Monday, February 28, Duggars Make a Difference

Jim Bob and the kids make the most of their trip when they spend time with locals, speak with Honduran diplomats, visit Mayan ruins and even make time to sample authentic Honduran cuisine.

30 minutes


sarah said...

oh boy, more disrespect and patronization towards the Honduras people. How will JimBob embarrass himself this time?

Reality TV Junkie said...

Let's hope they like their Honduran cuisine better than they did their Ethiopian cuisine.

UGH! said...

Let's hope they actually DO something to help. You know, "real, permanent good"?

Cyn said...

I hope they actually show them doing the work, like they did last year...

Maybe the Duggars just need to be doing the filming on these trips instead of the film crew, seems when the Duggars do it that way we get to see more of the actual HELP, and less of the stupid things.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars are going to "speak with Honduran diplomats"?

This ought to be good for a laugh...

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the 'authentic Honduran food' meets a warmer welcome than the Ethiopian fare got from the Duggars.

You'd think kids who eat their dad's concoction of tuna + BBQ sauce would be able to stomach anything, but the Ethiopian cuisine did not seem to suit their palates.

Swissmiss said...

A meeting with diplomats? Can they keep Jim Bob and his "Spanglish" away? Otherwise, there could be an international incident.

Reality TV Junkie said...

It says in the description, "Jim Bob and the kids make the most of their trip..."

It sounds like this epsisode is more about leisurely activities and sight-seeing, rather than mission work to me.

Anonymous said...

It seems that this was just a glorified "pleasure trip", with the obligatory hike through the snakes in flip flops, all for ratings. For shame.

Anonymous said...

I know I sound like a Negative Nancy, but I personally feel these trips are a complete waste. The Duggars pack up umpteen kids, a hundred heavy bags, TLC probably spent thousands on airline tickets,and all for what? So the kids can hand out Dum Dums lollipops and soccer balls? Do they not have candy in Central America? Are the Duggars so disillusioned that they really think that makes a difference?

If they really wanted to make a difference, how about making repairs on villagers homes, or helping them set up clean water and sanitation systems. Why not save the expense of hauling the Duggars to Guatemala and fly a couple doctors down instead who can administer vaccines and do physicals? I guess it wouldn't make for good tv viewing, to actually see people doing real work.

Anonymous said...

We have seen the Duggars on past trips doing good works and not just passing out candy and soccer balls. Actually, how many of us would want our kids to get only clothes and food for Christmas presents with no clothes or toys included?

Anonymous said...

When people are in serious need, they need more than soccer balls and candy. A couple of balls (not dozens) would have been fine. The Duggars should have packed more useful and necessary items too, if they were going to bother climbing through the snakes in flip flops, all for a photo op.

Cyn said...

Again I think it is a difference between who is doing the filming vrs what is being shown, and we do not yet know IF they will air it in this show.

But last year when the kids did the filming we actually saw what they did FOR the people:
it starts around 2:40
Cleaning out the mud huts, starts around 3:20.

We have seen the Duggars actually helping others, what we saw in the last episode was a Christmas party, we have no idea if they also helped out in that village, or brought other things, or donate money other times of the year. We simply do not know.

Willow #1 said...

Maybe the S.O.S. folks or the villagers themselves requested certain things. Maybe the soccer balls etc. were what they wanted. I also had the thought that maybe the villagers were just happy to have visitors. I think the organizers probably knew where visitors would be welcome. I have lots of issues with the Duggers but I just cannot believe that they wouldn't have good intentions for what they were doing. As far as the flip-flops, I am in the camp that thinks the parents should have been supervising what needed to be packed since it was the kind of trip that it was. I still retained the option to over-rule my teenagers when it was necessary (albeit rarely). Anyway, just some thoughts.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I do believe they do more for the people in these countries than just give them a Christmas party. I think when they helped rebuild homes that was more real and permanent, as permanent as any other deed.

