Tracking the Viewers

There has been interest in seeing the trend of number of viewers for the Duggars.  If I keep getting the numbers, I'll try to maintain the list.

February 14         1.028 million
January 31           1.708 million
January 24           1.616 million

November 30       1.520 million
November 23       0.902 million
November 21       no data
November 16       1.558 million
November 14       2.142 million
November 9         1.262 million
November 2         1.328 million
October 26           1.233 million
October 19           1.278 million
October 12           1.283 million
October 5             1.307 million
September 28       1.180 million
September 21       1.323 million
September 14       1.699 million
September 7         1.402 million
August 31              1.594 million


Ohio Buckeye said...

Thanks for the stats, Sharla! I'm one who enjoys seeing these.

I'm hopeful that the downward trend in Duggar viewers heralds an eventual end to these inane 'reality' shows.

Reality TV Junkie said...

Ooh, I didn't know the numbers were going down. I guess they'll need some big news for the ratings to go back up. Or maybe people are losing interest. I personally LOVE reality TV shows (hence my name), so I'd hope they keep their show for a long while.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to see the numbers for the repeat of the episode that happens 2 hours later for those of us who want to watch but can't because of work and what not. Are there numbers for the repeat of the episode on Discovery Health, I'm curious to see those as well.

It does look like the number of viewers is going down though. If it does get canceled because of a low number of viewers that would probably be the best so they can live their lives in peace.

Sharla said...

TLC probably gets the stats for all the repeats that they run but they aren't published generally.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow if these ratings don't already include the 11pm reshowing then I wonder how accurate they are. Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser (2 more popular reality shows) are on the same time the first showing. Since. I know its coming on again at 11 I watch the TBL and DWTS and catch The Duggars at 11. Did their ratings drop when these series premiered? I wonder if anybody else is doing the same thing I am?

Sharla said...

The numbers are accurate for what they are. They represent the viewers who watch the initial airing. TLC is almost always competing with more popular shows on larger networks.

Judy said...

I think 1 million is considered pretty decent for TLC in general?

Anonymous said...

The ratings are the ratings - whatever they take into account or not, that's what tv execs look at when evaluating the success or lack thereof of one of their shows.

All the recent ratings tell us is their face value, and the Duggars had a high in August of nearly 1.6 million viewers, and again nearly 1.7 million on 09/14. Since then, the trend has been consistently downward, with the last three episodes losing viewership each time.

If the downward trend continues, the show will be canceled and replaced with something that the network hopes will generate renewed interest and viewership. It's as simple as that.

Personally, I think if there's even a whiff of cancellation talk, JimBob will get a courtship going ASAP!

Ohio Buckeye said...

"Personally, I think if there's even a whiff of cancellation talk, JimBob will get a courtship going ASAP!"


And/or another Duggar pregnancy - (Josh's turn to Make One For The Team?)

Anonymous said...

And/or another Duggar pregnancy - (Josh's turn to Make One For The Team?)

LOL - well, I agree that Josh doesn't want this gravy train to end anytime soon either! He's got a fairly comfortable life, going around to auctions and buying clunkers, giving them a shine and a tune up and then re-selling them. Somewhere I read he sells on average one used car per month - is that correct? If so, that would confirm he likes to sleep in, isn't a motivated or overly ambitious young man, and rather likes the easy lifestyle to which he has become accustomed.

So I could see him at least considering trying to have another baby if it would help sagging ratings. However, I could also see him being resistant to the idea because he likes things the way they are right now, just the three of them. His counter argument might be - Hey, I did my part with the courtship, marriage and production of the first grandchild. Now it's time for another sib to step up to the plate and knock out a home run for the team.

Jim Bob may be forced to let one of his daughters leave the nest! I'm really curious to see what happens when they finally allow one of the worker bees to begin a courtship and get married. Will the daughter actually be allowed to move away, or will the young couple somehow be found a home within spitting distance of the Duggar compound and still be tapped for full time child rearing duties?

The lamest part of this show is seeing how little the adult daughters are allowed to do with their own lives. If this is an example of how fundamentalist Christian women are raised and treated, I'm not surprised viewership is declining. It's not only boring, it's downright sad.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a religious background I just have to say this: if the Duggar Eldest Daughters, i.e. Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger are treated so bad and turned into slaves, then why haven't they left their parents' home? Why do we see them going out with friends? Why did we see Jana go to Asia, the family still ran fine without her.

Even in a strict conservative fundamentalist home like the Duggars, if the son or daughter doesn't like it and wants to leave, they leave, they move out, they go to college, much to the dismay of their parents, but they do. They find a way. I've seen it happen many times.

