity cases.

And why on Earth won't the girls wear sneakers? Wearing flip flops while trekking through a jungle is just plain stupidity. You should always have your lower legs protected anytime you risk being bitten by poisonous snakes and insects.

There was no big surprise that Michelle couldn't manage her own children. I thought it was pretty funny that a bunch of toddlers helped clean but their mother couldn't lift a finger. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies go to the poor village folk upon whom the whole Duggar circus (with TLC cameras rolling) were thrust.

At least we have the option of switching channels to get away from these clueless Arkansaw family. The village inhabitants had no option but to let themselves be exploited on camera so that the Duggars could be seen as witnessing and philanthropic and TLC could get another episode in the can.

And all the village folk got in return was the story of Jesus in English, some soccer balls, and some candy.

Too bad TLC did not pay each individual in the entire village the same amount of $ the Duggars get for appearing in the episode.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here ever read Michener's "Hawaii"?

This Duggar episode reminded me of that book.

I'm guessing the Duggar home school curriculum does not include such blasphemous books as "Hawaii". That's a shame, because, though Jim Bob and Michelle are beyond hope, perhaps if the kids were exposed to differing viewpoints like Michener's book, they might be better prepared to actually contribute to the world at large rather than merely show their cultural ignorance and lack of respect.

Jean said...

Seriously, add the cost of 12 airline tickets to central America, plus travel to and from the airport and mission, the cost of balls, candy, hotels, meals, etc. Imagine if that amount of money had been donated to the villagers, in lieu of this ridiculous one day taped Duggar-"service fest".

The indigenous people would certainly have gotten much more out of a direct donation than exploitation on camera. There are so many things that poor people like that, not the least of which is safe water, food, clothing and medicine.

Can you only imagine how much money was spent taking this ridiculous trip, and how many MORE people could have benefited with money and necessary goods, rather than Spanglish and candy?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that money could have benefitted the village but then they never would have heard that fabulous Christmas English. How do the Duggars justify this? Do they really think they are doing "good" there? I'm guessing in the next episode, we will get a voice over that the girl who is hanging onto Jill has decided to become a Christian.

Allison said...

Although I'm totally on board with comments about Jim Bob's "spanglish" and the girls flip-flops, I do want to point out that it was probably not the Duggars decision to bring candy and soccer balls. Those items were probably requested or provided by SOS Ministries, and we have no idea if those were the only things that were brought. I think the SOS Ministries would not have completely left it up to their volunteers to bring items. Perhaps the Querys or other volunteers were in charge of gathering other items?

They did say that part of the trip was to have a Christmas party, and candy is certainly reasonable for a part. Also, many many countries have soccer as the national sport. It's huge in many parts of the world. Soccer balls are probably really well received by the kids. Hopefully those weren't the *only* things they took, but the items themselves aren't terrible.

UGH! said...

“WORK”? Being your own boss doesn’t mean you don’t have to work. So I ask again… does Jim Bob EVER work?????

“MISSION”? WHAT MISSION???? They went all the way over there on charitable donations just to give junk gifts and tell the story of Jesus’ birth (in English). Build a school or a hospital, dig a well, HELP! All the money their church invested in this travel could have been spent PAYING LOCALS to help DO SOMETHING. What a waste disguised as charity. Not to mention all the help that is also needed in the USA, too, where they don’t dare expose their kids to “outsiders”. Result? They help no one.

“LUGGAGE”? FORTY-SIX bags and not ONE containing walking shoes? Teach your kids RESPECT by packing MINIMALLY when going to impoverished regions and adhering to SAFETY RULES of the GROUP.

“MICHELLE’S HELP”? 3 extra adults for 7 kids? Puh-lease. Either Michelle’s finally overwhelmed or or the girls showed up for a TLC check only. And what’s with the bod-shot of Amy? NIKE!!!

“JOSH’S WEIGHT”? Cyn: Anna is not “feeding Josh”. JOSH feeds himself by choosing to eat what Anna makes, which is probably far less at fault for the gain than the “newfound” availability and variety of food from leaving the nest, much like the Freshman Fifteen. BTW, ramen noodles are fried and greasy – with or without the broth. I don’t care that they ate them, but they’re as unhealthy as a much of their diet. There are other symptoms of being unfit and/or unhealthy than being obese. Skinny, pale, bloodshot and dark undereye circles in children are but a few, and they all show them. Not saying they’re starved or neglected, but their diet is no better than the McD’s down the street, like many families. Sorry.