Anonymous said...

i also agree about the flip flops they should not be wearing them and parents should over rule them and say You must wear shoes! surprised the org doesnt make them wear shoes!
just thought of this while i was writing! i bet the org does make them wear shoes when they are doing certain type of work like hard labor work! i will go back an watch but i bet they are in flip flops when they arent working like when they are at the party or in the evening! ya know what i mean?

Anonymous said...

Personally I didn't think the villagers looked too happy to see the Duggars. Most of them stood around looking uncomfortable and half the adults were scowling. They may have been more receptive if JimBob didn't think it was so cute to mangle their native language.

I wonder if we'll also be treated to more scenes of Michelle "taking care of" her seven little ones. With the help of the four temp nannies, of course. I always feel bad for poor Anna. The first trimester of a pregnancy can be miserable, she should be at home taking care of her own family, not Michelle's.

Reailty TV Junkie said...

I thought it was really sweet when Michelle sang to her children.

Allison said...

I thought this episode was much better. Mostly because it hardly featured Jim Bob. I thought the whole part about Jill, when she was reading the letter, was really sweet and genuine. Jill really does care about the people she meets and that's awesome.

It also appeared that they were much more helpful this time around. I saw them passing out rice and beans to the families, in addition to the gifts. But I really do think this particular trip was supposed to be about "fun" stuff, because of the Christmas season. I'm sure SOS, which does tons of trips, give out much more throughout the year. But this is a special gift-giving time of year, so it makes sense that they would want to give some fun stuff to the kids. Not sure I'm a fan of the candy, but I can get behind soccer balls, etc.

I don't really know what the heck Michelle did at home. It looked like Amy, Priscilla and Anna did most of the work, except for that singing excerpt. I know Michelle was home with Josie when they went to the reptile museum, but seriously. Let someone else watch Josie once in awhile. Your other kids need you too.

Overall the kids seemed respectful of the culture and the history (at least, from what was edited IN to the show). Other than Michelle's continuing second-rate parenting and the fact that no one seems to have told Johannah that tables are NOT for standing on (seriously?? that's like parent rule #1!) it seemed decent enough.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I do believe all of their trips they have a Christmas party as that is the time of the year they go. I had no doubt that they were giving more than just candy and a party even though last time they did not show them giving food.

Michelle I am sure did a lot of things even though she had help. It would be boring if they showed her cleaning toilets and other things. They sure cramed in enough for the short time they are in an episode, what 22 whole minutes?

Anonymous said...

very sweet episode.I was very touched by Jill's friendhip and I hope she gets to go back and see the friends she made someday.

UGH!!!!!! said...

Even worse than last week. Still no help to the region but now making a sightseeing tour of the mudslide victims' misery without an ounce of the crazy manpower they make up donated to help? Horrible. Waste. I don't care if it's an SOS "gift giving" trip - there should be no such thing. Help or donate from home.

As for Anna's sister moving in for 2 weeks to help with "7 kids under 9"... this is way, WAY beyond pitching in. Gimme a break. Why are these people on tv again????

Willow #1 said...

Loved the part about their trip. I wish they would have spent the entire show on that and left out Amy acting rediculous at the reptile farm (by the way, I thought Amy's last name was Jordan?) Didn't the manager guy there look totally perturbed??? What was with that?

I'm with Jinger - the boat ride looked a little scary - but probably fun. Looked like Jinger made the best of it. I cried right along with Jill and her little friend. I really enjoy the El Salvador trips. I thought the ruins were a great experience for them.

Anonymous said...

As for Anna's sister moving in for 2 weeks to help with "7 kids under 9"... this is way, WAY beyond pitching in. Gimme a break. Why are these people on tv again????

Please tell me you are kidding. If not, Mrs. Duggar needs to be nominated for "Laziest Mother" asap.

Care for your own children lady!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that at the end (when Michelle was singing to the kids), Johannah was laying in Jinger's bed? I know they all were in everyone's beds, but she was under the covers looking ready to sleep there. I found that cute; my siblings and I used to sleep in each other's beds when one wasn't home (thinking we were getting away with something that sibling wouldn't have approved of).

ennvee said...

