Issue That Keeps Coming Up

People keep insisting upon asking in a comment why a previous comment was not approved.  One reader left over this issue even though I have repeatedly requested and stated that such questions should be addressed via email or at least by sending the mods an email address to respond.  The blog is not the place for that discussion.  So once again here is why your comment may have been rejected.  Using anonymous since we have asked you not to do so.  Using a blog or website as your signature trying to use us as free advertising.  Using one of the children's names or possibly a commentary on another blog as your screen name.  Off topic.  This blog is not about us, our families, our experiences except as they tightly relate to the Duggars.  Talking down to other commenters, calling them names, and being derogatory about other commenters.  In general, being rude. 

So, most recent questioner, I was still pondering your comment but your first choice of screen name was inappropriate especially here.  Secondly, there is no proof that your assumption is correct and I still had it on hold while pondering it.  Your second comment can not go through as written due to being very "boards on boards" or addressed to the mods and talking about the business of the blog.

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