We have no evidence that they are not encouraged to get out on their own, other than the fact that they haven't and considering the average age of children moving out of their parents house being 24 years of age because they struggle to find a job after the wonderful college experience. Even Jana living there at her age is not an abnormal thing. Again, we don't know if they want to go to college, not everyone does and hey some women just want to be moms, even if that's abhorrent to career women with prestigious degrees. There have to be people to do the grunt work that college graduates go to school so they won't have to do it. Someone has to be a retail cashier or salesperson, someone has to serve restaurant food, though college graduates have to do that too sometimes. My husband's college professor says that this is the boomerang generation---after college they often move back home statistically. Even if the Duggar Eldest daughters went to college, it's not a guarantee for a job.

We've seen them take trips, even it's just brushed off as staged because that can't possibly be the case, because Michelle and Jim Bob just work them so hard, when there's 15 other people in the house doing housework besides them.

Anonymous said...

We always tape the shows (DVR) and watch them the next night. do they somehow count tapings in to the ratings or viewer counts? (I have no idea how they count viewers.) This is such a great family show- all of my kids can watch it, I don't have to worry about it ever having something on it that I'd object to them seeing. We talk about a lot of the subjects on it, and our own family values. Such as "courting" - while we don't agree with the way they do it, we were able to have some great discussions with the older kids about dating, relationships, choices, etc. I know a lot of people of issues with them, but I do think they truly are an encouragement to families and provide nice role models in terms of behavior, friendship among siblings, family members interacting and working together, etc. YAY Duggars!!

Sharla said...

DVR recordings watched the next day or later are not included in the initial episode airing numbers. They are sometimes reported with a second calculation of initial viewers plus those who watch it from the DVR within two days. said...

Wow, the viewer reaction after the "make your own video" VSE was...underwhelming, to say the least.

Interesting that Sharla couldn't find Nielsen data for that particular show. It must be out there, but it also must not have been anywhere near what was anticipated (or had the dreaded "lost x million viewers at the half-hour mark."

Anonymous said...

Woah - they finally dipped under 1 million viewers in that last episode. They've been hovering around 1.3 million, with a jump to 2 million only to plummet down by over 50%.

I'd say the Duggars have their sincere diehard fans, but they aren't winning over new viewers and obviously are losing some of their former viewers. Like any show, it's getting stale and I think also a little sad as we see the older "children" have reached adulthood and are basically still living at home, not getting jobs, not doing much of anything besides caring for their younger siblings. I think viewers find it a)boring; b) sad; c) confusing; or d) all of the above.

Why are healthy active young women languishing away their lives taking care of siblings? Where is mom and dad? Why aren't they the primary care givers? Is this supposed to be all women aspire to? Waiting around to get married, but do nothing in the meantime?

Anonymous said...

I would submit that the show is suffering from the same problem *all* television shows suffer from - old age. After a certain number of years or episodes or specials or whatever the audience wanders away to find other entertainment - it's just the way things are.

I do think that there is a current anti-reality trend going on after the disaster that is/was Jon & Kate Plus 8 and people have become more critical of family-based shows. After a certain point you just get tired of seeing who has how many kids and how much they have to do, need, yatta yatta yatta.

The interesting thing will be how the Duggars react to a threatened or official cancellation. Will they be able to deal with the lack of a camera crew hanging around their house? Remember when one of the Gosslin kids wept at the idea of *not* having the camera on them?

Even if TLC returns to doing just a special a year, will the Duggars be able to adapt to the financial loss and the lack of publicity?

It will be interesting to see.

duggarsbynubers said...

just wanted to say duggars ratings are doing pretty awesome
YEA they are a little down but when you compare the ratings of duggars vs CONAN you tend to have think the duggars are doing just fine

conan is doing around 1.7 Million Viewers

i couldnt believe it and he is a big show

so duggars maybe going down a tiny bit
but look at the bigger picture they wont get rid of them

Anonymous said...

the duggars brought in over two million for sunday

Anonymous said...

also people were gone to thanksgiving this tuesday as most were in and at the airport

jaylenofan said...

lol duggars are almost being out conan on tbs though

Anonymous said...

also people were gone to thanksgiving this tuesday as most were in and at the airport

Maybe, but Billy the Exterminator still brought in 1.4 million viewers on that date, compared to .9 million for the Duggars. It can't all be attributed to people traveling and thus away from their televisions.

I think we'll see the numbers go back up to what they've been hovering at, which is 1.2, to 1.3 million viewers per new episode. But if the ratings don't go back up, then I'd say that TLC may be considering their options come renewal time.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars have gotten incredibly boring and embarrassing. I hope the show is cancelled.

nccalgal said...

Another factor is how do these ratings compare to other TLC shows? If other shows like Cake Boss and The Little Couple are drawing twice as many then there is reason for concern but if their numbers are comparable, then they're holding their own.

Kay said...

The Duggars numbers may be close to Conan's, but Conan is also on two hours later than the Duggars.