Thanksgiving was 11/25 last year (husband's b-day is the 26th, so I can pull that day out when it's that close). The Duggars held Josie's b-day party on the 15th of Dec. because they weren't home on her actual b-day (10th).

That's more than two weeks Michelle. Oh well, I keep hoping she'll drop the baby voice and develop a brain. She humbled herself for a while after Josie was born, but she's back to her old self now.

At least we got rice and beans this week. But where's the bigger boat that could take building supplies to that island? I guess they're not converting.

Anonymous said...

Those younger kids are just wild. Was that the nativity figures that they were roughhousing with on the front lawn? Walking barefooted on the dining room table?(with no reprimand) Really, they are doing them no favors to have such little discipline. (a complete 180 from blanket training and the like)

Jen said...

"Walking barefooted on the dining room table?(with no reprimand)"

What I saw was a impulsive child, Johanna, step up on the table with a babysitter,Priscilla. Maybe testing boundaries? I also saw Priscilla reach out her hand and Johanna obediently stepped down with the offered hand.

Was there a reprimand? If so was it then or later. Was it by Michelle or Priscilla.

Maybe no reprimand was needed because Johanna knew what she had done wrong and fixed it when asked.

Allison said...

"Thanksgiving was 11/25 last year (husband's b-day is the 26th, so I can pull that day out when it's that close). The Duggars held Josie's b-day party on the 15th of Dec. because they weren't home on her actual b-day (10th).

That's more than two weeks Michelle."

Priscilla was there over Thanksgiving visiting Josh and Anna. I don't think they had left for El Salvador over Thanksgiving, they didn't say anything about missing that holiday. She may have been Arksansas then, but I don't think she officially became a sister-mother until December. So if they left just after Thanksgiving, on the 28th or 29th and came back around the 11th or 12th, that would be about 2 weeks.

"Even worse than last week. Still no help to the region but now making a sightseeing tour of the mudslide victims' misery without an ounce of the crazy manpower they make up donated to help? Horrible. Waste. I don't care if it's an SOS "gift giving" trip - there should be no such thing. Help or donate from home."

I didn't get the impression this trip was planned. It sounded to me like the Governor of the province told them about this place while they were visiting, and they went over to see it with the gifts they had. It didn't sound to me like it was a big mission to restore the houses.

I thought the children in this episode looked very excited about what the Duggars and SOS Ministries were bringing. And I don't really fault the Duggars for planning. They are not in charge of planning mission trips, they are merely along for the ride and requested to bring items. If that Mike guy can't put something more meaningful together as the head of the organization, that's the Duggars fault, though perhaps the Duggars should work with another Christian organization that is a little more involved than SOS. But I don't know. This was one trip out of 5 they've done, and I know they did a lot last time.

Allison said...

Maybe no reprimand was needed because Johanna knew what she had done wrong and fixed it when asked.


I've lost track of the number of times I've seen Johannah standing on the kitchen counter or dining table. "Lots of energy" my foot. It is so dangerous....

Anonymous said...

I would hazard to say that most children, by the age of 5, know that climbing up on counters and/or table tops, is not acceptable behavior.

I really think that the children are kept inside a lot, and are allowed to use the house as they would a jungle gym. Thus, the climbing on furniture and other objects throughout the house.

They either don't know any better because they aren't being raised to know better;

or they do know better and still choose to misbehave, knowing there will be little to no consequence to their actions.

Anonymous said...

Those younger children need a whole lot of fresh air and outside playing. They do treat the house like a gymnasium. I think the children were all ready for bed, being bathed and dressed by the "helpers" and then "Mama" came in to sing. What was that about? The little girls are used to being in that room and probably sleep with older sisters quite a bit of the time.