“PAPER PLATES”? Not only do they use paper and styrofoam (why??) plates a lot, but there doesn’t seem to be ANY recycling in that house. Why? It’s just putting it in one trash can instead of another.

Cyn said...

The Duggars take more than candy and bad language to these different countries. And they do much more than was shown on this one 20 min show (half of which was Amy cleaning the bathrooms).

That truck load of duffel bags were full of more than deflated soccer balls (which the kids actually want), and candy (again which I'm quite sure the kids liked). In several clips you could see where it was more than just the Duggars going, and they were carrying more than the toys and items for the children.

If TLC filmed every daylight minute they were there (almost 2 weeks) and cut it up into 30 minute segments it would take them over a year to show all they did or did not do. Why are we assuming that since it didn't show in this ONE episode, that they did nothing but pass out useless candy and soccer balls, and do a play in English? Haven't we learned yet that TLC doesn't show everything? TLC only shows what is going to cause the most drama on the blogs OR they think will bring in the most ratings.

Last year (when TLC didn't do the filming) amazing how we saw them cleaning out the mud from the mud slides, saw them rebuilding the huts, doing the plays, passing out toys and candy, and all kinds of other things... This year in the first episode we saw nothing but JimBob being stupid and the producer commenting on the flip flops and then asking the Director about them as well... (and look it worked; out of 98 comments so far on this one episode 2/3rds were on the flip flops and how stupid, dangerous, and inconsiderate that was, and in those same comments JimBob's lack of language skills)

Notice I didn't disagree with the stupidity of JimBob, or the flip flops... My only point is TLC is showing what they know will cause the drama and the blogs to go batty. YES the Duggars did the things that were aired, but it's not ALL they did. But if you want the biggest audience, you don't show how they are actually HELPING people you show how dingy this family can be. (doubt what I'm saying go back through the last few years of these trips, this one has gotten the most comments, and mostly over the stupid things.

Kitten said...

Cost is $600 + airfare. So 12x600 = $7200. (If they stayed longer than one week, it's an extra $300 per person.) Airfare looks to run anywhere from $700-1500 each. Let's say $800, so 8x12 = $9600 minimum.

The suitcases? I'll give 'em that one. SOS specifically says to bring 2 checked bags each, but only 1/2 of one should have your personal stuff; the rest should be filled with your contributions (Bibles, toys, etc.) But let's add those new checked bag fees at 12x25 (1st bag free) = $600.

So, almost $18,000 for a Christmas party.

Jean said...

I tend to agree that editing is not working in the Duggars' favor at the moment, and that TLC seems to be banking on negative publicity vs. none at all (why Jim Bob does not realize how the family is not encouraging to much of anyone anymore, and has become a mockery, is another story).

But the girls DID wear flip flops to hike through snakes, spiders and rocks UP hill. It was part of what they did, so surely we could not miss this. Since Jim Bob already butchered the language last year, it was probably important to see how little he cared about another language to have not learned another word in a full year (and to sound just as inane).

I actually hope the kids did some real service while there. It sure looks to me that these missions try to convert people who are already believers, and to bring them things they don't really need.

I still think a donation for real needs would be a heck of a lot more meaningful than 25 people and a film crew showing up with balls and candy.

Anonymous said...

Why did the camera focus so heavily on Amy, starting with her chest and working its way down, including all the NIKE areas?

I thought it was really inappropriate!

Anonymous said...


Then why aren't viewers shown the Duggars giving more than soccer balls and candy, or presenting a religious story entirely in English to a non-English speaking group?

Why not show some of the more helpful ministry? What other items did they bring that were of more actual lasting use? How do you know they had such items in their bags? (I don't watch the show anymore and only see brief clips/read about the episodes here).

It seems to me that if this show is supposed to be inspirational, and if JimBob really does have some real say in what is presented - then I find it very odd the parts that make it on air vs. the parts that supposedly happen but we just don't see.

Theresa said...

I'd love to know why exactly the Duggars are doing this mission work, and spreading Christianity in areas that are predominately Catholic. Catholics are Christians. Why are they showing the Nativity story to Catholics??

Also, they are spending boatloads of money to travel. Aren't there causes in the states that could use their help?

Cyn said...

Cost is $600 + airfare. So 12x600 = $7200. (If they stayed longer than one week, it's an extra $300 per person.) Airfare looks to run anywhere from $700-1500 each. Let's say $800, so 8x12 = $9600 minimum.