I love Conan, but I don't love him enough to sacrifice my sleep. I can watch the Duggars and still get to work in the morning- I think a lot of people have a similar plight. Also, 19kids is on a family-friendly channel, targeted to women 18-50 (a very numerous demographic).

Conan is primarily targeted for males 18-25, and has to share his key demographic with strong competitors like Jon Stewart and the network Talk Shows (all shows that have similar content).

Anonymous said...

kay.. it depends on were you live.. Conan is only 30 mins. after the duggars.. here in North Texas... duggars are 9pm 930pm.. and conan is 10pm

pottymouth princess said...

Weird that TLC doesn't televise an hour early like most networks in the Central time zone.

I didn't take into account the central time zone at all. My bad.

Still, the point remains, one is considered prime time and, if you live in the central time zone, apparently 10pm is bedtime, since most stations have moved to the late, local news, or in the case of TBS, Conan. :D

At any rate, Nielsen considers the Duggars a primetime show, while Conan would be considered late night programming, thus sharp drops in ratings.

Does this mean that early bird specials start around 3 if you live in Chicago, Kansas or Texas? :D

Anonymous said...

Last week was also season finale of DWTS and makeover week for TBL (one of their most popular episodes in the season) and I think it affected the viewers. Since these numbers don't include the later viewing, it makes sense that that the first viewing brought in fewer numbers. That's just TV for ya.

Judy said...

I still think that if Michelle gets pregnant again, that's when the ratings will go up. The brand is that she gets pregnant and has a baby about every year or so. If she doesn't, there's not a whole lot to the show...they'll probably play up Anna's pregnancy for a while as they wait to see if Michelle can still get pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the show's continuity depends on another Michelle pregnancy. No one cares about 22 year old Anna getting pregnant. It just isn't interesting. But 44 year old Michelle, with her four or five C-sections, pre-eclampsia, special needs preemie, and 18 other kids, IS interesting.

So, the show hangs in the balance of Michelle's fertility!

msrylee said...

The Duggars believe that God alone determines the number of blessings born into their family. I wonder just how focused JimBob and Michelle are in taking every advantage of 'assisting' during her fertile period? I think it is frightening that a reality show's continuance depends on Michelle's fertility. I agree that if/when she achieves another pregnancy the viewer ratings will again rise. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the show tonight. I think that Josie looks really good. While I'm still ambivalent about the older girls' roles in the family, I will continue to watch and look forward to next season.

Anonymous said...

It is the same old stuff. Michelle so taken aback when they said "we enjoy your show". "It is not a show, it is our lives". R i g h t then don't take any pay for it. Don't sell books. I sincerely hope that the mentality of the audience was a lot higher than the gentleman who said that he was going to name his first born "Jim Bob" . How scary is that?

I really take exception to Jim bob preaching "go forth and multiply". Everyone can't possibly afford the number of children he has. They are presenting a phony facade to the viewing public.

He is quite proud he got that bus (the repo) on line. The misfortune of someone else.

Chris said...

Even if the ratings stay the same or drop I think the show will survive. JimBob is not greedy like Matt/Kate demanding high salaries/perks. JimBob I'm sure would re-sign for a minimal amount. JimBob drives his own bus on the family vacations instead of TLC shelling out 22+ plan tickets. I doubt he has a bodyguard, asks for a fancy wardrobe(how many times have we seen him in the same red polo shirt?) and Michelle is not at the spa twice a week. How much can it costs to make shows about them riding on a thier own bus and filming them around the house? I case something "big" happends TLC will keep them on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

The aren't interesting anymore. The show will be cancelled, unless there is another Michelle pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that for the sake of Michelle's health, they will cancel this show. This way she can move on into a more private life, or "season of her life" as she calls it, where she's not gestating another baby in what could turn out to be as risky or worse than Josie.

Since I have enjoyed watching this show in the past, it would be nice if they did maybe a twice a year update on the family, maybe a two hour special, then turn the cameras off.

I do enjoy watching Anna too, and would like to see how their little ones grow. But the every week episodes are taking a turn toward boredom. It would be nice if they started to focus on other things than their traveling. Why not some every day real life things? The homeschooling, the disciplining, their home church/ministry, the goings on with their close friends again ie: The Bates.

Get to some real meat here, the personal stuff now and then to give it some depth instead of the glossed over family trips that are sanitized and edited down.

Otherwise I simply do not see how this show will continue to survive.
And if Michelle does allow herself to become pregnant again, knowing the risk it could be to another baby, then I will lose all respect for her and stop watching all together. I'm sorry, I know she has her faith and beliefs, but to my mind it is irresponsible to allow yourself to become pregnant knowing full well it may cause the baby to suffer should your health or age contribute to that suffering.

Anonymous said...

The show won't be canceled - we need good families with Christian values to spread truth to this world. They are a wonderful model to society.

Anonymous said...

"The show won't be canceled - we need good families with Christian values to spread truth to this world. They are a wonderful model to society."