Next week, Josie's birthday. Although she deserves a big celebration, I really hope little Jordyn gets something. On the trailer, Michelle is telling Josie that she loves her. I have never heard Michelle say that to many of the other children, especialy the seven younger ones.

Jordyn deserves a big celebration because she was only months old when her mother had to leave her. She is the "little" girl lost.

UGH!!!!!!!!!! said...

"It didn't sound to me like it was a big mission to restore the houses."
THAT'S THE PROBLEM. No organization should waste huge amounts of $ to fly/stay somewhere only to watch people’s misery without helping. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, DONATE THAT $ TO THOSE WHO WILL. The locals there are NOT a zoo.

Cyn said...

But how many times do we have to point out the Duggars when THEY do the filming show the work being done.

When TLC does the filming we see little to NOTHING being done. Though I hate saying this because I know what it is going to stir up, just because we don't SEE it on film doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Scroll back up this blog post through the comments, I went and got from youtube scenes where they ACTUALLY did the work, even Amy (LOL). I wish the Duggars posted their home videos they made while they were down there. I'm betting they show the work being done, because those are the videos you show back home at church so that they can get others hyped up to come the next year.

Anonymous said...

Jordyn was definitely eating ramen noodles, not oatmeal. I bet those kids have senior citizen circulatory systems by the time they are teens.

I didn't get the idea behind presenting yet another skit in English for kids who don't speak it.

Jim Bob is going to have to start checking out manzieres really soon.

And I absolutely agree that if you're not going to get your hands dirty (which you won't passing out candy, backpacks and even bags of rice) then give the money to people who will and are not afraid to.

Anonymous said...

Love my Duggars, but why oh why was Jim Bob sprinting down the 2000 year old Mayan Pyramids??

The boys seemed to want to jump out of the windows as Michelle sang to them - probably because non family members and all of us were watching.

Am looking forward to Josie's party next week! She's beautiful. If only they would lose the prosthetic pigtails!!

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else troubled by the lack of life jackets on most of the people in those little boats? Foolish!!!

Anonymous said...

How many times did they say that Michelle was home along with 7 children?? For a mother of 19, this should be a piece of cake! I don't understand why they keep talking about all the help she needs for the 7 kids. You would think they would hush up about that and make Michelle look capable and happy.

I didn't think about life jackets on that little boat. I was scared for them, it looked really dangerous to me.

I do think that they did more than what was shown. Last week, what we saw was really insane. It just couldn't have been two weeks of clowing around with Jim Bob's Spanish. This week was a bit better because they gave out food.

Jill seems to be a really nice young lady. I enjoy the scenes she is in.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there were no life jackets available for the boat trip considering that the locals don't use them. There are times in life when a person just has to suck it up, especially in a third world country. The mudslide area seemed to be a totally unplanned trip, but SOS was willing to do what they could to help with what they had on hand. Actually it was very nice of Priscilla to help Michelle with the children. Michelle has become the home manager and supervisor so she is not used to providing direct care these days. I'd imagine that a family of 20 would need supervision. These are not evil people!

Allison said...

These are not evil people!


No one said anything about being evil. They're misguided and/or stupid at worst. I don't think Michelle does anything maliciously, she's just a little air-headed as to what people actually want to do. I can only imagine what people say behind their backs. I'm all for following your religious convictions, but if you're going to commit, go all the way.

mythoughtis said...

I can't fault the Duggars form of helping on this trip... they are not the only people on it, and it appears to be organized just to provide the gifts and food for parties for the villagers. I didn't watch last weeks, so can't comment on that.

I saw flip flops on the girls again, in a flood area... can you imagine the bacteria and germs that they can pick up in a cut?

I will say again - if Michelle cannot watch all 7 of these younger children without Anna, Amy, Grandma Duggar, and now Priscilla (whom these children are not even related to, and who is giving up 2 weeks of vacation to babysit them), then maybe she needs to be farming them out in preparation for Jill, Jana, Jessa and Jinger leaving the nest. Or, let's face it, the younger seven will be divided among those 4 to take to their new home and raise. What an advertisement for stopping with fewer children, and also stopping at a younger age.