I wonder that if buying in bulk, and buying on the cheap sites makes this a lot cheaper than that figure? (price line and the rest, or by buying them months in advance, they do know that they will be going yearly and months in advance they have the dates)

Christmas party was 1 day out of 11...

Anonymous said...

First of all, as most posters pointed out, these people are predominantly "Catholic". Catholics are Christian. I am at a loss as to what exactly Jim Bob and his children were bringing to the Natives.

I do know people who go to "third" world countries. There are times when they risk their lives but They bring essentials goods and go about it very quietly. There are no cameras, no crew that has to be accommodated and no "big" deal. They give without any fanfair, no publicity. To me that is truly "Ministering".

If this episode was supposed to impress people with the largess of the Duggars, it failed miserably.
Maybe Monday's episode will be more enlightening. I certainly hope so.

I also can't understand why people give Michelle a "pass" because so much of her focus is on Josie. Josie doesn't need the care and attention she required several months ago. Surely, Michelle could handle the younger children. She seems to go to her room with Josie and let everyone else do all the other essential work. I think she quite liked it when she was alone with josie and everyone else was at home.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched this show in months... shut off our cable so my own son doesn't grow up thinking he needs constant electronic stimulation... but it sure sounds like the Duggars suffer from the same problems many fundamentalists to that all stems from their inaccurate and selfish interpretation of the Bible. I'd like to know if Jim Bob or Michelle or any of the kids for that matter have any actual understanding of the Bible apart from the verses that they can mold to excuse their own actions. I haven't seen humility from any Duggar over maybe sixteen years old in quite awhile. They are getting swollen with the attention they get from the show and it's showing, the children have no respect for anyone different from themselves--- shown by all these comments I read about them ignoring requests to wear proper foot wear and it all stems from their parents having no respect for anyone. There are plenty of respectful, kind and generous children growing up without "traditional" discipline, so that's not an excuse for behavior--- my son is not put in time out, not berated or belittled and certainly never hit but he is actually shown respect and modeled humility and genuine caring. The Duggars need a Bible Study that they aren't not creating themselves to bring them back to the heart of being Christian and doing good in the world. There is no reason for a mother with that many children to not be able to manage seven of them by herself and feed them healthy meals--- simply feeding them well and having some sort of structure (not militant mind you) would probably ease the apparent hyperactivity of several of the younger children. Poor nutrition leads to sleep problems, leads to behavioral problems, learning difficulties, chronic health issues... I'm sick imagining what's going to happen with Josie's health once she begins to eat the Duggar diet of processed foods slapped on chemical leaching plastic. They talk often about being "green" and saving money... yet they have some of most expensive habits there are: eating trash and making trash. Surely that many children can help keep real dishes clean, surely even the younger ones can help maintain a family garden. They need to reallocate the money they waste on plastics and paper into the proper foot wear fund. It's really sad that this family has become so self-righteous when they could really do some good. Now, I don't believe in religious fundamentalism, but to each their own, the Duggars started out humbly... sure a bit different, but they seemed to at least respect themselves and were interested in helping others without requiring something in return.

Cyn said...

Then why aren't viewers shown the Duggars giving more (snipped 4 space)

If they are as Catholic as people keep saying they are they know the story; in English or not. As to why more isn't shown ask TLC that, I saw them last year bring that many bags filled with clothing they gathered at the 2nd hand store, we never saw those being passed out either, but what we did see was all the physical labor and the Duggars passing out brand new toys; the kids did the filming.

The two years TLC has done the filming all we see is how stupid JimBob can be mangling the Spanish language. *First year and this year*

Why not show some of the more helpful ministry? What other items did they bring that were of more actual lasting use? How do you know they had such items in their bags? <<< The tags (on some of the army bags) showed clothes, that we haven't seen passed out yet. (and may not see)

It seems to me that if this show is supposed to be inspirational, (that's what the DUGGARS wanted it to be TLC never claimed that's what they wanted it to be) and if JimBob really does have some real say in what is presented - then I find it very odd the parts that make it on air vs. the parts that supposedly happen but we just don't see. <<<< Personally past the first few specials I haven't seen ANY Duggar name in the credits (except the two shows where they did the filming) which tells me personally the Duggars do NOT have much if any say as to what does and does not air. (other than they can't edit OUT their faith)

You asked for MY opinion, and what I posted is just that MY personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've heard any of the Duggars say that the purpose of *this* mission trip was to spread Christian beliefs necessarily. In fact we hear about the servant's heart more than anything else on the show. This was one episode, another one featuring the same trip is on next week. Perhaps more of the serving will be seen then, as with the past trips.