It would be great if all of us could open our minds enough to lose the 'christian values' concept that seems to assume nonchristians, by definition, have lesser moral and family values than christians.

This is one of the biggest objections I have to the whole Duggar show. That, and the fact that we are told that what we see is 'reality', when we know it is planned and at least partially scripted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
The show won't be canceled - we need good families with Christian values to spread truth to this world. They are a wonderful model to society.

While I agree that uplifting shows that feature people who are making the world a better place are in short supply, the fact of the matter is that television producers aren't in this for the good of society. If the Duggars tv show begins to lag in the ratings, dipping ever lower, then it will be canceled. The network will not renew their contract, and will then search for and put on a new show that they hope will once again attract a large number of viewers.

It's all about the bottom line.

As we saw recently with the Roloffs, their ratings started to slide and TLC made a business decision not to renew their contract. Part of the reason the ratings went down were that the Roloffs marriage was painful to watch, the older boys were now adults and apparently lazy and none-too-bright ones at that, and the novelty had worn off.

The Duggars have a lot of young children, so obviously they won't run out of cute youngsters for awhile. However, they are growing ho-hum and predictable. How many times can JimBob say "buy used and save the difference." How often can Michelle discuss why they dress "modestly."? I mean, we get it already.

In addition, I think a growing number of viewers are either getting bored or disillusioned by reality shows that feature minor children. While they like to pretend the children aren't working to help support the family, and that it's their real life -- we know this is simply not true. Events are planned that producers think will attract viewers, the show is creatively edited to make things appear one way when they are another, etc., etc.

I for one do not approve of filming children for entertainment purposes. These children currently do not have the legal and financial protections in place to ensure that they are not overworked, and that they receive a fair portion of the proceeds from the show they are helping to create. I especially don't approve of how people seem to think of these children as part of their family. It crosses a line and makes me very uncomfortable.

If people want uplifting shows, the Hallmark channel has many such shows to watch, with child actors. Those children at least have work place protections guaranteed them by Federal law, and some financial safeguards over the money they earn.

I would love to see either an end to any reality shows featuring children, or Federal laws put in place to protect them.

Kay said...

"It would be great if all of us could open our minds enough to lose the 'christian values' concept that seems to assume nonchristians, by definition, have lesser moral and family values than christians."


I couldn't have put it better, myself. I'm an atheist that has very concrete morals and believes strongly in family values, and I know I have stronger morals and convictions than many of my religious friends (with whom I've discussed religion). I watch the Duggars because I love watching how the family dynamics work out and how cute the kids are; I don't watch to get my daily dose of morality and life lessons.

We don't need Christian programming to promote family values, or even a Christian lifestyle-- these things should be found around around dinner table, at church, in the community. TV cannot be our moral guide.

Celestie said...

The show won't be canceled - we need good families with Christian values to spread truth to this world. They are a wonderful model to society.
Very interested to know what "truths" are Duggars spreading? I just see a family that is on TV to make money and support a life style. They have a gimmick or a brand, of having many children. They sell books, tapes and DVDs because they are a curiosity.

zola78 said...

Do you think that the duggars are changing? I've noticed the make up, the new clothes and how do they get to homeschool with such busy schedules now? I only ask because I love the family so much and part of their charm is their simple and honest lifestyle

Lola said...

Zola 78- The Duggars have changed over the years. If you go back to their earlier episodes- it is quite evident. The boys used to wear matching collared shirts while the girls used to wear dresses and black leather lace up boots! Now they wear trendy clothes that mostly looks new. Michelle used to homeschool around the kitchen table- now she is not involved with the kids as much since she cares for Josie. The older girls do most of the teaching and mothering. The main reason I believe these changes have happened is the money they make from TLC and the cell phone tower on their property as well as the older kids growing up and bringing their ideas to the family. I think most of the changes are good- except for Michelle giving so much responsibility to the older girls.

Anonymous said...

Why the heck do they have a cell phone tower on their property?

Anonymous said...

Why the heck do they have a cell phone tower on their property?

If I recall correctly, the cell phone tower is located on one of JimBob's other properties, and not right there where the home itself is. As to why -- because it generates a monthly income for JimBob.

Anonymous said...

I remember in an early special (maybe the first?) when they were talking about making Christmas gifts. One of the older girls was making dressing gowns, aprons and bonnets (again if my memory serves correctly)for all of the sisters. The kids all received brand new bikes Jim Bob wasn't always talking about how many buses, ATVs, etc he had. Modesty was mentioned but not crammed down our throats. Michelle still taught the kids instead of having an assembly line of computers. The kids talked about future goals. The younger ones were pretty well behaved. Michelle spoke in a normal adult's voice instead of the "Stepford/baby talk" she uses now. They just seemed to be a more humble and sweet family. I just wish they would more like that now.