The reason the kids were embarrassed about Michelle singing, is that they've probably not seen it done before...they are used to Bible time with Jim Bob at bedtime - not time with Mom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:52 said:
"Michelle has become the home manager and supervisor so she is not used to providing direct care these days"

She's their MOTHER! It is her job to care for her children. I would have no problem if she was working outside the home, and had to put the kids in daycare or hire a nanny.

But she's there every day, (unless she's picking up some mother of the year award somewhere), and if she is too busy managing the household to have time for any hands-on participation in raising her own children then she's just a breeder, not a mother.

ennvee said...

SOS has had their base in Honduras long enough to request life jackets be sent to assist on that island. After all, they have boats; the logical conclusion is that if the current is typically that choppy, they'd use lifejackets, whether it was just the skeleton crew who stays there full time, or ESPECIALLY with a large group overfilling a small motor boat in pretty heavy seas (in relation to the size of the boat. I hope the Duggars had their anti-motionsickness wristbands handy.

How many times did they say that Michelle was home along with 7 children?? For a mother of 19, this should be a piece of cake! I don't understand why they keep talking about all the help she needs for the 7 kids. You would think they would hush up about that and make Michelle look capable and happy.


Can't tape footage of what doesn't exist. Those kids were so horribly awkward when Michelle had to put them to bed. Granted, Jim Bob has been the parental figure taking on them on most of their road trips since Josie was born (although Michelle has made more than one that TLC didn't film).

For someone who is showered with multiple Mother of the Year awards (obviously doesn't hurt the groups who bring her in), she is incapable of doing the simplest mother tasks such as tuck you own kids into bed.

There is no reason that bedtimes couldn't have been staggered with so few kids (and gender groups breaking to the older boys staying up later). Michelle could have read the little girls an appropriate bedtime story, put out the lights and done something appropriate with the boys.

While I was typing this, I flashed back to the moving-in special. At the end, Michelle peeked her head into the girls' dorm (remember Joy used to wear the Ingalls girls' bedcap) and just said in her sing-song baby-voice, "Goodnight girls, I love you."

I dunno, but admitting you were going crazy with just five (granted they weren't old enough to be buddies yet) shouldn't inspire one to keep breeding at will. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If she can't handle 7 kids 10 and under (Josie appeared to have already been put down), and need 3 or four helpers during the day and a couple to stay at night to get up with the kids so the mother doesn't have to, maybe it's time to close up shop.

Their cavalier attitude towards...well, everything is very disconcerting. Being good Christians doesn't give one free reign to throw caution to the wind. God also gave us common sense, something Jim Bob and Michelle might have had a dozen kids ago, but certainly have abandoned since TLC came knocking at their door.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Michelle evens manages the household. From what I can determine, it is the older girls who do that. She is the Mother of those children. She gets no praise from me for staying home with them. The only one she pays any real attention to is Josie. One would think Josie was an "only" child. I think, in Michelle's head, Josie is her only child.

As far as what is being filmed and edited and broadcast, I would expect Jim Bob to make sure his family is not shown in a negative light. If they are, as their protector, he should hang his head in Shame.

I am sure he is the one who signs the contracts and receives the cheques. If he has not discussed some parameters with the producerers, then "more fool him". He and Michelle are always promoting that the "father" is the one who looks after family. If he isn't, and selling them out. I hope those children will confront him with it when they understand what exactly the "reality" show was about.

Anonymous said...

Michelle has become the home manager and supervisor so she is not used to providing direct care these days. I'd imagine that a family of 20 would need supervision. These are not evil people!

I really don't quite understand this remark. It sounds as if being a mother, i.e. "direct care provider," is a job for which one could be promoted, into "home manager and supervisor," thus requiring that someone else step in and fill the position of "mother."