I've also never heard the Duggars say the overall purpose of the series was to be inspirational. I've always thought the show was a glorified string of home movies and nothing more. What they do say is that they do things that work for them, that they are not perfect and that what they do isn't for everyone. Despite what I think is the prevailing attitude expressed by the majority of comments on this blog overall, I have never felt the Duggars were out to prove how much better they are than anyone else.

Mary Tavarez said...

Hello. I wanted to comment on the episode where the Duggars go to Guatemala. My husband is from Guatemala and his family still lives there. We visit at least twice a year and have seen other missionaries come in the same way that the Duggars come. The people there do appreciate these gifts. They are a loving people who are very heart centered and accepting. I am pretty sure they looked past Jimbob's inability to speak correct Spanish. The only thing, according to my husband's family that is difficult to accept are the teachings these missionaries bring with the gifts. They did not show this on camera but the people in these villages and cities are usually approached heavy handed with conversion techniques. My husband explained to me when we finished watching the show the other night that they take each child one by one to ask them to repent and convert them. The problem is that they are Catholic or they are traditional with their beliefs in God and Goddesses. OR they mix Catholicism with the traditional. It can be confusing but not to them, as this is their way.
My husband for many years was subject to some heavy handed missionaries who wanted to convert them and that he feels it insults his intelligence and religion.

He also stated that he was astounded by the Duggar girl's arrogance in not protecting their legs and feet. They do have very poisonous spiders and snakes and he told me that if one of those children had a snake leap out and bite their feet or leg, which happens often, they would not have made it back alive for medical care. Many locals, he said, have died because of this.

Anonymous said...

International airfare is expensive and I don't think you can buy bulk (tickets) and save the difference. The only way they could save is if they flew charter and not commercial. And that would still be expensive.

Jessica said...

They should have stayed home and given the money for the tickets to a charity like Heifer International.

Anonymous said...

"The only thing, according to my husband's family that is difficult to accept are the teachings these missionaries bring with the gifts ... the people in these villages and cities are usually approached heavy handed with conversion techniques. My husband explained to me when we finished watching the show the other night that they take each child one by one to ask them to repent and convert them. My husband for many years was subject to some heavy handed missionaries who wanted to convert them and that he feels it insults his intelligence and religion."


Whatever good intentions the missionaries (including the Duggars) have are greatly outweighed by the absolute arrogance of taking each child aside, asking them to repent and then convert to whatever brand of religion the missionaries happen to be selling.

It is this kind of blind and insensitive zealousness that turns many of the rest of us completely off.

I'd think more of the Duggars if they did not allow their 'good works' to be used for TLC's profit.

Anonymous said...


Well, actually, yes you can.

1.If at least 10 people are traveling, they will qualify for a group discount.

2. SOS may have discounts in place with certain airline carriers because of the volume of business that they do.

3. They could use consolidator tickets -tickets purchased in "bulk" by a travel agency at a discount and then sold to the travelers at a price much lower than published air fare.

Also, on several airlines at least, each passenger is allowed two free bags to Guatemaula not just one.

Anonymous said...

"I've also never heard the Duggars say the overall purpose of the series was to be inspirational."

They've said several times that their purpose in being on reality TV is to lead others to Christ and to encourage others. They've said this in their book and in numerous interviews and speeches. Michelle said the same thing during her CPAC speech, which you can view here:

Her comment addressing the purpose for the show is around the 30 minute mark.

"I found it quite curious that Jill became so quickly attached to another native girl, so that she was hanging on to the girl's hand all day, and seen crying in next week's episode when she has to leave her."

In one episode, she was holding hands with Anna's sister pretty much throughout the entire episode, so I think she's just a really affectionate person. She's always come across as more sensitive than her siblings, too. She seems like a nice kid.

Anonymous said...

"International airfare is expensive and I don't think you can buy bulk (tickets) and save the difference. The only way they could save is if they flew charter and not commercial. And that would still be expensive."

In an recent interview, they said that TLC will sometimes pay airfare if they're going to film them at their destination, so I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case with this.

ennvee said...

Jim Bob said early on (maybe one of the early Q&A's in an early special) that they only allowed themselves to be filmed on the condition their faith not be edited out. That's almost a direct quote.

As for this:

wonder that if buying in bulk, and buying on the cheap sites makes this a lot cheaper than that figure? (price line and the rest, or by buying them months in advance, they do know that they will be going yearly and months in advance they have the dates)


I saw a link (earlier on this thread or elsewhere) that the majority of the supplies were donated from other sources and given to the Duggars to deliver. It might have been the SOS site itself. Bottom line, the Duggars paid for their airfare and certainly a portion of the donated items (as I previously said, hopefully more practical items than soccer balls and candy on the next two episodes).

Mary Tavarez, thanks for your post. It's very helpful to us gringos to have first hand perspective about how life is in Guatemala as well as how the missionaries operate. I would imagine since the literacy rates are so low, they have to talk to the children or give them very simple books (or electronic bibles, as we saw in the first TLC-taped trip).

I'm curious if this tactic works; after the missionaries leave, do converts leave with them as "saved" Christians, become angry that gringos try to presume they know better, or something in between?

Kitten said...

I don't think I've heard any of the Duggars say that the purpose of *this* mission trip was to spread Christian beliefs necessarily.

Go to the SOS Ministries site and read their own descriptions of what they do. It is unabashed Christian evangelism. In Asia and Africa, they specifically target "Muslim" cities for their operations. Read the "Alex Lara" story - that was Christian evangelism in the US of international students, using the Bible in ESL classes. I'm still not sure how they got away with that in a university setting - and I don't think they are, either. They almost seem to be bragging about putting one over on the school.

I wonder that if buying in bulk, and buying on the cheap sites makes this a lot cheaper than that figure? (price line and the rest, or by buying them months in advance, they do know that they will be going yearly and months in advance they have the dates)

I deliberately checked airfare pricing using Orbitz and dates for December of this year, assuming that would give me the cheapest options. I also chose a number at the lower end of the price range, to be as realistic as possible.

Of course, TLC picked up the cost of the Duggars' travel, but these expenses represent what anyone would be paying to participate in one of these mission trips.

Christmas party was 1 day out of 11...

Yes, it was. But a "Christmas party" is one of the specific events SOS ministries presents as one of their mission trip options, so I assume that it was the primary purpose of this trip. And when you add in the travel time to get to/from the village where it occurred, it is likely that this was the main event of this particular trip.

Anonymous said...

Inspirational and encouragement are NOT the same thing. Yes, they've said they want to encourage in many spheres, but saying they are doing the show to inspire is not the same.

mitzimoo said...

Inspirational and encouragement are NOT the same thing. Yes, they've said they want to encourage in many spheres, but saying they are doing the show to inspire is not the same.


The Duggars are doing this show for both purposes. We have seen some of their fans say that the family has been "an inspiration" to the fan. Don't forget, these people have publicists who frame their talking points these days.

Their show is ultimately a white-washed version of their true beliefs; the show lures in a lot of decent people who have no idea the depth of the Duggars' true world view.

If the literacy rate in these countries was higher, I'd expect religious tracts to be included on the business end of the lollipops and soccerballs the kids received.

Anonymous said...

I think they mentioned they get more from these excursions than they give. I don't see anything wrong with soccer balls and candy. It is fun for the children to have these special things especially at Christmas. They also stated some other items they take such as towels. Can't remember what else. The native children looked confused and bored at the play. Wonder if we sat ol' Jim Bob down and presented a play in some foreign language, without an interpreter, would he be as gracious?

I think the girls are arrogant and prideful about their foot ware and the danger it brings to the entire group. Hmmm, wonder where they get that? The kids seemed concerned about the sound man carrying his equipment up the hill, but didn't see anyone volunteering to lighten his load.

It was interesting they mentioned about no running water at the mission, but we didn't get the reactions of those usually vain girls. Seems they got their makeup on and their hair greased up ok. Also Jim Bob must not have been able to carry his hair spray, because he looked a bit more natural on the trip.

Formerly known as Celestie

Anonymous said...

f they are as Catholic as people keep saying they are they know the story; in English or not.

Well, the majority of people in that country are certainly religious, as Mary Tavarez shared based on her husband being from that country himself. I appreciated Mary's input because I really do wonder how citizens react to foreigners coming in and trying to convert them without even bothering to learn some of the language.

I am very disappointed to hear that they take children aside and try to convert them. That feels underhanded to me. Jim Bob and Michelle are both big on how raising children is the parents' job, but yet they participate in trying to convert someone else's kids? Hypocritical again. It is do as I say, not as I do.

Servants, my ***NIKE!!!! said...

Cyn said “Why not show some of the more helpful ministry?” I’ll venture the guess of “probably b/c there isn’t any”. And if Catholics know the story in Spanish or English, why the heck are they wasting valuable resources telling it?