Is this really how some people view motherhood? As a position that one might hold for awhile, but then you could decide you want to merely "supervise" the process and turn over the actual real mothering to others? If that's the case, why is she getting awards for "Mother of the Year." Shouldn't it then be "Supervisor of the year" instead?

I agree that a family that has 20 children needs parents who supervise. Once again, I stand by my belief that if you cannot supervise and directly raise umpteen children, you have no business continuing to pop them out for others to raise for you.

It's called being an adult, accepting responsibility for your actions and choices, and dealing with the consequences. It's a darn shame that Mr. and Mrs. Duggar do not believe in these core values.

Anonymous said...

I think the Duggars are their own worst enemy because TLC has given them so much creative control over the show that we never see any negativity... which has to exist.

All the other "reality" shows put in the sad, the bad, the dirty laundry. Show us the misbehaving kids, the yelling, the fighting - because we know it's there.

The continuing whitewashing of the Duggar lifestyle not only comes across as fake but also as misleading for those choosing a Christian lifestyle.

I wish the Duggars realized that showing a realistic view of their family would not only gain them more viewers, but also more support. As it is we *know* we're seeing a sanitized version of life that just can't exist.

imo, of course.

Anonymous said...

What mother doesn't provide "direct care" for her children? Certainly not any "Mother of the Year"!

I thought it cringeworthy to see how awkward the kids were when Michelle was singing to them. She just does not have any natural rapport with her own children. It is pretty unusual to see a mother who is that detached, especially a mom with an uber large family.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the kids were awkward because there were camera shoved in their face when they were trying to go to bed? Looke like little kids showing out.

msrylee said...

I don't understand the reasoning that Michelle is now the home manager and not used to hands-on care of her blessings. She may manage her household, as do I, but I always have been the mother to my children. She got pregnant, carried and delivered each one of these blessings, but is given a pass when she only 'mothers' until weaning or another pregnancy occurs.

I don't believe these people are evil, but I do think their priorities are very messed up. The fact that there were adult 'helpers' night and day is absolutely ridiculous IMHO. Josie is doing much better according to what is said, and therefore requires less care. I am not encouraged in the least by this Mother of the Year.

Anonymous said...

IMO Anon, 3/2, 4:32 am is correct.

The Duggar brand is a cartoonish fairy tale version of real life. Their entry theme song should be "Home, Home on the Range.... Where Never is Heard a Discouraging Word". I don't care HOW religious a person is, Life is simply not as simplistic as the Duggars portray it to be.

Even Jesus acknowledged and even befriended those struggling with the realities of life - rather than sequestering himself away from others, he embraced even those who, by Duggar standards, are 'unholy'.

The Duggars would be more inspriation if they were more honest about what really goes on in Duggar World, including coming clean about their more controversial religious beliefs and practices. As shown, they are absolutely no different than any other 'reality' families in that, on camera, they conspire to portray a 'reality' that simply does not exist.

Anonymous said...

I like the Duggars and I totally don't think they are evil at all. They seem like decent people. But to keep saying that "Michelle is home with 7 children all alone" like it is some kind of major accomplishment...and then she has all this hel?

I think it was very nice that Priscilla came to help and it must be such a huge help to have Grandma Duggar there also.

It was just weird. What else can I say? You are the mother of 19 children and you get all this attention for having so many children. Then you announce to the world that you need HELP! Wouldn't you want to show the world how capable you are of having 7 children at home by yourself?

I just found that really odd. If I were Michelle, I'd be like "hey, 7 kids is a challenge but after 19 children, I'm very used to taking care of children and do it really well".

Anonymous said...

If 7 kids is such a challenge for Mrs. Duggar, one wonders why she chose to birth a dozen more after her first seven blessings.

If a mom feels overwhelmed with 7 kids, maybe that's God 'putting in on her heart' that she has had enough kids. Maybe His message at that point was: Be grateful for the first 7 and find other goals in life, other than birthing babies.

i-like-pie said...