As for the “heart of servants”, I have yet to see the Duggars to much serving other than “self”. They isolate and exclude themselves from a society they have no trouble then benefiting from. They give back only through the organizations that preach to their own choir. They ignore safety rules at the potential expense of the group. They can’t even bother TRYING to be on time anywhere. They trivialize others’ cultures yet think so highly of their own that it deserves TV shows and books. They condemn television yet make money off being on it, supposedly to “inspire” others. They’re so averagely flawed like everyone – they have no business thinking they’re “inspirational”.

Anonymous said...

"Inspirational and encouragement are NOT the same thing. Yes, they've said they want to encourage in many spheres, but saying they are doing the show to inspire is not the same."

With all due respect, your argument is a bit of a stretch. The Duggars seems to use the two terms interchangeably. In the first chapter of their book, for example, they wrote that they "[wrote] this book, hoping [their] story will both inform and inspire you."

Anonymous said...

Maybe, a long time and a few children ago, Jim Bob and Michelle really did feel they had a message. In my view, the reason they are on "Reality" TV at this point in time is for money and money alone.

Why spend your time writing books when you have so many children to look after?

They are as bad as all the rest. They sold their children's privacy and sometimes, their dignity. I remember when the girls had their wisdom teeth out. Jim Bob paraded the camera into their bedrooms. They had a camera on Michelle when she was in such a bad way. The very worst indignity was a camera in the NICU when little Josie was fighting for her life. What kind of people do that?

They are now parading their offspring over to South America? What for? Everything they do now is for profit. Don't think they will not get a nice cheque from TLC for that film. Any message they might have had is, for me, sold.

i-like-pie said...

I would just like to make a comment about the airfare. Until last week, I worked for an international educational travel firm. We had a program to encourage group travel, where for every 6 tickets, you got one free one.

The Duggars likely went with something similar. With 18 purchased tickets, they would get three free ones. That's a nice savings, even if TLC is picking up most of the tab.

joyruns said...

For the record, we haven't seen the Duggars (or SOS Ministries for that matter)pull children to the side and talk to them individually to convert them. That was one poster's experience. On the six mission trips that I have been on to various countries, never once did we pull any children aside to talk to them alone.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet that the girl who is hanging onto Jill was her "pull-aside".

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet that the girl who is hanging onto Jill was her "pull-aside".


What's a "pull-aside"? LOL.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned by another poster, a "pull aside" would be the one on one contact that some of the missionaries use to try to convert the villagers. The girl who is hanging on Jill was probably the girl who Jill talked to one on one for conversion purposes.

pumpkin said...

It is 100% deplorable that the Duggars and the others with them on this pseudo mission trip handed out candy. I've been on trips to the developing world (China, Tanzania, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico) many times for missions, work, or personal and every single guide book I have read says you NEVER give out candy to children in countries without toothbrushes.

For shame, Duggars.

Soccer balls, clothing, books, nutrious food, personal hygiene items, etc. are appropriate. Candy is not.

Anonymous said...

However, let's not forget that Jill is a very loving woman who might have just gotten attached to the little girl who was holding her hand. Remember Jill holding the baby at the orphanage and shedding tears when she had to leave her behind? She certainly had no desire to convert her. Jill loves children.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

They did give out hygene kits and I would not be surprised if toothpaste and a toothbrush was included. I believe the candy was given out during their invitation and the other items given out at the party.

jj said...

"surely even the younger ones can help maintain a family garden"-wow, what a great idea! This would be a good episode for them...planting a garden together. All they would need was a few people from whatever local gardening supply store agreed to give them the stuff for free in exchange for their appearance on the show. Plus I'm sure the older girls could somehow work gardening into the homeschooling curriculum. I like the Duggars, but their diet and wastefulness is APPALLING to would be wonderful if they could actually produce their own fresh food and eat it off of real dishes. Sean?

Anonymous said...

"However, let's not forget that Jill is a very loving woman who might have just gotten attached to the little girl who was holding her hand."

I agree that she's an affectionate, compassionate person. The girl she was holding hands with wasn't a little girl. She was only two years or so younger than Jill, so it's not like she was a little kid that Jill could easily pull aside to convert. I think she just felt compassion for the girl and made friends with her.

msrylee said...

I don't give Michelle a pass for focusing mainly on Josie. She doesn't require the amount of care that she did in the past. It is very sad, that Michelle IMO is so detached from her other blessings. When the rest of the Duggars were on their trip, I was hoping Michelle would step up to the plate and take care of the youngest ones. Was I surprised that she 'needed' several adults to assist, not at all.