Anna, Priscilla, Amy, Grandma, and Michelle... that's 5 adults for 8 children (counting Mackynzie) and I think that is quite enough.

I don't see how there could be the level of chaos with 5 adults. And Josie's not even walking!

Lisa said...

To be fair, I believe most of the times that the family mentioned that Michelle was home alone was said as a voice over. Because of this we don't know if they really only said it once or twice and TLC edited it using the same sound bite multiple times or if it was actually said as many times as it was shown. Because of all the complaints people on this board have had about the editing I would be inclined to say that they are reusing the same sound bite.

Anonymous said...

She just does not have any natural rapport with her own children. It is pretty unusual to see a mother who is that detached,

This bothered me a lot. She was singing her pretty little song to the air, as the kids continued playing. As a mom, I think she would have been a lot more successful and heartfelt, if she had tucked in one child at a time and sang the appropriate words directly to him or her. Tucked the covers around his shoulders, gave him a kiss, and said Jesus loves you and I love you James/Jennifer/Hanna etc. Each child would then be more likely to settle down, because he was secure in his bed and secure in his mom's love for him. She just doesn't seem to be connected to any of them, except Josie. It is weird
Also the little girls are probably loving sleeping in a real bed instead of a pack n play.

Anonymous said...

I agree the whole "Michelle Sings a Lullaby" scene was just a planned TLC photo op.

I also agree that, for a woman whose only claim to fame and fortune is being a mom, she certainly seems personally uninvolved with child rearing. Her interactions with her kids seem shallow and stilted, especially for a 'professional' mother.

Anonymous said...

It speaks volumes to me that they cannot even successfully "act" like Michelle plays an active role in caring for those little kids. I recently watched "Raising 16 Children" and then watched this most recent episode back-to-back and the difference in Michelle is SO pronounced.

Another thing that seems so odd to me is that the kids lives used to seem incredibly structured, and now.. I am clamoring to see any sense of structure in their lives. Since living in the new house, I have yet to see a really good example of a regular school day for them. Their bedtimes are rambunctious at best. They apparently all wake up at various times in the morning. Snack times aren't supervised. If you say, "well, that's because the camera crew is around" then I say.. what is the point of the show if we aren't going to see a normal day in their lives?".

Anonymous said...

If TLC aired a show where Michelle's baby voice went away, she lost her temper with the kids, maybe yelled, or locked herself up in the bathroom crying from all the stress, then I'd really love this show because then it would be more realistic to me.

I have only seen the children homeschooled 3 times on this show. Once, Michelle was going over a worksheet with one of the children, the older Duggar girls were on the computer doing a program, and then one show where Jessa was sitting on the floor while the other children were on the computers doing their schooling. In the opening of the show you see Michelle standing at a table full of children teaching something, but other than that you don't see real day to day things. All you see are birthday parties and trips.

What would interest me is if they dropped all that and started showing real day to day life. Show the homeschooling, the real deal behind the trips and parties.

Anonymous said...

I seriously suspect that there is very little schooling going on. The older kids are not well educated at all, and now they are in charge of "educating" the younger ones. It looks like everyone sits on the computer, doing who knows what, but most people cannot teach themselves...that is why there are teachers.

Each progressive generation of Duggars will be dumbed down even more. I assume the "graduate" Duggars know less than an average schooled 4th grader.

Anonymous said...

The organizer in Honduras, did say, in the first episode, that the Duggars were a great support, "financially and in other ways".

I am a conservative Christian, and can almost guarantee that the Duggars give 10% of their income. Since they dont attend a church, it is quite feasible this mission group gets a huge amount of their support from The Duggars, which enables them to carry on 365 days a year. Perhaps the Duggars were simply showing the children where their tithe money was going? Perhaps they actually have good motives and there is more to the story than we know.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars do go to a church. I think it might be a building on their own property - not sure. They used to meet in their own home.

As to how much the kids actually learn, it's my understanding they have to pass standard tests - at least the GED.